Tony Robbins Warns "The Crash is Coming"

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  • NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - Financial guru Tony Robbins says plan now for what's to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come.

    "We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money," said Robbins.

    In his new book, Unshakeable, he breaks down what to do when things go bad.

    "Instead of selling, you want to stay. The stock market is the only thing that goes on sale for 50 percent off and everyone panics. A bear market is the greatest opportunity of your life. In two centuries of American history, a bear market is always followed by a bull market," said Robbins.

    Two moves to make when things go south:

    1. You have to become an owner not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone, you should own Apple (stock).

    2. Understand the power of compounding. Keeping your money in the market will lead to big returns in the long run.

    100 percent of proceeds from 'Unshakeable' will go towards Feed America.

    "We fed 100 million people last year. In this country, 47 million people go to sleep each night not knowing if they'll get a meal in the morning," said Robbins.
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  • Stevie Hayes
    Stevie Hayes 4 hours ago

    The guy wants to sell his shit book so bad, he ain't no finance guy he's a motivational speaker

  • Jerin Daniel
    Jerin Daniel 10 hours ago

    Is there anyone, who is not able to understand this😅 though what he trying to say is something very important

  • Jonas Sami
    Jonas Sami 13 hours ago

    this will never show you how to get out, it will just get you to lose another 20 dollars buying this scammer's book

  • Jonas Sami
    Jonas Sami 13 hours ago

    hey Tony, Warren Buffet never tells that, so don't do that

  • Jonas Sami
    Jonas Sami 13 hours ago

    Tony Robbins, the forgiven scammer

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 18 hours ago

    they are un happy because they are crooks and can't sleep at nights. Worried about the law catching yo with them or they are pedophilias

  • Phite Onn
    Phite Onn 21 hour ago

    I don't know about you but I'm so sick of these plastic people. Nothing more than a salesman

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 22 hours ago

    Scam artist

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 23 hours ago

    you dont have to be a financial guru to know a 20 trillion debt is bad news.... Now all buy my book so i can get rich and replace my teeth and do botox again.

  • Chris Laforest
    Chris Laforest 1 day ago

    I'm sorry it's painful and in some cases dangerous, but destroyed families won't just rebuild themselves if you bandaid them with free stuff.

    Nobody wants to see people suffering. Which is why some of us have a more nuanced view about how exactly "helping people" is achieved, and not just aimed at as if the aim were the only criteria for success.

    Gotta say though, amazing video Tony, you did a bunch of research and I love the info. Super great can't thank you enough.

  • truthseeker42 42
    truthseeker42 42 1 day ago

    My wife went to his seminar a few months ago in Dallas. The vulgar and disgusting language Robbins and his other lecturers or whatever you call them, were using made her disbelief everything that was being said. They were screaming the f word with hundreds of small children in an audience of thousands. She was disgusted and did not even finish. The language you use in communicating says quite a bit about the message you re bringing. I would advise caution when taking your children with you if you decide to attend these types of events.

    MASTER BLASTER 1 day ago

    Biggest asshole I have ever heard!

  • Ash Roskell
    Ash Roskell 1 day ago

    Hardly the most ringing endorsement, Mr Robbins. And WE KNOW that, of those 50 billionaires, Trump is NOT in that book

  • Ash Roskell
    Ash Roskell 1 day ago

    Is Trump not in that book?

  • MaxDamageTV
    MaxDamageTV 1 day ago

    Tony Robbins looks like Jaws from James Bond.

  • Mike Ciaccio - Artist

    The KING of bullshit!

  • Case Sonic
    Case Sonic 1 day ago

    @7:10 the male news anchor's mind is melted by tony's knowledge bombs and philanthropy.

  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 1 day ago

    if the crash is coming aim for two trees to slow you down Or if near water ,Drag the tail section

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 1 day ago

    i was like 10 years when i heard this bullshitter

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 1 day ago

    ok toni now the new guy is called tai lopez lol !

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 1 day ago

    buy gold and silver period!

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 1 day ago

    all this guys all bull of shit!!!

  • Harry Decker
    Harry Decker 2 days ago

    In reality, all of this talk about investing in the stock market is mumbo jumbo to the majority of people who live paycheck to paycheck. They also believe that the stock market is rigged and corrupted by fraud, manipulation, and domination. They also realize that not everyone can get rich no matter how religiously they follow the advice of financial gurus. Here's proof. It takes money to make money, so starting this year, 2017, everyone will cut back on all but the basic necessities. No movies, no restaurants, no sports games, no cable TV, no amusement parks, no snack foods, not even soda pop. Take the bus instead of buying a car. Build a tiny home instead of buying a regular home and become a minimalist. Bank all of that money you are saving with the idea of investing and turning a huge profit. Now how long do you think the economy will last when consumers stop consuming? A few months at most. Truth is, the rich depend on the poor to work for cheap wages and consume with any excess money they might have, or better yet have them get into credit card debt and become enslaved to interest payments.. Sounds like a fucked up system to me.

  • Jim Brannan
    Jim Brannan 2 days ago

    This guy is always selling something. I'm surprised people still believe him. The most dangerous thing is TO BE IN THE MARKET!! They are all crooks.

  • Heidi K.
    Heidi K. 3 days ago

    This is part of the end times scenario, the Tribulation period is right around the corner, get ready to meet our LORD in the air: accept JESUS CHRST as your personal Lord and Savior before it's too late!!!

  • Mathijs
    Mathijs 4 days ago

    No one can predict a crash. The fed or ecb have done weird things. Printing billions. Economic is rising but the interest rate is ultra low. Thats not possible.

  • nevadaxtube
    nevadaxtube 4 days ago

    "The people spoke" Ha Ha Ha! Only in America can the person who gets the most votes lose.

  • Marica Strazmester
    Marica Strazmester 4 days ago

    Thank you for this information

  • david zeff
    david zeff 4 days ago

    but you have to sell because when its a mega crash and the company goes bankrupt you lose your shares and all the money that you have invested

  • 99hoolio
    99hoolio 5 days ago

    Is this guy's face made of plastic?

  • pathnativejam
    pathnativejam 5 days ago

    all these money hungry hoes! satanic prostitutes for money and materialism! buncha white dudes acting like hoes for dollars, ova they soul! lol I LOVE IT!

  • swankrecords
    swankrecords 5 days ago

    If Tony Robbins says so then it must be true. He is number one King boffo.

  • renge99O9
    renge99O9 5 days ago

    Go to school to learn skills, go to work and practice those skills until you are better than others at them, save your money instead of handing it to bars and restaurants, buy a house and car and pay them off as fast as possible. Continue to improve and buy assets without owing interest. There's the life lesson, please buy my comment for $5.

    DICKSON PHISTHUR 5 days ago

    He's descended from Anunnaki.

  • Evan Green
    Evan Green 5 days ago

    fuck tony robbins..fucking dickhead scammer. He's been saying this same rubbish for 30 years lmao. All to peddle his bullshit copy paste books.

  • Jose Carlos
    Jose Carlos 6 days ago

    Crash is coming so hard ya'll won't afford mc Donald's. Corporate debts. Bubbbles. Too much printing by central banks. Stock markets a Ponzi scheme. Big big big crash soon...

  • shawn kindred
    shawn kindred 7 days ago

    Tony Robbins is not a "financial guru" he is a puppet for the financial elite and helps push the agenda. charming Lucifarians..

  • Izaak S'
    Izaak S' 7 days ago

    The problem that Democrats has another business agenda .... Destroy our country! They do everything and anything just after blame President. We're divided and suffering because of Those Evil people's seat there

  • Ericochico
    Ericochico 8 days ago

    tony could run for president and win

  • lul k
    lul k 8 days ago

    he looks like steve-o when he laughs

  • Barking Spider
    Barking Spider 8 days ago

    This conman thinks he's a financial expert now. Gone from walking on coals to some type of financial guru. Please. The snapping of the fingers is the conman trick he thinks is working

  • Roland Diehl
    Roland Diehl 10 days ago

    LOL - Trump's financial advice "Get a prenup"

  • fatatomicsausage
    fatatomicsausage 10 days ago

    A motivational speaker is someone who can talk all day and say nothing! Or a motivational speaker ia like the person in a gold rush who sells the shovels!

  • Tagträumer
    Tagträumer 10 days ago

    why not sell your stocks when the crash comes and then buy again when its crashed even more.

  • jerry tig
    jerry tig 10 days ago

    the most dangerous thing is to not be in the market? your masters want you locked into the system. sociopaths and psychopaths run the show and they are going to screw you and take it all.

  • Cody Geer
    Cody Geer 10 days ago

    As a trader, this advice is NOT the best way to make the most money in the markets. It is advice for people who don't want to learn about the markets, which is fine, but it is "middle-class advice". What you should do is sell BEFORE a crash, SHORT the market on the way down, and then buy back after it finishes. Why would I just watch my money lose 50% ??? Why don't people short the markets???? They don't teach this stuff in school, so people are ignorant, which is done on purpose.

  • #POWERofthe ThinkingMind

    - Thanks Tony. We'll talk soon :)

  • St. Vick
    St. Vick 10 days ago

    His voice matches the pain of his plastic surgery face...

  • mikelaw4005
    mikelaw4005 10 days ago

    How does shoving a gun in the face of a rich money changer sound? It's a risky move but I heard the pay-off is fantastic. Any advice Tony?

  • barendts
    barendts 10 days ago

    I though this guy was supposed to be positive? He must have not found his inner passion yet

  • Kim Mcguckin
    Kim Mcguckin 10 days ago


    WICKEDLEE LOOPY 11 days ago

    his success has been generated from selling genetic general advice. so let common sense prevail.

  • geegee thompson
    geegee thompson 11 days ago

    he is friends with him so how much bull shit can he sell? he did not say that when Obama was in white folks showed there true colors racist side. on Obama his wife and kids so karma really is a birch so don't expect America not to do the same to this racist idiot his wife . kids and himself is not off limits. especially when he ran for president using racist words and action and still is during racist shit America will all ways be divided I didn't like Obama or bush but I can honestly say I gate this ass hole and his entire family including his idiot kids

  • sbkpilot11
    sbkpilot11 12 days ago

    this guy is an idiot... the market is going to crash maybe 2, 6, 12, 36 mos from now.. nobody knows. What kind of stupid prediction is that? That is like saying I will eventually die...I already know that.

  • rancor1067
    rancor1067 12 days ago

    Wrong people to talk to Tony, Gold and Silver is the way Yo-Yo! Anyway tell those two Dodo's to invest everything plus her resturant too!

  • Ralph Riffle
    Ralph Riffle 13 days ago

    this guy an idiot

  • G.I. juw
    G.I. juw 13 days ago

    I want his face

  • wreck'em tech
    wreck'em tech 13 days ago

    "the crash" has already started if these guys are talking about it

  • Decebal825
    Decebal825 14 days ago

    this guy is amazing dont know what qualifications he has but who cares he is amazing

  • Mel Blaune
    Mel Blaune 15 days ago

    Tony Robbins tells you how to make money ... so HE can make money.

  • Adammrtl27
    Adammrtl27 17 days ago

    this schmuck is gonna lose peole a lot of money. ride out the coming collapse? Lulz

    he started; he mention the printing of fiat currency... he knows what's coming. this fuckers in on it.

    but people will trust him. and they'll lose everything.

    just like all those "professionals" that try and end up swan-diving out high windows.

  • dannyb1379
    dannyb1379 17 days ago

    dude on the left looks like he has something on his mind

  • TOC359
    TOC359 18 days ago

    TONY ROBBINS is a LIAR !!!

  • its me223
    its me223 19 days ago

    lol, what a asshole.

  • The Triggering
    The Triggering 19 days ago

    Predict early and often, someday you'll be right.

  • jopiejoy
    jopiejoy 19 days ago

    his teeth are unreal white

  • Michael Cuff
    Michael Cuff 19 days ago

    YEA! because the goverment and the banks are controlling the market and are robbing everyone blind! Forget about social security! I dont even know why we all still pay into it, we are not gonna be around to collect it! Believe That!

  • Willy Park
    Willy Park 20 days ago

    I made it to 1:30 and had enough......

  • GTAV DrDeath
    GTAV DrDeath 20 days ago


  • agun17
    agun17 20 days ago

    All these people saying the crash is coming should short the entire US stock market before opening their mouths.

  • john72ss
    john72ss 20 days ago

    annnnnd over 3 months later......   the stock markets still at all time highs???   lol!

  • Ron Mexico
    Ron Mexico 20 days ago

    He looks and sounds like Jaws from James Bond movies.

  • diascrive
    diascrive 20 days ago

    I agree its such a treacherous path - with the US debt - but as long as the US markets are moving sideways that is a good thing. We want no huge gains or losses - The Economic news has been very good for the US lately due to Trump. But if you are like me - we wait for the other shoe to drop. Due to the debt things could get bad very quickly.

  • jojizzle78
    jojizzle78 20 days ago

    I bought this book which is an exceptional book but I did not know all the proceeds went to charity..He deserves all the wealth he has and more.

  • Achilleas Philippides

    Bootlicker spreading misinformation for getting paid by corporations.
    The next US crash will be the last, the dollar will not come back.
    Telling people to hold to useless papers is a disaster.

  • JR
    JR 20 days ago

    I am pretty sure Tony Robbins didn't buy in 2008. He probably thought - OMG, the word is going to end, financial institutions are failing, investment banks are going under, the worst ever crash is coming, it will be bigger than the Great Depression, I am not buying at 50% discount when it's not sure if my broker will be solvable tomorrow. I will just wait it out by moving to cash. And he is still holding on to that cash... Waiting for the next crash :) He wrote the book too late, he should have written it in 2007.

  • Jean Falco
    Jean Falco 21 day ago


  • Hugo vose
    Hugo vose 21 day ago

    dumb bitch get impress by those numbers but I bet they won't do and don't know what to do with that money only support wars and destruction to gain more

  • Hugo vose
    Hugo vose 21 day ago

    so much money for what ? people are dying of hunguer no education all this wealthy people o my sponsor wars and destruction for more profits ! meaningless

  • Hugo vose
    Hugo vose 21 day ago

    my eight years old dog can predict this fall but when no body knows only the banks owners

  • Hugo vose
    Hugo vose 21 day ago

    this guy can do Herman monster movie and make more money than ever

  • Hugo vose
    Hugo vose 21 day ago

    wait you buying a electronic made believe money and you said you make profit in dollars the want that you don't want couse is gonna crash !? did you listen to yourself and make sense

  • Mike Ciaccio - Artist

    DOW 27,450 on 8/8/17 then crash Oct 20 to DOW 16,160... 30 year gann cycle

  • Mary A
    Mary A 21 day ago

    The US dollar is being artificially supported as World Reserve Currency. If not for this, the dollar would lose 70% of its value.
    All other currencies are "pegged" to the dollar. They are also "fiat" - supported by nothing tangible. A "mega-crash" is coming !
    THE GOAL: eliminate physical cash, replace it with "universal virtual credits" (computer journal entries) = "666" > "the Mark".

  • Elijah wood
    Elijah wood 21 day ago

    WOW i'm learning so much
    too bad i'm lazy as fuck so i'll remain poor

  • ExCal
    ExCal 22 days ago

    I like his info, but i owned a grip of stocks in a company that declared bankruptcy, GUESS what - I got ZERO, and they are still in business. To hell with the market casinos

  • Marked Man
    Marked Man 22 days ago

    By the time I read the book I'll miss the drop deal

  • Alpha Report
    Alpha Report 23 days ago

    Really good stuff, I just uploaded a similar video!

  • Lester freeman
    Lester freeman 23 days ago

    If you really think about it, if TR is also getting in on the action and sounding the alarm. You know shit is about to get real. I have been listening to other guys like Mike Maloney, Gerald Celente, David Morgan, Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff and others. They have been sounding the alarm for years now. They all having been saying what TR is saying, but they have been saying this since 2008.

  • Lester freeman
    Lester freeman 23 days ago

    I have been waiting and preparing for the next great crash since 2013. Forget the stock market people, food, water, self defense, gold and silver thats what you need. When the stock market crashes it's those who can weather the storm that will survive. If you really want to know it won't be just the stock market, it will also be the housing market, bond market, derivatives market and a currency crisis. It will be the perfect storm, the fed has been printing money and the debt has surpassed 20 trillion. I hope it doesn't happen, but I'm prepared are you.

  • orangedac
    orangedac 23 days ago

    Wasn't this guy pumping real estate flipping back in 2006 or so on late night infomercials? Or am i confusing him with some other shyster.

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance 23 days ago

    Apple is $100 billion in debt due to stock buybacks propping up their stock price. Bad example Tony! And they aren't the only ones doing this. The market is artificially high and a major correction is due!

  • Mark Golding
    Mark Golding 23 days ago

    The crash has been predicted since 2014. Nothing yet. These people who predicted crashes are hoaxers and morons.

  • into_ perspective
    into_ perspective 24 days ago

    Please can someone advice me a good finance/economy book in order to understand what he's talking about!!

    • orangedac
      orangedac 23 days ago

      "How to be a shyster" - Ben Bernanke, 2016

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 24 days ago

    A crash is coming but nobody knows when ????????? If nobody knows when then how do you or anyone knows it's coming. This guy is a real shyster ,he's selling a book and that's it. I hate these clueless so called geniuses.

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 24 days ago

    Simple Economic Question to Ask is 'Whatever Money is Ultimately Used, What Determines It's Value' ????

  • Barry N
    Barry N 25 days ago

    Warren Buffet is a criminal....He sets up deals behind the curtain to make his blood money. Look at Burlington Northern. He and the Obama admin. stopped the Pipeline from Canada after he bought the Railroad, all the oil was then transferred via Burlington Northern.........He is a inside trader crook..a wealthy one at that . This crash will erase all wealth as it is all digital.Tony Robbins is just pushing another book.

  • In Stasis
    In Stasis 25 days ago

    Tony Robbins, the same guy who was up in Toronto with "Pitbull" for a wealth creation seminar a few months ago saying "get into real estate and you will make a fortune". Fast forward to today, and the Canadian housing market is crashing, with the largest mortgage lender home capital insolvent and only being kept alive intravenously by robbing pension funds of billions of dollars through shady back door deals at the expense of the retirees.
    He's a greedy swindler wanting to make another quick few $ before the whole financial ponzi scheme that this worlds economy represents comes crashing down. No doubt, he is being paid by apple to sell their product even higher, but even if that's not the case, ask yourself this. Who is going to go and buy an iPhone when they can barely afford to buy food? No-one will be able to afford even the basics once the trillions of $ that the government printed for quantitative easing comes flooding back and hyper-inflation sets in. People will be taking a wheelbarrow of money to the local store to buy a loaf of bread, and if you don't believe it, look what happened in zimbabwe, venequela and somalia.
    Pull your money out of the stock market, including apple stocks and buy physical gold and silver. It is the only safe hedge against financial collapse. Unless you're holding it, you don't own it. For the first time in history, debt is in stocks, real estate, auto loans, retail and BONDS. That means the governments are going bankrupt as well when this crash happens. People are going to need to fend for themselves because there will be no safety net.

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