how to get unlimited auth codes on corruptionx rsps

this is very easy follow my video and you will get loads of auth codes
i accept no responsibility if you are banned doing this

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Author Adham Halabi (2 years)
wtf is the password for this admin shit thing?

Author Hobmansa2 (4 years)
Does changing you ip do Anthony to your comp other than losing connection
to wifi?

Author mrdanrocks1 (4 years)
i cant get the admin/password to work it just comes up to google search :/

Author kylebikesfit (3 years)
l2 post links or make better video quality..

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
soz i don't want to say i don't want to be Banned

Author Hobmansa2 (4 years)
Lmao meant to say anything instead of anthony

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (3 years)
@Frederikdavid its .1

Author Nooby Pooskas (3 years)
its not pronounced "rooter" its pronounced "rowter"

Author Frederik Roy (3 years)
I know its possible but i cant go to, i just got new router and
idk how it works O.o

Author Frederik Roy (3 years)
dont work.

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (3 years)
@ChillZoneBoy if u think that then u r spastic, i am showing u how to
change your IP when its dynamic.

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@WhistlingDogz or not i worked this out myself i tried looking this up on
youtube but i did not find a video so i made my own

Author Liam Larkin (4 years)
so many people ripping off my trick.,...

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (3 years)
@fw00p LOL

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@mabzy001 i do not no why this happens you should keeps trying

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (2 years)
how would i scam you?

Author TheMrtrollbob (3 years)
i use this with pwnxile but ur rebooting is kind of slow mine takes around
30 seconds :)

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@Hobmansa2 no ur ip is only on ur router

Author samsnowball (4 years)

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@soccergoals3 i do not play anymore

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
cos i can

Author jaring visser (3 years)
thanks for ur ip<3

Author SlayerEdition (2 years)
i cant log on with my router i tried admin admin and eveyrthing

Author 123skatemania (3 years)
@tracezulu just type the URL at the top of ur internet on ur phone, then
just click on all the icons but dont vote on any. Then click reward and
once got the auth code refresh page and it will give u another auth code.

Author onnocool (2 years)
some ppl have username: user Pass: user

Author ShadowPein69 (3 years)
go to ipchicken,com/ for ur ip

Author abdoel malik (3 years)
but ive i go to that website i cant login how i register then?

Author Jawdat Refaee (3 years)
@fw00p lol u both wrong its router not rowter or rooter lollol

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
i have done a video for bt home hub now look at my channel

Author CreatineI (3 years)
@ChillZoneBoy getting a new ip isnt tracking your pretty stupid if its
illegal why is it in routers...

Author RealRsCockUps (3 years)
still works?@????

Author 123skatemania (3 years)
even easier way... use ur phone.. (thumbs up)

Author Hadi Al-saif (4 years)
Buying Auth codes 10m Each ill buy as many codes as i can Name in game:
Defilent SCAMMERS GET THE FUCK OFF (just Private maessege me in game)

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
i will be bringing one out for bt in about 2 weeks

Author 2WardsRS (3 years)
Lol, it's Ivibezz..

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@Hopkins132 wots ur broadband provider

Author iiJustSlappedYou (4 years)
omfg it says you have alredy voted done every thing you said but i cant do
it help meh plz any one ty

Author MTXCLAN (3 years)
@zzzzuuuu123456 How can u be sure? Its can be .x^2.x^2

Author ProPkNoobz (3 years)

Author zzti ztuiziu (3 years)
or do router on and off ....

Author TheMinecraftinvader (1 year)
how do i actually geet the tokens and change it into gold, i got some from

Author illpunchyourbaby (3 years)
@ChillZoneBoy Sorry moral fag go suck a dick, you think tracking an ip is
illegal, go die you dumbass 12 year old.

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (3 years)
I do not know

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (4 years)
@Hopkins132 this only works for sky i will be bringing out a bt home hub
one soon

Author CESAR0246 (2 years)
Try tor hide my ass hide My IP and mulvad

Author ChillZoneBoy (3 years)
@zzzzuuuu123456 so i have too die??? nice come back 10 year old

Author p00opey (2 years)
trolol I bet you wouldn't even know what to do with his ip.

Author prolorda (4 years)
lol why ur swinging whit mouse

Author Diábolos TheWanderer (3 years)
@jaringvis check date on vid, my ip is dynamic, every time my router
switches of it changes :/

Author Michael Easter (2 years)
Scam scam scam!!!! Do not try this!!! Its all one big scam!!!

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