Muay Thai on banana tree

To kick down the tree you need to use the bone of the upper shin , I had issues kicking with the flat of my foot when I first started Muay Thai. This helped me correct it , thank you Kru Seb.

This was me many years ago when I lived in Thailand. One of my teachers would take me up here for fun and some intense training. A two hour run in the jungle up a mountain in northern Thailand in a small village called Pai.

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Author petamogamosavros rex ( ago)
was it painful :S :/ ? 

Author zomgbbqwth ( ago)
this is better because its the lower stem. closer to the roots n ground. :)

Author Kalahaan ( ago)
Give me my 5 secondes back

Author Rogério Corrêa de Souza ( ago)
มวยไทยเป็นสิ่งที่แปลก ทักทายเป็นเต้นรำเย็น

Author wulfluvr4433 ( ago)
Lol laminas a pussy too

Author wulfluvr4433 ( ago)

Author lamina miller ( ago)
Those who post idiotic comments of criticism. You are either fat, or a
heavy smoker or are not able to do this, that's why you post stupid
arrogant comments of such. Guys that do this are married to their passion
and dedicated to fight, and destined to live their traditions. Unlike
America (drink, sex, drugs, criticising the world ( that's why the world
hates you). Great job kicking that tree. Most people don't know the
pleasure of what's it like to run in a beautiful jungle and be apart of it.

Author kurt cobain ( ago)
awesome video 

Author Eak Keosakdy (948 years ago)
dee dee 

Author edstar83 ( ago)
@martiallaw09 On youtube, im a nazi rocket scientist, in real life, im your
typical dumb ass sheeple, No seriously.

Author Olek Twarowski ( ago)
thats what proper training should look like!

Author J Peterson ( ago)
@ChrisCrosbie Sounds fucking great, man. Did you do any fighting while
there, or just traditional training? i would love to do something similar
one day 

Author gay lord ( ago)

Author Suprema Nobreza (1003 years ago)
Que estupido 

Author Super123skater123 ( ago)
filmed with banana?

Author Super123skater123 ( ago)
filmed with potato?

Author MiKJnr ( ago)
Buakaw can destroy one

Author mc37man ( ago)
@ChrisCrosbie damn man. wish I had the same opportunity.

Author iiEkiz ( ago)
@ChrisCrosbie How many legs can you bring to the airport?

Author Peaw Peaw ( ago)
don't try this at home .. lol 

Author Mitch Gondzur ( ago)
Dang your trainer made you strip to your Fruit of the looms that's

Author horrorkev ( ago)
yay kick that tree!

Author buzzcutrocks ( ago)
@1029Itachi 745.000 now

Author โสฬสศักดิ์ ทัศนพงษ์ ( ago)
@spuibrim kuy !!

Author TheKindplayer ( ago)
@quocaurone yes.

Author DrinkUrPruneJuice77 ( ago)
Fucking looks like it hurts!!!!!

Author Howard Raja ( ago)
Ouch! D:

Author SM Orc (fierydragonman) ( ago)
@quocaurone I can't tell if you're a fucking idiot or not.

Author Aguns61793 ( ago)
this just makes me want to cry. 

Author widita00 ( ago)

Author Longduck Dong ( ago)
watch, Buakaw on Thailand's show Cha Cha Cha in 2005.m 

Author Jordan DeAnnonz ( ago)
@noreaga123 :) wow... your not immature in any way shape or form :) but
since u act this way i can only fight fire with fire sooo.... your mom
SUCKS, MY oak tree :)

Author noreaga123 ( ago)
@fuckitsgay ur mum kicks oak trees...

Author oO0manny0Oo ( ago)
@fuckitsgay i think youl actually find that karate , kungfu , muay thai
masters actually punch and slap ice water and heated sands for
strengthening kicking banana trees is common as is bamboo but walls ? i
thought only whinging kids do that..

Author Jordan DeAnnonz ( ago)
@MuayThaiViking (i only do boxing but am beggining mma) n kudos to your
friend i guess, but i have seen on tv (cant remember his name) but he a
karate master and he is like a baddas, n he punched and kicked the walls
and what not. so unless your friend is like 70, the comment is invalid to

Author Jordan DeAnnonz ( ago)
@MuayThaiViking total bs tbf, if you look at say...karate masters they will
punch and kick Wall's for years and they do it now and it dosent hurt at

Author Jordan DeAnnonz ( ago)
@MuayThaiViking urmm, depends on how strong youve made ur bones really

Author mr420 ( ago)
How can I grow 1?

Author whyarethewallsbarkin ( ago)
That's pretty badass lol

Author Large .Aardvark ( ago)
@bruteforcetraining People who enter the youtube comments section seem to
suddenly become experts on everything.

Author Joysal ( ago)

Author lance d Boyle ( ago)
banana trees have a similar consistancy to a punch bag and give a kind of
neat crunch sound too!

Author dill0404 ( ago)
the ancient thai fighters had shins of steel. this guys smart.

Author dannielpreto ( ago)
@disgustika Actually most Thais fight every week so they rarely spar, they
just hit pads a lot. However, in ancient time kicking tress was the norm.
It depends on which bag they use, obviously something like a tear drop bag
would be soft. However, Thai Banana (the name comes from banana trees) bags
are very hard. 

Author dannielpreto ( ago)
@tinghaling Tell that to my brother who had a tree fall on him 

Author hackerwacker4 ( ago)
@miyawa21 if i did that i think ide say ouch. it would take years to
fracture and heal your shins 

Author miyawa21 ( ago)
@hackerwacker4 no, if you do muaythai after a few hours of harsh training
you'll get use to it

Author miyawa21 ( ago)
there's another way to train your shin... actually this is for like people
in cities where there's no banana trees including me, the coke glass
bottles. i used this and it really worked

Author hackerwacker4 (51 year ago)
uuummmm, ouch???

Author disgustika ( ago)
@TheNemeson So GSP's striking coach is full of shit?

Author MMAHeadhunters ( ago)
get a decent punchbag

Author Jon P ( ago)

Author KTC C ( ago)
fuk getting kicked by this guy!! blocking it would do fukal LOL mean kick!!

Author melzaren ( ago)
A brilliant display of human idiocy.

Author Inuzadrop ( ago)
lol at all the comments. Stay classy youtubers ;)

Author Moussaa 99 ( ago)
Yea it´s a tree, but most important is it was dead already

Author AL ( ago)
@MrCamcams lol

Author Jon Cardona ( ago)
A 5 second video of a guy kicking a tree has over 500,000 views. Damn.

Author alterwaz ( ago)
@ChiTownStyles If you feel pain in the muscles of your leg you are hitting
with the wrong part of your leg. This generally produces a loud slapping
noise when practicing with pads. The slap indicates that you are striking
with the wrong part of your leg, or that you hit the pad with your foot.
Desirably a loud "thud" should be heard indicating that you have struck
with your shin bone. 

Author flarewave ( ago)
@spuibrim the tree did more than just kill his mother, ha

Author Piinky oPiinkyo ( ago)
damn kick is haard

Author UnAnimus ( ago)
@xTwitchySniper84x Lol hilarious comment

Author NIVO95 ( ago)
would hate to feel those low kicks

Author DarkxAngel18 ( ago)
@xTwitchySniper84x this is like the funniest comment i have read in my life

Author alterwaz ( ago)
@halfstepdown88 None

Author poofypuffer ( ago)
@halfstepdown88 i found an old tire and wrapped it in grey duct tape..even
then its pretty intense..

Author Mike Hunt ( ago)
@halfstepdown88 if your serious, kick a tree or any object that wont break
your shin start of slow then move up then after that you should be able to
kick things with no pain

Author TJ Nelson ( ago)
@martialartsconnect How much pain should you feel when you kick something

Author Mike Hunt ( ago)
@halfstepdown88 Kick things

Author TJ Nelson ( ago)
How do you build up your shins to this point?

Author Gargah ( ago)
@xTwitchySniper84x i disliked your comment because i was shaking from
laughter lol :D

Author incdogrobber ( ago)
good training, really.

Author hazza3 ( ago)
Wheres my banana?!

Author dragoninja000 ( ago)
@MrFreakOutable Usually in Muay Thai, i guess you technically "break" your
shins but its a type of conditioning like the guy above your post said to
increase your shin's power and speed

Author shaochia vang ( ago)
@MrFreakOutable it makes it harder 

Author JezoesPatrosa ( ago)
jean claude is such an ispirational person for some people if he'd only
look op to TONG PO we would have seen him kickin concrete pilars 

Author Incorected ( ago)

Author DamnCanucks ( ago)
so brock lesnar is a gopher or some shit?

Author dragoninja000 ( ago)
its gotta be like a medium size banana tree though, not a fully grown one.

Author dragoninja000 ( ago)
@MrFreakOutable indeed, it does. with that tough stalk and all that water
taking up all the power. the power to actually knock down a banana tree
takes quite a while. But it really toughens your shins.

Author ThatBoyTLong ( ago)
@AnGobh This martial art called Bok-Fu. It's really fun. I also did Aikido
but i didn't really like it.

Author AnGobh ( ago)
@ThatBoyTLong What do you do?

Author Charlie Greenfield ( ago)

Author ThatBoyTLong ( ago)
I want to try out Muay Thai so badly. That And Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I take a
different martial art though

Author P Hawj ( ago)
for all u freaks, this is real. go try it out. lets see if u r brave and

Author Keith ( ago)

Author Keith ( ago)
@gringofreestyler BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Author Romeo Hagemann ( ago)
nice technique ! really good...

Author TIZ012 ( ago)
SHIT..out of all tree kickers this kid is actually using force and proper
technique...i wouldn't want 2 receive one of them kicks O.o

Author GodKiller97 ( ago)
@disgustika No. If you kick something that can make micro fractures in your
bone then it's not for show or self confidence. Last time I checked, banana
trees are harder than bags.

Author disgustika ( ago)
@GodKiller97 I know there is going to be pain involved, who said anything
about pain or what I could do? I'm just saying, this kicking a tree garbage
is for show and self confidence. 

Author GodKiller97 ( ago)
@disgustika Then have a vid of you kicking the biggest tree you can find
with the same force over and over and over again. If you're saying there is
going to be no pain involved, prove me wrong. Now, if you actually do this,
multiple the pain and hardness from that exercise and multiple it by, lets
say, 10.

Author disgustika ( ago)
Kicking trees is the dumbest shit - I trained with one of the best striking
coaches and he said nobody kicks trees in thailand, the bags are even
softer than north america - this is full of failure

Author Karol Fankulewski ( ago)
The tree wins

Author Dr. Conspiracy ( ago)
Beautiful technique! Kicking trees is still stupid though, even if it does
condition your shins

Author Mounir Aharchi ( ago)
I love the way he does the low kick ! pretty effective and damaging.

Author Renanjiujitsufull ( ago)
43 peoples of the greepeace dislike this vid

Author JO3haNsum ( ago)
@alegit123456 i bet u cant even kick a 1/2 inch thick branch

Author Marjorie Crabtree ( ago)
i like the part where he kicks the tree

Author honeymonster147 ( ago)
that tree was 30 feet tall an hour ago

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