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Straight in ILS Approach RWY35, BGO Bergen Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
Enjoy the cockpit view during this very clear day.
Approach to RWY04R Venezia (Venice), Marco Polo (Tessera) Airport in Italy
Added: 4 years
Well, the title says it all. Again, I had to replace parts of the original audio with music or cancel the original audio at all. The crew objected....
Approach during a short rainshower, EDDM, HD Cockpit View
Added: 6 years
Apparently during this approach the crew had to fly thru a small, but intense rain shower during the last 500 feet. The runway itself was almost dry.
ILS RWY09 at BRE EDDW Airport
Added: 4 years
OK, slowly back in business. I hopefully nice clip from Bremen Airport at dawn. About the music. Mhhh, to be honest. I really don´t like it too.
ILS RWY23 EDDH with GoAround, HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 years
This video shows an ILS to Hamburg airport. The weather was changing rapidly and coming close to the CAT I minimums. The crew discontinued the...
Added: 8 years
Spec spot I did for THE TUBE Music Network. Jade caught a fluy during a camera-test in the backyard withthe Sony DXC-537. Add some sound and a...
ILS19 to Vnukowo Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 years
Approach to Vnukovo Airport RWY19 with some taxi. More than usuall I hod to distort the audio due to my privacy regulation.
MAD Airport Landing & Taxi to Gate,
Added: 5 years
OK, I got the another video suitable for publishing. This time a simple taxi clip from RWY33R to Gate. Since it was longer than 10 min, I had to...
ILS approach to RWY26 Linz (LNZ, LOWL) HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
Enjoy the during an ILS approach at Linz airport.
ILS RWY26R Leipzig-Halle (LEJ EDDP) Airport, HD Cockpit view,
Added: 1 year
Well, the title explains it all. BTW, I increased the quality. HD up to 1440p.
LOC Approach RWY 33 Hamburg, EDDH / HAM Airport, Cockpitview
Added: 6 years
Enjoy the view during an approach to runway 33 at Hamburg. This runway is usually used during very stormy condition, however, this time it was only...
Approach to RWY 20 Jerez, XRY - LEJR, Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 4 years
This time it will take us to Jerez Airport in Spain. Initially with music, real audio will kick in. Music: Kick Off Jazz by JHC.
Wheel Touchdown during touch and go, Gear viewer View.
Added: 6 years
An rather unusual view from the gearviewer of a B737 during Touch and go training.
Dresden ILS RWY04 (EDDC - DRS) circle to land RWY22 HD Cockpit View
Added: 4 years
Here you can watch a circling approach to RWY 22 at Dresden airport. RePost of an earlier video, this time with better audio. Enjoy.
Approach to RWY 08R București Otopeni, OTP LROP, Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 5 years
Well, the title of this video explains most oft it. Enjoy.
Riviera VOR Approach to RWY 04L LFNM NICE Cote D'Azur, France
Added: 5 years
Another great approach to look at. This Approach is flow mostly visual to avoid overflying populated areas. Again, to protect the privacy of the...
ILS RWY 25 John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice
Added: 5 years
Yet another ILS, this time to EPKK Airport. With some taxiing. Notice the rather poor quality of the runway and taxiways. Enjoy Music: All of the...
Approach to Bilbao (BIO / LEBB ) Airport RWY 30 Cockpitview
Added: 6 years
Again, a rather old Video, please do not mind the low Quality.
From Frankfurt to Stuttgart in 7 Minutes, HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 months
From Frankfurt to Stuttgart in 7 Minutes, HD Cockpit View Plus ILS approach to Rwy 07 in EDDS.
Parallel Approach, Passenger View
Added: 1 month
EDDF Airport, Parallel Approach, Passenger View.
Zürich to Frankfurt in 10 Minutes, HD Cockpit View
Added: 10 months
Yet another time-lapse flight between two major airports. Enjoy the view!
Ice shedding on airplane wing in flight, HD Cockpit view
Added: 5 years
Here you can see the activation of very effectiv thermal wing anti ice and the resulting ice-shedding in flight. On this type of aircraft wing...
Added: 1 year
I finally cleared my hard disc of some older files. Enjoy the view of several flybys. Apparently it is difficult to get a steady shot.
Approach to LHR airport at dusk, HD Cockpit view
Added: 4 years
The view above London during an approach to RWY 27R at LHR. It starts with some holding (some patterns cutted out) and a long northern downwind....
Approach to RWY 33R Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD, LEMD) Airport
Added: 5 years
This Video shows an ILS Approach to RWY 33R at Madrid Barajas International Airport. It apparently was a very bumpy ride. Enjoy the view.
Time-Lapse Leipzig LEJ - FRA Frankfurt Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
yet another time-lapse, enjoy.
ILS04L, Helsinki EFHK / HEL Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 years
Enjoy the view to a more or less straight in approach to Helsinki airport during wintertime.
Just a small clip, the timing was just right for the Star Trek Intro, I could not resist....
Added: 1 year
Visual approach to RWY05 Genva Airport (LSGG GVA) HD Cockpit view
Added: 1 year
Enjoy the view during a Visual approach to RWY05 LSGG GVA. The Flight starts approximately on downwind abeam the airport.
Straight-in Approach to Jersey Airport (JER / EGJJ) ILS to RWY09
Added: 1 year
In this short clip you can se the final part of an ILS to RWY09 at Jersey, UK. Notice the missing 100 feet radio altimeter call due to the sharp...
TLS to FRA in 180 sec
Added: 11 months
Time laps Flight from Turin to Frankfurt Airport. HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
Yet another time laps video. I try to get different angles next time.... Song Name: Day By Day (Chris Coco Mix)
FRA to NUE in 2 Minutes, HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
Enjoy the view during a very short flight from Frankfurt to Nürnberg.
Approach to Sofia RWY09 ( SOF / LBSF ) Aiport
Added: 5 years
Enjoy the view.
CAT IIIa Autoland, 400m RVR
Added: 5 years
Here finally one of the more seldom CAT III approaches with an autoland. RVR 400 m at the touchdown zone. DH 50´ Notice the far less precision in...
VOR Approach to RWY30 PRG / LKPR Airport, HD Cockpit view
Added: 1 year
This VOR Approach has a 5° offset to the runway centerline. The final alignment with the runway happens a 500 ft. The airplane was obvious a just...
SVG FRA in 180 sec, HD Cockpit View
Added: 1 year
Enjoy the view during a flight from Stavanger RWY 18 to Frankfurt RWY 07L. Unfortunately is getting very hazy the last 30 min flight-time. I know,...
ILS Approach RWY28 Zürich (ZRH / LSZH) HD Cockpit View
Added: 6 years
Hi, here U see an ILS to RWY28 at LSZH. Due to the rising terrain the approach is a bit steeper than normal. Enjoy.
Closeup view during an ILS approach. HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 years
This video shows a closeup view towards the runway during a very clear day. You can clear see the preceding aircraft on the same ILS glide path....
ILS Approach to RWY 23R Manchester HD Cockpit View
Added: 3 years
Enjoy the view from the flightdeck to RWY23R MAN and the taxiieng to the gate.
From Stavanger to Frankfurt in 5 minutes HD cockpit view
Added: 2 years
Here you see a short 5 minute clip about a flight from Stavanger (Norway) to Frankfurt (Germany). The weather was clear all the way to the...
Visual Approach RWY 09L Hannover, HAJ EDDV, Airport during ~20kts crosswind, HD Cockpit View
Added: 6 years
Right base to final turn RWY09L at HAJ. It was a very clear, but windy day. The reported winds 030/19 plus gust. You can cleary see (through the...
Approach to St. Petersburg Airport RWY 10L - HD Cockpit View
Added: 3 years
Enjoy a view to an ILS approach RWY 10L at LED / ULLI Airport out of FL350.
ILS Approach to RWY27 AMS / EHAM Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 3 years
Approach to AMS Airport in stormy weather. This video has its length by flying minutes thru marginal visibility, even though I cut a huge part of...
Visual Approach to RWY 31R Marseille (LFML, MRS) Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 2 years
Enjoy the view during an visual approach to Marseille Airport. Notice the aircraft shadow during the last 500 feet prior landing.
VOR Approach to RWY30, Bologna ( LIPE / BLQ ) Airport, HD Cockpit View
Added: 3 years
Enjoy the view of a VOR approach to BLQ airport. Notice the slight offset during the final part of the descent.
Night Approach to RWY 10 Dublin (DUB EIDW) Airport with taxi to the gate,
Added: 5 years
Well, it must have been a very clear night that day. Enjoy the view....
ILS RWY25 Stuttgart, STR EDDS Airport, HD Cockpit view
Added: 6 years
I know, I keep repeating myself, but, on this Day the approach to STR war very pleasant with the sun from behind. And this time again in HD Enjoy.
CAT IIIa Autoland, EDDL 23R, lowest RVR 225m
Added: 4 years
Here you see another CAT IIIa Approach, DH 50 Ft. Notice the different concentration of the fog. Enjoy.
Sunrise, Clouds and more, HD Cockpit View
Added: 5 years
Well, here U see some more cruise shots from the cockpit. I hope you will enjoy the more "peacefull" views from above!

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