Eggner Trio - Schubert Nocturne - Schubertiade Schwarzenberg

Schubertiade Schwarzenberg 2009,
Fr.Schubert: Adagio Es-Dur,, D897, Notturno

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 9:37
Comments: 70

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Author Paolo Posarelli (5 months)
Eggner Trio - Schubert Nocturne - Schubertiade Sc…:

Author Bruchag (4 months)
Oh Joy of Joys again....

Author Erika Pierson (22 days)

Author Ken Hollywood (17 days)
Brilliant. Emotional performance.

Author Joao Fernando Paluan (19 days)

Author Leopold Fransen (21 day)
Tot de laatste noot

Author Sheila Bloom (2 months)
Sublime. Brings tears.

Author H. Harrison (2 months)
Someone said to Schumann (apocryphal of course) "I wish we could have had
Schubert longer" Schumann replied "how wonderful to have had him at all." 

Author Schymbros (3 months)

Author karbethong (1 month)
How did anyone write such divine music? This is perfection. With all our
brilliant musicians today, why can no one now write music as beautiful as

Author Scaramanga87 (5 months)
2:07, piano dude's pro.

Author Leopold Fransen (2 months)
Subliem ! Gevoel ! aangrijpend mooi!

Author John Henriksen (6 months)
The music is sublime. The musicians are outstanding. The overall effect is
what real music is all about. I feel privileged to have found this video.

Author Marie Jeanne Nguyen-Tacchi (1 day)
Merci pour cette magnifique interprétation qui me ferait renoncer à ma
préférence habituelle !

Author Craig McLanachan (7 months)
Special performance of this stunning work!

Author Kees Klaver (1 year)
The music for my cremation......

Author Jeanie DeCoster (1 year)
Super Beautiful. Really beautiful! I could listen to these brothers all day.
And in fact I probably will!

Author Inge Ross (1 year)
To Tetica Preciosa: That is correct and I also say thanks, but without
Schubert would not exist the work...

Author Ann Edwards (11 months)
Splendid interpretation. I love the Eggner Trio's emphasis on the passion
and contrasts of this piece. 

Author konnyturtle (1 year)
Schubert, Schubert, Schu......

Author Harald Baumgart (4 years)
please, no words, just this music !

Author cacneaunit6 (2 years)
Great impression!

Author shishirth (2 years)
The opening adagio is beautifully understated - very nice overall...

Author coffeebreak63 (5 years)
WONDERFUL performance!! we are currently playing this piece and we'll take
inspiration from your work! 5*****

Author eternaly8 (5 years)
A teriffic strong performance ... could wake up even the deepest sleeper to
appreciate it! Ausgezeichnet!

Author curioustruth (4 years)
Quite a moving piece, performed beautifully.

Author sandiegoimages (5 years)
Beautiful what more can you say.

Author Bruchag (2 years)
oh go on spoil it....

Author quesadiya (2 years)
The angels play Schubert too <3

Author Mister Lombreeze (5 years)
Great performance of a masterpiece. Thank you for posting it

Author Philip Schubert (2 years)
Rocks me to my ancestral roots! Oh how I wish I could play any of the
instruments like this, let alone compose the music. Such uplifting and
profound music. Can't wait to do a music video of Australian Landscapes
with this as a backing.

Author nicole bodart (3 years)
merci pour cette émotivité qui nous tansperce le coeur bravo mille foIs

Author fabio bonari (4 years)
E' una delle poche musiche che, al primo ascolto, mi hanno fanno fatto
sentire le lacrime che mi colavano sulle guance.

Author Barbara Macdonald (5 years)
An outstandingly superb performance.

Author Paolo Lambiase (4 years)
Magnifica interpretazione, ensamble stupendo, grandissima musicalità,
Artisti veri!!!!

Author Frank Pam (2 years)
I don't know what provoked this comment, but it is a very stupid and
unpleasantly narrowminded one. Australia has a wealth of culture, due to
migrants from all over the world. The most famous opera house, the greatest
chamber music organisation (Musica Viva), a top chamber orchestra (ACO),
many fine orchestras, musicians, singers, conductors, etc. This is a very
outdated and ignorant view of Australia which does you no credit.

Author biljopal (4 years)
Great showmanship together with excellent playing - Schubert would be proud!

Author daveboy44 (4 years)
Thank you for allowing the music to speak. I am so happy that your
wonderful group never falls into rubato every bar. There is such forward
motion and simple understanding of this sublime music. You make me feel
glad to be alive.

Author G.Meißner (2 years)
Cupid's disease, it used to be called.

Author caloubser (4 years)
this is so good. I wish I could be at the performance 18 August in St
Florian ....

Author G.Meißner (2 years)
I love both performances. Beaux Arts bring a more refined touch to it.
Eggner Trio is more lively. There is something refreshing about seeing
folks a bit closer to Schubert's own age (when he wrote the piece)
expressively performing it.

Author Pierre Chasseur-dimages (3 years)

Author eflaspo (5 years)

Author Urbino237 (4 years)

Author JAS (3 years)
The best interpretation of this great piece !! Forget this silly comment
below - this must have been the taxi driver who took them to the concert
and did not get a big enough tip ...!!! Either way, agaim has no taste for
good music I guess.

Author TatCoz (3 years)
Quelle musique, quelle émotion. C'est grandississime !

Author Jake Barnes (2 years)
If you call syphilis (treponema pallidum spirochete) love, but only if you
call it that. He was a great composer, maybe the greatest romantic given
his short life span. Only Wagner approaches his ability. Beethoven is too
much classical/romantic.

Author Jingzhu Chen (4 years)
very good cooperation! very successful!

Author sheepflock (5 years)
I love how the pianist checks how the strings are doing like every two bars
or so, seeing how much bow they have left etc. Great communication!
Beautiful music :)

Author JAS (3 years)
Ja, nou is het duidelijk - een engelse taxichauffeur die doof is en die in
de muziek bibliotheek alleen maar leest over goede muziek... !!!

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