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Author fahum mondol (5 months)
Bd nes 27december2024

Author valliyappan E (4 months)

Author madasamy k (5 months)

Author vaithiyar siddha (10 months)

Author Ganesan Ramani (1 year)
Ganesan raman

Author kumar rajesh (1 year)

Author Rajinii Tambaram (1 year)
hot sexy

Author Ganesan Ramani (1 year)

Author raja durai (1 year)
very best thanks to add

Author raja durai (1 year)
very best thanks to add

Author Dilu C (1 year)
super songs thanks for upload

Author simbu billa (1 year)

Author Brown Sugga (3 years)
plzzz do get a room if u cant pay for it msg ill pay for u plz get a room...

Author Brown Sugga (3 years)
i never knw nailla was that low.. when i was small my amma alway show me
the moon in the sky n tell me thta nilla is so far that no one can tough
but in this case nilla is very close... i have a qustion do u praticez for
this b4 comin on 2 stage?????

Author ganesh raman (1 year)
i don't know she is dancer or practitioner thanni ellanu santa podura tamil
nadu ????????????????/

Author djagan0012 (2 years)
Veri bad

Author 2bkingjaffer (2 years)
yellame MONEY

Author Krishnan Thevar (2 years)
this is dance?

Author Ranjan Kumar (3 years)

Author tharaka hire (2 years)
Thamilan Ulagathil Kevalama paarka padum nilai maaranum. Kovil il wesi
thanam paana koedadhu.

Author Govindurajuv Varadaraju (2 years)
very bad

Author Tom Bravo (3 years)

Author Dinu Dhanush (4 years)

Author Chandar Sekar (4 years)
oh........fucking people...................

Author bumsindia (3 years)
nice dance! please upload more with close ups if possible! thanks!

Author Venkat Relangi (4 years)
valiki chala dola

Author Aravind A (1 year)
awesome erotic

Author Kumar Kar (4 years)
plz removed all songs,dont spoil our tamil culture,,,,

Author balu09091 (3 years)
I hope like this f..k off dance programs been banned. Is it not shame
public stage? After that liberalization and globalization Indian culture
became worse than western. People doing anything anywhere for money. Where
it will end...,?

Author Aravind A (1 year)
thevidiala irukarthu yevalovo thevalam da badu thevidia paiya it is a
social service da puda rasika therinjiko da mairu'

Author vetri vel (2 years)
tamil nadu manam phoguthu yen than entha ponnuga

Author Redmond Walmuk (4 years)

Author Mhabibulla mohamed kasim (3 years)
சமுதாய சீரழிவின் உச்சம்... மிருகங்களுக்கும், இவர்களுக்கும்

Author Jabez Jabanesan (4 years)
machi i want see directly get me der plz some one

Author Aravind A (1 year)
yenda mairu culture culture culture nu we all are humans and we have needs
if no body is harmed nothing is wrong da badu

Author kick arun kick (1 year)
tamil nadu buteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice

Author nazy4ever (3 years)
@mahalaksmi1 do u hate my comment or hate this video

Author nazy4ever (3 years)
Cheap prostitutes and pimps are now damaging our culture and this was
staged at some temple festivel i am not agree with this worst than bar

Author Surya Balu (4 years)
nalla kudumpaththila poranthavangala ivanga

Author suresh s (3 years)
dai ithula kuda low ah caste panadai

Author dsridharr (3 years)
i hope there is no women on stage. All are boys. Just they dressed like
that. Otherwise no girl will allow to do like this. One way they are all
boys else they are 9.

Author sitron02 (2 years)
Entertaiment means beyond the imagination.My opinion this guys all have
thier own talent and creativity. Sex is arts and love is life .Nothing to
be hide all is reality in life. well done boys !

Author yaahoo4 (4 years)
I feel sorry for tamil people who are proud of their culture...when we were
hindus, at least we had shame.

Author tojojocef (3 years)
azhukkupayale intha mathiri song upload panna un kalu na vettavendiyirikku

Author Ramalingam Venkatraju (1 year)
what a good culture development for sex promotion, for intlectual
development, by advanced I.Q. promoters, good show,,because people generly
dont know sex.

Author louelyn doloriel (3 years)
dirty smelly bitch.....

Author andhra_guy (1 year)
please close your eyes if you dont like it

Author Dilip Kumar (3 years)
Please dont insult music and the words in the song by doing all those
stupid things :(. I am wondering there wont be any women there?:-(

Author Vathana Thaven (3 years)
!!! I am from germany n ya would never seen such scenes in a western
country even on a stage. Well ya guys misused the situation n had a lot of
fun. ''Andha Nilava thane nan kayila pidichan''...sorry guys but if I were
this gal I would cut ur hands but these girls don't show any reaction so
they probably enjoyed that;-) ...This video is a pain for the eyes! There
was no dance just a '''romance''

Author nazy4ever (1 year)
ஏன்டா அரைவிந்து , பஸடாண்டு தேவிடியாலுக்கு பொறந்தவனே. எனக்கு கமெண்ட்
எழுதுறது விட்டுட்டு ஒங்கொம்மா வீசின கூதிய வீட்லயே உட்காந்து நக்கு.

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