LG V20: Most Underrated Phone?!

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  • Aubry Tubuhan
    Aubry Tubuhan 21 hour ago

    A removable battery and is shock resistant, I'm sold! Plus all those other features. This is the ultimate dream phone for me

  • DamnRightDaniel
    DamnRightDaniel 3 days ago

    this,s7 edge,pixel xl,onplus 3t or the g6?

  • The Coashanskee
    The Coashanskee 3 days ago

    What are the name of the headphones at 1:17?

  • Random Nintendo Fanboy

    I've had this phone for a while and it's really good! I recommend it!

  • Ross Lemon
    Ross Lemon 4 days ago

    Will this phone get same the bullshit bootloop issue the g4 and v10 had?

  • Phil Philips
    Phil Philips 4 days ago

    I have a distrust for LG phones simply because the only one I've owned developed a dead spot on the screen within a few months of purchasing it. Other than that I loved it. Response was fast and picture was good but durability seems suspect. I've since become addicted to Samsung.

  • Xenophanes Tech and Gaming

    watching this on my v20

  • Sexidexi
    Sexidexi 5 days ago

    I just looked at the sub button and I was like why is that red?!xD at least I subbed mor xD

  • Aml Elkot
    Aml Elkot 6 days ago

    احلي رجاله

  • PsyYouOnlyLiveOnce
    PsyYouOnlyLiveOnce 6 days ago

    2 things which makes my life good, 1.LG & 2. LSD >3

  • Paul Facemire
    Paul Facemire 6 days ago

    So I just recently got this phone and i'm comparing the audio quality compared to other devices. i'm not sure what it is but youtube is louder on my chromebook than it is on my v20. But the audio on the v20 seems to be a lot clearer but not as loud. grr why can't i have both. I'm using a pair of audio technicas by the way.

  • Frans Kim
    Frans Kim 7 days ago

    i am watching from my lg v20 :)

  • Dadmehr Nikkhoo
    Dadmehr Nikkhoo 8 days ago

    would it work well with sony MDR1000 via Bluetooth. i mean you mentioned high impedance headphones! is sony mdr1000 high impedance?

  • Uegene Dyalnburke
    Uegene Dyalnburke 9 days ago

    why the hell we need removable battery these days.. if u wanna carry a extra batter why not carry a fucking powerbank

  • Carltoons
    Carltoons 9 days ago

    I wish I watched this before I got the G5 :/

  • Sarvesh Pavale
    Sarvesh Pavale 9 days ago


  • Sarvesh Pavale
    Sarvesh Pavale 9 days ago


  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar 11 days ago

    which colour to buy titan or silver?

  • s buchanan
    s buchanan 12 days ago

    How do u get the second screen

  • RazoRaptor
    RazoRaptor 14 days ago

    Scared of getting bootloop. Spending my lifesaving to by an expensive phone that will end up as a brick. That happened to my lil sis with her Nexus 5X. Not going to buy a LG ever again for a long time.

  • Caustic Liberal
    Caustic Liberal 14 days ago

    This phone is still expensive, WTF!

  • MadMetalManiac74
    MadMetalManiac74 15 days ago

    what is the fundamental difference between their g series and v series. ive been going with the g series and wondering if I'm missing out on something.

  • Juil
    Juil 16 days ago

    Waiting for LG's next model so that I can get the V20 at a discount.

  • Entertijnment
    Entertijnment 16 days ago

    Camera be sticking out so much you could use it as a hammer, fucking hell

  • Joseph Acosta
    Joseph Acosta 17 days ago

    Still salty for my LG G4 that got bootlooped...

  • Kiran Jose
    Kiran Jose 20 days ago

    killer intro music

  • brad h
    brad h 20 days ago

    Will the DAC improve Bluetooth sound?

  • alebidogas
    alebidogas 21 day ago

    I am very sure this is a GREAT phone, as the V10 has been the best phone in my opinion for quite some time and I just do not see any reason to switch from the V10 to anything. but if I had to for any reason, I would seriously consider the V20. but then probably would still try to find a V10 - it is so unique.

  • MuffinDuffelBag _
    MuffinDuffelBag _ 21 day ago

    you forgot to do a dbrand ad

  • Douglas Rodriguez
    Douglas Rodriguez 22 days ago

    LG phones are garbage, my LG v10 got stuck on boot loop from normal use. It happened right after warranty expired. That was my first and last LG phone.

  • FLYPino019
    FLYPino019 23 days ago

    Is anyone else having trouble activating a US996 variant of this on Verizon?

  • jz Gurung
    jz Gurung 23 days ago

    is that custom senheisser hd 800 headphone?damn iron man

  • Pauline David
    Pauline David 24 days ago

    Is this the phone that they are using in Strong woman do bong soon? 😂

  • I 5rFoX I
    I 5rFoX I 24 days ago

    in Australia its $579 should i get it? is it a good price? (Australian currency is worse then Americans )

  • blakeistheboss
    blakeistheboss 27 days ago

    why are people putting bugs on their logo

  • elchamber
    elchamber 28 days ago

    Didn't HTC do that while dual camera before with that ultra pixel thing?

  • Samari Rose
    Samari Rose 29 days ago

    i love LG . I had the G4 for a while . . until I got stuck in the boot loop . not sure if all LG phones do that at some point , but I hope this one doesn't cause im DEFINITELY gonna buy it tomorrow .

  • Nick Hinojosa
    Nick Hinojosa 29 days ago

    I picked up a V20 to use while my Note was in the shop for repair. I am now using the Lg in place of the note. Lg setup is alot nicer in my opinion.

  • GP Patrol
    GP Patrol 1 month ago

    i dont like how the finger print scanner works even with the screen off

  • TheAgentAssassin
    TheAgentAssassin 1 month ago

    If this had an apple on it and a non removable battery it would be sooooo much better.

  • ReptileMan EXTRA
    ReptileMan EXTRA 1 month ago

    awesome intro man

  • abhimanyu Chandel
    abhimanyu Chandel 1 month ago

    hey marques , i'm a big fan !
    i was struggling between v20 and 3T by both of your videos
    can you do a comparison or detail resources so i can choose one ?

    or if cant simple is that just reply which one you will prefer v20 or 3T ?
    please please please

  • TheMrDanieloco
    TheMrDanieloco 1 month ago

    I didnt get LG cause i tried one once it was around the tome Android 5.0 was out, and the phone felt so limited, you couldnt even make apps go to you sd card, the phone I have now which is Samsung Galaxy GPrime does in fact let me put apps in my sdCard, so in a way its like, whats the point in getting expandable storage if you aint gonna use ot right in the first place, also i had problems with the phone cause sometimes it would put notifications on my ui that couldnt be swiped out, they made you had that stupid notification, no fix at all. And tho the phone design was fly the os could feel kind of slow at times.

    So I was just like, well i guess LG is making bad phones now, cause I remember when I was like 12 I had an LG phone with Android Kitkat and it ruled, That phone lasted me like 4 years dug, and i could had kept using it but of couse apps were starting to get more intensive and heavy so I had to switch, the phone I have right now is only about 150 dollars (when it came out) and it has lasted me 1 and a half years YET.

    I might be getting the V20 after this one dies, I hope LG changes my mind.

  • angela brooks
    angela brooks 1 month ago

    is the quick charge that charges the phone within 10-20 minutes? I have the G Stylo2 Right now. It takes forever to charge my phone

    • Yogesh Raut
      Yogesh Raut 1 month ago

      100% charge takes around 1 hour

  • Patricia Lesinger
    Patricia Lesinger 1 month ago

    Hello Marques ,

                         I've heard many complain regarding the Boot Looping of LG Phones ; does V20 Boot Loop after a period of time too ? I'm planning to get one and  after reading many reviews online about the issue , I'm quite skeptic about it .
                                                                                                          Could you please confirm if this issue still persists with the new so called flagship phone ( V20 ) too ? Considering the fact the this is the only Phablet available right now with the Quad-DAC and IR Blaster and a good overall build quality ; all the bells & whistles maybe  useless if the phone's going to die in no time .

  • Elaine Swanson
    Elaine Swanson 1 month ago

    is the v20 the same as the LG k20

  • Hansel Khorasani
    Hansel Khorasani 1 month ago

    any bootloop problem?

    • Yogesh Raut
      Yogesh Raut 1 month ago

      been using since last 2 months, not a single bootloop.

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 1 month ago

    hey, how is your LG V20 until now? any problem with over heat or boot looping? I'm considering to get it

    • Yogesh Raut
      Yogesh Raut 1 month ago

      hey, using since last couple of months. No bootloop. not overheating, yeah, battery is not great.

  • Five Carm
    Five Carm 1 month ago

    I love this phone. I had the nexus 6 and traded in for the iphone 7 plus and i regretted it soo much. I found this beauty because it was the closest I could find to the Nexus 6 which in my opinion was a hugely underrated phone. The second screen comes in handy more times than not. I highly recommend it.

  • Greek HuNter
    Greek HuNter 1 month ago

    LG: How can people have their own names over the screen?
    - oh lets put a second screen on it🙌👏👏👏

  • DarkzHaunter
    DarkzHaunter 1 month ago

    You can hear @ 2:15 that MKBHD has been about the use of space of a smartphone.

    The more you know.

  • 420 kid
    420 kid 1 month ago

    does it have NFC?

  • Apex
    Apex 1 month ago

    LG arn't selling this in the UK/Europe...... shame because this look like a decent replacement for my Z3 Compact.

  • Matt
    Matt 1 month ago

    wow... I think I'll be upgrading to this one!

  • MaDDeX
    MaDDeX 1 month ago

    no it's just not popular the same as V10. I had v10 it was good phone, but very uncomfortable in the hands and heavy. V20 is even bigger than v10 so probably it is even more heavy

    GUTER FÜHRER ! 1 month ago


  • Velma Velvet
    Velma Velvet 1 month ago

    It wasn't out of the box but I put the Nougat version of Lineage OS on my LG G3.

  • DayVideo
    DayVideo 1 month ago

    I love the LG skin. Its so much better than touchwiz

  • 7620313
    7620313 1 month ago

    I got it yesterday and I feel like I found a hidden gem!

  • Lampeater
    Lampeater 1 month ago

    "Pretty good use of space"

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 1 month ago

    LG is most dumb company, they find awesome idea and they put it to the place which is most hard to reach xD

  • Kevin Trejo
    Kevin Trejo 1 month ago

    what moderate price wireless headphones would you recommended?

  • Bob Billings
    Bob Billings 1 month ago

    Time to upgrade from my Samsung galaxy note 4 to this. Samsung , up until the note 4 used to get my money every single new model, now LG will get it.

  • Sarath Pillai
    Sarath Pillai 1 month ago

    this phone is getting a boost in its sales after this review

  • Ken Cohort
    Ken Cohort 1 month ago

    Some of the best cinematography on YouTube. Love these videos

  • Jacob Murray
    Jacob Murray 1 month ago

    Watching on an Lg G5. Feeling sad.

  • Sidhesh Naik
    Sidhesh Naik 1 month ago

    can you tell me please if Quad DAC feature in LG V 20 is activated when we connect the bookshelf with speakers with inbuilt amplifier vai 3.5mm RCA cables?
    If yes, is there a significant difference?
    Thanking you in anticipation....

  • Jason rai
    Jason rai 1 month ago

    i saw on internet about LG v20 bootloop issue... which models have bootloop problem??? I was planning to buy lg v20 H990D but now I'm not sure.. does H990D work in UK?

  • Sebastian Lee
    Sebastian Lee 1 month ago

    The most important thing dumbass,is not waterproof,it doesnt matter if is the best phone out there,if it doesnt support IP67 or 68 sucks,is guaranteed to get ripped.

    GUNS HOOKAHS 1 month ago

    great vid thanx for your honesty....

  • Juan Cardenas
    Juan Cardenas 1 month ago

    Great video quality MKBHD and I do agree that LG is underrated.

  • Blake Bush
    Blake Bush 1 month ago

    I love how... clean, and fresh your videos are.

  • Sierra Shiver
    Sierra Shiver 1 month ago

    you can put your favorite apps on the 2nd screen

  • Totem
    Totem 1 month ago

    The lg V phones are my favorite brand nice review

  • The Dork
    The Dork 1 month ago

    This review really helped me in picking out my new phone. *Hint* I got a Titan LG V20. Thanks Marques !!

  • Kevin Gara
    Kevin Gara 1 month ago

    Hey man great job on taking the time to actually go over all the pros of the hardware and the software as well. If it weren't for this review I wouldn't have the phone in my hand today.

  • ahsan amir
    ahsan amir 1 month ago

    Preety nice way of breaking it down. Really helped me understand what the v20 is about. Really like the way you explain tech. Keep it bro!

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 1 month ago

    Great video,
    love the Amazing framing and overall video quality,
    how do you edit this?
    i mean which software?

  • Alfonso Reyes
    Alfonso Reyes 1 month ago

    Your videos are very interesting and well explained. Based on your review on this phone I decided to go back to Android from iOS, I know, how on earth? but the camera, the removable battery and expandable storage, hard to pass on. Thank you.

  • MD Rifaiet Alam
    MD Rifaiet Alam 1 month ago

    Thanks for putting it from your video to my hand and also commenting from the Lg V20! ❤️

  • Augustine Anyanwu Jr

    I currently use a LG G4. I only stick to LG and it's all because of your camera reviews and comments on these phones. I like Samsung but LG is that sweet spot in the middle of Samsung and Google Pixel. So I'm hoping to get one of these (G6 or V20)
    PS thanks for still caring about your followers, even after getting famous.

  • Archer Zhang
    Archer Zhang 1 month ago

    Thanks for the awesome video, can't wait to get my hands on this phone

  • zhoulhas jhlhsh
    zhoulhas jhlhsh 1 month ago

    I love the phone design, and as always, love your the intro.

    ALEN KOSHY 1 month ago

    This phone has bootloop just like other LG flagships. Not even worth it anymore.

  • K.J. Burnett
    K.J. Burnett 1 month ago

    That lo key shade about the headphone jack 😭

  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 1 month ago

    the top toggle screen is realyy ugly

  • Michael Nyanteng
    Michael Nyanteng 2 months ago

    LG V20 > Sony Xperia xz premium

  • alex perez
    alex perez 2 months ago

    will it hold up with the s8 ?

  • George W Kush
    George W Kush 2 months ago

    just got this phone, its pretty good but damn both front and rear cameras suck.hard

  • Matt B
    Matt B 2 months ago

    Was the Evo 3D the first dual camera smartphone?

  • cassmanio
    cassmanio 2 months ago

    Just got this phone 2 days ago and it is amazing! Traded my LG G4 and this takes where that one left off to a whole new level. The best part? Paid $480.00 at T Mobile while a see dummies paying $800+ for iPhone and Samsung. Love LG and T mobile combo. Both have excellent customer service.

  • Muneeb Masood
    Muneeb Masood 2 months ago

    Hi there!
    I'm about to buy the LG V20. But one thing confuses me. Should i buy the b & O version or the simple one. Because i heard,the audio on B & O version sounds better then the normal one. is it true?
    So, kindly recommend which version should i buy or if doesnt makes any difference then i can buy any of those??

  • TeenagedCrown ™
    TeenagedCrown ™ 2 months ago

    marques please tell me where you got the shirt

  • Tyler Carter
    Tyler Carter 2 months ago

    just got rid of my LG V10 and I will never go LG again. just got the Galaxy S8. didn't know what I was missing with Samsung. last good Android phone I had was HTC One M8. If this S8 had front facing speakers it would be perfect.

  • Naomi Sparks
    Naomi Sparks 2 months ago


    URYnGSL 2 months ago

    nice phone, thanks for reviewing. i will hv go wait until they go down on price. =)

  • miss_gee
    miss_gee 2 months ago

    I just got this phone. The audio quality on this thing is insanely good. I love it.

  • Rei Mici
    Rei Mici 2 months ago

    the problem with lg is the unlockable bootloader

  • john STEPP
    john STEPP 2 months ago

    have the v10 I just got the s8+ but I'm not sure if I should just keep LG

  • stuffums
    stuffums 2 months ago

    Only thing that bothers me is the grey plastic bezel parts top and bottom. Looks cheap, should be black with glass covering it

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