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  • Wow, super cool that i found the heart of the hear of the ocean!
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  • manam zehra
    manam zehra 5 days ago

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  • Katie Staplehurst
    Katie Staplehurst 36 minutes ago

    I <3 steph

  • Cutie pie
    Cutie pie 1 hour ago

    oh ya the red gem is a ruby or a red daimon

  • Keyfa Ismail
    Keyfa Ismail 1 hour ago


  • Mary- Rafunzel Bandoquillo

    is that

  • Jade GameSetPlay
    Jade GameSetPlay 1 hour ago

    are those gems real?

  • Egle Bujaite
    Egle Bujaite 2 hours ago

    those sre not rell

  • Gwen De Castro
    Gwen De Castro 2 hours ago

    The green gem it looks like the heart of Te Fiti (moana). Like if u agree

  • Zahra Is zahra
    Zahra Is zahra 3 hours ago

    This is the heart of the ocean from titanic 💙

  • Gladys Nocete
    Gladys Nocete 3 hours ago

    I,like the blue

  • Noah Mikael Ahmad Izuddin

    5:55 I saw Dawn Stone from Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze

  • GD Walker
    GD Walker 5 hours ago

    "Heart of the Ocean" ??????

  • My Best Arts
    My Best Arts 5 hours ago

    I commented 100likes for nothing

  • Hope Basey
    Hope Basey 5 hours ago

    Sorry sweetheart but this isn't real i went to dollar tree i saw the EXACT same thing hanging there next to me.......

  • Harlow Arrieta
    Harlow Arrieta 6 hours ago

    There's more actually...

  • Hour Sok
    Hour Sok 6 hours ago

    U said other u tubers do boring toys but u digging a block of stuff to find gems???!!!

  • Kryscel Sopia Santos

    are does diamonds real or fake like if you think its real

  • mimi polio
    mimi polio 7 hours ago


  • Fiona Espeña
    Fiona Espeña 8 hours ago

    Your so nice😡

  • slime slime
    slime slime 8 hours ago

    did any one see red on the napkin and her thumb

  • wake me up extra !!!!!!


  • XtheSkeloton Eevee prince

    Wat is a heart of oceana

  • Kristy Smith
    Kristy Smith 9 hours ago

    can I have one

  • Alaina Huff
    Alaina Huff 9 hours ago

    are these gems real

  • celine park
    celine park 9 hours ago

    well... third times the charm. I tried searching 4 da gemstone thingy, but I only found dinosaur stuff. if I went to target, it would take 30 minutes to get there.

  • Doge :3
    Doge :3 9 hours ago

    Titanic is my favorite movie and i need that O.O

  • briseno msp
    briseno msp 10 hours ago

    my sister died a weak ago and I'm really really sad so I went on YouTube to watch a video to make me happy and you did it thank you so much I subscribed to you to

  • Parayawpirmi Cabrerafabi

    Woooow can. Have some of those i love it for my sister birthday

  • Christy Ragbir
    Christy Ragbir 10 hours ago

    are those real

  • Angel Alagano
    Angel Alagano 10 hours ago

    is this real

  • Lae Briones
    Lae Briones 10 hours ago

    realy are you a kid

  • Maria Lemus
    Maria Lemus 10 hours ago

    i sub can you like plz

  • lainymon yay
    lainymon yay 11 hours ago

    the gem is a sapphire

  • Amena Sheriff
    Amena Sheriff 11 hours ago

    Your voice is so off

  • Trinity Wilson
    Trinity Wilson 11 hours ago

    You are so lucky

  • AdamMasterGamer TV
    AdamMasterGamer TV 11 hours ago

    No you don't

  • Simon Quest
    Simon Quest 12 hours ago

    She's so lucky

  • pattyboygamer 20
    pattyboygamer 20 12 hours ago

    Is it a real gem

  • Sarah Sontag
    Sarah Sontag 12 hours ago


  • Emoji !
    Emoji ! 12 hours ago


  • Meowstic Magical
    Meowstic Magical 12 hours ago

    I found a diamond
    O _ O

  • Francys Amarante
    Francys Amarante 12 hours ago

  • Jackie obaidullah
    Jackie obaidullah 12 hours ago

    I love ur vids

      FUN HOUSE TV 12 hours ago

      thanks Jackie! have a great night!

  • Fluffy Puppy
    Fluffy Puppy 12 hours ago


  • The Snapchat Guy
    The Snapchat Guy 13 hours ago


  • Lindsey Corey
    Lindsey Corey 14 hours ago


  • bowie zhang
    bowie zhang 14 hours ago

    is this real??
    if one of you people are naturous like me, please like this cause i REALLY love nature.
    this forest close to my school. it bunt down my school and trees..
    it gave us so much fresh air, there was 5,903 trees and it was ALL burnt down!!
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  • Tasia Seeds
    Tasia Seeds 14 hours ago

    I love your videos

  • Tasia Seeds
    Tasia Seeds 14 hours ago

    I love you,re videos

  • Tasia Seeds
    Tasia Seeds 14 hours ago

    I love you I love your videos too

  • Anime Gamer
    Anime Gamer 14 hours ago

    hears a tip for those who don't know this for the jem kit just pour water over it it works

    • Anime Gamer
      Anime Gamer 14 hours ago

      and make sure you put it in a bowl of water

  • Maicy Matthews
    Maicy Matthews 14 hours ago

    I fownd 8

  • Silvia Lopez
    Silvia Lopez 14 hours ago

    so satisfying

  • Thebrothergamers
    Thebrothergamers 14 hours ago

    Is it real? Or not

  • Katie Wilusz
    Katie Wilusz 15 hours ago

    Are the gems real?

  • GreenPhantom Gaming
    GreenPhantom Gaming 15 hours ago

    No wonder this is in the 3$ and under section😶

  • Sukhwinder Saini
    Sukhwinder Saini 15 hours ago

    Is it real

  • Lynx
    Lynx 15 hours ago

    Oh gosh you were unlucky my brother just Got 5

  • Rylee Wagner
    Rylee Wagner 15 hours ago

    You sound like someone from the show shameless

  • Sophie Whitney
    Sophie Whitney 15 hours ago

    I fink the blue jem was the hart of the water

  • Shyanne Goats
    Shyanne Goats 15 hours ago

    you are f*t

  • Sicily Johnson
    Sicily Johnson 16 hours ago

    I thought that was the heart of the ocean when I clicked on this video.

  • Sicily Johnson
    Sicily Johnson 16 hours ago

    My favorite color is blue tooo.

  • Bella Delgado
    Bella Delgado 16 hours ago

    it on the bottom

  • Pony GirlAJ
    Pony GirlAJ 16 hours ago

    U know diamonds are a girls best friend

    MELV LOVES YOU BEPPER 16 hours ago

    today i got my blood drawn and got a bruise! :( but this video was amazing and i love it ty!! <3

  • Sunny Lettuce
    Sunny Lettuce 16 hours ago

    is that a real gemstone

  • Christina Kane
    Christina Kane 16 hours ago

    heart of the the ocean? that remindes me of a film what has it oh yeah it the titanic 🛳

  • cade parks
    cade parks 17 hours ago


  • Jojo Hamad
    Jojo Hamad 17 hours ago

    ياع😛😛😛😛😛😵😵😲😲😲😛😵😲😲😛😵😲😲 😛 😛😛😛😛😵😵😵😵😲😲

  • samara solis
    samara solis 17 hours ago

    put it in water,,

  • Nahid Hussain
    Nahid Hussain 17 hours ago

    Moana Heart of mother island which is heart of te fiti

  • L KL
    L KL 18 hours ago

    Are those real?

  • Aime Rubalcaba
    Aime Rubalcaba 18 hours ago

    I want them💙💚 Plese

  • ItHasToBeNikki
    ItHasToBeNikki 19 hours ago

    I found 4

  • Chay Fam
    Chay Fam 19 hours ago

    Actually the heart was from titanic

  • Disney Scarlett1
    Disney Scarlett1 19 hours ago

    isn't the heart of the ocean the necklace from the Titanic

  • Hannah Roach
    Hannah Roach 19 hours ago

    The second one you found and the first are my fav😇😇😇😇😇

  • Autumn Thomas
    Autumn Thomas 19 hours ago

    thats just meen!

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 20 hours ago


  • Sayumi Hirata
    Sayumi Hirata 20 hours ago


  • Nj Dulay
    Nj Dulay 21 hour ago

    do not subscribe I meant

  • Salem Xhalo
    Salem Xhalo 21 hour ago

    after she took out the green gem i saw a little bit of red and i was just shouting at yhe screen IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!!!!

  • Vlog Queen
    Vlog Queen 21 hour ago


  • 1DuDe Has1MooD
    1DuDe Has1MooD 21 hour ago

    pplz tell me there not real

  • Demi Tran
    Demi Tran 21 hour ago

    I don't think the heart of the ocean is real...........

  • Punchy Laster
    Punchy Laster 22 hours ago

    `and likie

  • Punchy Laster
    Punchy Laster 22 hours ago

    you are so lucky im going to subscribe

  • Rafel casipit
    Rafel casipit 22 hours ago


  • adam kalay
    adam kalay 22 hours ago

    (sugestion) get a sledge hammer and place the block on a hard surface and smash the block (all gems will come out and it a way taste and easier way)

  • Stanislava Ambrožová


  • dragon fire
    dragon fire 23 hours ago

    is that real???

  • grace benino
    grace benino 23 hours ago

    5g m.. MK

  • Wonder Books
    Wonder Books 23 hours ago

    omg i bearly only watched one of your videos and i love ur channel so much!! if you can please pin this comment and i subscribed and likes owo ☺️☺️☺️😀😀😀🤓👌👌😁

  • wwe champion gaming 13

    look at the bottom at 7:51

  • Vaishnavi's World


  • Cazzandra Sevilla

    great video but why you get the heart of the ocean? it's for the ocean not you pls answer

  • red flame
    red flame 1 day ago

    I found 6 in mine

  • Clarissa Reyes
    Clarissa Reyes 1 day ago

    how much is that

  • Sherry weaver
    Sherry weaver 1 day ago

    why are you saying crap its a swear word and kids watch this channel oh and my son found 10 so i dont think you need to be judging how many gems people find

      FUN HOUSE TV 1 day ago

      Maybe there word crap where you live is a so called swear word but i live in NJ and we say it. This is a digging and discovery channel.. never said it was a kids channel..try to be happy in life it may do you some good.

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