Muay Thai on banana tree

To kick down the tree you need to use the bone of the upper shin , I had issues kicking with the flat of my foot when I first started Muay Thai. This helped me correct it , thank you Kru Seb.

This was me many years ago when I lived in Thailand. One of my teachers would take me up here for fun and some intense training. A two hour run in the jungle up a mountain in northern Thailand in a small village called Pai.

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Author whyarethewallsbarkin (3 years)
That's pretty badass lol

Author Keith (4 years)
@gringofreestyler BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Author dannielpreto (4 years)
@disgustika Actually most Thais fight every week so they rarely spar, they
just hit pads a lot. However, in ancient time kicking tress was the norm.
It depends on which bag they use, obviously something like a tear drop bag
would be soft. However, Thai Banana (the name comes from banana trees) bags
are very hard.

Author wulfluvr4433 (2 years)
Lol laminas a pussy too

Author alterwaz (4 years)
@ChiTownStyles If you feel pain in the muscles of your leg you are hitting
with the wrong part of your leg. This generally produces a loud slapping
noise when practicing with pads. The slap indicates that you are striking
with the wrong part of your leg, or that you hit the pad with your foot.
Desirably a loud "thud" should be heard indicating that you have struck
with your shin bone.

Author miyawa21 (4 years)
there's another way to train your shin... actually this is for like people
in cities where there's no banana trees including me, the coke glass
bottles. i used this and it really worked

Author horrorkev (3 years)
yay kick that tree!

Author mc37man (3 years)
@ChrisCrosbie damn man. wish I had the same opportunity.

Author melzaren (4 years)
A brilliant display of human idiocy.

Author Kalei rigg (4 years)
soft wood..c'mon you go out and kick a tree and see if its hard.

Author ChrisCrosbie (3 years)
Wow ! 755,5000 views of me when I was living in Pai doing traditional
training. This was the happiest i have ever been in my life, I lived with
no electricty and ran 2 hours into the jungles of Pai with my Kru to find
these perfect tree's. It will soon be time to return to the jungles and
find my self once agian. Thank you for the kind comments those that did
leave some :)

Author domainopeace (2 years)
Strong shin good job

Author DamnCanucks (4 years)
so brock lesnar is a gopher or some shit?

Author dandaman666 (4 years)
@capoeira2brazil ooooohh, that shit would hurt man.

Author l3054 (3 years)
punching walls is stupid theres no point and theres alot of better ways to
train that wont break your bones or give you arthritis when you get older

Author MrCamcams (4 years)
you show that tree whos boss

Author oO0manny0Oo (3 years)
@fuckitsgay i think youl actually find that karate , kungfu , muay thai
masters actually punch and slap ice water and heated sands for
strengthening kicking banana trees is common as is bamboo but walls ? i
thought only whinging kids do that..

Author noreaga123 (3 years)
@fuckitsgay ur mum kicks oak trees...

Author TJ Nelson (4 years)
@martialartsconnect How much pain should you feel when you kick something

Author TJ Nelson (4 years)
How do you build up your shins to this point?

Author AnGobh (4 years)
@ThatBoyTLong What do you do?

Author fiery dragonman (3 years)
@quocaurone I can't tell if you're a fucking idiot or not.

Author edstar83 (3 years)
@martiallaw09 On youtube, im a nazi rocket scientist, in real life, im your
typical dumb ass sheeple, No seriously.

Author dannielpreto (4 years)
@tinghaling Tell that to my brother who had a tree fall on him

Author Mike Hunt (4 years)
@halfstepdown88 Kick things

Author NIVO95 (4 years)
would hate to feel those low kicks

Author spuibrim (4 years)
this tree killed his mother

Author Jon Cardona (4 years)
A 5 second video of a guy kicking a tree has over 500,000 views. Damn.

Author AL (4 years)
@MrCamcams lol

Author Mark M (4 years)
Beautiful technique! Kicking trees is still stupid though, even if it does
condition your shins

Author Piinky oPiinkyo (4 years)
damn kick is haard

Author ChiTownStyles (4 years)
@halfstepdown88 You should not feel so much pain that you have to stop
kicking, nor that it would break your skin and make you bleed. Obviously
you dont start out kicking trees.

Author zomgbbqwth (2 years)
this is better because its the lower stem. closer to the roots n ground. :)

Author MMAHeadhunters (4 years)
get a decent punchbag

Author TheEvilOyo (4 years)
He fights to survive.

Author alaricofarabia (4 years)

Author blokmonsta123 (3 years)
so eiin harter

Author hackerwacker4 (4 years)
@miyawa21 if i did that i think ide say ouch. it would take years to
fracture and heal your shins

Author Joe Vlachoulis (4 years)
@xTwitchySniper84x correction 38 tree, huggers disliked it :P

Author Kalahaan (2 years)
Give me my 5 secondes back

Author DarkxAngel18 (4 years)
@xTwitchySniper84x this is like the funniest comment i have read in my life

Author Xtremizer (3 years)
This is a thai tree feller

Author Eak Keosakdy (3 years)
dee dee

Author dill0404 (4 years)
the ancient thai fighters had shins of steel. this guys smart.

Author quocaurone (3 years)
Tree doesnt hit BACK !!!!

Author mushupork211 (4 years)
u cansee at the end that his shins are bleeding

Author theakuma0341 (3 years)
@1029Itachi There will be over 90 million views , if he can destroy Banyan
with only one kick.

Author 4rvinder (4 years)
i kicked a tree yesterday. it kicked me back though

Author hazza3 (4 years)
Wheres my banana?!

Author p5class (2 years)
How long did it take you to get that good? I'm just starting out and can
barely give a few kicks to the bag before I'm tired or hurting.

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