WONDER WOMAN - All Easter Eggs, Cameos & References

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    Wonder Woman 2017 has a stack of Easter Eggs and References that you may have missed! Or maybe you didn't. Regardless, this looks at comic book origins, Wonder Woman's weapons and powers, Steve Trevor, Captain America The First Avenger, Justice League, Superman and Superman the Movie, Batman, the future of the DCEU and more!

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Comments: 2 992

  • Taine Davis
    Taine Davis 12 hours ago

    couldn't really believe a british bloke who was in the movie for 5 min was aries the god of war

  • MrDman21
    MrDman21 17 hours ago

    You forgot the reference to the Venom serum.

  • Glarycelis Hernandez
    Glarycelis Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Why can't we have Martian Man Hunter ?!?!

  • Bryan Leong
    Bryan Leong 18 hours ago

    Music at 5:04?

  • dbaird99
    dbaird99 21 hour ago

    Gal Gadot is absolutely powerful in this movie! Also, the fact that Zack Snyder helped write it movie makes me genuinely hopeful that there will be a good Superman movie again someday.

  • Reluctant Idiot
    Reluctant Idiot 1 day ago

    Gal Gadot is so attractive it was almost unfair to have to look at her for 2 hours...

  • Jorge Huerta
    Jorge Huerta 1 day ago

    has anyone thought maybe deathstroke stole god killer from ww at some point, thats why she doesn't have it, and uses it in the upcoming batman movie ? I mean he did say that it originally belonged to him

  • איציק ערמון


  • GalacticSwagDragon TV

    Artemis means Red Hood and the Outlaws

  • Anson Wang
    Anson Wang 1 day ago

    The movie was WWI not WWII

  • Caleb Eliason
    Caleb Eliason 2 days ago

    Talking about cheeses, huh? REEAALLY stretching for those ten minutes aren't you?

  • Claudia Starsz
    Claudia Starsz 2 days ago

    at any time in the movie did they add Linda Carter's face on Gal gadots? I could swear for a quick second it looked just like her.

  • malcolm roston
    malcolm roston 3 days ago

    I liked your video, can I has loot box?

  • FuzzzWuzzz
    FuzzzWuzzz 3 days ago

    The DCU should just change course to make more "Wonder Woman" movies. Maybe they should go rename "Justice League" to "Wonder Woman & her Super Friends."

  • Joey DeKoekkoek
    Joey DeKoekkoek 3 days ago

    great casting and great costumes. Finally I can say, well done DC.

  • SongLouise
    SongLouise 3 days ago

    What surprised me the most while watching the movie is the parallels to Disney's the little mermaid

  • Rameez Ahmad
    Rameez Ahmad 3 days ago

    I feel like the only person who didn't necessarily like this movie. I can see why people might enjoy it, but I felt it had more flaws. Things like bad pacing, with a way to fast first act and a slow second act. The soundtrack was dull and basically had one song. Also the ending seemed cliché, and imo would be better if she didn't need Steve's death in order to win. Also the plot twist didn't make sense, since they didn't even hint that that gut was Ares. And I much rather would prefer the ending to be that the first person was Ares and they have slightly longer fight, but the thing with Steve saying that some people are just bad and aren't being influenced by Ares. But I loved the fight scenes and some of the humour was really good

  • Hybrid Hero
    Hybrid Hero 3 days ago


  • The Baconator
    The Baconator 3 days ago

    i was waiting for steve to tell diana (or anyone) "i gotta put it in the water"

  • Joseph Wolfson
    Joseph Wolfson 3 days ago

    The Little Mermaid - Wonder Woman saves Steve Trevor in beginning of movie
    Star Wars V - Zeus is the father
    Star Wars VI - The lighting-based villain says "join me or die"

  • Abel Garcia
    Abel Garcia 3 days ago

    Grant Gustin popped out at the end of the movie when all the soilders started hugging each other after Wonder Women blasted Ares with lighting

  • mike lopez
    mike lopez 3 days ago

    I really loved this movie!!!

  • Renee Gl
    Renee Gl 3 days ago

    Excuse me but the old wonder woman series is totally watchable. 😂

  • Alain Brice
    Alain Brice 3 days ago

    why DC movie always. look like under bugget. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Just saw it today

  • Patrick Maxwell
    Patrick Maxwell 3 days ago

    In 2004 their was a Sub- Mariner movie in the works. Would have love seeing a guy swimming around in all leather, because that's what they super heroes dressed like in the early 2000's. Also, I really like the channel and the podcast. Keep up the good work.

  • Sodapop Curtis
    Sodapop Curtis 4 days ago

    I knew ahead of time there was no end credit scene so I was internally laughing at all the idiots staying in their seats while I left the theater.

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina 4 days ago

    I love how comic book movies are embracing the silliness of the source material while managing to make cool entertainment. Look at that Amazon island. It's preposterous, as are the little gold face thingies they wear, but god damn the movie makes the whole thing look cool.

  • Charles Woodley
    Charles Woodley 4 days ago

    I would have like to have seen Steve Trevor and Diana get married, grow old together, have some kids who are inconsequential, and Steve Trevor die of old age with an ageless Wonder Woman by her side.

  • Babyboi6769
    Babyboi6769 4 days ago

    i hate the fact that they kinda ignored her ability to fly to provide..length to the movie.

  • Dakota Loven
    Dakota Loven 4 days ago

    god I hope Steve doesn't have a grandson that WW falls for it'll be captain america all over again BTW nasty shit WW and CA may look young but they are still old as fuck

  • Harry T
    Harry T 4 days ago

    This was the best movie I have seen in a while

  • Jakov Popović
    Jakov Popović 4 days ago

    Also, both Cap and Trevor are named Steve and played by a blonde Chris. Coincidence? I think: yeah, probably.

  • Anubis
    Anubis 4 days ago

    Can you believe this DC movie had actual Character Development :D

  • tugultur 1
    tugultur 1 4 days ago

    get hyped for justice league

  • Ranno Rannikmaa
    Ranno Rannikmaa 4 days ago

    there were brittish tanks in german base for some reason

  • Adams Md
    Adams Md 4 days ago

    I think the gas that General lunderdoff takes is the same thing that bane takes to power up.

    • Adams Md
      Adams Md 4 days ago

      It's very similar none the less, it can be altered later to become the green venom bane takes but still it maybe.

  • Pre Vizsla
    Pre Vizsla 4 days ago

    I loved the ice cream easter egg

  • Guina films
    Guina films 4 days ago

    Get video!

  • The Last Spartan On Reach

    Loved this movie. Gal Gadot is amazing

  • Flix and Jams Entertainment

    No post-credit scene made me look like a total idiot sitting alone in the theater...

  • Donald Strother
    Donald Strother 4 days ago

    The deadly gas, Dr. poison's half grin. Could the WMD in the Wonder Woman movie turn out to be Joker venom AKA Smilex, DIDD nerve agent tested and banned from the government later bought on the black market by gotham's underworld and stored in a front company Ace Chemicals? Red hood falls in it fighting Batman? I hope so. It would really fight that universe if it is left over banned weapon used during WWI.

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer

    Spoilers for something within the first 30 minutes of the movie here.

    With some of the tones and references he said, I'm surprised he didn't mention that Antiope (Wonder Woman's aunt who died in battle and trained her) was played by Robin Wright, who played Buttercup in "The Princess Bride". You ever seen "The Princess Bride"? You probably have, it's a solid fun movie.

  • DNN Deplorable News Network

    That filler 5:35 was kinda CHEESY

  • Trevor Hirst
    Trevor Hirst 4 days ago

    WW was actually a great movie, the ending was kinda eh tho- and what's up with her force shield gauntlets? Where did those new powers come from?

  • Esparza Cartoons
    Esparza Cartoons 4 days ago

    But seriously though, make a video about cheese

  • 203654389
    203654389 4 days ago

    Ok Idk if it counts but the license plate on Wayne's truck in the beginning had JL on it probably a reference to Justice League.

  • Freda roberts
    Freda roberts 4 days ago

    when the women are coming to shore to fight the Germans I think I saw a man.It sure looked like a man, was it?

  • Leon Berger
    Leon Berger 5 days ago

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  • Jordan Nantz
    Jordan Nantz 5 days ago

    I hope justice league isn't a bust

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 5 days ago

    pining, argh.

  • ZMan Mostly Gaming
    ZMan Mostly Gaming 5 days ago

    I didn't think that Wonder Woman was bad. It was pretty good. But it is the best movie ever compared to Bvs. I'm just glad it wasn't a feminazi propaganda movie.

  • Viktor Bekic
    Viktor Bekic 5 days ago


  • ydnar _
    ydnar _ 5 days ago

    why can wonder woman burn metal now?

  • Bat man
    Bat man 5 days ago

    steve trevor didnt have children so there wont be an grandson romance ,and in justice leage unlimited wonder woman drew the likeing towards bruce ,bruce kept his true feelings hidden cause he wanted to seem more professional toreards diana 🦇+WW=💖💗💋💏

  • Iwillone
    Iwillone 5 days ago

    Diana and ice-cream (-_- ) Why is that so right

  • Picture This Entertainment

    I watched it in the cinema's front row, so everyone's feet were big.

  • Iqbal Haque
    Iqbal Haque 5 days ago

    the main dude Steve dies in the end.

  • Agung Raden
    Agung Raden 5 days ago

    It's above average 😏

  • Yoav Cohen
    Yoav Cohen 6 days ago

    What annoys me in comics and these movies is that they have no basis whatsoever in mythology

  • Danny McHugh
    Danny McHugh 6 days ago

    I liked how she Zod'ed that wall to the Armoury.

  • Luke Landwalker
    Luke Landwalker 6 days ago

    love your videos bro!! keep it up!

  • ilove fishes
    ilove fishes 6 days ago

    Can't wait for JL to come out!

  • Skywarp22
    Skywarp22 6 days ago

    did you say doomsday?

  • Moritz Wilhelm
    Moritz Wilhelm 6 days ago

    when zeus created the humans, who created the kryptonians?

  • Vyse500
    Vyse500 6 days ago

    well this was a waste of time, ky

  • Katherine Shields
    Katherine Shields 6 days ago

    Love this movie !!!

  • Sectionzz Echo
    Sectionzz Echo 6 days ago

    If you had a child with Gal Gadot, would it be a Gal GaGoat?

  • LexMovies
    LexMovies 6 days ago

    Wow Captain Kirk destroyed his ship again

  • dakotab291
    dakotab291 7 days ago

    Favorite Easter egg was the ice cream bit, " You should be very proud of this!"

  • Travis Brooks
    Travis Brooks 7 days ago

    awesome video

  • Kotan Harper
    Kotan Harper 7 days ago

    Wonder Woman Movie Available in hd Quality

  • N English
    N English 7 days ago

    Just jumble a bunch of shit together, get a chick with nice tits, throw some effects and a name, and bam, new movie.

  • shontelle chapelle
    shontelle chapelle 7 days ago

    Men are indeed essential for pleasure but not for procreation. That's why we have science, you retards. Why do you think dykes use dildos? Because they don't have *dicks*. You are retards like a muthafuka. Lmfao.

    • Thread Bomb
      Thread Bomb 7 days ago

      "You are retards like a muthafuka"

      We are indeed.

  • Hypno Bloom
    Hypno Bloom 7 days ago

    I really disliked the end fight but had built up so much good will from everything before it that I ultimately really, really enjoyed the film. I'd potentially like there to be some tension between Batman and Wonder Woman but in the end I want the Flash to bring Steve back. He was such a cool character and their chemistry was glorious. It will also distinguish it from the Cap films as he didn't get his lost love back (until she was elderly anyway) - so let Diana get hers!

  • Red Leader 1015
    Red Leader 1015 7 days ago

    Movie was great

  • TheXalos
    TheXalos 7 days ago

    2:51 is a baby with a mustache!

  • Sandully23
    Sandully23 7 days ago

    I like my pasta

  • Kieran Souder
    Kieran Souder 7 days ago

    When she could all of sudden punch her fists into stone I was so confused, like how could she have never noticed that she could do that. Had she never punched anything before?

  • Diego Raggio
    Diego Raggio 8 days ago

    "any comment"

  • Ben Rollman
    Ben Rollman 8 days ago

    A friend commented on how Chief was able to get all his outfit accessories while in France. :)

  • Heinz Vargas
    Heinz Vargas 8 days ago

    Wonder Woman saved DCEU.

  • Travis Laws
    Travis Laws 8 days ago

    The way they foreshadowed aries

  • RexBlazer1
    RexBlazer1 8 days ago

    I had only one little gripe with the movie, namely in regards to her origin. To be honest, I prefer the "made from clay" origin as opposed to the New 52 origin, because I really find the idea of her being a daughter of Zeus lame, as it kind of turns her into a Hercules rip-off instead of being her own thing. However, to be fair, they don't exactly confirm that she was Zeus' natural-born daughter in the film, so it could be an amalgamation of both. Anyway, that's the only problem I had with it. Other than that, it's good, and definitely worth seeing.

  • Harvey Evergreen
    Harvey Evergreen 8 days ago

    Did anyone spot Houdini before the shopping scene in London?

  • Daniela Méndez
    Daniela Méndez 8 days ago

    Awesome movie, thanks for the easter eggs. Can't wait for a second one!

  • Mohammed AL habsi
    Mohammed AL habsi 8 days ago

    I like food

  • Max Tronfile
    Max Tronfile 9 days ago

    Pretty interesting easter eggs. Like 'em.

    Still, piece o' shit god-awful movie.

  • esmeralda lopez
    esmeralda lopez 9 days ago

    Did anyone find the mother box

  • Brenna Marie
    Brenna Marie 9 days ago

    I saw Wonder Woman yesterday it was the bom 💥💥💥💣💣🎆:-D;-):O^_^

  • Troy S Hays
    Troy S Hays 9 days ago

    any comment

  • Sleepy Cerberus
    Sleepy Cerberus 9 days ago

    You forgot that both Captain Steve Trevor and Steve Rodgers both are named Steve as their first name.

  • Tyler Dixon-lennett

    mmmm cheese

  • Marley B
    Marley B 9 days ago

    He does not care for it

  • xZeroMan
    xZeroMan 9 days ago

    On her island, she is trained to block sword hits and stuffs with her braclets. But on her Island there are no Guns so how can she block them so well. They are so much harder to block then swords and arrows

  • Allen West
    Allen West 9 days ago

    why is there a ww2 if theres no more god of war...

  • ScottyLagoosh
    ScottyLagoosh 9 days ago


  • Peter Karargiris
    Peter Karargiris 9 days ago

    Great video , I saw this film last night and I'm still buzzin !

  • Louis De Vos
    Louis De Vos 9 days ago

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