Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

Host Dave Chappelle jokes about Donald Trump being elected president and how being rich has changed his life.

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Runtime: 11:37
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Author Texas Made ( ago)
Dave C. is truly one of the best . On the other hand all he did was tell eleven minutes of jokes mixed with current event's . Not once did he try to insult any one race. They are just jokes mixed with truth. Yet there are so many hate comments that are racially driven it's sickening. To think that some one could hate a person so much . That they will watch an eleven minute video , just to make a negative comment. When knowing clearly before you clicked the video , it was going to be Dave C. You saw the name and the still picture and still clicked just to hate . When in actuality you really didn't have to watch the video. Now that is truly some deep rooted hatred . And i know there will be some bs rebuttal. And to be honest i really don't give two fucks. God bless....

Author Captain Cartman ( ago)
His two new stand-ups on Netflix are so damn funny. Just don't eat anything while watching them....I was laughing so hard I nearly choked to death on an orange.

Author Alex Casanova ( ago)
Such a great skit... (:

Author kyle benitez ( ago)
agree with alot of things except with "obama did a good job"

Author Stephen Rawding ( ago)
A legend right there!

Author Zack Hayes ( ago)
Love Dave Chappell hope biased ass shitty SNl doesn't ruin this

Author Jonathan Deleon ( ago)
that dont even look like him...

Author Hari Bhajan Das ( ago)
I see all the propaganda in his opening now. Woq

Author tupacs nose ring ( ago)

Author Chris Biggs ( ago)

Author Blitz Blisser ( ago)
Hilarious! lol

Author DjStiv3 ( ago)
goddamn his walking dead shit 13mil views, this 10mil. People really want him back it seems. I saw the netflix specials, it was funny but it could have been better tbh. Love ya dave, i hope chappelle show comes back too.

Author chicagofemme27 ( ago)
Funnier than ever, profound insight on the times, lovable, all done with zero ego. #chappelle <3

Author BoomShakaLaka ( ago)

Author William Weaver ( ago)
Obama did a good job... *laugh*

Author Smooth Criminal ( ago)
Relax you haven't even met the aliens yet..

Author Brandon Shagg ( ago)
Oh shit actual comedy

Author Dee Breia99 ( ago)
that's not Dave

Author Remy Lebeau ( ago)
"Obama did a good job".
Sure he did, if by good you mean killing thousands of people (with drones) in countries we are not at war with, killing an American citizen without a trial, continued illegal wiretapping on Americans, attacked LEGAL marijuna dispensaries, continued Bush's illegal bailouts, increased national debt to nearly 20 trillion, did nothing to stop the criminal federal reserve, and many more things. So yeah... thanks for nothing obama, great job you pos monster.

Author Elite11 D ( ago)
When he said niggas wearing gorilla suits I died laughing

Author Wait Here ( ago)
this nigger is not funny anymore

Author Nicholas DiBerardino-Peralta ( ago)
drugs? Y/N

Author Baxtron o ( ago)
WU Tang

Author Anthony Deleon ( ago)
Gained a whole new respect for Dave Chappelle.

Author Joel Gonsalves ( ago)
"Ta Ta"! Hahahahahahahha

Author David Penprase ( ago)
thanks Mr Chapelle for saying that you'll give our president a chance.

Author Brad Darby ( ago)
F*cking genius.

Author TristonGats ( ago)
I fucking lost it at the grab a hand full of pussy joke. Lmao

Author mano fiske ( ago)
Abolitionist and Architect of the 14th Amendment, John Bingham speaks : " Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY, is in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born Citizen "

Obama was born a Citizen of the United Kingdom & Colonies through his non-U.S Citizen, visitor to the United States ,Father, barrack obama sr. He is, at best, a statutory U.S Citizen hence, not ' natural born '
Article II ' natural born Citizen ' enjoins sole allegiance at birth. The off-spring of non-U.S Citizens are not permitted to assume Command in Chief of the U.S Military.

Author Laura Bonds McCloud ( ago)
Click like if you on a Chapelle kick because of Netflix special👏🏻👍🏻

Author Terry Rose ( ago)

Author John Lauer ( ago)
Love Chappelle but fk SNL.

Author Jake Scribner ( ago)
Funny but fucking stupid

Author Irena Karadza ( ago)
When black person talks about racism,and insult white people,its humor.When white person does the same,its racism,and whole world talks about it.

Seems to me like monkeys want to be superior,not equal.

Author Afolabi725 ( ago)
Obama did not do a good job.

Author jeremy67A ( ago)
<------You don't have to be black to be disenfranchised.

Author Jon Leach ( ago)
>Does interview mentioning exhaustion with trump and stern dissent of comedians using him ad nauseum.

> Proceeds to start monologue railing Trump.


Author Brady Stewart ( ago)
Legend!!! 60 million just cashed out!!

Author Fonz Mendez ( ago)
This is great

Author SevenForce80 ( ago)
Wow, chappelle is a fucking idiot. The whole monologue was a bunch of racebaiting horseshit. And I'm not even white.

Fuck you Dave, you divisive little cunt.

Author dudefacial ( ago)
Love Dave but dude you already have gotten your chance. Twice.

Author Rant Therapist ( ago)
He's still got it! So glad about that.

Author Kevin Nguyen ( ago)
I'm not the only one that looks at the reactions of the people behind him right?? 😂

Author Darrell ( ago)
The man !

Author DimensionZombie ( ago)


Author Joseph Hamilton ( ago)
That black guy Roosevelt had to the White House was none other than Booker T. Washington...the Southern Democrat run newspapers wanted him Impeached for it...some accused Mr. Washington of "taking liberties" white the Presidents wife because they ate at the same table...100 years later to the year...we had a black may not have like Obama...but you got to admit we have come such a long way....

Author Willis Street ( ago)
fuck all of these racist ass White people

Author Lungsy1988 ( ago)
I'm not black. I'm not even American, but i had tears in my eyes at the ending part of this monologue. Dave is one of the absolute greatest of all time. Amazing stuff

Author IeatyellowSNO ( ago)
that was fantastic.

Author Antonio Luevano ( ago)
nobody should compare kevin to dave cause kevin is not up there at all

Author TwArDxL ( ago)
Never understood all the Kevin Hart comparisons until he started selling out stadiums and people praising him

Author seth postma ( ago)
Dave is a fuckin pro.

Author communistjesus ( ago)
Dave Chappelle :Older, fatter but still HILARIOUS.. Great to see him again..

Author MrVideoyoulike ( ago)
Dave hit puberty.

Author amir syeed ( ago)
this legend is toooooooo funny

Author Myles Geronimo ( ago)
Chapelle seems to be all about race, a one-trick-pony like chris rock. At least Chapelle doesn't sound bitter as rock does. Barry Soetero, the kenyan mule has zero to do with being black in America. IMO. (DJT's life is going to get worse for being president. I blv he's rly doing a favor to every American, whether they know it or not.)

Author AlphaWofie 45 ( ago)
R.I.P Harambe

Author Will Velez ( ago)
He's back! Hope Kevin enjoyed his time on top! Their both funny, but Dave's takes are pure comedy Genius! Had me chuckling loud!

Author Nasire 13 ( ago)

Author Nasire 13 ( ago)

Author Marko Deleon ( ago)
fucking awesome

Author Tone Desh ( ago)
"If I could stop being black today, I'd be out the game.." 😂😂

Author kluaf oz ( ago)
fake Dave

Author exussupremebeing ( ago)
one cool muh fucka!

Author Wolves And Sheeple ( ago)
What the hell did they do to Dave? He went from speaking truth and rejecting Hollywood control, to a complete sell out pushing the elite narrative. This is not Dave....

Author Tha Taurus ( ago)
Kevin Hart has nothing to do with Dave Chappelle? you comparing two different people with 2 different personalities seein that Kevin is a big fan of Dave but why compare

Author April Leak ( ago)
Chappelle is hysterical

Author Jack McGreer ( ago)
dave has become like a good whiskey that you've kept on the for 10 years, now with all the cool interviews with cbs and the new netflix specials that whiskey is pretty fucking good

Author glennwih ( ago)
Obama was a piece of shit. Fuck him. Dave, grow up.

Author glennwih ( ago)
Breaking News Niggas, it's Dave Chapple.

Author trompetayritmo ( ago)
3000 dislikes!? WTF! You don't dislike Dave! Damn unfunny liberals.

Author Lanre Koby Shonowo ( ago)
That speech at the end...genius...we could all learn a thing or 2 about not being quick to judge and giving people chances, be it Trump or some other person.

Author Rohit Patil ( ago)
Chi town😂😂

Author Alton Brown ( ago)
Dave Chappelle leaving CC was the best thing for him and us. We don't get spoiled by comedic excellence and we long for him because we genuinely love how he does his thing when he is on stage.

Author ShukriHaveFun ( ago)
Kevin hart who lol

Author funnybot77 ( ago)
True class.

Author Samuel Hardy ( ago)
almost 3800 dislikes???? How Sway?

Author Alisha Thomas ( ago)
By far the best comedian hands down always have been always will be. Way funnier that Kevin Hart

Author Mr Bellamy ( ago)
damn I've bloody missed Dave

Author Harvey Brown ( ago)
Brilliant and clever!

Author Staunch Character ( ago)

Author AYYSIAN Power ( ago)
Love u dave

Author anonym who ( ago)
I enjoy Dave because when he comments on social and Civic issues he brings sanity to the debate.. it's humourous w/o being preachy... common sense outlook without going extreme in either direction IE: irrationally emotionally driven SJW or the complete opposite Super Right "Conservative" Common sense outlook without the need to control either side points out what's right what's wrong and truth shows itself to those with open eyes and minds

Author Ferdhini & Co. ( ago)
I'm sorry but he's not funny anymore

Author Dream Killr ( ago)
take a break from the internet conspiracy theorists.

Author Counter Punch Boxing ( ago)
wow really disappointed in Chappelle what a terrible come back enough said.... a guy that just got a 60 million dollar contract the doesn't have a clue what it's like to live in the real world whining about suppression

Author PRO-SELF- OFFENSE ( ago)
4:00- no need

Author PRO-SELF- OFFENSE ( ago)
I wish Dave Chappelle was forced to play the knockout game with black lives matter so he could see the real race relations issues.

Author Toms Grinfelds ( ago)
lol some feeling its not him

Author Jevo Groni ( ago)
Nobody is more loved than Chappelle.

Author F Kaskar ( ago)

Author meedily ( ago)
His voice is an octave lower.

Author Max Pankau ( ago)
Some perspective on Chappelle mocking Trump's appalling quote about grabbing women:
I have a friend who was at a party that Chappelle showed up to one time and he grabbed her rear. True story.

Author Bash Martinez ( ago)
Always been a fan.. But could do without sayin gods name in vein.

Author 1018miamidrive ( ago)
This monologue was PERFECTION.

Author Drejul11 ( ago)
7:45 "...but I know Obama did a good job." LOL WHAT

Chappelle is very funny but he is clueless about politics. :\

Author Julio Robles ( ago)
best comedian .. and you know this mannnn

Author Moonpie Spotlight ( ago)
This is like asking Mozart to play chopsticks. Dave is so reserved on that stage. Sure he gave a great monologue but you could see the comedic engine in his head rocking the motor mounts off, just wanting to break free and say the most outlandish shit but he didn't.

Pure genius, this man is.

Author Runna 30 ( ago)
I like grapes

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