What Happened to My 240SX Coupe Drift Car?

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    For this quick update video, I go in depth of why the drift nissan 240sx coupe with the 1JZ swap hasn't had much action on the channel other than showing you how to spray paint a car.I tell you the direction I'm going with it, how it will be filmed, and much more. I appreciate all of your understanding and patience. Stay awesome and have a great day! More below!

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Comments: 1 539

  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 1 month ago

    Thanks for your understanding guys! Stay awesome.

    • Nazar Yefimchuk
      Nazar Yefimchuk 18 days ago

      ThatDudeinBlue it's a coyote swap isn't it

    • San Jaun Kings
      San Jaun Kings 1 month ago

      ThatDudeinBlue 2v or 3v 4.6 back to your roots please reply if correct

    • HIR3D DRIV3R
      HIR3D DRIV3R 1 month ago

      YOLODOUCHEBAG aka Alejandro Flores took a hilarious stab at you in his dyno tune vs email tune video. Lmfao, funny shit. Haha

    • Alexander Becroft
      Alexander Becroft 1 month ago


    • Alex Bwavert
      Alex Bwavert 1 month ago

      Very kind of you to gift your engine to a hard working dude with a dream !

  • Lucas Kalashnikov Seidel

    Coyote dat bitch

  • wong teanzheng
    wong teanzheng 16 days ago

    how about you buy Nissan Engine from Adam lz s15 engine

  • Brandon Mabee
    Brandon Mabee 19 days ago

    Modular swap...

    BEBE SMASH 19 days ago

    David is gonna put an ls in the 240

  • Rob Blake
    Rob Blake 21 day ago

    dude you should be starting with a normal car not building some monster build for your first car should have just taken the coupe out after some repairs and gotten a feel for it and do your car the way you want but i am super disappointed to hear your taking the 1jz out of levis old car you really should have just taken it out and built as you went you cant appreciate steering mods and hydros and extra power unless you get a feel before but hey your gonna do what you are which is cool but i highly recommend taking a more stock 240 or something out to get a feel before the drift monster is done i really hope you do also sorry for the awful lack of grammar and punctuation

  • chase gibbins
    chase gibbins 22 days ago

    just glad he shaved that fgt ass beard

  • Kenan King 1
    Kenan King 1 23 days ago


  • Joseph Samsor
    Joseph Samsor 24 days ago

    why haven't I seen anyone do a 1uz or 1gz swap?

  • SideWayz Moose
    SideWayz Moose 24 days ago

    Your going about this ass backwards, learn how to drift in a stock shitty car not a crazy drift build

  • Sam Battige
    Sam Battige 25 days ago

    Ls swap???

  • Patrick Zamorano
    Patrick Zamorano 26 days ago

    your going v8 ?

  • Jaymie 5.0
    Jaymie 5.0 27 days ago

    So obvious it's a ford engine

  • quarawlis stafford
    quarawlis stafford 1 month ago

    put a v6 mustang engine in it

  • Joel Carranza
    Joel Carranza 1 month ago

    Ls swap

  • MickeyDss
    MickeyDss 1 month ago

    As soon as he said "it goes back to my roots", I was like "ayeeeeee!"

  • beshj
    beshj 1 month ago

    better off to learn to drift in a slow car.

  • Justinus van Linden
    Justinus van Linden 1 month ago

    nice mk3. pre-facelift, 040 white, targa, looks like a 86. I've got the same specs, only with a 2jzgtevvti + r154 :)

  • GingerComedy
    GingerComedy 1 month ago

    Its gonna be a 4.6 motor

  • Surajdeen Changoor
    Surajdeen Changoor 1 month ago

    Taking Time is right because my uncle has a sc300 3 years of working hard now 1800hp monster

  • ehrlich3399
    ehrlich3399 1 month ago

    its gonna be a 4 valve from a terminator cobra

  • Samuel Mancia
    Samuel Mancia 1 month ago

    Coyote swap he talked about a lot in his videos

  • murpharator OG
    murpharator OG 1 month ago


  • Zach Mockett
    Zach Mockett 1 month ago

    terminator swapped s13 ;)

  • xXDsivXx
    xXDsivXx 1 month ago

    eco-boost swap it.

  • James Cribb
    James Cribb 1 month ago

    DRift MoDe = ON

  • Jesse V
    Jesse V 1 month ago

    business as... bluesual, amirite!?

  • Imad Hadjersi
    Imad Hadjersi 1 month ago


  • Austin Stewart
    Austin Stewart 1 month ago

    Didnt he used to have an E36? Maybe hes getting a BMW engine??

  • Jordan Albert
    Jordan Albert 1 month ago

    I'm glad you're doing a big series like that honestly. your reviews are still and I believe always will be badass.

  • Willie Bryant
    Willie Bryant 1 month ago

    David, you got a lot of heart man . Respect

  • 66dylanashley
    66dylanashley 1 month ago

    Ls swap the pig.

  • Herm s
    Herm s 1 month ago

    Why would he swap a 4.6 he's going to do a 5.0 coyote or if he's really feeling frisky he's going to swap a 5.2 voodoo

  • Boostilia Motorsport Racing

    You should swap the drift 240 engine with a Honda K20A. Only problem is that engine is pretty expensive.

  • apex128
    apex128 1 month ago

    It makes sense if the other car was done at a shop, but if this is a drift car, it would be cool if you did the work on your own so you could learn more about cars.

  • Alexander Helton
    Alexander Helton 1 month ago

    VK56 swap....

  • Sidewayz Skrts
    Sidewayz Skrts 1 month ago

    You're coyote swapping the coupe :))))))

  • Steven Santos
    Steven Santos 1 month ago

    5.0 swap !! or something from a stang

  • s1lv3rm1ss1le
    s1lv3rm1ss1le 1 month ago

    4.6 3v swap??🤔

  • waclosh
    waclosh 1 month ago

    good choice on the build schedule and all-at-once release. Ppl get bored waiting for each episode of a minor mod/tweak.

  • Jay Eliot
    Jay Eliot 1 month ago

    Hope he throws everyone off and puts the 5.2L voodoo engine in it

  • Josh Brian
    Josh Brian 1 month ago

    He's putting a v8 in it

    KOOKSXRXUS 1 month ago

    If you get get a modular make sure it's a dohc 👌🏼

    KOOKSXRXUS 1 month ago


  • William Collins
    William Collins 1 month ago

    You gotta v8 swap it or hemi swap it that would be sweet!

  • Hross0710
    Hross0710 1 month ago

    RB26 crossing my fingers

  • chris meyer
    chris meyer 1 month ago

    screw the 4.6, get a Lightning 5.4 and track down a manual that fits

  • TheSzPD
    TheSzPD 1 month ago

    coyote swap??

  • xHandOfZeus
    xHandOfZeus 1 month ago


  • Josh Brillon
    Josh Brillon 1 month ago


  • Nick Conley
    Nick Conley 1 month ago

    You're putting a mustang engine in it?

  • jessedrifts
    jessedrifts 1 month ago

    Boi come to colorado and i'll teach you how to drift. You can drive my big turbo 1jz vvti s13 drift car

  • Nick Conley
    Nick Conley 1 month ago

    Why is YouTube trying to kill your channel 😔

  • Brandon Doe
    Brandon Doe 1 month ago

    I'll give you a ride along at Lanier!

  • SwaveyPro
    SwaveyPro 1 month ago

    bruh finna put a ls motor in it

  • MrMateo911
    MrMateo911 1 month ago

    Can I buy the wheels?

  • Joey Kaiser
    Joey Kaiser 1 month ago

    If you put a Mod motor/ Coyote in it like people are guessing, I'll love you forever. Everyone takes the easy/cheap route with and LS, but Fords kick ass! 580HP out of a 5.2L

  • ZeGenesis
    ZeGenesis 1 month ago

    In the drift video with Vaughn Gitten, he mentioned thinking of a coyote 5.0 swap.

  • nick jz_ftw
    nick jz_ftw 1 month ago

    i like the video idea bro do that

  • Keigan Cravens
    Keigan Cravens 1 month ago

    Can't top looking at that mk3 Supra in the back ground haha

  • SkyBroSoldier
    SkyBroSoldier 1 month ago

    Do a 32v 4.6 out of a Mark Viii !

  • Ross Ochoa
    Ross Ochoa 1 month ago

    He's gunna coyote swap it

  • Heaven Almighty
    Heaven Almighty 1 month ago

    LS SWAP!

  • YBM Garage
    YBM Garage 1 month ago

    Can't go wrong with an LS. You REALLY can't go wrong with a blown LS. This is all.

  • Kaden Daniels
    Kaden Daniels 1 month ago

    I think he will put a s2000 motor and trans myself or a stang motor

  • Kurtis Brabeck
    Kurtis Brabeck 1 month ago

    Do a 1UZ swap david...you know you want to

  • Eogibear
    Eogibear 1 month ago

    V8 swap?

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C 1 month ago

    you are gonna put a mustang motor in it

  • Take the Cake
    Take the Cake 1 month ago

    I hope Import Alliance taught you how a LS in a 240 is literally the perfect drift build

  • Taylor self
    Taylor self 1 month ago

    I'll guess Coyote 5oh?

  • Vee Snowtail
    Vee Snowtail 1 month ago

    "Back to your roots"...? You are putting a 3 Valve in it?

  • Dakota Morris
    Dakota Morris 1 month ago

    V8?😍 if you can't squeeze a 4.6, may aswell grab a 5.8 out of a ford truck.

  • William Lenz
    William Lenz 1 month ago

    Coyote or 4.6 swap confirmed!!

  • TheDeltron09
    TheDeltron09 1 month ago

    Dave i've been watching you for years and years. You're unique and i love how you open up to your fans. Props to you bro! I look forward to all those drift videos!

  • topherblais13
    topherblais13 1 month ago

    i would like to see a coyote in this but the best would be a voodoo (5.2) if he can find one

  • liveyoung ridehard
    liveyoung ridehard 1 month ago

    coyote engine for sure

  • Raymond Martinez
    Raymond Martinez 1 month ago

    "you and i" david get it together

  • alex stromberg
    alex stromberg 1 month ago

    Are you putting a coyote motor in it 😂

  • Michael Farmer
    Michael Farmer 1 month ago

    Coyote swap pls David tell me im right lol

  • Aba Dibi
    Aba Dibi 1 month ago

    hes gonna swap it with a V8.... whoops i guess i spilled the secret.

  • Nrcaddict
    Nrcaddict 1 month ago

    I'm BEAMS blacktop 3S-GE swapping my '85 FB RX-7

  • Freek Wijffels
    Freek Wijffels 1 month ago

    You gave away a 1000+ dollar R154 gearbox? hahaha

  • Charlie Lee
    Charlie Lee 1 month ago

    V8 👍

  • kylekj94
    kylekj94 1 month ago

    Bought not built

  • mike fernandz
    mike fernandz 1 month ago

    I mean Chris fix showed his mess ups. And then repeated the same thing his second time

  • bradley lunsford
    bradley lunsford 1 month ago

    Your awesome keep up the good work

  • Patrick Laanstra
    Patrick Laanstra 1 month ago

    RB swap would be nice.

  • leon rodriguez
    leon rodriguez 1 month ago

    Please be a coyote motor

  • Finn Hawkins
    Finn Hawkins 1 month ago

    Your roots hey? So, a 4.6 3v v8 out of an older s197? Or maybe a 5.0? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • VHB Engines
    VHB Engines 1 month ago

    Netflix style, lol!

    yea i feel ya. usually takes me about a year to build a car because life, and time spent making other content for the channel

  • ThatBlueZ
    ThatBlueZ 1 month ago


  • trackdaybro
    trackdaybro 1 month ago

    coyote swapppppo

    FACR TORNZ 1 month ago

    Alan, you the real mvp

  • Billy Breunig
    Billy Breunig 1 month ago


  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 1 month ago

    was there supra at 1:47

  • Mikey Garzon
    Mikey Garzon 1 month ago

    Termi Motor Swap

  • jfiler21
    jfiler21 1 month ago

    Coyote swap

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E 1 month ago


  • Husky Army
    Husky Army 1 month ago

    Who's watching this in 1992

  • Hugo Ramirez
    Hugo Ramirez 1 month ago

    240sx with a 4.6 2v????

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