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Author MelonixRyuzaki (3 years)
uhh i have the game in nds format and the code i put it on and it says
error o -o im so comfused

Author Humanhead86 (3 years)
running windows on an apple computer, classic

Author Max Wiener (1 year)
SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at htt p: //mi ne cr aft co de
. me /

Author William McCutcheon (4 years)
So Basicly

Author Eddie lee (3 years)
"and will be patched! and i actually have the files here
already!" yea ok! that's good to know! why don't you show us how many lines
to put each time and where the errows go!? you actually HELPING
US FIGURE THINGS OUT!? i patched mine anyway..not thanks to you. 0/5.

Author Pattrick ze (3 years)
for those who having problem with the exp patch, watch this:
watch?v=Q0lQ_3Hc71k&feature=related. thumbs up so everyone can see

Author Oliver Gadsby (3 years)
.... The data format error is missed if.... YOU ADD THE CODES INTO
RAKU-RAKU PATCH.. one... at... a.... time ^ ^ Hehe, and no one thought of
this??? Well no one I've come across >_> Basically it runs on the same
principles as the entering them into the cheats menu on No$GBA, with AR and
RAW clicked, you don't add all the codes in at once because then the
emulator crashes and burns :P (Desmune is better in my opinion so you know)
Same with entering codes for Raku-Raku, don't add them together ^ ^

Author MonoplyMan99 (4 years)
mine says data format error :(

Author Eagle Shinigami (3 years)
how does the codes work dude explain it to me S

Author EL Tan (4 years)
cant hear you

Author vonzombie87 (2 years)
how did you do it?

Author Noah Powers (3 years)
I copy the code into the thingy and it says data format error help!

Author sigalig (4 years)
i dont get how you are supposed to put those codes into the cheat action
replay box, it says its invalid

Author dzeni (3 years)
dosent work -.-

Author Vadegu (2 years)
that link is invalid bro :(. It's from the V to the related, you have to
copy right?

Author CantaloupeFetish (2 years)
these patched downloads dont even seem to be in existence anymore. Sooooo,

Author Anthony V (4 years)
what file do you have to open because everytime i try to run the patch it
says " data format error"

Author iizgangstajesus (4 years)
"The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of
our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy" for the two Pokemon
Black eng patches

Author HydroZ CookieZ (1 year)
your not using mac but the top part is mac why is that!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Author IntensiveNinja (3 years)
didnt work at all

Author GelatinMan (4 years)
This is the biggest bullshit ive ever seen on youtube, first try to speak
up into the microphone and how about when you arent sick and sound like you
have a frog in your throat then try making a video, and lastly ur stupid
links dont work.

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