Tony Robbins Warns "The Crash is Coming"

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - Financial guru Tony Robbins says plan now for what's to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come.

"We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money," said Robbins.

In his new book, Unshakeable, he breaks down what to do when things go bad.

"Instead of selling, you want to stay. The stock market is the only thing that goes on sale for 50 percent off and everyone panics. A bear market is the greatest opportunity of your life. In two centuries of American history, a bear market is always followed by a bull market," said Robbins.

Two moves to make when things go south:

1. You have to become an owner not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone, you should own Apple (stock).

2. Understand the power of compounding. Keeping your money in the market will lead to big returns in the long run.

100 percent of proceeds from 'Unshakeable' will go towards Feed America.

"We fed 100 million people last year. In this country, 47 million people go to sleep each night not knowing if they'll get a meal in the morning," said Robbins.

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Author Ian H ( ago)
Wasn't Tony Robbins at the Toronto Real Estate Expo a month ago, pushing the housing market (when it has likely already peaked)?

Author Denny M556 ( ago)
Nephilim traits

Author Wandering Vagabon ( ago)
Please, would that Jewish American princess shut her FUCKING mouth for one second!💣💣💣💣💣😈

Author Wandering Vagabon ( ago)
did he just said money doesn't make you happy? it makes me puke when rich people say money doesn't make people happy. let them try living without money and theyd shoot themselves!🚨💣😈

Author Wandering Vagabon ( ago)
where did he go to buy those great big horse teeth that he has in his mouth. They are as big as Festus mule's teeth on Gunsmoke!🚨💣😈

Author Landon Thomas ( ago)
No. Both sides don't care about the normal people. Establishment Dems and republicans. Bernie Sanders should've won.

Author Rachelle Joachim ( ago)
Credit repair $89.00 dollars guaranteed

Author princess kat ( ago)
just a guy trying to sell a book that's all. i find this guy to be the most ungenuine, creepy, smiley happy freak. he just gives me the willy's. would you really want to be like this freak????

Author Tom Skilling ( ago)
Tony Robins is a fucking retard all he cares about is talking bull shit to sell his book and make more money, go to hell you fucking son of a bitch

Author NinjightNationCorp ( ago)
It makes me sick to my stomach to see some people don't see the truth about Tony..Tony is a slick talking BS machine. In one breathe he tells you something true and in the next he misleads people. He keeps them in a constant state of confusion. I bought his second to latest book and sold it without even reading all of it. He knows people are desperate for answers and he is like a cat playing with the mouse before eating it. I've watched his videos for ages and he does the same circle talk he is famous for. All paths lead to a new path that leads no where. Clearly he is very clever. The host asked him how he became a guru and he ignored her question and talked about something else. He will never tell people how he became a success. He rehearses his answers to people. All his responses sound rehearsed he probably even had them tell him what questions they were going to ask before the show. If you don't know who the chump is, it's you.

Author G christopher ( ago)
its funny how tony Robbins admires the biggest financial criminals of the century and is excited to make money of the failure and crash of others,has he ever admired anyone who wasn't a cutthroat tycoon

Author silvercrow ( ago)
Buy my book and get rich.

Author Easy Pave ( ago)
Let's not kid each other - He wrote the Book to make Money - just like all his other Books and Videos - to make Money. How many people are really going to gain from all this Bullshit - it's a fucking con !! He'll sell 2 Million Books and 10 Guys will gain something from it !! - It's just good reading for all the poor hopefulls out there.

Author jake marlow ( ago)
When you have a mouth that big, you shouldn't bleach you teeth so white. You look like a freak.

Author Paul Stanley ( ago)
Artists often do things for free to boost their profile. Even rock bands that do charity concerts see an uptick in their records sales. I think I read from memory, that after the Live Aid concerts, artists such as Queen and David Bowie sold about 500,000 albums the following week. It is no different for Tony Robbins!

Author r t ( ago)

Author DaveKarl ( ago)
Why is it.....that people HAVE to 'like' someone, in order to follow their advice?
Tony Robbins, represents knowledge. Real knowledge, experience and insight. Into both finance and the human mind. So either take that knowledge and make use of it.....or don't. You don't have to become his fan.....just use his knowledge.
What's the point of whining about him personally? What difference does it make if he's 'just doing it for the money' ? Does that make the knowledge inside the book any less valid?

Author wealthy black man ( ago)
There is no MARKET!! The feds have been manipulating stock prices!! Hyperinflation is real and it is happening slowly with about 100 commodities a month. (ex: a car headlight now cost $25-35 dollars on a store shelf) go check. banks are covering up bad money/ loans with raising prices ON EVERYTHING! !

Author irateyourvideo2 ( ago)
that guy has a gigantic head.

Author icawn ( ago)
don't fuck with Tony or you'll start chasing fat chicks

Author Truth17 ( ago)
instead of just feeding people, give them some training with that food so they can support themselves down the road

Author Organic CBD ( ago)
Anyone that would like to replace the dollar with LBMA certified 24k gold bullion go look into karatbars gold.will leave my link below

Author peter oneil ( ago)
Tony and his big fat Billionaire buddies run hedge funds. And they want -- yur money so they can charge u fees $$. Kachingo !

Author Rudi Wynants ( ago)
Hes a plastic cyborg!!

Author johnnnewmex ( ago)
Buying during market downturns is always good advice. But not as good advice as slow steady savings over many years.

Author Ramesh Hansa Ravendra ( ago)
If anyone wants to know what to do in the event of a crash, read James Rickards.

Author Tadgh ÓCéirín ( ago)
just another fucking snake oil /used car salesman

Author Unlock Your Life ( ago)

Author Justin Sagen ( ago)
Hey Tony! Quit your yappin and run for president. You've got to start getting ready the time is coming...

Author peter oneil ( ago)
Mr Saint Paul to the Romans.. I urge you brothers and sisters to watch out for those who create dissensions and obstacles, in oppositions to the teaching I have learned, avoid them ! For such people do not serve our Lord Jesus but their own appetites, and by fair and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the innocent. I want u to be wise to what is good, and simple to what is evil, then the God of Peace will quickly crush Satan beneath your feet. The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with u. -- there !! Top that !

Author andrew jackson ( ago)
this guy is a con man He was just in toronto telling people to borrow money from friends and relatives to buy realstate

Author nana kala ( ago)
Its coming soon. Crash the house market. PLEASE GOD.

Author William Fields ( ago)
Another thief in a suit, if you listen he is exaggerating on the numbers. 8% 10 years is not twice as much.
still this isn't the kinda bear market you wanna be apart of everything is over valued. why pay a premium on shares when everyone, EVERYONE is running. let that shit drop 80% at least then you'll have your bull market.

Author Anoni Mous ( ago)
This sucker is in on it, don't listen to him...👆🏽 Just short the fucking US market right now if you want to make money 💰

Author Juan Gallardo ( ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger without steroids.

Author Oliver Denker ( ago)
Tony Roberts is a financial expert now? lol.

Author jackgoldman1 ( ago)
# 1 new york times best seller? Adolph Hitler was New York Times man of the year in 1939. No big deal. What is right for me? That is what mattes.

Author jackgoldman1 ( ago)
The one per cent prey on the 99%. Wall Street preys on Main Street. Robbins preys on the 99%. It's all a scam. No billionaire has ever worked a day in their life. Wall Street is a predator on Wall Street using counterfeit currency and lending ten times deposits. Wall Street lends at 4% and collects 40%. Wall Street lends at 24% and gets 240%. Scam.

Author jackgoldman1 ( ago)
The "market". Dow stock index was 995 silver dollars in 1966 and 995 silver dollars in 2016. It's a counterfeiting currency market bubble, a total scam. Save in silver and gold not in stocks and bonds. Wall Street is a scam, a counterfeit currency market bubble.

Author Samuel Denton ( ago)
I think everybody now can become a financial expert. Several of his points about market returns were just flat wrong. I know he means well his intentions are well, but you can't tell a person who is retired to not worry about you losing 30% of your retirement and then they are also using that money for income and just hold on the market will come back and you earn that money back. That is definitely not Truth and this does more harm than good. I like Tony Robbins, but this does not work for everybody.

Author Big Guns ( ago)
He sounds like a snake oil salesmen.

Author Katherine Caruso ( ago)
OMG Happy Birthday Tony! Thank you for having him on here.

Author Agus Santoso ( ago)
selling fear

Author Matanumi ( ago)
holy shit he was 25 when he did personal power?

god damn I feel far behind. This dude is truly a unique gem to the world- not just merica

btw I read both money master and unshakable. unshakable seems to sum it up much better in a shorter format, although money master has good principles as well.

Author Denise Simpson ( ago)
I wouldn't allow my DOG to listen to Tony Robbins.

Author Youtube University ( ago)
Hints for greedy basterds.

Author Eric Erickson ( ago)
Tony, you are the best. Your book is horrible.

Author Rebecca Vocal Athlete ( ago)
hey can't wait to see you soon sir Robbin's!!

Author Aris Totle ( ago)
He just said "the FEDS round the world are printing money" lol

Author SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( ago)
Buffett sold everything in 1969 and closed his partnership. He didn't get back until 1974 - the largest bear market snice 1932-35. Don't be fooled.

Author SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( ago)
Fear is not when you sell. You need a panic buy time.

Author Mike Johnson ( ago)
Great that Tony is helping people. ....? He doesn't realize that when people " cleanup " during an economic crash...all of those winnings come from money losses of other people. These "winners" , & the stock market is a wide / lose game. It creates people Tony "feeds" 100 million people...he means he gives them one or two meals. That's a bandaid. AND endorsing the stock market, Hillary, "W" Bush, & Trump, is completely despicable. Tony is skilled , he isn't wise. Any reasonably emotionally awake person, can see those 3 are immoral, greedy, immature, warts on the ass of society. I'm disgusted at Tony here. Terrible.

Author udrichie ( ago)
Tony is awesome - gotta get that book!

Author Escape Felicity ( ago)
"The Crash is Coming"
Must be a bleedin' genius

Author Marc Dool ( ago)
love tony robbins but it pains me greatly that he would give Fox news the time of day. he doesn't need the money.

Author PIEPIE ( ago)
click bait.

Author Joshua Gomez ( ago)
fucking banana hands Tony Robbins over here...

Author Gort Newton ( ago)
Far, far too many words to describe simple concepts.... this is tedious.

Author Kay Kay ( ago)
the crash is coming, that part is true. just like he said "it's very artificial" meaning the banking powers to be are manipulating our economy for their benefit.

Author Matthew Holden ( ago)
The money's going to charity. It's difficult to criticize the guy.

Author Website guy ( ago)
He is on the a list of rich people. That's bad.

Author Website guy ( ago)
He gets a tax deduction from his donations.

Author Allen Smith ( ago)
For the life of me i can't see why anyone would have a single problem with one word that this man spoke, from my vantage point he was spot on.

Author Christopher Childress Sr ( ago)
She asks some VERY GOOD questions! 😄 Take heed!

Author darkpill ( ago)
Carl Icahn is a fucking idiot.

Author HashimTheDream ( ago)
He's interviewing the same crooks who robbed America in 2008.

Author HashimTheDream ( ago)
Crock of SHIT.

Author Kathryn Harrold ( ago)
I love Tony. His free videos on YT are like my personal coach and I value his thoughts so much!  I don't care how much he feels he needs to prep his appearance for our crazy high-def TV's now, he is a hero and a beautiful person to millions of lives.

Author Billy TheKidd ( ago)
He has fake teeth.

Author T.W. M. ( ago)
Well, Jeffery, go puke, because here is another negative comment. And it is not directed to Monsieur Robbins - it is directed to the liars he interviewed... HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ANY PUNDIT RECOMMEND SHORTING THE MARKET???!!! If you shorted the corrections you would belong to the biggest winners on the planet. If you don't know why, well, I guess you never will.

Author Lebogang Nthite ( ago)
This guy is friends with Market Gurus that most of negative market noodles here aspire to become. He helps people to build Million Dollar companies. He's not a market expert and this is not what he's trying to be in this book. He's giving you clues to what happens behind the dark market shadows.

Author DontTestTheX ( ago)
This guy talks too much, and is extremely irritating. Moreover he talks utter shite.

Author DontTestTheX ( ago)
Listening to this guy talk about "the coming crash" and selling his book to "help protect" against "the coming crash" makes me extremely bullish on the market.

Author Sabatino Zirolla ( ago)
this video confirms dow will keep climbing while the average american will "crash".

Author d4t4n0n u53r ( ago)
"Whats your take on DT?" Says the guy with a rainbow tie...Shit Kayne recommends getting a prenump. Marriage is a lottery ticket for women, ask any man who's given millions to the ex.

Author Bad Apple L ( ago)
He was Bill Clinton's coach

Author Bad Apple L ( ago)
I watched his a few years ago, he said the same crush thing. When did he become a financial expert? Does anyone know when the market crush?

Author lranieri1 ( ago)
he's a special kind of special!

Author citi24 ( ago)
ppl still listen to toni rabbits lol. fukin. morons hes never right

Author hartbroslivestock ( ago)
One wrong step on the edge of the grand canyon and its your last .This is not average times Tony .There's allot of dead optimistic bull riders / broke gamblers in Vegas.

Author Darrell Shore ( ago)
I think he may know what he is talking about. they say he is worth half a billion dollars!

Author David Patrick ( ago)
you only live once

Author Attila Vidacs ( ago)
Tony Robbins is good at spinning shit with that big mouth and fake teeth, it's his job and has made him a multi millionaire.

Author CycleCruza ( ago)
Invest in the market, hold for long term and you will make gains. There I saved you the cost of buying his book. lol

Author Don ( ago)
Nobody is wealthier than me. I have everything, money, large hands, and the best hair.

Author Chris Kozak ( ago)
I love Anthony Robbins. He is my role model. More power to you Mr. Robbins & God bless you more for helping & feeding our poor citizens. Thanks for posting this awesome vid.🙏🏽👍🏽

Author Pat Morrison ( ago)
He sounds like the voice changer criminals use when making criminal phone calls

Author Eon Lee Music ( ago)
Why were his lips so pink, it almost looked like he had lipstick on lol. Anyways I love that guy!

Author jose garrido ( ago)
buy,buy,buy, that Lamborghini

Author Mandingo Warrior ( ago)
If you invested 10k in the s&p500, 10k in the Dow, and 10k in the Nasdaq in March of 1998 you'd be up like 1% a year.

Author Rusty Shackleford ( ago)
this guy should be in JAIL

Author teycir bensoltane ( ago)
In practice when you see your life savings get cut in half, you sell.

Author redtroika ( ago)
IF staying in cash makes a saver loose money for doing nothing, then why get paid in US dollars? If the value of US dollars drops over time, then it's a fake currency, a fraud. Demand to get paid in real money, not fake currency and watch what happens to the fake juiced up stock market and all markets manipulated by money printing (QE) and manipulated low interest rates (ZIRP).

Author Steve Cunningham ( ago)
this guy could sell ice to the Eskimos

Author alpha centauri ( ago)
A Star Child!

Author accountant guy ( ago)
Hi guys! I have a video on my c hannel which goes through the many warning signs of a housing bubble in detail.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Author B J_a_x ( ago)
8 people own the same as 3.6 billion people as it is today, that means the 3.4 billion people are scrabbling for the 92% of what is left.

Author Easy life ( ago)
That's dumb as hell what he Said
Why not wait until the market crashes then by out every thing for cheap, unless he's not telling us something maybe like hyperinflation

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