Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced

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    We’ve all been there, am I right? These are annoyances, issues, hangups, roadblocks & problems that every gamer has come across at one time or another, getting in the way of their enjoyment of their favorite hobby. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced.

    00:29 #10. Toxic Communities
    01:11 #9. Parents
    02:02 #8. Budget
    02:39 #7. Your favorite franchise ruined
    03:19 #6. Stereotyping (nerd stereotypes)
    04:14 #5. Dying when you didn’t save your game progress
    05:00 #4. Save file corrupted
    05:33 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Comments: 2 771

  • deisal tanker
    deisal tanker 10 minutes ago

    then be a good player and dont die

  • Lorenzo Flores
    Lorenzo Flores 8 hours ago

    0:54 "You're an idiot. I hate you. Get cancer Kill yourself." XD Lol

  • Nicoline Inthabuary
    Nicoline Inthabuary 9 hours ago

    Do top 10 games series that have been ruin by E A
    For example:
    Command & Conquer franchise

  • Ori Lifshitz
    Ori Lifshitz 12 hours ago

    you're going out of ideas

  • The Unkown Guy
    The Unkown Guy 14 hours ago

    i once had 5000 houres of gamplay in skyrim I also had gta4 platinum then my consol got corruptet I couldn't get my saves back I still hate myself because of it

  • Jage A
    Jage A 15 hours ago


  • Ulikecookies
    Ulikecookies 17 hours ago

    this is more for people that play GTA Online: People who play music through their mic

  • SilentGamerz
    SilentGamerz 19 hours ago

    Lucky me both my parents are gamers and they didn't care what games i played.

  • Dragon tha beast
    Dragon tha beast 21 hour ago

    corrupted game files in skyrim -_-

  • douglas fern
    douglas fern 1 day ago

    parents are right to dictate what games kids play

    • SpritezUp
      SpritezUp 22 hours ago

      douglas fern i agree, as long as they're not the type of parent to take it out on the developers when they CLEARLY state that their game shouldn't be played by children.

  • Njddjjd Didijfnx
    Njddjjd Didijfnx 1 day ago


  • Lavaris 2
    Lavaris 2 1 day ago

    Number 3 :
    My biggest Enemy

  • Lavaris 2
    Lavaris 2 1 day ago

    Well it was before my gaming time but number 7 for me: Gothic 3.
    Still hoping for Gothic 4
    (Arcania is not worth it to be called gothic 4)
    ps: sry for bad english

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert 1 day ago

    when you're halfway and the electricity goes off

  • Linkus Maximus
    Linkus Maximus 1 day ago

    a while back I had to buy an entirely new console cuz mine broke

  • GeekyGecko18
    GeekyGecko18 1 day ago

    Number four is just a regular problem with fallout four. Its more likely your save has corrupted than not

  • Ced YT
    Ced YT 1 day ago

    Being stuck

  • Tiny Rhino
    Tiny Rhino 2 days ago

    One word, lag 🙅

  • Solcoolman
    Solcoolman 2 days ago

    1. My sister

  • Tf2 Medic
    Tf2 Medic 2 days ago

    Before watching I think We one there is lag

  • ZElix AWC
    ZElix AWC 2 days ago

    When your parents broke your pc or xbox

  • The Motherf_cker
    The Motherf_cker 2 days ago


  • WillUTeachMe
    WillUTeachMe 2 days ago

    Playing Fallout for hours then dying and realizing you haven't saved ONCE the entire time.

  • The guy Chanel
    The guy Chanel 3 days ago

    Dickheads wow what a word

  • deven m
    deven m 3 days ago

    In zombies, when I go down I'm the worst and I fucking suck... When my teammates go down its all my fault I should've been there even though I was across the FUCKING MAP

  • The Illustrious DP
    The Illustrious DP 3 days ago

    - lag
    -scratched disks
    -time management
    -forgot to save
    Yep, I faced these, and they are not cool

  • Fluffy Ninja
    Fluffy Ninja 3 days ago

    I will forever question how you find Sans demonic, what next fucking Fanta is made by the nazis lmao

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer 3 days ago

    oh yeah the 1 hit us in the d*** that is true 😐

  • Kenneth Bradstreet
    Kenneth Bradstreet 3 days ago

    disk shatters in the system itself

  • Tymykhal Banks
    Tymykhal Banks 3 days ago

    no all gamers

  • G.A.I.N Awesomeness

    i dont have save corruption every what i do have that pisses me off is to play seige i have to go into my folder and find a specific file and cant start from my desktop

  • SharkEatsYou
    SharkEatsYou 3 days ago

    "All in the quest to get the sweet sweet 60 fps" Most consoles are locked to 30 fps

  • Strange Cατ
    Strange Cατ 3 days ago

    I only have 1 problem and that is lagg...

  • Andrie Alinsangao
    Andrie Alinsangao 3 days ago


  • Bob Swaggit
    Bob Swaggit 3 days ago

    Sweet sweet 60 fps, more like sweet sweet 144, if it going into the thousands

  • MegaTroll 393
    MegaTroll 393 3 days ago

    I remember playing DBZ with 90% completion then my 7 year old cousin overwrited the save file....

  • Ryanarwhal
    Ryanarwhal 4 days ago

    Your parents saying they'll give you money, which you'll use to get that Nintendo Switch, but they say they need the money and don't give it to you.

  • LukeAtherton41
    LukeAtherton41 4 days ago

    With my PS3 save corruption is a good thing lol

  • LukeAtherton41
    LukeAtherton41 4 days ago

    With my favourite franchise the 3rd game was delayed from 2006-2007 then never released

  • rexpwnzer
    rexpwnzer 4 days ago

    Getting stuck in a save trap, Where you die milliseconds after you save so everytime you reload you instantly die again and so

  • RickyM8
    RickyM8 4 days ago

    LOL they should have added the "An error has accured while reading the disc" PS4 problem facking everyone has that

  • Landen Orellano
    Landen Orellano 4 days ago

    When they tell you find a stoping point on a multiplayer match

  • Hyrule Warrior
    Hyrule Warrior 4 days ago

    I'm popular at school but I'm a nerd so when someone calls me a nerd I say "Thanks"

  • Alex Connor
    Alex Connor 4 days ago

    I've never lost 100 hours of progress, so the title is a lie.

    fucking watchmojo

  • Goth Moth
    Goth Moth 4 days ago

    - i don't do online gaming, i find it pointless and boring
    - my parents let me pay whatever i wanted and they'd buy it
    - ok yeah true
    - ugh yes!
    - stereotypes can get fucked and i don't really care.. when you're a goth, pagan, feminist etc you gotta learn to not care about stereotypes
    - ok yeah rarely happens to me but still annoying
    - never happened to me
    - ok yeah but generally i don't want to play games for too long. i have this problem with books more than games
    - again i don't waste my time with online crap
    - thankfully never happened to me

  • Ethanisop Knight
    Ethanisop Knight 4 days ago

    I relate to this so much

  • Trompettenproductions

    just ridicolous

  • M1YAK2
    M1YAK2 4 days ago

    When people completely hype up a game and make up sometimes ridiculous expectations, then get all disappointed, and hate the game.

  • Rocket
    Rocket 4 days ago

    i liked when that dude defended the corpse of the player 1:02

  • shooty Mc shooty face

    i was a big fan of the call of duty games until infinite warfare

  • F3 Ultimate
    F3 Ultimate 4 days ago

    once my hardrive crashed and i had to replace it and all my saves/games were on it

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis 4 days ago

    Final Fantasy 13 was defo not a disaster? Wtf? It had a great story and brought back turn-based ff into a new light.

  • IronNatePup
    IronNatePup 4 days ago


  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard 4 days ago

    Toxic multiplayer communities are the reason why most of the games I play have at least some form of single-player/offline content though the single-player fanbases for certain games can be just as toxic. And corrupted memory card on the things I didn't like about my PS2.

  • Sui Yao Rui
    Sui Yao Rui 4 days ago

    Wrong Timing When you're about to finished an unlocked achievements to every game then there's a black out or brown out/parents kinda like that too.

  • Alessio Barchiesi
    Alessio Barchiesi 4 days ago

    Fanboys... both PC and console ones...

  • Info maniac
    Info maniac 4 days ago

    #0 Input lag

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 4 days ago

    I think a huge problem was save batteries dying and memory cards wiping all the data. (that mainly happened with third party stuff)

  • Chris Hale
    Chris Hale 4 days ago

    I'm a nerd and I'm proud

  • maxious22
    maxious22 4 days ago

    A weeks worth of groceries? More like a month. Is it bad I spend more on games than I do food.... Ahh who needs food

  • Just Random 16
    Just Random 16 4 days ago

    My PS4 just broke today😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    CMD BOI 4 days ago

    Kids with microphones

  • AiR mazza
    AiR mazza 4 days ago

    wow who the fuck buys disc games dude ever heard of steam orgins oceanofgames?????+

  • AiR mazza
    AiR mazza 4 days ago

    only retards play campaing/singelplayer i have never had to save proggres and im a gamer u guys are insaulting me ;((

  • Billy Mercury
    Billy Mercury 4 days ago

    Need For Speed is an example of Number 7

  • Raven Korubi
    Raven Korubi 4 days ago

    the part I love most about video games is being able to be thrown into a different world,solar system , etc. and escaping reality

  • Billy Mercury
    Billy Mercury 4 days ago

    Where's roblox??

  • EliteHD
    EliteHD 4 days ago

    When someone rings the door bell during heist in GTA...

  • Carlos Mendieta
    Carlos Mendieta 4 days ago

    i played 2 months worth of terraria and the save file got corrupted...i now live in a foster home

  • Sakabatou77
    Sakabatou77 5 days ago

    Time management for me. 7-6 for work every day. Except Sundays.

  • SuperCreep MLG
    SuperCreep MLG 5 days ago

    My list:

    10: Parents

    9: Community

    8: Forgetting to Save

    7: When you want that thing but you can't afford it..

    6: Spam And Hackers

    5: Time Management

    4: When the game is single player and not multiplayer and vice versa.

    3: Moments when you don't even know what to do.

    2: Ads


    • Crowno
      Crowno 3 days ago

      SuperCreep MLG grinding for something that isn't even that good in the end

  • BeanieLogic
    BeanieLogic 5 days ago

    I pre ordered my game so my mom has no choice but to let me get it

  • Retro Evoke
    Retro Evoke 5 days ago

    PC upgrades don't cost "thousands" of dollars. What a ridiculous thing to say.

  • Theresa Horton
    Theresa Horton 5 days ago

    1:16 "You are going to have a BAD time" - Sans

  • That Dude
    That Dude 5 days ago

    the news claiming that games are responsible for violence and school shootings... RIP Bulletstorm 2

  • Chinh Hieu Nguyen Doan


  • Silver Smash
    Silver Smash 5 days ago

    "Congratulations! You're the Pokémon master!"
    *battery dies*
    Oh my god, when did I save last...
    "Welcome to the world of Pokémon!"

  • You Tube
    You Tube 5 days ago

    Fnaf was ruined to me so was halo and Sonic

  • Brown Hair Dude 69
    Brown Hair Dude 69 5 days ago

    Cod. That is a ruined franchise.

  • Jeremy Mackles
    Jeremy Mackles 5 days ago

    I convinced my parents that video games were worthwhile by making a bet that they couldn't figure them out.

  • Andrew SSGSS
    Andrew SSGSS 5 days ago

    I agree with number 7 just look at Duke Nukem Forever! XD

  • Wyvern Wolfe
    Wyvern Wolfe 5 days ago

    You kill a guy "Go you kill yourself faggot." You kill them "HACKER, REPORTED. Kill yourself.".... 0_0

  • Megan Barber
    Megan Barber 5 days ago

    Number 10/7 cough sonic cough

    Also I have a tip for scratched games. Just get a banana use the eating part ( don't know what to call it ) and rub it on your disc then use the inside of the peeling to wipe it of. Should look as good as new

  • Yuki
    Yuki 5 days ago

    a shitty fandom sometimes also ruins the game

  • Yuki
    Yuki 5 days ago

    I see nerd as a compliment because it is also used to ''insult'' smart people

    • Wyvern Wolfe
      Wyvern Wolfe 5 days ago

      "Ha, what a Nerd. So sad that this person is getting high grades that will easily get them into University and easy into a high paying job. While me, a popular guy who doesn't care about games, will be stuck in cash register and shelf stacking for life" :3

  • Richard Zheng
    Richard Zheng 5 days ago

    bad teammates?

  • Firey Typhlosion
    Firey Typhlosion 5 days ago

    When I watched this it reminded me of when I deleted my progress on lego marvel superheroes and I got so mad I stopped playing the game for 3 weeks

  • Hadi Awad
    Hadi Awad 5 days ago


  • edgy silver
    edgy silver 5 days ago

    my mom gives no shit what i play or watch especially since my mom plays persona 5 so no not all kids... i was able to play gta and kill everyone with my parents watching when i was 4 so yeh... other's parents are way to sensitive like holy shit...

  • Tugi Otgonbayar
    Tugi Otgonbayar 5 days ago


    The time Flowey just corrupts your save file was one of the things that made me go away of my pc
    Then i came back and saw Flowey
    Was creepy tbh xD
    I still didnt want to fight that big Flowey tho

  • Many Things
    Many Things 5 days ago

    My save file on F1 2012 has been corrupted 3 times in the past and I'm worried of that happening again.

  • PohtatoSack
    PohtatoSack 5 days ago

    Toxic communities? Payday 2

  • The gaming panda 63


  • migman75482
    migman75482 5 days ago

    When you're playing Skyrim, and you can't find your way to the quest because of the mountains.

  • C.J
    C.J 5 days ago

    ''Sweet sweet 60 frames per second....''

    *Entire PC Master Race cringe at the thought of anything less than 120 fps*

  • Gamer Slayer
    Gamer Slayer 5 days ago

    when the back stab you in GTA 5

    • Gamer Slayer
      Gamer Slayer 5 days ago

      na GTA is made for people that like to kill others but I hate the fucking cunts that try to team to get a easy kill and piss you of if you cuse the GTA voice chat

    • Wyvern Wolfe
      Wyvern Wolfe 5 days ago

      Oh, I know what you mean. Whether its keeping you ragdolled with explosives or the firetrucks water, or to run you over and fuck you for no reason. Yeah, absolute assholes. GTA does have quite a toxic

    • Gamer Slayer
      Gamer Slayer 5 days ago

      like yea but back stab has more than 1 meaning I meant it like I team with someone and boom they kill me for no reason just to fucking troll you

    • Wyvern Wolfe
      Wyvern Wolfe 5 days ago

      Back stab? I praise players that use melee. People using RPG's and blow you up for no fucking reason.

  • _MrInTube_
    _MrInTube_ 5 days ago

    Once, I played Tomb Raider to 98-99% and my gamedata got corrupted. I had to restart


  • NGC 1300
    NGC 1300 5 days ago

    when your friends rushes and leaves you behind when you got the thing that revives you

  • East Coast San Andreas

    One day is was playing on the old gameboy color of my friend when i accedentely deleted his pokemon safe file. He almost killed me...

  • LazoStudios
    LazoStudios 5 days ago

    Skylanders had potential, oh well...

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