Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

Host Dave Chappelle jokes about Donald Trump being elected president and how being rich has changed his life.

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Author Young Strilla ( ago)
chapelle not funny he is a real person though when it come to speaking but he cloned thats not dave chapelle

Author Choomie Khan ( ago)
He's a genius

Author katy Texas ( ago)
Very disappointed in you dave, sell out!

Author Past Broadcast ( ago)

Author John Browning ( ago)
I love this, I love how he's all mellowed out so much that his irony and satire barely hits the audience, they still want videos of people drinking milk in recording studios, or black white racists. But he has a lot of subtlety here, even if the audience seems to be one step behind. I still like Dave Chappelle, I still think he's brilliant, I just hope he doesn't get let down by people not getting his subtlety. I mean, at this point, Dave Chappelle is a fine wine. If you don't know wine, you won't understand how good this vintage is:

Author NUNUTHEKILLER28 KD35 ( ago)
he finally sold his soul to the illuminati

Author FLEX ANAHEIM ( ago)
😂😂😂white folks

Author audi presley ( ago)
Let's get one thing straight: Hillary Clinton lost because she lacked the two, most important voter-demographics that every Democratic candidate MUST have in order to win a general election: 1.) Independents and 2.) Enthusiastic support from the Democratic base, a.k.a. "liberals." She never had a chance. Never. The corporate-owned news lied via bogus polling numbers.

Author Rene Williams ( ago)
. . he was nailing it . . . right up to the point where he says "Obama did a good job" . . Obama gave this country a big sloppy HAND JOB !

Author Michael ( ago)
Rip phife dawggggg

Author Huboons ( ago)
"Obama did a good job" I'll take shit dump people say for $400 Alex.

Author whitwhit87 ( ago)
i knew he was coming back but, is he part of snl now? snl sucks...he just needs his own show back...

Author MrMessyb ( ago)
Dave Chappelle. Legend. The way he mixes relevant topics and current world events with comedy is genius. God bless Dave Chappelle

Author El Salaam Nasir ( ago)
it's sad. You can really see & hear the pain behind his eyes & the jokes. People speculate that he was killed & cloned; he just looks defeated to me. He said he got bigger because he was no longer stressed because of the riggers of the industry, I'd def say it was the pharma & food. You know that's the quiest way to control someone, along with money which im sure he was hurting for.

Author Grd Lpz ( ago)
Dave Chapelle the goat 🐐.

Author AR.CooseCoose ( ago)
Man i think dave has family held hostage to say some of this stuff lol, he seems so drawn, defensive, out of place. Glad he's back, i hope he can be more oldschool Chappelle and less agenda :P

Author Fernanzo Jamison ( ago)
Dave Chappelle is the GOAT of comedy

Author Jose Chavez ( ago)
I laugh so hard at the black guys in gorilla costumes joke, but knowing where it comes from and what it means deep down, I feel bad for doing so. You can see in Dave's face what I'm talking about.

Author Nat Aki ( ago)
Chappelle = Legend

Author vigneshrk ( ago)
this is so good and so is chris rocks recent monologue on snl

Author TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity ( ago)
All fun and games untill Trump sexually assaults your sister or daughter! Hes a Pussy Grabbing Sexual Assault MACHINE! An UnSTOPPABLE rapist like COsby and Bill Clinton times a MILLION! HAHAH This is what liberals seriously believe! Americn women are just mad that the Grab em by the Pussy comment is REALLY about how ALL WOMEN are WHORES for MONEY! And they dont like that! they doint LIKE the fact that trrump Got EASY Pussy because he was a FAMOUS billionaire!

REGULAR billionaires get to basically RAPE women just read Fifty Shades of Grey! How is Trump any different from the billionaire in fifty shades of grey?

American women are stupid dude, theyre out of tocuh and can't just ADMIT that its about money!

Author Air Graffix ( ago)

Author El Roberto Duran ( ago)
Dave Chappelle is the best black comic I have seen since Redd Foxx.

Author Jay Cole ( ago)
"if could quite being black today,I'd be out the game" wtf

Author Wes Engstrand ( ago)
He looks different

Author Chairman Meow ( ago)
I miss this man

Author Eric Kruckenberg ( ago)
damn i love this guy! good to have him back in the lime light

Author Irene Zamarron ( ago)
smart man smart man xoxoxoxo

Author Taylor Collie ( ago)
the best

Author DirtyyDom ( ago)
I respect that he didn't bash on Trump like everyone else was at the time. It would've been so easy but he genuinely kept his cool and didn't take the obvious route.

Author Patriot-Scherer ( ago)
Funny....for an Obaaaama (said like sheep) lover!

Author Tarik Lewis ( ago)
DC is simply the best

Author Butch Seeger ( ago)
Obama's mom is white. Obama is white.
Stop calling Obama 'black president' you complete retard.

Author Haseem Nasheed ( ago)
We got 3k hating on the Goat...

So no one is going to address the fact that his voice has changed and it has that same body builder who has used steroids pitch? I've been watching his latest stand up at his muscular body weight......his voice has changed. He used to be able to deliver certian lines with his trademark pitch.....

Author Zombie Jesus ( ago)
Even though i don't agree with Dave's politics and his racial views, he still packages his opinion in a funny way i can still laugh at.

Author alienyeti x ( ago)
make comedy great again

Author Shannon Fagan ( ago)
Wow....what's with all the racist comments in here? I'm white...and I LOVE this guy!!

Author Murmad Man ( ago)
'split screen with white people on both sides going 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH''

I mean that is so ingenious. what delivery!

Author SCDJMU ( ago)
I love Chapelle but i really don't think this monologue is funny at all. I am not sure why...- i've seen it twice now and i find it predictable and boring.

Author Jaycen Leapline ( ago)
Dave is awesome but Obama was/is a fucktardian

Author Cj Grand ( ago)
every band  of the musician was cracking up

Author Cj Grand ( ago)
cool shoes not that expensive not that ugly really cool shoes

Author Dor fuller ( ago)
Bradley Cooper, I saw that myself. I really wouldn't have noticed, only because he's SO FINE♡ WELCOME BACK DAVE, I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU♡ GREAT SET, THIS VIDEO! Thank you for sharing♡

Author Lane Fontana ( ago)
Can someone explain the gorilla costume joke

Author hettygreene ( ago)
He's a 1/10th Chris Rock.

Author Michael Arrington ( ago)
Dave is one of the greatest to do it

Author TheKravika ( ago)
something something black something something black something something white

Author Chris Shawn ( ago)
Good to see him back but he lost me at "Obama did a good job" come on dude, really?

Author FestTilAlle ( ago)
i don't know what he did but he was great xb
america is now great again

Author J Smith ( ago)
glad he still got his filter off

Author J Smith ( ago)
africa did this nigga good..he got buff asl thats what happens when u go to the motherland lmao

Author J Smith ( ago)
true comedy...dave..mac and katt and eddie griffin ....kevin cant fuck w them at all

Author Roca Bibaby ( ago)
OMG I love Dave so much!! Missed him!

Author Michael J. Evans ( ago)
Best SNL monologue of all-time

Author shibby shwing ( ago)
Thee fuck? @ subtitles

Author Cory B ( ago)
I used to love Dave, but now, he is selling out! Very disappointed!!!

Author Eric Sowande ( ago)

Author Rajaul Alam ( ago)
this guys a clever bugger

Author Eon Hardy ( ago)
i cud watch Dave C., Paul Mooney, or Katt Williams anyday .. who is Kevin Hart?

Author Jennifer Winchester ( ago)
So glad he's back and on Netflix. He's been sooooo missed. Funny as hell dude!!!

Author elchucofried ( ago)
his Netflix show was meh

Author mike albert ( ago)
Hey Dave...Obama did a fucked up job and I for one don't miss his ass!!!

Author Nathan Rock ( ago)
Gotta love it, I was watching the one and only chick in the background be offended by some jokes while laughing at the others...bitch this is stand-up and satire laugh at a joke about grabbing 'em by the pussy.

I'm 28 and I don't think any president in my entire life has done a good job. I was to young to watch Clinton. Sadly I don't think I'll ever look at a president as a historian and say to myself, wow, he did a good job.

Author jordan lewis ( ago)
I wanna know how 3k ppl can dislike this, wtf is wrong with you tho 🤔

Author STAK ( ago)
The greatest comedian of all time .

Author John Gulick ( ago)
snl, the only place you can ask if everyone thinks obama did a good job and actually expect them to agree.

Author Jimmy Marrow ( ago)
"Obama did a good job." That's the joke of the skit.

Author mrnbrowngdn ( ago)
chappelle the goat ....undisputed

Author D Rago ( ago)
Woman in the backs face at 5:51

Author Jayne Wattie ( ago)
He is still the master.

Author Ka Vang ( ago)
A lot of comedy and wisdom in this one. :)

Author Christopher Barrett ( ago)
chappelle has been cloned

Author Spider Watson ( ago)
Leave Pres Trump alone!
BO did a horrible job! Suck a persimmon haters!

Author AJ Martinez ( ago)

Author Tony Thompson ( ago)
Boss said it was ok😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

Author john pratt ( ago)
dave is the fuckin man

Author SancheNusS Stackhouse ( ago)
Dave Chappelle you are a Hero. You are a Great Person. I hope I get to meet you one day.

Author Andrew Mcintosh ( ago)
Thank you Dave Chappelle for your humor and wisdom. We can all agree that Trump is a clown, but he is our president and we need to give him a chance and stop being so divisive.

Author Armand Robotson ( ago)
This guy is so NOT funny, the microphone he's holding blocks and mutes the words he says....

What's funny about being stoned on stage...

Americans just laugh like idiots at anything...

Author Antionne Murray II ( ago)
The Goat!!!!!!!

Author Operator Error ( ago)
I can't believe he is back! I've missed him so much! Thanks god!

Author woahdudette ( ago)
If Ricky gervais can host the globes, so can chapelle. Not that he would want to or needs it. But I'd like to see him fuck up a forum like the Oscars, how he would write in that setting...

Author John Michael ( ago)

Author EffBeeEyeFREEZE ( ago)
This is the only like SNL will ever get from me. It's for Chappelle.

Author kman1357 ( ago)
The Greatest episode since Betty White/Jay Z

Author Texas MadeMe ( ago)
Dave C. is truly one of the best . On the other hand all he did was tell eleven minutes of jokes mixed with current event's . Not once did he try to insult any one race. They are just jokes mixed with truth. Yet there are so many hate comments that are racially driven it's sickening. To think that some one could hate a person so much . That they will watch an eleven minute video , just to make a negative comment. When knowing clearly before you clicked the video , it was going to be Dave C. You saw the name and the still picture and still clicked just to hate . When in actuality you really didn't have to watch the video. Now that is truly some deep rooted hatred . And i know there will be some bs rebuttal. And to be honest i really don't give two fucks. God bless....

Author Captain Cartman ( ago)
His two new stand-ups on Netflix are so damn funny. Just don't eat anything while watching them....I was laughing so hard I nearly choked to death on an orange.

Author Alex Casanova ( ago)
Such a great skit... (:

Author kyle benitez ( ago)
agree with alot of things except with "obama did a good job"

Author Stephen Rawding ( ago)
A legend right there!

Author Zack Hayes ( ago)
Love Dave Chappell hope biased ass shitty SNl doesn't ruin this

Author Jonathan Deleon ( ago)
that dont even look like him...

Author Hari Bhajan Das ( ago)
I see all the propaganda in his opening now. Woq

Author tupacs nose ring ( ago)

Author Chris Biggs ( ago)

Author Blitz Blisser ( ago)
Hilarious! lol

Author DjStiv3 ( ago)
goddamn his walking dead shit 13mil views, this 10mil. People really want him back it seems. I saw the netflix specials, it was funny but it could have been better tbh. Love ya dave, i hope chappelle show comes back too.

Author chicagofemme27 ( ago)
Funnier than ever, profound insight on the times, lovable, all done with zero ego. #chappelle <3

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