Tony Robbins Warns "The Crash is Coming"

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - Financial guru Tony Robbins says plan now for what's to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come.

"We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money," said Robbins.

In his new book, Unshakeable, he breaks down what to do when things go bad.

"Instead of selling, you want to stay. The stock market is the only thing that goes on sale for 50 percent off and everyone panics. A bear market is the greatest opportunity of your life. In two centuries of American history, a bear market is always followed by a bull market," said Robbins.

Two moves to make when things go south:

1. You have to become an owner not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone, you should own Apple (stock).

2. Understand the power of compounding. Keeping your money in the market will lead to big returns in the long run.

100 percent of proceeds from 'Unshakeable' will go towards Feed America.

"We fed 100 million people last year. In this country, 47 million people go to sleep each night not knowing if they'll get a meal in the morning," said Robbins.

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Author King Lear ( ago)
46 million on EBT.

Author King Lear ( ago)
The stock market is being gamed by the Wall Street criminals.

Author Gerald A. Pimpleton ( ago)
poor people always say the same thing..."It's a scam".

Author Wheels65 ( ago)
Well lets take 4 Trillion dollars of Fed money out of the market and see how people would have made money out of that! And then add 20 Trillion of debt and 200 trillion of unsure debt and world debt which is out of this world. The man never talked about that!

Author Monde Tuba ( ago)
How much should I invest in my teeth, Tony?

Author SuperfIy Honky ( ago)
Wow this fella is a dude. To give all the money from the book to feed the hungry in America is honourable. Nice one dude

Author peter oneil ( ago)
I'm Chained to Jesus. He handcuffed me. Google it. When God chains u to himself. That is it. Yuv won !:-). But even the church needs money. God loves Hard Work. And He loves to take care of his children. Get into the church. Be holy. Don't Sin !! Ever. And God will take care of u just fine $ do u doubt the Power of God ?

Author Emma T ( ago)
c'mon Tony, stop abusing botox, you start looking scary!!!

Author peter oneil ( ago)
I am 100% with him on feeding the poor and hungry ! Good for Him. Tony does a lot lot of good ! Jesus is Pleased with that. I'm very very very close to Jesus. He loves the poor ! There is people starving to Death. And then there's these richest of the rich with houses that cost tens of Millions. - they gonna answer to Thee Most High !

Author peter oneil ( ago)
He's promoting himself. And his billionaire hedge fund buddies to get u to give them your money so they can Charge u Fees ! The end. :-)

Author Derelect5 ( ago)
There are no markets and that's the real truth. Asset prices are digitally controlled by the banking cartel and Wall Street. The central banks will create the selloff when they are good and ready, but you can be assured that any crash will not be initiated by a so called "Market". The coming trend is supporting alternative money and markets. That is how mother market will have her way in a money and market system overcome by digital corruption. Bitcoin will lead the way regardless, because of a growing distrust of digital fiat.

Author Curtis Figuried ( ago)
Well he does do good for people.
I agree, people are so negetive because they are broke and don't quite understand the strategy.
I'm in the same boat and struggling to learn the system.
Also, Tony's credibility is on the line and he will have to eat it if he's lying.
Although I don't understand how he can even relate to any of our politicians but hey, I guess he's on the level and can talk. A gift I don't completely possess.

Author Robb's Homemade Life ( ago)
I love Tony Robbins. He has spent a lifetime inspiring others to see their potential and increase their health and happiness in life.

Author Ces Tem ( ago)

Author Scott ( ago)
Fox news treats it's audience like mushrooms, keeps them in the dark and feeds them shit.

Author JT P ( ago)
The only thing that's artificial is his tan. If you wrote a book and give it to us for free then maybe I would believe you. he is probably some obama ass kissing tool anyway.

Author Michelle Ellis ( ago)
This Jack ass said the same thing along time ago and he was wrong

Author Ben Neill ( ago)
Tony Robbins has inspired me to start a Facebook page to help others. If you'd like to check it out it's called "Success Trigger" nothing to sell you, no clickbait to lure you into. Just pure aid by inspiration. Have a great day everyone.

Author Baby Leo ( ago)
notice when Robbins says about being upset that they cut the foodstamp program, fox changed the subject really quick.

Author john crawford ( ago)
how to make a shit load of money!...scare the hell out of sheaple by saying the market is going to crash and sell a book about it!!...smh!!....theres a sucker born every minute!!!

Author sam Mac ( ago)
its inevitable the crash wi come ...they create war to reset the system. ..USA are in trillions and trillions of debt, but those of you who dont live on the real world keep thinking everythings ok lol

Author kerry mcinnis ( ago)
Don't listen to Tony Robbins, you need to sell high, and buy low. It's a proven Rothschild strategy going back to the battle of Waterloo between England, and France.

Author Camille Marie ( ago)
God bless this man, his positivity and his kindness.

Author Andrew Thomas ( ago)
Take anything to its extreme and bad things happen. Capitalism has its place but it is not the silver bullet to solve all problems that many of our niave leaders think it is. The GFC, Brexit, Trump and the return of far righr politics to Europe are all signs that pure capitalism is as flawed as pure socialism. There will be a brutal reckoning, followed by a rebalance given our simplistic application of current economic policy.

Author Rachel Maxwell ( ago)
I think he got a face lift....

Author Nellie Rutten ( ago)
Just kill the privately held and corrupt manipulating Zionist FED and we can all win, this Robbins is just an opportunist playing the corrupt game telling you to join the scammers instead of ending the scam.

Author Lee Sakesushihentai ( ago)
all the top economists have already predicated that sometime between 2018 and 2020, there's gonna be another massive market collapse. :/ people just don't pay attention until after. same thing was happening before the recession in 2008.

Author Nellie Rutten ( ago)
The FED which isn't federal neither do they have reserves know what will happen and they exploit the booms and busts they create by turning up or down the credit supply, because what they print is not money it's debt aka credit. We should end the federal system, go more local and turn our back from globalism which is only promoted to cancel out individual rights and countability of governments which are by definition corrupt as they have always been. Just hope more people will learn how to resist this corruption and propaganda mind manipulation after the collapse when the opportunists gravy train has crashed. Plus people have to wake up to the influence by secret societies and elitism not just in banking and politics but also within the media from movies to publishers, religion, military, police etc. and the fake oppositions they run to divide and conquer.
And Tony is just another opportunist, telling people to become an owner, this leveraged corrupt system of fakery by laws and contract is just another slave system, just more advanced. He distracts from the fact that interest and those who charge it is mathematically impossible to repay without trashing other people, the interest is the scam that makes the rich rich get richer by the year since it's a fraud that can't be repaid. They always give you this pipe dream, in this case the guy that earned $14.000,- and retired with seventy million and gave away half, how nice of an NLP story that is, well people don't believe the hype. The people To y mingles with are the ones that bought and own government, made everything federal aka private, all the resources and for instance the former public parks are now all federal which is a private occult fascist run company system. The city of D.C. Is a actually a foreign occupier and a private city state controlled by freemasonry which serves as the glove for the elitist hidden hand controlling it aka the old money, slavers and elitist. An evolution of civil disobedience is needed to turn away from a violent revolution. Not everyone is asleep at the wheel, a lot of people are aware of the institutionalize fraud and they will not accept the theft by bankers and tax exempt Masonic owned Fortune 500 companies. That's probably why as the crisis is looming again they are trying to distract us with war, civil and global. Gonna be an interesting time and I'm not gonna participate or pay for the wars and it's consequences or now. Or ever F... that.

Author Paul Pena ( ago)
Hehe, like Gordon Gecko said, "You're either on the inside or you're on the outside..."

Author Dextera Domini ( ago)
The edited out the part where Tony Robbins makes a Monster Face and says "I will eat the Crash"

Author Cheryl Miller ( ago)
ppl lose money in the market all the time! he is saying you will not lose unless you invest. Yeah until all the money is gone!
bad advice

Author Code Connection ( ago)
Bullshit man. The best information is figured out by the smart and not broadcast. I have news for most of you. You are probably going to lose huge and there is nothing you can do about it. So the best message for most of you is to learn to live with very little and accept life as it is. Be happy with what you have, you will probably lose huge. For most of you, you cannot have it all, the MSM does people a huge disservice by saying if you are smart you can have it all. Some of you are genetically not wired for high intelligence and cannot be smarter. We are born with a maximum capacity for intelligence and that is different for everybody. The best people will make the best decisions in life. That is the way it always will be. If everybody had a million dollars then a loaf of bread would cost 200 grand. So trust me you do not want everybody to have a million dollars. I would suggest, if you have the capacity for high intelligence then pursue it. If not then do what you can do and be as great as you can be within your own limitations. If you are unsure then seek help.

Author Jim Deecken ( ago)
Financial guru? LOL His teeth are remarkable though. I recall when he did infomercials about sleeping in a bathtub. So we have to give him credit for being successful at playing American idiots.

Author SeventhOne ( ago)
1:45 the giuy looks like a loon

Author William Hodge ( ago)
Financial Guru lol you must be kidding - stick to your core skills Tony.

Author draco-draco ( ago)
BS - Mark Cuban says diversifying is for idiots

Author TEAM6USA ( ago)
His head is equal the size of Mars....

Author Christian Metatron ( ago)
A motivational speaker talking about financial investments lol. That's like a comedian selling health insurance. pure comedy.

Author Nicky Nada ( ago)
That face and teeth...why?

Author Wolfgang Amadeus ( ago)
The office is bigger than the occupant - very good

Author Nick Eberle ( ago)
Tony has been doing way to much HGH trying to slow down his aging. Starting to get way out of proportion.

Author Clayton Bouldin ( ago)
I that lipstick Tony is wearing?

Author Brad Bingham ( ago)
Click bait title we can expect from major media. Very awesome Tony and to all the naysayers, sit down until your next book feeds 100 million people.

Author Kapil Gogia ( ago)
Hard to believe when there is so much food here in the US when you compare it to other countries out there. Food banks every night are throwing away the food coz they don't know what to do with it

Author John Hook ( ago)
The ones with nothing to lose will rule over the greedy once the dust settles, bring on the crash and watch the planet cry out in joy as we learn how to live amongst nature and family with the incredible freedom of a cashless powerless society. Ahh that's the dream....

Author Old School Rider ( ago)
Elegant insights... thank you for sharing these concepts. Fan of Mr Robbins from Personal Power days.

Author Dwayne Crumity ( ago)
GO TONY! You the best!!

Author stillbreathing37 ( ago)
True, the elite lets you build a base. Then they steal everything except just enough to allow you to stay in the markets just long enough til' the next robbery. Suckers!

Author William McMichael ( ago)
I was skeptical. I was wrong. His advice is solid.

Author Holman Garcia ( ago)
wake up American. just give your life to JESUS CHRIST and don't worry GOD'S spiritual world is perfect, where you going when you die.?

Author tyler lewis ( ago)
great, this moron who is stating an obvious fact which most people already know especially those who invest wants us to buy a book which I assume is his way of making money rather then investing lol

Author Ednan Manasra ( ago)
When did a good magician reveal his secret ?! From Mr . Buffet to all the permanent wall street club members will give some clues , little fish careful swimming close to the sharks your food to them unless you willing to lean and move fast good luck :) .

Author MCG- KOOL ( ago)
stock market was good 90's on back now you sucker if you investing now; it's a scam to make the rich get even richet

Author Griffon Dahrk ( ago)
he's so pissed that she's holding his book backwards

Author Jer in Wis ( ago)
After his first book Tony has become extremely full of himself. Time to go back to selling used cars.

Author GOON CRUSHA ( ago)
It's not about what you know but who you know.

Author TucoChannel ( ago)
What I want to know is: Does his face melts if he stands too close to a microwave?He is as real as Joe Biden.

Author sjiodfuw3344 ( ago)
Many moons ago I used to respect this dude, but he's a phony.

Author Jaysen Jacinto ( ago)
Atleast hes trying yo motivate people to learn how to invest which most schools dont even teach. I would ask for people that dont see eye to eye with the mans opinion, put up your tax forms

Author Bob Patel ( ago)
Fake News! Dollar Cost Averaging, Index Funds, and Diversification are the ONLY winning strategy (except for dumb luck).

Author nuffsed ( ago)
both sides care about america?

wtf? what planet does he live on?

Author Rod Norris ( ago)
Well if you can't trust a guy who fell into the motivational speaker scam by working for a motivational speaker, who can you?

Already done pitching the ph balance water scam Tony?

Author Fitzgerald Mistral ( ago)
"The CRASH is coming" "It happens ALL THE TIME" <<-- That's what happens when you are ruled by a bunch of private banksters.

Author Hugecannonballs ( ago)
this guy's pituitary gland is working overtime. Dude has a voice of a 9 footer!

Author William Daniels ( ago)
Looking at the outfit of the guy on the left (especially the tie) I thought it was an interview from the 90's :) :) :)

Author Datsizer ( ago)
can someone Explain Bitcoin to me please.

Author Daniel Bjorndahl ( ago)
rule 1 don't lose money
rule 2 don't forget rule 1

Author TheLetter Kills ( ago)
Tony Robbins is the best deceiver ever, since all his deception comes from being "genuine" lol

Author TheLetter Kills ( ago)
he's just scaring people into buying his book. what an evil guy

Author dojufitz ( ago)
You know its a bubble when the janitor is calling a crash!

Author satmatz ( ago)
He's not wrong... But this is all common sense. He's just regurgitating the same things Warren Buffett has said for over 30 years now. But now that he says it, it's unbelievable and he's such a genius. If you can't see that we are in an over inflated market, you're living under a rock and anyone with the slightest education in finance or economics should have the common sense to admit that the market will crash at some point. This isn't smart, just factual and now he's selling a book on the topic that tens of books before it have already explained.

Author EuroSpeed ( ago)
8 years without one
Thx Obama.. We miss u Sir

Author Adalene Alicea ( ago)
I like the guy but is he a smoker? I hope he doesn't narrate his audio books...

Author pssst3 ( ago)
The crash will be following his jaw reduction surgery.

Author Maria Rocco ( ago)
his comment on Trump "the office is bigger than the occupant" is spot on.

Author E Rodriguez ( ago)
The crash is coming.......might as well but my money under the mattress....

Author hsk8787 ( ago)
Everyone fucking knows the crash is coming. The market is cyclical. Duh. This guy hasnt said anything out of common sense.

Author James-Euro Bond ( ago)
wtf, those teeth :o

omg. so he wants the people while it's crashing to lay the cornerstones of the next crash. The financial markets have gone crazy due to un-regulation. They have to be put back where they belong: A service (not a money printing tool for egomanics) to get the capital owners and companies together so that they can INVEST and thus hire more people etc.

But okay, if enough self centered people would follow him, we would see a forced end very soon. A real crash.

Author Mc Thruthseeker ( ago)
Biggest head in the world...
Saw the documentary on him...seems like a great, smart guy.

Author Delia De Jesus ( ago)
I appreciate Tony because he isn't giving financial advice. He is showing us a way to increase one's income in a series of different ways. The best way to learn about companies is to do your research. Go to the company, talk to the board and management team. Get to know who the top people are, how they live, and how they treat their employees. Check out their business in the news. Look for good times, bad times, and everything in-between. There is NO magic Financial Bullet .... Thank you Tony for doing what others won't. :)

Author RandellRandell Randell ( ago)
TONY ROBBINS.... WOW! Fake Phoney Fraud!! Very dissapointed! Mr. Positive energy... Mr. Positive thought... Big faker!! Might as well be Gene Simmons.. doing or saying whatever to CASH IN, At any risk!!! Shameless!! The thing that Robbins doesn't account for is New Millionaires paying into the tax system since Nov 2017... billions in tax payments and growing Most of the bridges and in this country are in need of replacement and it will get done! Sound market investments are in Steel, Ford, other construction and commercial equipment. ALSO!!! Hemp and Medical Marj. are just scratching the service on products that will drastically and very affordably improve American and environmental living. This is an exceptional time for life and living! This country can be in great shape soon with proper management! I forgive you Tony because I have a loving heart but I will no longer be looking in. Thanks for the icebaths T

Author revir Lopez ( ago)
the real question is: when did Tony Robbins became a crook?

Author Bella Luna ( ago)
People talk crap on Tony Robbins but this man is work $500 million dollars. He's not a motivational speaker, he's a financial adviser.

Author Intuition ( ago)
omg his make up is horrendous !

Author LunarX ( ago)
People who bash what he's saying probably bash climate change.

Author Sigmund Q. Freud ( ago)
If his book is cheaper than toilet paper screw it, Im in.

Author Frederik Volkers ( ago)

Author Dave Cobb ( ago)
Tony is Real!

Author luciu constantin ( ago)
what the hell does he know about markets ?
he is a guru who sells dreams for desperate people
motivational industry is full of s***

Author Richard Haz ( ago)
So is the end of the world zzzzzzzzzzz

Author Mitch Weissman ( ago)

Author johnnyguitar2929 ( ago)
He actually knows what he is talking about. I work at a hedge fund and did similar analyses that he mentioned about missing the 20 best trading days. The people that he interviews for financial advice and books are some of the most successful business people in the world. All the profits from the book are going to charity to help feed those in need. He is for real.

Author cyang02 ( ago)
Read the book first before you make any stupid comments. You might find it free to read at public libraries or at bookstores. He has wrote many financial books and interview lots of financial experts to know what he is talking about. Plus anyone can become an expert in a couple of years of study especially a guy like him who is so smart.

Author Luis Lacerda ( ago)
bullshit... his working for soros man!! lol its a conspiracy to sell books about other books on how to buy his books...

Author Inthe Garbage ( ago)
He has a sickness where his body produses to mutch growth hormone, thats why he looks like jaws.

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