Ariana Grande's phone number!!!!

Ariana wants you to call her. This is her official phone number.

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Author Abigail Blais (5 days)
It's fAke 

Author Jamaiya Mcbride (2 months)
Liar that's not her number fake

Author Mario Avila (2 months)

Author Natalie Dejesus (3 months)
This is fake I called and it's a animal shelter

Author Nadeen Hilw (3 months)
Plz just tell plz Ariana plz😻😻😻😻

Author Angelina Nguyen (3 months)
That is to fast I cant write it down

Author Mario Avila (2 months)
Call me back

Author Keaton Trent (3 months)
Thank you for the number ill call you tomorrow

Author Helen Gilkes (7 months)
the only reason it doesnt work cuz u gotta text and she changed it and stop
being a hater

Author AwesomeGirl 2022 (4 months)
I didn't hear it

Author Keaton Trent (3 months)
What did she say

Author Jayden Figueroa (6 months)
That number is hella fake!

Author Amaya Aoki (6 months)
It was a sherfiffe!!!

Author Brandon Maunes (10 months)
I worked the dislike button worked

Author Aaliyah ThunderWorkMusic (9 months)
I called them it was fake all you.get is voice mails

Author Jmichael Antonetty (3 years)
@GangGreen80 you meen me mike jones?! Jk jon michael

Author GangGreen80 (3 years)
@buddysis1998 im just messin but still why would she give it out to
millions shes just gonna get so many calls. just like mike jones who mike
jones who

Author Gemma Hales (3 years)
If it was her number she would've changed it by now LOL

Author IAmAlbertLopez (3 years)
@PGVG8 wats her real number please?

Author sassycowgrl (1 year)

Author cassiehockman (2 years)
What is the number because i can hear it

Author Anthony Barson (2 years)
i texted her a few weeks ago and she didnt text back and trying not to anoy
her so i only texted 2wice should i have texted her again?

Author Tessakeough (2 years)
Work I meant

Author mscrazytia911 (2 years)

Author bensonator56 (3 years)
@dylanandromyshow00 are serius

Author Matisse Ménard (1 year)
What is her username?

Author blueskies3096 (2 years)
wats it like to text her?

Author hendersoncierra75 (3 years)
stop writing comments saying its fake. we all know where not dumb. you're
the idiots who clicked the video.

Author spiderhunter1996 (2 years)
It doesn't work

Author wedabomb5 (1 year)
Hi ariana grande wat you phone number im you biggest fan.

Author Nicole Reinoso (2 years)
i think it sounds like her but on a bad camera

Author Mikaella Taylor (2 years)
So does it work?!?!?

Author Sean Hepp (3 years)

Author aevenwood (2 years)
She fine do it work

Author meganlynnn013 (2 years)
creul creul joke

Author monsterjamfan1990 (3 years)

Author LittleRed451 (2 years)
@donaldsonbran1 ACTUALLY.. Ariana made this video on her account... This
person that made the video just re-recorded it off her ariana's account. It
IS her real number butit most likley won't work anymore because Ariana
posted it like a year ago. She was in the car and her brother recorded. But
it WAS her REAL number back when she made the video. SO STFU.

Author sterling lyons (1 year)
I am going to try to call her or text her

Author Layla Hassan (1 year)
its 616783240

Author lexirocks8 (3 years)
guys it is her say now number

Author Aeron Brown (3 years)
its not her real number its her say now number , so fans can call her and
leave messages ever famous person has a say now number :)

Author AsiaFinnn (3 years)

Author Elizabeth Thompson (2 years)
I can't hear clearer

Author gerdenderturda (2 years)

Author carolinadmngz (3 years)
@RealComedy101 please give me her info pleaseby Facebook or twitter please

Author Maddie Walsh (2 years)
@2fyekitty2 oh sure ya she did. lire

Author Emery508 (2 years)
646-783-2240 thats her number

Author Adam Nielsen (2 years)
I live there

Author angel60094 (2 years)
What did she say?

Author Kira Heimbach (2 years)
I can't understand it

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