Ariana Grande's phone number!!!!

Ariana wants you to call her. This is her official phone number.

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Author Ariana Grande ( ago)
It don't work I called I say hello is this aria NA grande it said animal

Author Gabrielle Grogan ( ago)
It did not work

Author Lexi Mckenzie ( ago)
Her number is 596-1927-9163

Author Reem Nadeem ( ago)

Author tronae henderson ( ago)
thank u it woks on mny laupgh

Author Rose Ross ( ago)
It was a animal shelter

Author janelle tabilas ( ago)
its actually tel:6313926313 i called and it was her!!!!

Author Helloitskaren ( ago)
Say Ariana grande 10 times clap 5 times repost then listen to your voice 

Author Abby Blais (465 years ago)
It's fAke 

Author Jamaiya Mcbride ( ago)
Liar that's not her number fake

Author Mario Avila ( ago)

Author Mario Avila ( ago)
Call me back

Author Natalie Dejesus ( ago)
This is fake I called and it's a animal shelter

Author Nadeen Hilw ( ago)
Plz just tell plz Ariana plz😻😻😻😻

Author Angie Nguyen ( ago)
That is to fast I cant write it down

Author Sarah Albannai ( ago)
Omg I'll try right now

Author Keaton Trent ( ago)
Thank you for the number ill call you tomorrow

Author Keaton Trent ( ago)
What did she say

Author Funsizebeauty X ( ago)
I didn't hear it

Author Helen Gilkes ( ago)
the only reason it doesnt work cuz u gotta text and she changed it and stop
being a hater

Author Kawaiine ( ago)
I called them it was fake all you.get is voice mails

Author Brandon Maunes ( ago)
I worked the dislike button worked

Author Lynn Moss ( ago)
It was three years age dumbeys

Author Hannah Woodie ( ago)
Just kidding:(

Author Hannah Woodie ( ago)
Her real # is (828) 310-7336 my cousin and her know each other!;)

Author Drake Williams ( ago)
lol its just a animal place

Author Rubin Stamp ( ago)
No it's not it's a dumb animal place

Author CupeCakejj ( ago)
Whats Number??

Author zaniah stewart ( ago)

Author cece williams ( ago)
wat is her #

Author skyblue4567 ( ago)
lol do you know what it is?

Author Matisse Ménard ( ago)
What is her username?

Author Amanda Villa ( ago)
It's actually (805) 242-5406 and it works I've texted her and she
answered!! I asked her questions and I looked her up and they were all true

Author gabby torres ( ago)
hi huge fan my real name is gabby but i put a fake name bi accident anyway
i tried the # and didnt work so yeah thx anyway call me if u have concert
tikets by!

Author wedabomb5 ( ago)
Hi ariana grande wat you phone number im you biggest fan.

Author jaydee10251 ( ago)
jennette mccurdy accidently gave out ariana's phone number... nd a lot of
ppl were texting her

Author sterling lyons ( ago)
I am going to try to call her or text her

Author Kaytlin Reilinh ( ago)
It's obviously not real cuz she would have to be really STUPID to give her
phone number out into the world when she knows millions of people are going
to try and find her phone number. And I know she's not that stupid!

Author Layla Hassan (592 years ago)
its 616783240

Author Shelley Tuttle ( ago)

Author Shelley Tuttle ( ago)

Author gerdenderturda ( ago)

Author Adam Nielsen ( ago)
I live there

Author Adam Nielsen ( ago)
no in newyork it 347 not 646

Author Jo Mead ( ago)
its not the real number. :'(

Author Jada Lin ( ago)
646 783 2240

Author SuperSoulSurfer1 ( ago)
For the fan hot line

Author Edgar Cano ( ago)
Is this really her number??

Author Kaaneesha ( ago)
what is it?

Author jellybelly6871 ( ago)
@pizzoferrato17 then what is it

Author Elizabeth Thompson ( ago)
I can't hear clearer

Author Zara-Hope Garbett (1832 years ago)
she said something like 6167832240

Author Jontae Mumford ( ago)
what your phone numba

Author Pizzoferrato17 ( ago)
Lol some of u guys on her are dumb this is like last years number and it
was not her personal number I had her number from ustream and I was the
first one to call her cuz as soon as it was read out I had already rote it
down but I scrwed my self I talk to her three or for times I evin talked to
her mom I called at 1:00 and she said I need to go to bed that she would
call me tomarow and funny thing is she did call me back I talked to her
wile she was getting ready to go on stage I talk to the du

Author Hannah Costello ( ago)
i cant understand it what is it?

Author Kira Tatjana ( ago)
I can't understand it

Author cassiehockman ( ago)
What is the number because i can hear it

Author cassiehockman ( ago)

Author Anthony Barson ( ago)
ayyo and if i do call and she dont answer should i leave a message or prlly

Author Anthony Barson ( ago)
i texted her a few weeks ago and she didnt text back and trying not to anoy
her so i only texted 2wice should i have texted her again?

Author betterfuckoffTV ( ago)
anybody know about any launch codes! :D

Author Alejandro Rodriguez ( ago)
This is the cell phone clearly and understandable is. (646)783-2240

Author Mikaella Taylor ( ago)
So does it work?!?!?

Author small bird ( ago)
yes it does. you know her voice on victorious is more high pitched than her
real one.

Author puppy durden ( ago)

Author mary garrison ( ago)
We tried but it went to voice mail

Author Grace Taggart ( ago)
i really want her number so guys what is it

Author mscrazytia911 ( ago)

Author Matthew Semeniuk ( ago)
This actually is her, it's her saynow number though. Google now owns it and
it doesn't work anymore.

Author Brianna ( ago)
You guys, she got a new number.

Author Timothy Jones ( ago)

Author Tessakeough ( ago)
Work I meant

Author Tessakeough ( ago)
Does this worn?

Author shannonlk12 ( ago)
what is it?i couldnt hear

Author Official Blake Vega ( ago)
Just a warning say-now was bought out by google and no longer exists
neither do the numbers

Author Sav0201 ( ago)
Didn't work :(

Author Erin Coughlin ( ago)
it worked but i stoped the call

Author DumbSisterz ( ago)
Ariana I tried calling but it didn't work :( now I'm sad!!!

Author Joey Talon ( ago)
1.Cover your hand 2.whisper a wish this on another video 5. Look at
your hand

Author Emery508 ( ago)
646-783-2240 thats her number

Author SeniorPenguin0 ( ago)
Can someone give me the number cause I can't hear

Author Megan Mick ( ago)
is it real?

Author luisamontalvo1 ( ago)
WARDO this number is now disconnented now hahah bohoboho sobs who cars
about her

Author savanahliriano ( ago)
y would u kill yourself thtz retarted

Author chizBomb119 ( ago)
You are a fucking retard I can't believe you did that I am going to kill
myself right now thanks a lot bitch I hate you

Author LittleRed451 ( ago)
@pancakesryummy123 It is... This person just took this video from ariana
and posted it on THEIR account for more views.. Its on ariana real account
but it pro. wont work anymore because she posted it about a yar ago.

Author LittleRed451 ( ago)
@donaldsonbran1 ACTUALLY.. Ariana made this video on her account... This
person that made the video just re-recorded it off her ariana's account. It
IS her real number butit most likley won't work anymore because Ariana
posted it like a year ago. She was in the car and her brother recorded. But
it WAS her REAL number back when she made the video. SO STFU.

Author angel60094 ( ago)
What did she say?

Author angel60094 ( ago)
Say ariana grande 10 times clap your hands 5 times Post this on 2 other
videos and check your vice

Author Maddie Walsh ( ago)
@2fyekitty2 oh sure ya she did. lire

Author meganlynnn013 ( ago)
creul creul joke

Author BriannaMichelleW ( ago)
@donaldsonbran1 Just watch ' ARIANA GRANDE'S PHONE NUMBER!!! & TAYLOR SWIFT
LOVES WINNING CMA AWARDS!!! ' on youtube ! shes totally fine with it right
now but she will be changing it later. she likes talking/texting her

Author Cornelia Beer ( ago)
616 783 822 40

Author blueskies3096 ( ago)
wats it like to text her?

Author maryjmxx ( ago)
i just txted this number, i hope its rlly her hahah

Author melissa Meddane ( ago)

Author Gabby Chambers ( ago)
@donaldsonbran1 it actually is her real number she confirmed it on her
twitter page :P

Author Emma Bowen ( ago)
this doesnt work!

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