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Should US consider drastic action to stop North Korea?
Added: 17 hours ago
North Korea conducts another rocket engine test for long-range missile.
Debut Album "Us" Available for Preorder!
Added: 7 months ago
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Iran Threatens To Release PROOF Of US Military Training ISIS
Added: 1 day ago
In today's video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports Iran Threatens To Release PROOF Of US Military Training ISIS. Enter promo code 'SURVIVE15' for 15% Off ...
Lil Reese - Us | Shot By @AZaeProduction
Added: 5 years ago
Lil Reese - Us [Produced By Young Chop]]
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Added: 2 days ago
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"Us" - Daily Bumps Album Documentary
Added: 3 months ago
Album out now: More about Us: Daily Bumps:
‘No doubt’ US meant to threaten Russia in Syria – analyst
Added: 5 days ago
Russia and other countries have raised questions about the legitimacy of the US role in the Syrian civil war. Most recently, the downing of a Syrian Su-22 plane, ...
Why US Simply Can't Build Anymore F-22 Raptors
Added: 2 days ago
Why US Simply Can't Build Anymore F-22 Raptors One recently retired Air Force official with direct knowledge about the service's efforts to repair two damaged ...
US Wasted $30 Mill On Afghán Army Uniforms That Are The Wrong Color
Added: 2 days ago
Read More At: Support The Show ...
Added: 2 days ago
Added: 8 days ago
INTRODUCTION: The U.S. has been considering a range of options, from expanded economic sanctions to military operations, as it reaches out to allies in ...
Joe Rogan Gets Told What 99% Archaeologist Won't Admit To Us
Added: 1 day ago
Joe Rogan Gets Told What 99% Archaeologist Won't Admit To Us.
Added: 5 days ago
Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Accusing the United States of illegal military aggression in shooting ...
US Military VINTAGE MILITARY POWER display at Vintage Aircraft Airshow
Added: 2 days ago
A great video of US Military vintage aircraft at airshow. The United States Armed Forces[6] are the federal armed forces of the United States. They consist of the ...
US pressures China to run interference with North Korea
Added: 3 days ago
Secretary of State Tillerson termed the rogue regime the top security threat to the U.S.; James Rosen has the details for 'Special Report'
10 World Leaders Assassinated By The US Government
Added: 8 days ago
Since the 1940's, the CIA has allegedly succeeded in killing a significant number of leaders around the world, either by pulling the trigger themselves, or by ...
Russia issues warning after U.S. downs Syrian jet
Added: 5 days ago
The Underground Movement CEO Jason Beardsley on U.S.-Russia relations and operations in the Middle East.
Should the US retaliate against North Korea for the death of Otto Warmbier?
Added: 5 days ago
London Center for Policy Research's Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on the death of Otto Warmbier.
SUDDEN RUSH To Protect Us From Outer Space 6/24/17
Added: 21 hour ago
Support the channel: Secureteam is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, and the strange ...
10 Most Illegal Pets In The U.S.
Added: 3 days ago
10 of the most illegal pets / animals in the United States of America. Subscribe ▻ Share on Facebook ▻ Tweet this ...
Inside Story - Are the US and Russia headed for a conflict in Syria? – Inside Syria
Added: 4 days ago
Russia warns the US and its allies it will shoot down any aircraft flying west of the Euphrates river. It's a new red line and this time in the form of a river. Russia ...
Russian fighter jet flies within feet of a US Air Force reconnaissance plane
Added: 4 days ago
Tensions grow between the U.S. and Russia as a fighter jet flies too close to an Air Force plane; U.S. shoots down a drone over Syria.
The Real Collusion Happening In U.S. Government
Added: 3 days ago
While the left is searching for non-existent Trump Russia collusion, the real collusion of the Democrats is sitting right in front of us. Help us spread the word about ...
U.S. releases photos of Russian intercept jet flying WAY too close!
Added: 1 day ago
Is the US inching closer to an armed conflict with Russia?
Added: 5 days ago
The All-Star panel weighs in.
Unfriendly fire: Increasing number of green-on-blue attacks on US advisers by Afghan soldiers
Added: 4 days ago
Afghanistan witnesses growing numbers of local soldiers turning their guns on US military advisers, with three American soldiers killed and seven wounded in ...
Waltz: US didn't have choice but to take Syrian jet down
Added: 5 days ago
Russia issues a warning after the U.S. downs the jet.
Full Show - Russia Threatens War Over US Shootdown Of Syrian Plane, World In Turmoil - 06/19/2017
Added: 4 days ago
Russia says it will treat U.S. warplanes in Syria as "targets" after the U.S. downed a Syrian jet. Protesters disrupted NYC's Trump-themed Julius Caesar play by ...
Every State in the US
Added: 4 months ago
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Rüssía Will Now Track US Planes In Syría As Potential Targets
Added: 4 days ago
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How the U.S. destroyer could be hit so badly
Added: 5 days ago
A U.S. Navy destroyer collided with a large container ship on June 17, resulting in the death of seven sailors. Now, people are asking how this could have ...
Top Hits of 2016 in 3 minutes - Us The Duo
Added: 6 months ago
Come see us play LIVE on TOUR!! Tickets on sale now: Our new album “Just Love” is available now! iTunes: ...
UFO destroys 10 US NUKES in silos
Added: 2 days ago
A FORMER US Air Force captain has broken a pledge to keep quiet about an extraordinary UFO incident allegedly involving nuclear weapons. ​Source: ...
Raw: US Destroyer Damaged in Collision
Added: 8 days ago
Aerial footage shows damage to a US Navy destroyer that collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan. The US military says there have been injuries.
US student Otto Warmbier dies after release from North Korea
Added: 5 days ago
Kristin Fisher reports on statement released by family.
We Can Pretend All We Want, The US Is In A Recession & Heading For The Big One - Episode 1311a
Added: 4 days ago
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'Conflict gets more dangerous': Russia halts co-operation with US in Syria
Added: 5 days ago
Russia halts co-operation with USA in Syria as US downs Syrian (SAA) jet-fighter over ISIS hold city of Raqqa. Recently US held a number of attacks against ...
US Shoots Down Syrian Jet, Russia Threatens To Target US Planes | NBC Nightly News
Added: 5 days ago
For the first time during the Syrian civil war, the US has shot down a Syrian aircraft. In response, Russia has threatened to target any aircraft, including US aircraft ...
Syrian jet shot down by U.S.
Added: 5 days ago
Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Andrew Peek on the U.S. shooting down a Syrian jet and the London van attack.
New Cuban Missile Crisis, US and Russia Now In Standoff In Syria
Added: 5 days ago
Alex Jones covers a breaking story: after American forces shot down a Syrian jet in their own region, Russian forces decided to end 'Air Safety' agreement with ...
U.S. warplane shoots down armed Iranian-made drone In Syria
Added: 4 days ago
The U.S. military says it shot down an Iranian drone in Syria. In a statement, U.S. forces said the drone was shot down after it displayed "hostile intent.
'Precautionary measure': Australia halts air strikes in Syria following US downing of Syrian jet
Added: 5 days ago
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has suspended flights over Syria after Russia said it halted sky incident prevention interactions with the US as of June 19, ...
Russian fighter buzzes US jet as tensions rise
Added: 4 days ago
Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon.
Russia Retaliates for US Downing Syrian War Plane
Added: 5 days ago
Conference August 5 and 6th 2017 Russia has retaliated in its own way for the downing of the Syrian ...
Pentagon: US-led coalition forces kill chief cleric of ISIS
Added: 4 days ago
Officials: Airstrike killed Turki al-Bin'ali in Syria last month; Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon.
THEY GOT US A PENGUIN!! (Best day ever)
Added: 5 days ago
GOT US A PENGUIN!! | Subscribe: Today I was blessed with the ability to bring 10 Make A Wish Familys to ohio for the weekend to ...
North Korea has a new warning for the U.S.
Added: 2 months ago
North Korea warned of a "super-mighty preemptive strike" on Thursday, while President Trump said we are "in very good shape" in the region. Former U.S. ...
Otto Warmbier: US North Korea Detainee dies - BBC News
Added: 4 days ago
Otto Warmbier the US student who had been jailed in North Korea for more than 15 months, Died. North Korea returned Otto Warmbier, 22, to the US last week, ...
How U.S. Army in S. Korea is fending off threats from North
Added: 2 days ago
While "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell and her team were in South Korea, the U.S. Army took CBS News on an aerial tour of Seoul to give a ...
Two U.S. B-1B bombers fly over South Korea
Added: 5 days ago
The U.S. has deployed two B-1B bombers to the Korean peninsula to conduct a joint aerial operation with South Korean fighter jets. According to a South Korean ...
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