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Ultrasound : Johnny Massacre : animated music video : MrWeebl
Added: 5 years
A music video for Johnny Massacre by Peabo. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓...
Basics of ultrasound machine
Added: 2 years
you can study the basic principles, different modes of ultra sound such as 2d,3d,colour doppler, etc., what is the relation between penetration,...
How to use the ultrasound probe
Added: 2 years
How to use the ultrasound probe.
Ultrasound Loonie 2013 [Full Album]
Added: 1 year
Subscribe for more Awesome Music! ............. Artist: Loonie Album: Ultrasound Year: 2013 Genre: Hiphop/Rap Country:...
The Triplets' Ultrasound Surprise on 'The Doctors'
Added: 6 years
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Hannah's first ultrasound - Finding out its TWINS!!!
Added: 1 year
Hannah's ultra sound It's TWINS.
Added: 4 days
Our baby is healthy and super active. It was AMAZING seeing this ultrasound in person. I typically see pictures like this and wonder just what the...
Introduction to the interpretation of Abdominal Ultrasound
Added: 1 year
Dr. Beatrice Madrazo demonstrates her approach to interpreting diagnostic ultrasound.
Ultrasound Training Gallbladder
Added: 5 years
Indications for ultrasound of the gallbladder Identify gallbladder anatomy Explain gallbladder physiology List clinical symptoms of gallbladder...
Added: 6 months
Sub to Bryan! → Who Knew on iTunes! → ↓↓↓ Lots more down here! ↓↓↓ 1 Year Ago ...
Ultrasound Training of the Female Reproductive Organs
Added: 5 years
( This video excerpt covers part of the procedure for ultrasound of the female reproductive organs. The learning objectives for the...
Ultrasound medical imaging
Added: 1 year
In this video you'll learn about the physics of ultrasound medical imaging. More free lessons at:
Baby Ultrasound early pregnancy 5,6,7,8,9 weeks 3D
Added: 3 years
This a fantastic video showing the stages of baby growth from 5 to 9 weeks and also in 3d. It is annotated so can be used for learning by medical...
Veterinary Abdominal Ultrasound on Dogs and Cats
Added: 3 years
The Doctors and staff of Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine demonstrate the veterinary ultrasound. Learn more about veterinary...
Peripheral Venous Access Under Ultrasound Guidance - Part 1 - SonoSite, Inc.
Added: 5 years
Go to for more videos and information about ultrasound technology. This video details how the use of ultrasound...
ultrasound at 18 weeks, surprise! its twins!
Added: 7 years
Special thanks to our sonographer Lance Dursi at We had no idea we were having twins prior to this scan. Surprise! Be sure to...
3D ultrasound 25 weeks, 4D view of baby, 25 week pregnancy, baby girl, first view
Added: 4 years
Jeff & Elena's little Baby (Alexandra) 3d ultrasound Dec 16,2011 This was so cool! I mean to see little glimpses of what my baby looks like, what...
Kidney Ultrasound
Added: 2 years
Kidney Ultrasound Improve kidney functions: Reverse Kidney Disease : Restore Vital Kidney...
Ultrasound Video- Part One, 12 Weeks & 2 Days... It's a girl! 10/15/12
Added: 3 years
Abdominal ultrasound landmarks.
Added: 9 months
A practical review of the most important landmarks of the abdomen organs for ultrasound scaning.
Twin Ultrasound
Added: 3 years
7 week 4 day ultrasound.
Ultrasound Technologist, Career Video from
Added: 2 years
All Career Videos - In this interview, an Ultrasound Technologist discusses her typical day at work, the...
Ultrasound - "Stay Young" On Later with Jools Holland
Added: 8 years
Ultrasound perform "Stay Young" On Later with Jools Holland. Thanks to LiquidDreamsUK for the video =)
Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Placement
Added: 3 years
OVERVIEW Placement of peripheral intravenous (IV) catheters is a fundamental skill that all health care professionals should possess....
18 week ultrasound GENDER REVEAL!
Added: 3 years
Is it a BOY or is it a GIRL? If you haven't watched our "GENDER REVEAL PARTY" go check it out: This is...
How It Works: Ultrasound Therapy
Added: 1 year
Learn how to use ultrasound therapy to help heal ligaments, muscles and tendons, including injuries such as heel spurs, shin splints, ITBS...
First Ultrasound at 6 weeks 3 days
Added: 5 years
Baby Bubble is 0.75 cm long which correlates to 6 weeks 5 days - so she's gonna be tall for her age like Mom and Dad :) Williams's first ultrasound...
8 weeks ultrasound. Baby moves.
Added: 1 year
Our 8 weeks and 6 days ultrasound on 3-November-2014. Baby moving already.
How Ultrasound Imaging Works
Added: 4 years
Brief intro on how ultrasound imaging works.
Ultrasound drug delivery
Added: 1 month
Using ultrasound waves, researchers have found a way to enable rapid delivery of drugs to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This approach could make...
3D 4D Ultrasound at 14 weeks 0 days (ITS A GIRL!!)
Added: 1 year
Our baby girl in her first 3D 4D Ultrasound Go to 6:00 to see gender:)
ASMR~ Ultrasound /Sonogram Role Play
Added: 7 months
HEY!!! This is just one part of a multiple role play video but since it was highly requested I decided to upload this separate as well as included...
Added: 11 months
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Tutorial Ultrasound Guided Subclavian Line
Added: 10 months
Added: 7 months
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12 Breast Ultrasound
Added: 1 year
Ultrasound Podcast - Appendicitis Remix Part 2
Added: 1 year
In the last podcast we went over some literature and had a jolly ole time discussing appendicitis ultrasound in general. Doesn't do you much good,...
Aorta Ultrasound - Introduction - SonoSite, Inc.
Added: 5 years
Go to for more videos and information about ultrasound technology. This video details how bedside ultrasound can...
Breastfeeding Ultrasound
Added: 6 months - Video depicts what is going on in the infant mouth during breastfeeding. Special note is made for tongue tie and how it may...
3D How To: Ultrasound Guided Insertion of a Subclavian Vein Catheter - SonoSite Ultrasound
Added: 4 years
Visit for more videos like this one. Using 3D animations we have come up with a new way of demonstrating how to...
Introduction to Cardiac Ultrasound
Added: 2 years
Objectives: 1. Learn cardiac anatomy using ultrasound. 2. Learn the basic views and their common uses. 3. Learn how to assess gross systolic LV...
How Ultrasound Works
Added: 5 months
In this second part of our Ultrasound series we look at how the technology behind Ultrasound actually works and how it can 'see' inside your body....
Added: 6 months
Click here for merch! Ellie's 37 Week Pregnancy Update! ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK TO SEE MORE ...
Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block - SonoSite.mp4
Added: 5 years
This intellectual property belongs to SonoSite, Inc.
Ultrasound Physics Review - Beam Dynamics
Added: 2 years Beam Dynamics. In this video lecture I cover the Near Zone Length Formula, the near zone, the far zone, the beam focus,...
13 Week Ultrasound. Its a GIRL!!
Added: 3 years
Meet my baby girl London Paislee!!
First Trimester Pregnancy Ultrasound
Added: 1 year
First Trimester Point of care ultrasound.
Baby's First Ultrasound 11 weeks 1 day
Added: 7 years
Our Baby's first ultrasound at Lester Naval Hospital, Okinawa Japan. I thought I was about 10 weeks and 6 days but my mid*wife measured him (or...
Ultrasound Podcast - Physics Basics
Added: 1 year
Yes, it's cool to talk about advanced ultrasound, echo, and all the things we discuss here. It's absolutely necessary, though, to have a solid base...
Ultrasound Guided Intravenous Access
Added: 1 year
Ultrasound is increasingly being used by nurses to find deeper veins in patients who are difficult to obtain intravenous access. This video...

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