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Author odin1788 (6 years)
. Looting war graves for profit is a crime, it is disgusting. damnit

Author markowina (5 years)
@FOATE no offence , its not, they are speaking russian(im polish) and in
poland we respect dead bodies, not like in russia, they treat evryone like
a pile of meat, read about the russian revolution someday =]

Author paddy210382 (7 years)
lasst den männern ihre ruhe die sie verdient haben!!!

Author bqeli (6 years)
Let the Landser sleep in peace. He already fought their war and deserved
rest forever.

Author jointventure (5 years)
are u all retarded??? its a grave of bastard that invaded their country,
killed and raped their women and children, so why they should honour him??
they would gladly kill him again...

Author victoriapoloniae (7 years)
Byłoby dobrze dać przy tym filmie jakieś tagi/tytuł w języku angielskim,
"russian excavations" czy coś w tym stylu, wówczas nie mnożyłyby się
komentarze ludzi, który oskarżają Polaków w rozkopywanie grobów.

Author Lee Wagner (4 years)
They sell the ID tags on Ebay and say that no human remains were found with
them. BULLSH*T!!. Either leave them alone or turn them over for reburial in
a German cemetary somewhere.

Author xsaab93x (5 years)
I'm german and my grandfathers and relatvies fought in WW2. Im a
nationalist but i have also great respect of the russians. Russia is an
awesome country and the red army had strong fighting power. But i also
think that the remains of the dead soldiers on both sides should'nt be
touched by anyone.

Author Tom Lupus (6 years)
It's not a wargrave ?? What is it in your opinion, a playground?

Author KurtMeyer1943 (3 years)
Anyone in this vid deserves to die miserably, what motherf*****s, digging
up graves!

Author Anoola55 (7 years)
if you speak of me - I am "polnisch Archaeologer" and I know for sure -
nobody in Poland makes such things as at that film. But as we can see, some
Germans are to narrow-minded to differ these two nations.

Author grzesko1969 (7 years)
Przepraszam kolego ale niemiaszki mnie zdenerwowali i przez pomyłke Tobie
się oberwało pozdrawiam

Author elektorix (4 years)
@MrNorwegianflag You have right. Soviet comunist for example killed polish
officer in Katyń. I think these two mans are looking for coins, gold etc to
spend it on vodka...

Author lucca04 (6 years)
concordo con il tuo pensiero , andare alla ricerca di oggetti del passato e
memorie storiche e' sicuramente opera meritovole ma da qui a passare allo
scempio ed alla devastazione c'e ne corre , ma le autorita' in questi paesi
a che pensano '

Author TheSouthernGentleman (6 years)
Wow He still had his jackboots on.

Author Anoola55 (7 years)
tylko problem w tym, że do tego pana to nie dociera i wszystko mu jedno czy
to Polacy czy Rosjanie.. żal takich, naprawdę. są żałośni i ograniczeni

Author TR25W (4 years)
Kurwa! Nie dobrze!

Author PanzerAngriff V (7 years)
This is disgusting! You people deserve to be shot!

Author Marcin Pawłowski (5 years)
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Author RomanRUS163 (5 years)
@DimISTrus Мб они их перезахоронят?

Author Robin Friedrich (6 years)
you sell it ?

Author lucca04 (6 years)
non mi sembrano specialisti in questo genere di cose, speriamo che almeno
siano autorizzati

Author Milan Heyerick (4 years)
@remas6 wel they where not real humans to , only a monster could do
somthing like what they did

Author ExRhodesian (6 years)
digging up dead soldiers to make a few dollars thats pretty low even for a
Polack. If that was one on my comrades being defiled I would hunt the
bastards down as I have nothing better to do,

Author Дед Мазай (6 years)
Do you know them to speak the same about these people? Possible they
looking for them, because a Human should be buried with honour! Many people
do this in Russia and not for money! If Government can't bury soldiers,
volunteers do this! But people like you are not able to understand that
something could be done not for money!

Author papovitch1 (4 years)
Shut up you all bloody polish and american bastards! it's our soldiers, our
families graves, not yours! so we decide what to do with them!!! and I
promise that criminals who are only digging for "money" shall be executed!
but someone is collecting "suvenirs" and taking the bones and document with
names to the churches so they would be barried like Real Russians. Don't
forget that!

Author SouthEastLondon (5 years)
These guys are scumbags, getting their kicks from robbing a war grave. I
hope they hit a mine and blow themselves to bits.

Author Sergejjj5464 (7 years)

Author D Black (5 years)
These guys have no shame!

Author The_Sourkraut (6 years)
not grave robbers, these soldiers were lost and now they have been found.
they were most likley given a proper burial

Author cyklop1977 (6 years)
szok!!!..i to tam tak stalo....!!!

Author Дед Мазай (6 years)
You speak about you don't know. I think these soldiers were killed, and
their bodies were left on battlefield. Many soldiers (Russians and Germans)
are not buried. And people looking for them, because a Human should be
buried with honour!

Author MrNorwegianflag (4 years)
@24733765 Before you talk, you should learn the history. What happend in
russia from 1941 to 1944 was just a continuance of what happened there from
1930 to 1941 caused by the russians them selfes on their own people. After
1945 they continued the looting, raping and killings of their own people
for another 45 years. Remember the German Nazists only reighned for 13
years while the equally bad Russian Communists reighned for about 75 years.

Author Koenigstiger88 (7 years)
What are you doing? That are fallen commerads!

Author Hazardwave (5 years)
Sick fucks! They should respect the deads , motherfuckers.

Author Sebastian Chojnacki (5 years)
1:30 totalny bez mózgi ruski idiota...Mógł mocniej przyjebać w te
granatniki tym żelastwem to by obydwóch rozjebało w pizdu.......Ruska dzicz
bez szacunku dla poległego żołnierza. Nic dodać, nic ująć.....

Author loki4145 (4 years)
@remas6 & mortegi you are very much mistaken! all the remains back to
families and friends, their names will be struck from lists or missing!
They finally will be buried on human and sleep in their homeland. “The war
is not over until the last soldier is buried.” Alexander Suvorov

Author wenddiver (6 years)
It would be better if the individual countries involved offered a monetary
reward for finding the bodies and contacting them. They could allow the
finnder to keep the mmaterial items. No one should ever buy a dog tag or ID

Author pavel280488AA (5 years)
ну выкопали черепа ну и что бля разпиздились тут защитники идите нахуй!!!

Author jidojaaksen85 (6 years)
These are just grave robbers fuck u...

Author MacHamish (6 years)
Regardless of past politics these are Fucking grave robbers!

Author outlawz1982gdynia (4 years)
@remas6 zgadza sie przeginają pałe z tymi zwkłoami

Author SlyorSnake (5 years)
Stupid assholes! It's a soldier grave.... BASTARD!

Author maeorth (4 years)
despues de 70 años siguen haciendo el hijo puta. En la guerra no respetaban
a las mujeres y niños ahora no respetan a los muertos.

Author markowina (5 years)
@limelight778 who says they were bad?? russians were worse... they were
stealing from poland for 60 fucking years !! and no, they didnt help poland
(most americans think so)

Author TohaNY (5 years)
по русски говорят и могилы русских же войнов разрывают...это ужасно... люди
потеряли моральные принципы.

Author Maxobillion (6 years)
Disgusting people. They have no decency. No wonder the Germans tried to
invade them.

Author ecrins70 (4 years)
Russische untermenschen, that is clear

Author Siim Idonthaveeny (6 years)
for god SAFE,U MOROONS!!!

Author markowina (5 years)
@FOATE no offence but no...polishpeople have some respect for people... in
russia lets say that they treat u like a pile of meat =D read about the
russian revolution someday ;)

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