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PROMETHEUS (2012) Everything Explained
Added: 1 month ago
Digging deep into the mysteries and unanswered questions of PROMETHEUS. This analysis covers many aspects of the movie, including important details, ...
Prometheus EXPLAINED - Movie Review (SPOILERS)
Added: 5 years ago
Chris Stuckmann examines Prometheus from beginning to end, offering his thoughts on what the film means and the many questions it asks. This is a great ...
Prometheus 2012 The Engineer Speaks Deleted and Alternate Scene 119
Added: 3 months ago
Prometheus 2012 Deleted and Alternate Scene 119 The Engineer Speaks 1- English Subtitle 2- Turkish Subtitle.
Prometheus - Official Full Trailer - In Theaters 6/8/12
Added: 5 years ago
Ridley Scott, director of 'Alien' and 'Blade Runner,' returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, ...
Prometheus: Engineer Sacrifice 720p HD
Added: 1 year ago
All rights reserved to FOX Studios. Update: Audio was a bit wonky because I took a reversed clip and made it go forward. Hope you enjoy though!
Everything Wrong With Prometheus In 4 Minutes Or Less
Added: 4 years ago
Do Prometheus fans exist? We certainly expect to find out. Here are all the sins we counted in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. We had to stretch our time limit to 4 ...
Hidden Meaning in PROMETHEUS – Earthling Cinema
Added: 1 month ago
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Best Movie Adventure,Mystery,Sci-Fi Prometheus (2012) Full Noomi Rapace,Logan Marshall-Green, Mi
Added: 4 months ago
Following clues to the origin of mankind a team journey across the universe and find a structure on a distant moon containing a monolithic statue of a humanoid ...
What Happened to LV-223 After Prometheus? - Explained
Added: 1 day ago
Subscribe Here: After Shaw and David left LV-223, years of exposure to the accelerant known as the black goo, transformed the ...
Everything GREAT About Prometheus!
Added: 1 month ago
Alien: Covenant is out next week! So this week I took a look at the much maligned by many but also loved by many, Prometheus. Polarizing film for sure.
Prometheus Actually Explained (With Real Answers)
Added: 4 years ago
Here are MANY questions we gathered from the internet with MANY real answers about the movie Prometheus! We recommend watching the full video for effect, ...
ALIEN COVENANT Clip "Prologue: Prometheus"
Added: 1 month ago
Prologue Clip from Alien Covenant.
Prometheus Engineer Vs Giant Facehugger Final Scene Blu-Ray HD
Added: 5 days ago
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What is the "Black Goo" in Prometheus? - Explained
Added: 5 months ago
An explanation of Prometheus' black goo, otherwise known as Chemical A0-3959X.91, and its observed abilities so far. Facebook: ...
Honest Trailers - Prometheus
Added: 4 years ago
Become a Screen Junkie! ▻▻ Watch more Honest Trailers ▻▻ From the creator of one of the most beloved ...
Added: 4 years ago
Ridley Scott, director of "Alien" and "Blade Runner," returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, ...
Prometheus 2012: All Action & Death Scenes
Added: 27 days ago
The discovery of a clue to mankind's origins on Earth leads a team of explorers to the darkest parts of the universe. Two brilliant young scientists lead the ...
How Prometheus Should Have Ended
Added: 4 years ago
In this HISHE spin on the Alien prequel, we learn that some invites should just be ignored. Thank you for watching! Be sure to click on that 'Like' button and ...
Prometheus Alternate Scene: "The Engineer Speaks"
Added: 4 years ago
Watch this alternate scene from "Prometheus" with Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce, and own an exclusive edition of "Prometheus" only on Xbox Video!
ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained + Prometheus Connections
Added: 1 month ago
Everything Explained for the new ALIEN COVENANT starring Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride. There's surprising connections to Prometheus plus a lot ...
CW Arrow Season 5 In Depth Review Analysis - Prometheus, Black Canary, Felicity, and more!
Added: 7 hours ago
Prometheus. Felicity. Black Canary. Deathstroke. You know the characters, you saw the season, and this video sets out to analyze the huge change of character ...
Added: 1 month ago
Prometheus - David in the Orrery
Added: 1 year ago
This is a segment from the 2012 movie Prometheus that I will analyse on my blog for my UAL ED CMPT course, this video is simply to be embedded in the blog ...
Prometheus - Official Trailer [TRUE HD]
Added: 5 years ago
Prometheus Teaser Trailer A Film by Ridley Scott ▸ More at - Even more at ...
Prometheus Surgery Scene (High Quality)
Added: 4 years ago
funny Propetheus Parody:
What Alien Covenant Could Have Been - Prometheus 2 Concept Art
Added: 1 day ago
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Prometheus End Scene!
Added: 4 years ago
Spoiler alert! This is such a beasty ending to a sick film!
Prometheus Blu-Ray Features, Alternative Endings and Bonus
Added: 4 years ago
Is Prometheus set on the same planet as Alien ? Who Created It? ☆ Sub NOW ▻ ☆ Join us on Facebook ...
Prometheus Epic Review ► Episode 47. The Comic Book Girl 19 Show
Added: 3 years ago
Topics covered include detailed criticism of the film, the revelations from the original script by John Sphaits, the deleted scenes revelations, and comparisons ...
This Prometheus Theory Will Blow You Away | Fan Theory | In Theory
Added: 1 month ago
Are the engineers trying to kill us? In the film Prometheus, life on earth was created by a group of giant aliens, known as the engineers. However the engineers ...
Introducing the David 8 - The Next Generation Weyland Robot
Added: 5 years ago
Launching June 8 on the PROMETHEUS Learn More at
Prometheus Deacon Final Ending Scene Blu-Ray HD
Added: 5 days ago
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Prometheus extended first 20 mins
Added: 2 years ago
I have taken the alternate opening as well as scenes from the wayland files to create this alternate first 20 mins of the film. no copyright infringement intended fair ...
Added: 4 years ago
Ridley Scott's Epic Sci-fi Adventure PROMETHEUS Comes Home on 8th October with a Blu-ray 3D Collector's Edition, Blu-ray and DVD Pre-order your copy ...
Every Stupid Decision in PROMETHEUS
Added: 1 month ago
Funny how his writing actually got worse between this and Tomorrowland.
What happened to the Deacon in Prometheus?
Added: 3 months ago
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Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked
Added: 5 years ago No, we're not going to give away any SPOILERS here; instead we will reveal the agenda behind ...
Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing | 20th Century FOX
Added: 1 month ago
Look For It On Digital HD August 1 On Blu-ray & DVD August 15 The Crossing, an official prologue short to Alien: Covenant, reveals what happened to crew ...
Added: 2 years ago
Engage-toi Citoyen : Bonjour Citoyens ! Voici enfin le premier épisode de Nexus VI ! Aujourd'hui nous allons parler de Prometheus. Un film ...
Modded ARK: Survival Evolved - 超プリケツのゴリミ見つけた (Prometheus)
Added: 15 hours ago
面白いと思ったらチャンネル登録、高評価お願いします! ---------------------------------------------------- Modded ARK: Survival Evolved - 超プリケツのゴリミ見つ...
Prometheus: Lesser Known Deleted Scenes You Never Saw - Explained
Added: 8 days ago
In this video, we will explore the lesser known deleted and alternate scenes from Prometheus based on behind-the-scenes footage and publicity stills. Special ...
ALIEN: COVENANT Prometheus Prologue & Trailer (2017)
Added: 1 month ago
Alien: Covenant Prometheus Prologue Clip & Trailer - 2017 Ridley Scott Science-Fiction Movie starring Michael Fassbender and James Franco Subscribe for ...
Added: 5 years ago
Full story at Don't miss The Daily and fxguide's exclusive look at the making of the opening scene of Prometheus. Find out how the Digital ...
The Story of Prometheus
Added: 1 year ago
Prometheus is a Titan in Greek mythology, best known as the deity in Greek mythology who was the creator of mankind and its greatest benefactor, who stole fire ...
Prometheus - Can't Let It Leave
Added: 5 years ago
Prometheus - Can't Let It Leave More at
Prometheus Clip - Standoff between Vickers & Crew
Added: 5 years ago
Prometheus Clip - Standoff between Vickers & Crew More at More at
PROMETHEUS Full Trailer 2
Added: 5 years ago
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