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2:27Islamic State on camera beheads an American journalist | very strong video

Views: 113,431 | Added: 4 months
very strong video. I advise them not to see to warn Obama that the lives of the citizens of the United States depend on the president's decision to...
0:32Siria Homs Baba Amr Martirii Rami Sabuh si Ahmad Antuz + 18 21.02.flv
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Views: 16,555 | Added: 2 years
Siria Homs Baba Amr Martirii Rami Sabuh si Ahmad Antuz ucisi in urma bombardamentelor armatei asupra acestui cartier.
1:08decapitare in Iraq
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Views: 62,630 | Added: 6 years
5:46Saudi Arabia - Oppression of Expression - Support Raif Badawi, Turki Al-Hamad and Hamza Kashgari.
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Views: 2,138,564 | Added: 2 years
Saudi Arabia is a theocratic, Salafi, Islamist state that holds regular public executions for crimes including "apostasy", a charge often used to...

Views: 22 | Added: 4 months
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Views: 35 | Added: 1 year
24:24Skyrim: Episodul 2 - Decapitari,X_X
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Views: 1,049 | Added: 3 years
Salutare tuturor si bine v-am gasit la seria noastra de Skyrim, am inregistrat deja episodul 3 si pe diseara sper sa fie incarcat, Portal 2 am sa...
1:04Brutal execution

Views: 4,774,709 | Added: 5 years
a video we made in the army during a conflict between USA and Iraq.
1:31Decapitari in masa in PNL Arges

Views: 326 | Added: 5 years
47 de organizatii din judet care au obtinut sub 10% la alegerile europarlamentare vor fi dizolvate.
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Views: 30,196 | Added: 4 months
Message to Obama... Message to America.. Time to Wake Up.... Maybe!
0:10Noide decapitat
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Views: 1,302 | Added: 7 years
4:41Jurnalist american omorat de teroristi (+24)
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Views: 8,706 | Added: 3 months
Acest videoclip a fost incarcat de pe contul SyriaTruthNetworkENG.
1:06Fiji, soldati torturano un prigioniero
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Views: 2,006 | Added: 1 year Attaccato con manganelli e 'masticato' dai cani: un video di torture caricato in Rete il 5 marzo, mostra soldati delle Fiji...
6:55Mujahedeen al-qaida Training.avi
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Views: 14,190 | Added: 2 years
1:24Isis: decapitazione giornalista americano James Foley
Rating Rating RatingRatingRating
Views: 346,361 | Added: 3 months
Il video in cui gli estremisti dell'Isis tagliano la testa al giornalista ISCRIVITI AL NOSTRO CANALE...
0:14italia vs romania
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Views: 2,070 | Added: 6 years
3:53Taliban Execution of Two Women in Afghanistan
Rating Rating RatingRatingRating
Views: 1,968,239 | Added: 6 years
Taliban Execution of Two Women in Afghanistan.
5:09CRISTIANO Degollado por musulmán
Rating Rating RatingRatingRating
Views: 544,447 | Added: 2 years
Rating Rating RatingRatingRating
Views: 270,495 | Added: 7 years
3 nebuni cu familii in vacanta (Umor Negru)
Rating Rating RatingRatingRating
Views: 24,185 | Added: 6 years
martin se prosteste la servici.
0:30Violator decapitat de multime in Brazilia

Views: 1,770 | Added: 2 years
Violator decapitat de multime in Brazilia.
2:38"Appreciating Americans: Decapitation & Debate"
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Views: 46,196 | Added: 7 years
4:112d008 top cele mai urate accidente rutiere
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 1,082,900 | Added: 5 years
6:22Tibi Topor ( la 18 ani ) - Morning Crime (n)
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Views: 570 | Added: 4 years
Tibi Topor ( chitaristul trupei "Praf in Ochi" ), melodie din 1993, la 18 ani - Morning Crime (n)
10:01Israel is the Real Al Qaeda. Part 1 فلسطين/أسرائيل

Views: 142 | Added: 4 years
The Real Israeli Terrorism against Palestinians! People of the World Where are you? The Palestinians need every little help. The Purpose of this...
0:30decapitando a daisy
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Views: 2,907 | Added: 7 years
jose keko bruno y yo aciendo el gilipollas dekapitando a un peluche.
1:01kam yrak كم يراك الله عاصيا

Views: 126 | Added: 5 years
كم يراك الله عاصيا.
5:48LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran killed by Sri Lankan Troops
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Views: 893,081 | Added: 5 years
Colombo, May 18 : Sri Lanka's 26-year-long insurgency ended with a blaze of bullets as Velupillai Prabhakaran, the dreaded chief of the Tamil...
1:29RIP Nick Berg Music Tribute
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Views: 325,378 | Added: 4 years
His homepage Ex " asdfa84"
3:22Direct climate action, North Delta, ongoing Easter weekend
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Views: 153 | Added: 3 years
Hey all, come by this weekend and check out the camp. People engaged in peaceful, non-cooperative direct action. This is what we need more of, when...
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