Lettres arabes, alphabet arabe - arabic letters, arabic alphabet - الحروف الأبجدية

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Author taha mehdi (2 years)
i love quanshif

Author dareenramahi (2 years)

Author lilliesfortea (3 years)
dora's got way more language skills than me..

Author Paebou Jeng (1 year)
yeah stop making 75milk75

Author lalapakkie (2 years)
نشيد الارقام

Author 123Ghazala (2 years)
Who the hell do u think u are! Who ever is making fun of Muslims is
obviously a racist bastard with no life! So advise who ever it is to shut
it..... Sorry for the language everyone else lol and I LOVED THE VIDEO

Author enkopingsbo (3 years)
Al bina

Author Waleed Rashdi (1 year)

Author mahamd ali (2 years)

Author mahmoud elmasry (10 months)
الاميرة رهف

Author MMAWarriorDan (2 years)
@blakeplayer so is your face, quit Trolling or GTFO!!

Author MsHodan14 (1 year)
yeah go away MUSLIMS ARE AWESOME!!

Author Abdel Diarra (11 months)

Author jarhead101 (2 years)
أ ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ بس والباقي مضيعه موب حافظه

Author Moonyiscool (5 years)
Hehe.. Cute.

Author John Dodd (2 years)

Author selenaamyrules (2 years)

Author Cal Qlus (3 years)

Author Nas Resan (2 years)
@SoccerDarling :)))

Author SZ KAD KAHWIN (2 years)

Author Afghanistan313 (2 years)
No she spansh

Author bsbosa1989 (3 years)
exactly it was in "eftah ya simsim " kids program in arabic Version "Sesame
Street " in US so beautiful days we spent it when we were kids ...

Author FDTTV (2 years)
Iij Vn Ggvgh

Author MrNenatrizte (2 years)
dbsbddbdbeshsash jdjshsg shaw do gqgsgaggzzgasss$ triffids
xhgdjdhdgwgdhddhdyshd had hdh duffy hdhd uhf tdye gertrud dyryehdyydufufhfh
th gt gt gt ygderwrtydfgxcvvbbgbvtrg you hf2

Author TheSun (3 years)
@Vice2Vice Those are Arabic letters. Persian/Farsee has a lot of the same
letters in their alphabet, but this one is certainly the Arabic alphabet
minus the Hamza.

Author lalgeroiseb1 (3 years)

Author ملكة الاحساس (2 years)
سماجه جدى1990

Author noralearnarabic (3 years)
Learn Arabic in Egypt or on line We offer courses in Modern Standard Arabic
and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic - which are structured to complement each
other if students decide to take both. There are 8 levels, each 4 weeks and
60 hours. Classes are from Saturday to Thursday 2.5 hours a day with an
optional field trip day on Friday. egyptarabiccenter,com

Author habibawane (3 years)
Oui dommage que la qualité ça ne soit pas ça mais bon cela n'empêche pas
d'apprendre quand on connait bien surtout. Bonne chance à tous et à toutes

Author Shadoufang (3 years)
Na'am Dora! ='D

Author MrAndmanymore (3 years)
i love it my son likes dora, but very bad quality make it more
understandable for kids and alittle slower no need to hurry!

Author rawa903 (1 year)
تسلم ايادي

Author froufrou197754 (2 years)

Author MAZAX BC (3 years)
it's not arabic letter bat it's persic letter

Author josemceja82 (2 years)

Author SOPHIIE52 (2 years)
@ummmexcuseme don't make fun of muslims!!!!!!!!!

Author SoccerDarling (4 years)
Oh my gosh!! I remember singing this song when I was a little kid :)

Author almadar156 (2 years)
ok يهبل للأطفال

Author h3ctik9 (3 years)
it was boring!!

Author فيض الخاطر (1 year)
ان الغبي رقم ٤,٦٩٩,٨٤٩

Author Razan (3 years)
ثاني تعليق عربي خخ

Author رجا الشمري (2 years)
انا الغبي رقم 3,690,370

Author blakeplayer (2 years)
@MMAWarriorDan go back looking dora and shut up baby ^^

Author SZ KAD KAHWIN (2 years)

Author Silvestyr Balinquit (2 years)
It is really nice. I just want to suggest that it would be more helpful if
there is a transliteration. Thanks

Author Tania Begum (3 years)
this is a gud way for chidren to learn arabic letters cause every child
likes dora and there not nerds

Author suhailla646 (1 year)

Author fouzilis (2 years)
انا حفظتها هكذا ايام افتح ياسمسم و هي احسن طريقة لحفظها

Author SOPHIIE52 (2 years)
@MrZainol53 don't make fun of muslims!!!!!!!!!

Author SupeR Abdulh (1 year)
4,723,915 طفل ماني مصدق ^_^ *_^

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