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1:54Teochew opera concert - 陈楚惠 Tan Chor Hui
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Views: 74,634 | Added: 6 years
THIS IS STRICTLY FOR HER LEGIONS of DIE-HARD FANS ] Teochew opera diva Chen Chu Hui (Tan Chor Hui) performing a concert item on 25th April 2008;...
4:19Teochew Opera: 包公
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Views: 72,573 | Added: 5 years
The ever upright Song judge Bao Zheng pays a visit to his sister-in-law. He informs her that he has found her only son (ie his nephew) guilty of...
9:36Shantou Teochew Chiu-Chow station - Chaozhou Opera (cy)
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Views: 41,050 | Added: 8 years
(Languange: in Shantou/Chaozhou & Mandarin) Chaozhou Teochew Chiu-Chow station -Segment Chaozhou Opera(cy) INTERESTING FACTS: As many as 80% of...
5:23Teochew opera: 桃花过渡 1
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Views: 36,171 | Added: 4 years
This is absolutely charming. An old delightful opera excerpt - "The Maid and the Old Boatman Crossing the River" - a Teochew opera 'ditty' ( - if...
9:23New Teo Chew Opera (1)
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Views: 23,460 | Added: 7 years
Shantou new Teochew opera.
11:42Teochew Chinese opera in Singapore, 1983
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Views: 22,730 | Added: 3 years
Chinese opera (Sin Yong Hua Heng Teochew opera group) in Singapore in 1983. The protecting deity that the performers prayed to is Hua Guang. The...
4:19Chinese Opera (Teochew) - Auspicious 1
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Views: 22,606 | Added: 6 years
a set piece - usually performed at the start of a opera season, and also any other auspicious occasions; this ceremony is entitled: "Buan Xiang" in...
5:33Teochew Opera: 秦香莲 1
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Views: 21,612 | Added: 4 years
Mdm Qin with her 2 children comes to the imperial capital to look for her husband Chen Shi Mei, the newly successful First Scholar. She discovers...
5:09Teochew Love Connection
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Views: 20,066 | Added: 4 years
One of the tasks for the teams at Gaginang's 8th Annual Thanksgiving event was to create a teochew soap opera trailer or dating video submission....
3:07Teochew Opera: 陈楚慧 ( 一门三进士 4 )
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Views: 18,307 | Added: 6 years
An excerpt from 一门三进士; featuring Teochew opera diva Tan Chor Hui (陈楚慧) of Hong Kong, superbly supported by Singapore amateur performer laosheng Tan...
7:52Teochew Opera Concert: 张怡凰
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Views: 16,951 | Added: 1 year
China National Grade 1 Performer, Plum-Blossom Award 梅花獎winner, popular huadan (and leader) 张怡凰of the premier/foremost Teochew opera company, the...
131:23Teochew Opera : 陈楚蕙 一门三进士(全)
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Views: 15,126 | Added: 1 year
11:04Teochew Opera: 六月雪 [斩娥] 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 15,043 | Added: 3 years
The Execution Scene - an excerpt from the well-known opera "Snow in Midsummer". Widow DouEr is framed for the murder of a rich merchant who coveted...
9:38Teochew Opera: 眧君出塞
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 14,576 | Added: 3 years
Another selection from the evening of opera excerpts. A Teochew Opera's take on this popular excerpt of 'ChaoJun's Journey to The Border'. Han...
15:00Yao Xuanqiu & Huang Ruiying - "Chun Chao Chuang Tang" 姚璇秋,黄瑞英-潮剧"春草闯堂"1/2
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 13,346 | Added: 3 years
姚璇秋, 黄瑞英, 陈郁英- 潮剧春草闯堂1/2. Chaozhou (Teochew) opera: "Chun Chao Chuang Tang", the English title often used is "The Witty Maid". This version of the...
10:21Teochew Opera Concert: 张怡凰
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Views: 13,192 | Added: 1 year
China National Grade 1 Performer, and Plum Blossom Award 梅花獎winner, huadan (and leader) Zhang YiFeng 张怡凰of the premier/foremost Teochew Opera...
5:21Teochew opera: 陈三五娘 1
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Views: 12,446 | Added: 3 years
Tonight's opera treat begins with a quick starter - "A Maid Hides a Letter" 益春蔵书- an excerpt from the opera Chen San Wu Niang 陈三五娘. [This however...
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 12,414 | Added: 11 months
Teochew Opera 潮剧陈楚蕙.
2:19Chinese Opera (Teochew) - In Praise of Teochew 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 12,213 | Added: 6 years
The glorious majesty of Teochew opera performed by the Teochew City 潮州市Opera Co. - on 11th July 2008 Kreta Ayer Peoples' Theatre, Singapore.
10:37Teochew Opera: 雪泪情天 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 11,592 | Added: 3 years
Alternative title 玉堂春, although the Teochew version is most often entitled 梅亭雪- the well-known love story of Courtesan Su San 苏三, and Scholar Wang...
8:39Teochew Opera: 霸王别姬 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 11,458 | Added: 3 years
Another selection from the evening of opera excerpts. The famous "Farewell To My Concubine" scene. King Xiang Yu, on the eve of the decisive battle...
4:02Chinese Opera (Teochew) - 穆桂英招亲
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 11,242 | Added: 6 years
performed by the Yuan Xiao Teochew Opera Co 云霄潮剧from Fujian Province; 16th June 2008. Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple, Singapore.
5:44Teochew opera: 碧血瑶阶 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 10,822 | Added: 4 years
A tale of court intriques, treachery, and lost love. The young emperor ascends the throne, after much court intriques and tribulation. Loyal and...
6:02Teochew Opera Concert: 林初发
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 10,409 | Added: 1 year
China National Grade 1 Performer, popular xiaosheng 林初发of the premier/foremost Teochew opera company, the GuangDong Teochew Opera First Company...
2:13Tong Gek Lau Choon Teochew Opera Troupe from Malaysia
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Views: 10,390 | Added: 7 years
Tong Gek Lau Choon Teochew Opera Troupe from Malaysia performing in Singapore's Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple on 25 June 2007.
4:06Chinese Opera (Teochew) - Auspicious 2
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Views: 9,217 | Added: 6 years
a set piece - usually performed at the start of a opera season, and also any other auspicious occasions; this ceremony is entitled: "Buan Xiang" in...
9:35Teochew Opera: 杜十娘
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 9,102 | Added: 3 years
Scholar Li, the son of a wealthy family, goes to the capital for the Imperial Exam. On the way he meets Courtesan Du ShiNing. The couple lives in...
2:39Teochew Opera: 陈楚慧 (一门三进士 3)
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Views: 9,073 | Added: 6 years
an excerpt from the opera 一门三进士; Singapore amateur laosheng Tan Kok Lai (陈国来) giving us his best, as always, on 19th Mar 2009 at the Kreta Ayer...
10:06Teochew Opera: 孟丽君 [游园]
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 8,997 | Added: 3 years
Fair maiden Meng LiJun masquerade as a man to take part in the Imperial Exam. "He" is successful, and rapidly gain promotion to Prime Minister. The...
5:33Teochew Opera: 断桥会
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 8,966 | Added: 4 years
A highly dramatised version of "Meeting At Broken Bridge", an excerpt from Madam White Snake 白蛇传. Green Snake is determined to kill Scholar Xu for...
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