Crying - Roy Orbison cover - Puddles Pity Party

  • Added:  4 months ago
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    Tim DeLaney did sound
    Andrew Woodman did pictures
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  • Runtime: 2:43
  • Tags for this video:  golden  voice  sad  clown  puddles  pity  party  Roy orbison  crying  postmodern jukebox  scott bradlee  

Comments: 362

  • Stephen Campbell
    Stephen Campbell 13 hours ago

    Thank you P. This is amazing. Roy would be proud.

  • Maria Cato
    Maria Cato 1 day ago

    Puddles please don't cry

    CHARLES ALAIMO 1 day ago

    I would love to hear Mr Puddles do a version of Tom Jones - I'll Never Fall In Love Again - I'm certain he can master a version of this classic hit as he hits all of his versions out of the park....................

  • TheTexasTroll
    TheTexasTroll 2 days ago

    kick some ass on AGT

  • Law Gordon
    Law Gordon 2 days ago

    Sounds like he's singing it a step down I like to know the chords

  • Walt Bells
    Walt Bells 2 days ago

    Caruso 2017

  • Charles McCoy
    Charles McCoy 3 days ago

    Puddles please do "unforgettable" Nat king cole... With a pity party twist.._. -ty- - char

  • Richie Betz
    Richie Betz 5 days ago

    Glad to hear Orbison's music be remembered. Will you be singing this for AGT?

  • wurly164
    wurly164 5 days ago

    I wish my channel had this many subscribers

  • jessejamesnebraska
    jessejamesnebraska 5 days ago

    please sing stand by me

  • Delta Drones
    Delta Drones 6 days ago

    That was pretty fucking awesome!

  • Bobainthome
    Bobainthome 6 days ago

    Seriously... KD Lang will always be my favorite of this song (yes, even above Roy Orbison) but Puddles' is coming in a really close 3rd

  • Butch Rupright
    Butch Rupright 8 days ago

    This would be good on"AGT" also

  • Elvis P
    Elvis P 8 days ago

    Thank you. So amazing. I think you would sound awesome on Conway and Waylon. 😎

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 8 days ago

    Wow! Just wow. Man I wish you all the luck in the world on AGT.

  • Marco Pederzoli
    Marco Pederzoli 8 days ago

    I'd love to hear the spanish version in Mulholland Drive. it takes a heavenly voice to sing, and you have it

  • TheNozzle
    TheNozzle 8 days ago

    Wonderful. I love this song, and is there a more perfect one for Puddles the Sad Clown? I think not.

  • Luke Rademacher
    Luke Rademacher 9 days ago

    just beautiful!

  • Cheshirecat Grin
    Cheshirecat Grin 9 days ago

    Please do more Roy Orbison. Your voice is perfect for it.

  • Beavis Kapowski
    Beavis Kapowski 9 days ago

    gorgeous... do mocking bird by Eminem please

  • wtglb
    wtglb 10 days ago

    You did Roy proud!

  • Jay Stevens
    Jay Stevens 10 days ago

    Please sing "our last kiss"

  • LOLIFE2010
    LOLIFE2010 10 days ago

    keep up the fantastic work.

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 10 days ago

    I'm blown away every time I hear Puddles sing. I amazed by his awesomeness.

  • downer719
    downer719 10 days ago

    sweet Caroline by Neil diamond

  • Figment's Basement
    Figment's Basement 11 days ago

    People don't realize just how big a talent Puddles is. He needs normal sized people around him so you can see he's 6'8".

  • Melinda Leiva
    Melinda Leiva 11 days ago

    Oh Puddles, would you please sing Lay Down,Candles in the Rain by Melanie?

  • P Baz
    P Baz 12 days ago

    Thats a winning song

  • napoleontheclown
    napoleontheclown 12 days ago

    Fantastic. While the range and power weren't quite at Roy's level, they remained phenomenal. Better to pull it back than to try and go bigger than you're capable of. Even still, few can cover a Roy Orbison song properly, and you did it.

  • vprim1990
    vprim1990 12 days ago

    Love your material Puddles! May I ask something though? I always wanted to started singing but I have never gotten the courage to do so... How can I get myself out of this negative psyche? Also, what Microphone and programming do you use. Thank you man. xoxo
    P.S. May I take you up on a Puddles Cuddle ? I can really use it. My girlfriend left me for her ex while she was still dating me, and I heard she did this to me for 2 years , when we were dating for 2 and a half... I have been in a slunk since, and I feel that maybe there's no one in the world for someone like me... sorry for being so deep.

  • kaye peterson
    kaye peterson 13 days ago

    levon, tiny dancer, goodby yellowbrick road. my way

  • Philip Clock
    Philip Clock 13 days ago


  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 14 days ago

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  • reno145
    reno145 15 days ago

    Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain! PLEASE!

  • Ray Otsuji
    Ray Otsuji 15 days ago

    Can't stop YouTubing this guy!!!! Unbelievably talented! He truly is THE VOICE!!!!

  • Delbert Cutsinger
    Delbert Cutsinger 16 days ago

    I'd love to hear Puddles cover any Motörhead tune...

  • Francis Allen
    Francis Allen 16 days ago

    man he can freaking sing

  • Anna Begay
    Anna Begay 16 days ago

    Puddles got himself a new subscriber :') love this song so much!! <3

  • Taylor Walston
    Taylor Walston 16 days ago

    I have always been a music in the background kind of guy, I heard it, I recognized it, but the lyrics rarely caught my attention enough against whatever else I was doing to stop what I was doing. This made me stop what I was doing and gave me chills, thanks for what you do!

  • montrealfilmguy
    montrealfilmguy 16 days ago

    Love Puddles who makes the best covers,but that camerawork gave me a migraine.A Hill street blues shakycam migraine.

  • earl
    earl 17 days ago

    Without the costume it would just be another Roy Orbison cover done by some clown . . . oh wait!

  • pedro P.
    pedro P. 17 days ago

    es una gran voz y s7 puesta en escena pura ternura la que desprende los payásos viejos del circo viejo lleno de nostalgia

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 17 days ago

    you are not a clown but an artist, Sir................

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 17 days ago

    this is beautiful Tangerine by LED ZEPPLIN......

  • Gary Schenk
    Gary Schenk 17 days ago

    Is this Johnnie Ray in whiteface?

  • Kevin Atkins
    Kevin Atkins 17 days ago

    Great cover. I would love to hear you cover The Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love". Seems like it would be a great fit for you.

  • dio52
    dio52 18 days ago

    Love this song, really hope you do it on AGT

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 18 days ago

    Beautiful just beautiful..

  • Turf Surf
    Turf Surf 18 days ago

    Amazing voice!

  • R3-D000
    R3-D000 18 days ago

    puddles, you are amazing.

  • jbeckley100
    jbeckley100 18 days ago

    Dude has a voice!

  • Stiebel
    Stiebel 18 days ago


  • TitaniK
    TitaniK 19 days ago

    Jesus this guy is good. Just bought his album but this song isn't on it. 😭

  • Larry Griffin
    Larry Griffin 19 days ago


  • Carrie Simmons
    Carrie Simmons 19 days ago

    Holy fuck that's amazing....Jesus Christ

  • Debi Huffman
    Debi Huffman 19 days ago

    Hoping he goes far on America's Got Talent!

  • William Riker
    William Riker 19 days ago


  • wvman2374
    wvman2374 19 days ago

    so much emotion in your voice...even without the visual dichotomy of the clown costume just the listening experience is incredibly moving

  • C Maugel
    C Maugel 19 days ago

    This should be Puddles' theme song.

  • pattykeough
    pattykeough 20 days ago

    U r so amazing. And I hate everyone. But you sir are a true artist. Chills.

  • Dustin Lamb
    Dustin Lamb 20 days ago

    Probably not the first to say it but what about Stand By Me as a cover? Hmmmm ?

  • Bob Panerio
    Bob Panerio 20 days ago

    He is channeling Roy!

  • Wade Ervin
    Wade Ervin 20 days ago

    just an amazing talent!! i love you puddles!!

  • old dog city pound
    old dog city pound 21 day ago

    Roy would be proud!

  • Tim Danby
    Tim Danby 22 days ago

    Dude....You're the Greatest!!!

  • Randy Hansen
    Randy Hansen 22 days ago

    Is there any cover he can't sing??

  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote69 22 days ago

    Are those Puddles of tears?

  • David Jannello
    David Jannello 22 days ago

    My absolute favorite Roy song and this is an incredible rendition. Great job from one clown to another.

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 22 days ago

    This is the bet i have seen.. but it the song not person.. hide behind piddles, is the best thing about, not face Famous..

  • lizardking02793
    lizardking02793 22 days ago

    Puddles, absolutely beautiful!. Do you think you could Roy's In Dreams? I think that fits you perfectly. And do The Doors, crystal ship and I Can't See your Face in my Mind"

  • Jay Berry
    Jay Berry 22 days ago

    Roy would be proud !

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols 23 days ago

    I am so glad more people have gotten introduced to Puddles the amazing !!

  • Sal Guglielmino
    Sal Guglielmino 23 days ago

    Brilliant. Great rendition of a great song. Roy would love this.

  • Oscar Rojas
    Oscar Rojas 23 days ago

    man, Puddles... I love your music. You've turned a few of the songs that I never even liked into ones that I completely love. I'm so glad to have found your music.

  • Anne Walker Roseberry

    I could use some Puddles cuddles right about now.

  • Deann Price
    Deann Price 24 days ago

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [ooppp]pppppppppppppppppppppppppppp]ppppp]ppppp]plp]ppppppppppppppp]pppppppppppppppppppp

  • techtim2012
    techtim2012 24 days ago

    one of my favorites

  • Craig Fisher
    Craig Fisher 24 days ago

    good lord your Awesome

  • TheShannybaby14
    TheShannybaby14 24 days ago

    You need to sing that on AGT!

  • Kyle Decker
    Kyle Decker 25 days ago

    Would love to hear Puddles take on "Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time" by The Smiths.

  • moisan4
    moisan4 25 days ago


  • Ronald Wilkinson
    Ronald Wilkinson 25 days ago

    You are great Puddles, Roy has a register that you can't reach. It's not lack of talent it's Roy's pipes are hard to reach. Keep it up though.

  • tom ortiz
    tom ortiz 25 days ago


  • Rebecca Swilling
    Rebecca Swilling 25 days ago

    Loved it!!! Beautiful magical voice

  • Bobbie LaVanway
    Bobbie LaVanway 25 days ago

    As usual Puddles you nailed it, love you sir

  • George Gill
    George Gill 25 days ago

    next agt winner

  • big u
    big u 25 days ago


  • evildraven79
    evildraven79 25 days ago

    My favorite cover of this song by far.

  • Linda Jeffords-Knight

    You're voice is awesome a usual Puddles, but I didn't feel as much emotion in this as much as I would have liked. Still good though.

  • Debra Sparks
    Debra Sparks 25 days ago

    Wonderful !!!!

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 26 days ago

    too fast. slow it down damnit.

  • maizie13
    maizie13 26 days ago

    Whoa! You've got an awesome voice!

  • Colleen
    Colleen 26 days ago

    I'll be crying if you don't win America's Got Talent, Puddles! You go with your musical self. Good Luck!

  • julesloveless
    julesloveless 27 days ago

    Amazing voice.. But i get a bit distracted by the camera angles, just going back and forth.

  • Guppusmaximus
    Guppusmaximus 28 days ago

    Fantastic cover, Puddles. I love your voice. Please don't take offense, I'm Orbison biased and no one comes close to that level of emotion and range he had on this song.

  • Rood67
    Rood67 28 days ago

    I'm part of the club now that just sees it is a video by Puddles, and as soon as it opens, I click the thumbs up - because I know it will be great.

    This is another wonderful example of being right on target for the cover. Now, please book some dates in TN. Otherwise, I'll be more sad than Puddles.

  • theZer0Game
    theZer0Game 29 days ago

    I'll bet that was one take.

  • Vic Melbourne
    Vic Melbourne 1 month ago


  • Robert Brotherton
    Robert Brotherton 1 month ago

    Boris Karloff can sing? Who knew?

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