Found soviet bunker

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I found a fully stocked underground safe house...
Added: 1 month ago
I found ANOTHER one: Seemed abandoned, but it had electricity and ventilation, so... While walking through ...
USSR Bunker UNEXPECTED Exploration | POV
Added: 8 months ago
unauthorized_climb_0.exe As me and my friend were trying to get on the roof of an abandoned odontology clinic, we discovered a secret entrance, aprox.
Urban Exploration: Abandoned Soviet Bunker - Estonia
Added: 3 years ago
Footage Courtesy of - More videos on TUC Extras Channel: ...
5 Soviet bunker back to USSR without stress
Added: 2 years ago
Russian liberators.
What is hidden in Stalin's secret Bunker-42 in Moscow
Added: 1 year ago
More daily reality snacks at: The "Bunker 42" is a Cold War Museum, located in the center of Moscow. Today you can tour the facilities ...
Soviet-Era Nuclear Bunkers Discovered in East Germany
Added: 2 years ago
The State Council Building was formerly the official seat of the GDR government. Constructed between 1963 and 1964, its dominant feature is a section of ...
Nazi WW2 bunker found and opened . wow !
Added: 8 months ago
If You would like to support me : PAYPAL : A forgotten German WW2 bunker ...
Lost Places Germany: Abandoned soviet Bunker
Added: 2 years ago
Ein Bunker der GSSD irgendwo am Wald. Im Test die LED Lenser x21r.2, und die GoPro Hero 3+.
Sneaking Inside USSR Bomb Shelter In PROTECTED Area
Added: 2 months ago
The floor is lava... DISCLAIMER: We did NOT cause any damage to any objects of value. We did NOT take anything from the visited facilities. Did any of you ...
Abandoned - Soviet Cold War Bunker
Added: 1 year ago
Abandoned Soviet Nuclear Weapons Depot and formerly Top Secret - Communication shelter of the Supreme Command of the Soviet Armed Forces. - - - Wenn ...
Abandoned Ukrainian weapons' dump in Amvrosiivka
Added: 2 years ago
This video is showing abandoned Ukrainian weapons' dump in Amvrosiivka captured by Novorossiya forces. See more at ...
Abandoned - Soviet Bunker Playground
Added: 1 year ago
This time I walked into a former Russian bunker complex was still under construction, by the withdrawal of troops in 1993 bunkers were never completed.
The Bunker
Added: 8 years ago
Ex-Soviet Nuclear Bunker
Added: 5 years ago
An example of a nuclear attack in Moscow, Russia.
Gulag Tourism
Added: 8 years ago
The Soviet Union may have collapsed years ago, but lately there has been renewed nostalgia for the USSR among western tourists looking for something ...
Exploring an Abandoned Soviet Bunker
Added: 3 years ago
At Hiiumaa, Estonia.
Panzers attack Soviet bunkers in Uman
Added: 5 months ago
German Stugs in assault on Soviet bunker positions, Operation Barbarossa, 1941.
Communist Theme Park
Added: 7 years ago
Ahhh, nothing says vacation like being taken to an underground bunker and interrogated by 'Soviet' militia.
Aerial footage: Soviet bunker was to be Black Sea Fleet command post in case of nuclear war
Added: 1 year ago
A drone buzzes over a Soviet military base, known as Object 221, in Crimea, Russia. The base was built during the Soviet era. Its construction lasted for more ...
Exploring bunker found in the city with light working. Good condition shelter
Added: 3 months ago
Today i want to show you soviet bunker based in Kiev city, that has a real good condition for 1400 people with full light and diesel generator working. You will ...
Forgotten Secret ExSoviet Nuclear Bunker from Cold War - Urban Exploration
Added: 4 months ago
The object was built in 1950. The building has two levels and two-meter thick walls. The building has fake windows because they want to looks like a simple ...
Abandoned - Secret Soviet Bunker (HD Video)
Added: 2 years ago
ehemals Streng Geheim - Kommunikations Bunker des Oberkommando der Sowjet Streitkräfte. --- --- --- formerly Top Secret - Communication shelter of the ...
Secret abandoned russian nuclear missle base in Lithuania
Added: 3 years ago
While riding in huge forest accidentally found a secret military base. It is completely deserted and one of the spookiest place I have ever been...
Albania opens former Communist secret bunker
Added: 1 year ago
LEADIN: Albania has opened a secret bunker that was built in the 1970s in case of a nuclear bomb attack. The bunker, 100-meters (330 feet) underground, ...
Russia Builds Miles of Nuke Bunkers While US Does Nothing
Added: 2 years ago
Alex Jones uncovers one of the biggest and most dangerous issues in recent history, a Rosetta Stone that will decode the deception taking place throughout our ...
Soviet bunker red alert
Added: 4 years ago
Bunker 42, Moscow, after we launched a nuclear strike against the US.
Russia: Drone captures ex-Soviet military bunker complex based in Crimea
Added: 1 year ago
A Ruptly shot drone footage of a former secret Soviet bunker gouged deep into the Gasfort Mountain in Crimea, Friday. Video ID: 20150925-069 Video on ...
Soviet WW2 bunker location. AMAZING !
Added: 10 months ago
If You would like to support me : Some locations from the WW2 timeframe are just to exiting to pass up. Join me and ...
Urban Exploration inside Soviet Bomb Shelter (Bunker). LAT/ENG subs
Added: 2 years ago
Video shows education information about basics of Soviet bomb shelter, bunker, rooms and equipment. Fona mūzika : A.V.G.R. Misija tapusi GrauztiLv projekta ...
Soviet Girls Find 40-Year-Old Meat From China in the Bunker (A Parody)
Added: 2 years ago
Don't miss out more of my other Downfall parody works on the "Downfall Parody Videos Made by Disco Saturn" video playlist at ...
Abandoned Gun Factory FOUND CRATES OF AKM/47 Rifles for Soviet Russia (POLAND)
Added: 8 months ago
CHECK OUT MY VLOG CHANNEL FOR BEHIND THE SCENES Steve Ronin Support my travels with Patreon ...
Unstable | Paranormal Investigator Sent Into An Old Soviet Bunker
Added: 2 years ago
Created by BastYT, J.I.F Company, the indiedb game, Unstable, features terrifying gameplay of a paranormal investigator sent to find ghosts within an old Soviet ...
Abandoned nuclear bunkers from Russia's Soviet past
Added: 2 months ago
(13 Apr 2017) LEADIN An abandoned nuclear shelter in the Russian city of Nizny Novgorod is a haunting reminder of a cold war era in which the shutters ...
Exploring an Abandoned Cold War Bunker
Added: 2 years ago
Exploring an abandoned area of a military airfield bunker facility. These grounds are full of bunkers and trenches from the cold war area. With a little map help ...
Abandoned Military Locations. Abandoned Old Russian And Soviet Military Bunkers WW2
Added: 9 months ago
Abandoned Military Locations. Abandoned Old Russian And Soviet Military Bunkers WW2 Old military bunker exploration. Underground bunker in Russia 2016.
Soviet Bunkers in Vilnius
Added: 2 years ago
Old Abandoned Soviet Military Bunkers. Abandoned Cold War Bunkers. Abandoned WW2 Bunkers
Added: 4 months ago
Creepy abandoned places exploration. Abandoned cold war bunkers. Lost ww2 bunkers. Abandoned soviet military places. Ghost haunted bunkers and places.
Abandoned Russian Military Bases. Exploring Abandoned Soviet Military Places. Abandoned Bunkers
Added: 5 months ago
Creepiest abandoned old Russian secret army bases. Closed and forgotten Soviet military bunkers. Abandoned military places in Russia. Music: Letter Box ...
ABANDONED Secret Soviet Bunker / Command Bunker in Germany 1/2 - LOST PLACES
Added: 1 year ago
Teil 1: Der verlassen sowjetische Führungsbunker oberirdisch. Mit der politischen Wende in der DDR kam Ende der 1980èr Jahre auch der Baustopp dieses im ...
Feel the Nuclear Thrill: Moscow metro world's biggest atomic bunker
Added: 6 years ago
Just a few decades ago many feared total annihilation, with the Soviet and American atomic superpowers hovering over the red button. The threat is now past, ...
Old soviet Bunker in lativa
Added: 10 months ago
Just something I found while on guard.
Alone in the Abandoned Cold War Bunker at Night
Added: 1 year ago
The nuclear bunker was built for the factory workers around the early 1950s. Abandoned since the soviet union collapsed in 1989. It was just a little bit scary...
Кирилл Сарычев в бункере. Зал Спарта / Kirill Sarychev in the Old Soviet Bunker - Sparta Gym, Moscow
Added: 1 month ago
Кирилл Сарычев, родился 1 января 1989 года в городе Пугачёв Саратовской области. Мастер спорта международного...
Marius Climbing the Soviet Bunker
Added: 10 years ago
My lover Marius climbs the old Soviet-era plane bunker in Milovice, Czech Republic. A good glimpse at his personality.
Soviet bunker
Added: 1 year ago
Soviet bunker.
Czech Republic nuclear bunker turns Cold War museum
Added: 4 years ago Shortly to be added to the list of Europe's most unusual tourist destinations, you too will soon be able to experience some of that Cold ...
Military Communications Command Moves Back to Soviet-Era Bunker
Added: 2 years ago
Under a $700 million contract, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Raytheon Corporation will move the military's most advanced communication gear to a ...
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