Mademoiselle de Paris Valse d'accordéon

Ez a francia keringő nálunk a "Párizsi kislány " címmel vált ismertté, eredetileg Edith Piaf énekelte.
This French musette waltz is performed on Serenellini accordion +SOLTON MS-40 MIDI-module, this song became famous by Edith Piaf.

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Runtime: 2:21
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Uploaded by: Istvan AccordionCReasy
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Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (3 years)
@rollercoastersam Thanks! Istvan

Author AccordionLadyMi (4 years)
Beautiful accordion tones. I love this musette piece. Skillfully played
Istvan. Good performance. Greetings, Fran

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (3 years)
@frankm29 Thank you Frank! Istvan

Author mattis09 (4 years)
nice one!! i like this piece very much ;-)

Author frankm29 (3 years)
Hello Istvan. A lovely tune, one of my favourite French valses. Well
Played. Frank.

Author SilvanaLisa Martin (4 years)
Sehr schön, Istvan, gefällt mir 5***** Die Midi-Videos gehen heute bei
youtube wieder überhaupt nicht. Lisa

Author viragvirag00 (2 years)
Nagyon-nagyon szép! Köszönöm az élményt! Szeretettel: Rózsa.

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Thank you Leon for this comment and all of your previous help. Istvan

Author Pilarfay (4 years)
Un maravilloso vals, me gusta como tocas el acordeón. Enhotabuena *****.

Author AccordionLadyMi (3 years)
This is still one of my favorites of your performances. This is beautiful.
I love the sound of this accordion. I think my second favorite would be
Moscow Nights. I enjoy it very much. Fran

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
This is my MIDI-Accordion's tone, my acoustic accordion tone is more
realistic, but I have not a good quality microphone to register my play.
Thanks, Istvan

Author rollercoastersam (3 years)
Reminds me of the Aristocats. I love this music.

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Thank you. Istvan

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
@mattis09 Danke Dir, Istvan

Author zlavik2009 (3 years)
Bravo! Thank you! Спасибо!

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
@NancyMbWpg Thank you Nancy for your kind comment. Recalling your play of
French musette (Sur le ciel de Paris =Under Paris Sky) you will make a
better version very soon. Istvan

Author kyrah23 (4 years)
bravo very nice! Kyrah 5*

Author BENNYMANS99 (4 years)
Very well played Istvan. Beautiful music. *****Brian.

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Danke Lisa fürs Komment. MIDI-Vidoes sind in Minderheit, aber "picador100"
und "Miperrodrago" spielt auch und immer an MIDI-Akkordion. Istvan

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Danke Paolo, Istvan

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (3 years)
@zlavik2009 Я благодарю вас! Вы можете рассчитывать на русские народные
песни очень скоро. Иштван

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Thank you, Brian, Istvan

Author picador100 (4 years)
Sehr gut gespeilt Istvan, ein wunderschönes Stück! Bravo. 5**** Paolo

Author NancyMbWpg (4 years)
Oh Istvan I love this song on accordion--I'll have to give it a try by
listening to you play it, as this song is almost non existant for music on
the web. Thanks for posting it and lovely job!!!!

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (2 years)
Köszönöm kedves rózsa! Ebben az időszakban még nem a harmonikám saját
hangját vettem fel, hanem a MIDI kíséret, digitális harmonika hangját. Üdv,

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (3 years)
@AccordionLadyMi Thank you Fran, I confess, this time I was not pleased
with the musette sound of my Serenellini. In the last half of year I've
used the original acoustic sound of this accordion, but at the present
video I remember using a digital musette sound of my midi rhythm arranger
(this way the "knocking" sounds from the accordion can be excluded) Istvan

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Muchas gracias Jose, Istvan

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Muchas Gracias, Pilar, Istvan

Author acordeonhobby (4 years)
Muy lindo Istvan, Excelente la ejecucion. Felicitaciones y saludos mi amigo
Jose ******

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