Cheers! - Punithamana Thulasi (Psychomantra)

Song : Cheers
Artist : PsychoMantra
Album : Punithamana Thulasi
Music by : DJ Gan
Record Label : CultureShock Records
Year : 2011

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Views: 392,525
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 3:12
Comments: 77

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Uploaded by: PremK13
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Author S Segaran Seenivasan (5 months)
bapak nice.. i'm addicted to this song!! :p

Author ashini beby (1 year)
nice song

Author Arun Hernan Diaz (1 year)

Author thiyargu18 (2 years)
nice song love it MAn......

Author mat bunga (1 year)
lagu ni sedap , bluetooth dengan kawan india saya . (y)

Author aamu2091 (2 years)
hai belacan diam kurang ajar babi sial

Author Rooban Ragoonathan (2 years)

Author marissa668 (2 years)

Author roobie376 (1 year)

Author keerthanah keerbaby (2 years)
savadi song superb maintain anne...

Author chandru7806 (2 years)
10 sen ke 10 can kadikumma?irunthalum yellarukum cheers

Author irshpwencez14 (2 years)
welll..amor!!! hats off...i dont get drunk bt flowing wif d song!! awesome!!

Author darenraj (2 years)

Author Vicknesh Ramasamy (2 years) glass was broken went i cheers with my kaigee while listen this
song!!! Then my gF start shout at me.. My Gf: Syng you break the glass
again? Myself:"Innum Konjam" My Gf: Syng you've already broken 7 glass's
this month!! Myself:"Innum Konjam" My Gf: Next time use a polyester cup!!
Myself: "Innum Konjam" My Gf: Im tired of you!! Myself:"Patthele Patthele
Sooru Patthele" And now she end up at her mother's house....W.T.F???

Author Genita Nita (2 years)

Author Darrshini jagan (2 years)
pundek .... belah lr pukimak

Author theangelicdevil3 (2 years)

Author Cristiano Suresh (2 years)
cheers cheers

Author ranggi21st (1 year)
Melayu puteh bawa Kaki.Indians black up head ha ha ha...,indian always up.

Author Rickxish (2 years)
cheers song is savadi alway.s

Author MultiPopularvids (2 years)
The song is cool and nice to hear.

Author p211696 (2 years)
Full volume while listen this song....!

Author rueben3193 (2 years)
look like 2 person doesnt know where is the LIKE button!! :P

Author krishna kumar (2 years)
Check out the Official Video of this song at

Author param johti (1 year)
Melayu macam awak ni mesti kena sepak dengan kasut buruk... Pukimak lu
balik acheh la....hidung sepet muka kalo nak tengok pun makan tak
lalu...uweeekkk..hisap konek la pundek..dah lah sumbang muharam ... rogol
anak sendiri...

Author marissa668 (2 years)
Malaysian Indian are awesome !!! CHEERS !!!!

Author MaDhaNStyLor04 (2 years)
Hahahaa!!...Biasa Thaane Bro....;)

Author selva darshini (8 months)
hahahaha gud one..bro

Author vimalnisha11 (2 years)
nice.. <3

Author anusha raja (2 years)
@elvis200488 pity ur gurl fren

Author simpangmakkez (2 years)
cheers nanbargale !

Author Veejay Anantha (2 years)
super song savadi

Author visa422978 (1 year)
Sham: Go and suck a dick fag.Dafuq u doing here bitch.

Author Veejay Anantha (2 years)
I going pub tommoro and drink while dengar this song with gf

Author dev endran (2 years)
sampai salam savadi

Author PUVANES VARAN (1 year)
cheers .....inum konjam...........

Author Darrshini jagan (2 years)
para\pundek sohai chibai mahai lu la

Author mahesh ram (2 years)
the song of the year

Author VIKNESWARAN8 (2 years)

Author LoGan Ben (1 year)
shamrahimi fk off la ~ anyway great song of de year .. cheers

Author maneesha shree (2 years)
pathale pathale soodu pathale.... :D

Author Tanes Ranguski (1 year)
sampai salam savadi

Author jacquin571 (1 year)
Super.... Song

Author modesto0007 (2 years)
@elvis200488 i feel you bro...

Author Cristiano Suresh (2 years)
belacan cakap banjak pukima betul

Author Vicknesh Vicky (1 year)
semmeh..soruuu pathaleh......

Author mayagurl36 (2 years)
suprb' song bF listen...he'z nt listen 2 me CHEERSSSSS every wer..
surre....SUMBAT...but ellam money ennode pochi macha.....nw im going 2
cheerssss wif my kainge.....

Author tramanah (2 years)
like love our guys songs

Author MJZ060 (2 years)
puki awek lu la sial....balacam emak kau. butok

Author Arvind Raaj (2 years)
macha nice la

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