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7:0410 lb. Bass on a Chatterbait. Spring Bass Fishing.
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Views: 156,051 | Added: 3 years
Learn how to catch numbers of bass and GIANT bass at THE BASS COLLEGE at You must register to get free baits with all...
3:31How To Fish And Rig A Chatterbait
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Views: 88,944 | Added: 4 years
READ DISCRIPTION!!!!! My how to video of rigging a chatterbait. The chatterbait I used in the video was 1/4oz. The first trailer I put on was the...
9:23Chatterbait fish
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Views: 81,737 | Added: 8 years
5Lb fish caught on a chatterbait.
6:25Chatterbait Tip For More and Bigger Bass
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Views: 73,851 | Added: 2 years
Dressing up a Z-Man Chatterbait will really increase your success with this all around awesome bait! This works in clear or dirty water, rivers or...
0:31Zman Fishing: Chatterbait Sounds
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Views: 67,612 | Added: 5 years

Views: 40,713 | Added: 3 years
Chatterbait tips and tactics for the Spring. The first week of March in the Northeast, water temperatures at 50 degrees. ZMAN Chatterbait bass with...
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Views: 33,661 | Added: 7 years
6:00Chatterbait Fishing Advice by Ott DeFoe
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Views: 30,949 | Added: 2 years
Like, Comment and Subscribe to see more!** Thanks to for sponsoring todays video! Check out this Link for Frog...
7:21Mike Rold talks Chatterbait fishing
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Views: 30,939 | Added: 4 years
Mike Rold is a rockstar when it comes to throwing the chatterbait. In this video he gives insights into the how, when, why, and where of throwing...
0:30Z-Man Chatterbait 2009.m4v
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Views: 29,628 | Added: 5 years
15:228 Bass at First Light ZMan Chatterbait
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Views: 26,832 | Added: 3 years
bank fishing bass with Strike King Bitsy Bug jig, Huddleston Minnow and Z-Man Chatterbait.
2:58ChatterBait Basics with PAA Pro David Walker
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Views: 26,171 | Added: 1 year
PAA pro David Walker explains in detail how he uses Z-Man Elite Series ChatterBaits with Z-Man ElaZtech trailers for bass fishing.
2:01On The Water Pro TipZ: Stephen Browning on Z-Man's Original Chatterbait
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Views: 23,928 | Added: 3 years
Z-Man Pro Stephen Browning gives us some tips for using Z-Man's Original Chatterbait.
1:54Z-Man Chatterbait Tipz
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Views: 23,306 | Added: 3 years
9:24Big Bass on Chatterbaits-Spring Bass Fishing
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Views: 22,392 | Added: 10 months
WATCH IN HD! Chatterbaits are one of my favorite pre spawn lures. We caught the majority of our fish in the video on a zman chatter bait. Thanks...

Views: 22,321 | Added: 3 years
Steve and Kurt vonBrandt, of THE BASS COLLEGE catching numbers of bass and Big Bass in Delaware, in the Spring on Z-Man Chatterbaits and Skeet...
1:19Small Bass Attacks ChatterBait
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Views: 20,863 | Added: 3 years
Using a 3/8 ounce chartreuse and white chatterbait with a zoom trailer. This guy came up and slammed it right at the bank! Thats why I always say...
1:30Mike Iaconelli: When To Choose A ChatterBait Over A Spinnerbait
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Views: 19,329 | Added: 2 years
Spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs like a ChatterBait both give off a tremendous amount of vibration. But when should you fish one vs. the other? Mike...
8:27How to make and fish a chatterbait
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Views: 19,055 | Added: 2 years
This is how you make a chatterbait and how and why you should be using it. Please feel free to post suggestions or comments....
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Views: 18,997 | Added: 6 years
Een chatterbait is een variant op een spinner of spinnerbait welke ondiep gevist kan worden en giga veel herrie maakt onder water. Ook het laten...
2:03Pre-Spawn Cold Front Bass Fishing Tips - How to Fish a Bladed Jig / Chatterbait
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Views: 18,657 | Added: 11 months
A bladed jig / chatterbait is a great lure for early spring shallow water bass fishing. In this prespawn fishing tips video Lake Fork Bass Guide...
4:33On the Water Pro TipZ: Stephen Browning on the Chatterbait Elite
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Views: 15,491 | Added: 1 year
Z-Man Pro Stephen Browning provides some insight into how he rigs and fishes the Chatterbait Elite.
5:26Fishing with Bladed Swim Jigs (like a Chatterbait)
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Views: 14,843 | Added: 3 months
Mark Davis talks about how he fishes a bladed swim jig. He gives some good tips about fishing it around and through cover, modify the profile of...
3:10Skirt making Tool for Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, or Jigs
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Views: 13,993 | Added: 5 years
Leo Cancilla shows us how to use a ballpoint pen to make spinnerbait, chatterbait, and jig skirts. This trick makes it easy to get the collar over...
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Views: 13,695 | Added: 6 months
In this video I explain in-depth how to fish a chatterbait. Comment if I left anything out! Check out my other channel "Flair Fishing Reviews"...
4:49Awesome Chatterbait Bass Fishing Action ~ GoPro
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Views: 13,526 | Added: 1 year
Click this link for awesome Frog Fishing for Bass!! Like, comment and Subscribe!
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Views: 13,203 | Added: 7 months
Z-Man- chatterbait has it all! The vibration of a crankbait, profile of a jig and the flash of a spinner bait .... Big fish fall to ChatterBaits...
8:24Skipping Docks w/ Jigs and Chatterbaits for HUGE BASS ~ GoPro Hero 3
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Views: 12,993 | Added: 10 months
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3:20Rip stopping a chatterbait, tips & tricks by central coast bass
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Views: 11,975 | Added: 4 years
Central coast bass tips & tricks, video shorts designed to help you catch more bass. The chatterbait is a great open water lure but theres another...
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