A physicist debunks the biggest myth about the Bermuda Triangle

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  • In recent years, theories have popped up that a rush of methane bubbles from the seafloor could be what's causing ships to sink in the Bermuda Triangle. It might sound plausible at first, but bubble physicist Helen Czerski explains why this theory is completely false.

    Read more about everyday physics in Czerski's book "Storm in a Tea Cup."

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  • netFreaK
    netFreaK 2 hours ago

    ok but how do u explain missing aircrafts tat up passes by the triangle??

  • uvuvvwe ossas
    uvuvvwe ossas 1 day ago

    i've go to this bermuda triangle...you can found the treasure and cannibal

  • MF Doom_Greece
    MF Doom_Greece 5 days ago

    Reptilians try to cover up the bermuda triangle

  • Lip Fairilu
    Lip Fairilu 8 days ago


  • pacificswell
    pacificswell 11 days ago

    Your hatches could be open for maintenance or whatever reason. And would definitely create some sinkage as well. #tuglife

  • Leon Emperor
    Leon Emperor 14 days ago

    And What About When Those Aircraft People Said I Can See Something And Disappeared ???

  • {StrYKePlaysMC / johnpick} Hypixel PvP

    But how does the ship go out of radar which is my question and they didn't talk about aircrafts

  • Data Juggler
    Data Juggler 17 days ago

    The only flaw to your cute little animation, is you are picturing some adorable "little" bubbles with a jet stream about the size of a manhole. However craters as big as 800 meters were recently discovered in Antarctica, so if something similar were present, the size of the bubbles would be a massive explosion that gored out holes right through the ship.

  • Mayank Thaldi
    Mayank Thaldi 19 days ago

    just go there olready !!

  • Gaurav Mishra
    Gaurav Mishra 19 days ago

    Next time... Send your selfie in a helicopter over the Bermuda triangle... That'll do it lady

  • Hazel
    Hazel 19 days ago

    So then what does?

  • Ferry Mahendra
    Ferry Mahendra 19 days ago

    Clearly scientists don't know shit about Bermuda Triangle...

  • Just Another Citizen

    what's going on with the 1min ads? FOR FUCK SAKE STOP IT.

  • Ezra Levino
    Ezra Levino 20 days ago

    what about planes

    VEDANT PRATIK 20 days ago

    then why aeroplane got drown

  • Vicky
    Vicky 20 days ago

    this is stupid. so all ships have gone missing because of gas under the water? and the airplanes that fly over it have been missing too because of that gas? i rather believe aliens created it on earth. to teleport their ufo's there. and if we humans go there. they accidentaly teleport to their planet. now thats my theory.

  • Ryuko
    Ryuko 22 days ago

    Actual because a type of cloud

  • Lemuel Angeles
    Lemuel Angeles 22 days ago

    but mh370 is a plane not a ship the bubbles will not reach the plane

  • klieu90210
    klieu90210 22 days ago

    that only argues against methane sinking ships. doesn't mention ghost pirates...

  • Rennoc Gnal
    Rennoc Gnal 23 days ago

    Nothing is debunked here. Like a typical women she takes more credit than she deserves. Please delete this vid. Ps, I love you vids but this is just click bait bullshit with some stupid quack.

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 24 days ago

    Let's have a drinking game. Everytime she mentions whoosh, you drink. Ready?

  • Perseus Jackson
    Perseus Jackson 24 days ago

    0:14 reminds me of serverus snape

  • Muhammad Ali Khan
    Muhammad Ali Khan 24 days ago

    so why aeroplane falls into triangle ????

  • LilSebVert
    LilSebVert 25 days ago

    Ships. explained. now explain the disappearance of all planes.

  • Eldin Basani
    Eldin Basani 25 days ago

    Bermuda triangle myth is real, my internet connection disappears when i try to connect overseas

  • Revi M Fadli
    Revi M Fadli 25 days ago

    But where's the scientific experiment/demonstration to prove this?

  • The Home Scientist
    The Home Scientist 25 days ago

    The sea farts???

  • Anyoneelse HD
    Anyoneelse HD 25 days ago

    what about submarine?????????

  • TheDarkGamer 1234
    TheDarkGamer 1234 26 days ago

    I don't get it. What does sink the ships!!! U failed. Lol

    DELTAOFFICIAL 19 26 days ago

    So what the fuck does it then, we came for answers not for some shit theory that anyone with common sense would know

  • Thatguy Man
    Thatguy Man 27 days ago

    Obviously the sunken ships in the triangle disprove your theory

  • ladymacbeth101
    ladymacbeth101 27 days ago

    about the comments on planes - there's actually no difference between the amount of planes gone missing over the triangle compared to other places within the world. so thats just a myth.

  • Nessiesponge AJ
    Nessiesponge AJ 27 days ago

    this girl probably hired for a government cover up some crap like that explain aircrafts then how the boats disappear without any debre

  • Spencer Plays Gamez
    Spencer Plays Gamez 28 days ago

    So bubbles that strong could knock down planes? Science👌

  • 101ified
    101ified 28 days ago

    0:12 Joker is that you?

  • Jonathan bilyk
    Jonathan bilyk 28 days ago

    don't airplanes get lost too... think about that when u go to sleep

  • Vinz Grobador98
    Vinz Grobador98 28 days ago

    how about the lost planes?airships??

  • my techs
    my techs 28 days ago

    then why do airplanes crash there do the bubbles are of bad smell and the people die smelling that gas

  • Aamir Nasir
    Aamir Nasir 29 days ago

    What if she's talking about aliens farting in the ocean?? o_O

  • Pyrelogic
    Pyrelogic 29 days ago

    Well what would most likely give a ship buoyancy water or air? not too mention that this has been done as an experiment, which the results contradict your statement, by the time bubbles would reach the surface they would be as big as the ones in you coke can and would not provide any upward force on the water, only lowering its density, which would cause a fully loaded ship to sink.

  • Luck z
    Luck z 29 days ago

    Helen Cherski, better get back to your bubble bath and leave the ocean alone. It has been known for centuries that if you fart in the bath the bubbles go Whooosh, but more study is required on killer farts! So many people died in the bath.

  • Shebbyking
    Shebbyking 29 days ago

    I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens

  • Elio Zaran
    Elio Zaran 29 days ago

    use the god damn sattelites and u will know what is going on there once and for all.

  • PSZPlays115 .935
    PSZPlays115 .935 29 days ago

    This only debunked the ships sinking, What about the Crashed planes? This is a huge interpretation of lies.

  • S 18
    S 18 29 days ago

    What about aeroplanes..?. 😂

  • YahiyaGaming
    YahiyaGaming 29 days ago

    then what the fuck sinks the ships ?

  • Werner Wolff
    Werner Wolff 29 days ago

    No,it's by an alien.Fixed.I once drown in Bermuda then suddenly a mysterious aircraft carry me through the unknown location and then i'm skipped about 10 years.

  • PerciusLive
    PerciusLive 1 month ago

    wheres the part about the methane diffusing into the water. as the methane rises, a lot would be absorbed by the water since it comes from the sea floor and has a distance to go before reaching the surface

  • Faab Haap
    Faab Haap 1 month ago

    if the gas replaces rhe oxygen in the ship it could kill people. or if mixed with enough oxygen maybe it could cause itself to explode.

    still ways to sink a damn ship

  • Samuel Deboer
    Samuel Deboer 1 month ago

    That does not cover anything what about the jammed radio waves? I know meeeeeethaine

  • chiwea123
    chiwea123 1 month ago

    What about sailboats heeling over?

  • Muhammed Dhansay
    Muhammed Dhansay 1 month ago


  • Eric Yong
    Eric Yong 1 month ago

    so the bubble can also make an airplane dissapear too , that's some fucking physics u got right there ..

  • abdullah hashim
    abdullah hashim 1 month ago

    i don't think methane bubbles sink aircrafts either?

  • Va Gina
    Va Gina 1 month ago

    But can she explain where my taxes are going to in the state of California?

  • AnCap USA
    AnCap USA 1 month ago


  • Shivansh Raj Sharma
    Shivansh Raj Sharma 1 month ago

    where they go then and because of what ?
    i want to know why they go not why they don't?

  • kvsingh
    kvsingh 1 month ago

    this explains why the earth is flat !...... jk fam its obviously a cube!!!

  • zegatorn
    zegatorn 1 month ago

    bermuda is a secret military training hideout by the government nuclear test new machines and etc. all who passes there shall be shot dead to avoid spoiling their hideout
    # from spongebobSquarepants.

  • Mac Tek
    Mac Tek 1 month ago

    When the Earth and Uranus are in a particular alignment, a portal in the Bermuda Triangle opens up. The ships, planes, and sea life that disappear through the portal end up on Uranus. They do not live very long.

    Mystery solved.

  • Tank_m3_tanker
    Tank_m3_tanker 1 month ago

    Maybe the bubbles are so powerful they send the planes up to space

  • • William •
    • William • 1 month ago

    Omg that person did this colour documentary and a sound one as well on BBC and they were really cool

  • David Kumar
    David Kumar 1 month ago

    A bunch of trolls decided to crash there planes in the water and eject while there is a ship waiting for them ever since then the myth came about

  • BrosefFTW21
    BrosefFTW21 1 month ago

    That's it

  • Огурчик Средний

    Earth is flat and Bermuda Triangle is a hole where the giant turtle breathes from.

  • Огурчик Средний

    Maybe it's just extremely stormy there?

  • Tetra Zone
    Tetra Zone 1 month ago

    Well, according to me. This whole thing is some sort of technology. There are no aliens for the fucks you think there are. I think usa is involved down there.
    Maybe usa have something down there which sucks everything from the top. Or it could be all just a lie. Maybe the news that the planes got missing is also a lie. And all other missing ships too a lie.
    So there are only two conclusions with which i can come up with.
    1) everything is a lie.
    2) USA or some other country has something down there.. (rEASoN: maybe could be used in war. 2) or some other reason.
    And for those moron , who think there are aliens down there. How that could be?
    We all know that USA will not leave alone such a place . They would definitely search it at all costs. But we can all see that there aren't alot of talks about that area.
    You dumb fucks. Use your brain.
    Or it's all just about the storm.

    • Geniál Frérot
      Geniál Frérot 1 month ago

      Tetra Zone Lol the Bermuda Triangle has been affecting ships long before the us had technology to do that(I doubt they even do now)

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 1 month ago

    what about airplanes

  • Codeah
    Codeah 1 month ago


  • William Son
    William Son 1 month ago

    the myth is that people think ships sink because of methane bubbles when in reality we still dont know why the ships sink

  • MJT Zerofy
    MJT Zerofy 1 month ago


  • Mr. Meseeks
    Mr. Meseeks 1 month ago


  • Faisal G
    Faisal G 1 month ago

    advertisement for the book?

  • CorruptedSpell
    CorruptedSpell 1 month ago

    She said IMAGINE that there is a place on the sea floor where there is stored methane gas. 0:19

  • Disciple of Christ
    Disciple of Christ 1 month ago


  • Ice- Berg
    Ice- Berg 1 month ago

    I was just happy that she said methane correctly...

  • Artem T-rex arms Lobov

    Uve never heard if any relation between the Bermuda triangle and methane bubbles.


    What about the illuminati?

  • BlackKNyT
    BlackKNyT 1 month ago

    I doubt this explanation. if the bubbles are really tiny enough, it could decrease the relative density of ocean water. Her face turns "so sure" and I don't like that.

  • mike loll
    mike loll 1 month ago

    Search it up

  • mike loll
    mike loll 1 month ago

    The reason for the missing ships and planes were from the hexagonal shaped clouds that had high speed winds

  • mike loll
    mike loll 1 month ago

    Fuck you and your bullshit theory and how the fuck did you forget about the planes

  • mike loll
    mike loll 1 month ago

    Fuck you and your bullshit theory and how the fuck did you forget about the planes

  • Wafi Ramadhan
    Wafi Ramadhan 1 month ago

    what about the plane ?
    what about that LONG SHIP will drown by a BUBLE ?
    my theory is some one farted loud till make waves and drown ships and distrup plane with wings and rotary especialy with out covers, they will smell that for sure owww man

    man we need better theory 😐

  • Synchrome
    Synchrome 1 month ago

    My theory is retarded but

    I feel like there is very strong tectonic movement there, and the seabed cracks open often, and swallowing the ships into it's fiery depths. And the ships and planes are due to there being a very strong vertical magnetic force, thus pulling them down, sinking them. As for the ships that returned devoid of human trace, I'm too dumb to explain.

  • A Piot
    A Piot 1 month ago

    Not gas? so its aliens then. glad we all agree

  • Proguy1903
    Proguy1903 1 month ago

    true answer: it's illuminati

  • faisal al saleh
    faisal al saleh 1 month ago

    myth busters?


    I think I found a shaniac

  • Enrique Navarrete
    Enrique Navarrete 1 month ago

    So earth farts are harmless... I'm disappointed

  • Plutonium 239
    Plutonium 239 1 month ago

    So it is aliens

  • JoshPlay Things
    JoshPlay Things 1 month ago

    How about planes methane bubbles the plane up but planes go up so how did the airplanes crashed in the Bermuda Triangle small talk biggest theory its the smallest theory and its needs more Aliens

  • DuploeGaming 1504
    DuploeGaming 1504 1 month ago

    what about the mh370 or something like that

  • ReynicoIsLife
    ReynicoIsLife 1 month ago

    Me: *clicks out of the video and read The Sea of Monsters instead*

  • Arvin Bron
    Arvin Bron 1 month ago

    why do you remove the Philippines?

  • Daniel Kauffman
    Daniel Kauffman 1 month ago

    From what Iv'e heard, the Bermuda Triangle isn't special, the same thing happens everywhere in the oceans at the exact same rate

  • J TheOnlyOne
    J TheOnlyOne 1 month ago

    Ok... so if the bubbles dont sink the ship than wtf does?

  • lemons *
    lemons * 1 month ago

    I must have been stupid. I thought the Bermuda Triangle was somewhere in the seas of Europe or something.

  • Shakil
    Shakil 1 month ago

    Why no one is making use of this methane gas?

    • Dragons R Sexy
      Dragons R Sexy 1 month ago

      Because it isn't coming from any one constant source, it's essentially completely random.

  • Abel Aguirre
    Abel Aguirre 1 month ago

    I released a paper boat but it sunk before it even got to the Bermuda triangle

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