UFN 106: Marion Reneau Disagrees With Judges, Wants Rematch with Bethe Correia After Draw

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  • cattalkbmx
    cattalkbmx 2 months ago

    Marion won that fight.

  • bluebird
    bluebird 2 months ago

    Pretty lady. I hope there is a rematch.

  • johnboydojo
    johnboydojo 2 months ago

    Great fight! Marion had so many chances to finish that fight in the third though, she was on her back and still had great control. She should've rushed her more after she rocked her. She was done! Wish she got that choke locked in...gutting

    • ALN
      ALN 2 months ago

      johnboydojo Easier said than done...

  • JG Cano
    JG Cano 2 months ago

    I thought Marion won as well, Betche looks like she can be hit from every angle, she stands no chance against higher level fighters. Remember she went down in 32 secs to a poor hitting Rousey...

  • rocked30
    rocked30 2 months ago

    It was definitely a draw, she may be still punch drunk from the fight.

  • Champion Soundz
    Champion Soundz 2 months ago

    she lost the first and second she got takendown and beth landed more combs best thing she did was strike off the back

  • Champion Soundz
    Champion Soundz 2 months ago

    she lost 2 rounds of fight

  • James Ervin
    James Ervin 2 months ago

    Rd.1: 10-9 Marion
    Rd. 2: 10-9 Bethe
    Rd. 3: 10-7 Marion.
    30-26: Marion.

  • Pretty Dandy
    Pretty Dandy 2 months ago

    Bethe was doing okay until she ate that head kick. Marion should have finished her!

  • haimen kulay
    haimen kulay 2 months ago

    she thought she won in the second round? oh come on, bethe is a better striker as weve seen it just happened that reneau landed a kick if that wasnt happened bethe won the fight and she might knock renneau cause reneau was exhausted. bethe is stronger in striking she really improved in her striking. next time bethe you must be aggressive to finish this renneau who thought she won in the 2nd round.. rematch please ASAP.

  • #Andnew Rumble
    #Andnew Rumble 2 months ago

    Bethe Corriea sexxy ass alone did enough to win the fight. Close decisions should always go to Bethe cause of her #1 ass!!

  • chinese302
    chinese302 2 months ago

    Marion is pretty

  • 69gangstar69
    69gangstar69 2 months ago

    I thought she lost the first two rounds and won the last round with a 10/8.

    • Terry Allen
      Terry Allen 2 months ago

      Here I am thinking I was the only one who thought that! Surprised me that Marion didn't even see it that way! She could have won all 3 rounds, but round 1 and a 10/8 in 3 should have secured the victory. Even if she didn't win round 1, how the hell did Bethe win it? On both Bethe's take downs 1st and 2nd round, she took the most damage!

    • Carlo André Aguilar
      Carlo André Aguilar 2 months ago

      69gangstar69 I thought she for sure won the 1st

  • calin vasile
    calin vasile 2 months ago

    Bethe lost that fight clearly...we all love that ass of hers but the truth is she is not UFC level..her striking looks awful , zero ground game and every fight she gets her face beaten in to a pulp...

  • Michael Derenger
    Michael Derenger 2 months ago

    Reneau is hot

  • Josh Spawn
    Josh Spawn 2 months ago

    how people don't beat Bethe is shocking to me, worst standup in the division

    • Marie Jane
      Marie Jane 2 months ago

      Josh Spawn Worst stand up and ground game.

  • Ace 95
    Ace 95 2 months ago

    She "khabibbed" correia in the 3rd round though

    • kopxpert
      kopxpert 2 months ago

      She missed weight? Just kidding....

    • Marie Jane
      Marie Jane 2 months ago

      DZMMA only casuals will not understand.

    • RobinHood
      RobinHood 2 months ago

      interesting !

  • Dawg
    Dawg 2 months ago

    judges got this one correct. bethe jumping up trying to shake her ass and dance her way for a win was ridiculous.

    • Silke
      Silke 2 months ago

      Tommy D hahahahahha wtf was she doing, pathetic

    CHRISTOPHER KING 2 months ago

    Them lips!

  • Francis Ngannou
    Francis Ngannou 2 months ago

    she won

  • Superman Ross
    Superman Ross 2 months ago

    she has so much class i respect that

  • Louis Bellocchi
    Louis Bellocchi 2 months ago

    I 100% had it a draw

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert 2 months ago

    I thought Marion won R1 and lost R2. I agree with one of the judges who gave Marion 29-27 (10-8 for R3 I presume). But whatever I guess... ... ppl can never agree on the scoring for "close" rounds like R1/R2. There will always be debates on MMA judging

  • Luke Michalec
    Luke Michalec 2 months ago

    She definitely won. No mistakes about that. She was dominating third round and she was better in first and second.

    UHATE4WHAT 2 months ago

    Sorry baby and i luv you but this was more a draw than anything!

    • Ryback Smith
      Ryback Smith 2 months ago

      Doesn't matter guys because no one cares about woman's MMA since Ronda retired.

      UHATE4WHAT 2 months ago

      Maybe I need to go back and look at it one more time but for now Bethe won round 1 & 2 and she won round 3 10-8.

    • 13Elementguy
      13Elementguy 2 months ago

      Sorry but she won round 1 and got a 10-8 3rd.

  • Suhannah unang
    Suhannah unang 2 months ago

    I think UFC need to have decision Round.

    • Acid Penguin
      Acid Penguin 2 months ago

      yeah I'd love that , if they have a draw ... go to an extra round .

    • RobinHood
      RobinHood 2 months ago

      Suhananah unang Great comment
      I totally agree with you 100%
      A decision round is the way to solve this kind of situation.
      UFC introduced the decision round in the Ultimate Fighter series, but They are looking for "MONEY" fights and a rematch could be more in their interest.

  • Col Conno
    Col Conno 2 months ago

    Draw was fair, not many people enjoy draws including myself but its fair.

    • bluebird
      bluebird 2 months ago

      I agree. The bottom line is that she should have got the finish in the 3rd when she had a chance, but left it in the hands of the judges.

  • Phil M
    Phil M 2 months ago

    That was a heck of a third round

  • Agnostic Monk
    Agnostic Monk 2 months ago

    "I thought I won the second round"
    ten seconds later
    "I should've been more aggressive in the second round "
    something don't add up.

    • Agnostic Monk
      Agnostic Monk 2 months ago

      Ryback Smith There is a lot of fresh new talent out there that's getting attention, as well as veterans who are still hard-charging. If anything, WMMA opened up like a rose when she got "molly-whopped."

    • BHM
      BHM 2 months ago

      Ryback Smith you keep commenting this. Get a life, and stop trying to claim you know what everyone thinks. There are plenty of great fights in WMMA

    • Ryback Smith
      Ryback Smith 2 months ago

      Look guys enough with this nonsense, nobody cares about womans MMA anymore.

      Womans MMA died when Ronda Rousey retired.

    • LopezLion
      LopezLion 2 months ago

      Agnostic Monk That makes total sense.

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