Radulov's OT goal lifts Habs past Rangers in Game 2

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  • Haterswillhateme4er

    That Weber push lol 3:47

  • pokemon kings
    pokemon kings 2 months ago

    go montreall

  • MCV Guide
    MCV Guide 2 months ago

    real fans watched this video 100 times lol

  • Daniel Tate
    Daniel Tate 2 months ago

    Pacioretty. Shooting. Scramble. Scores!

  • lasercookie Gaming
    lasercookie Gaming 2 months ago

    Go Go Blues

  • Rocko DSS
    Rocko DSS 2 months ago

    What a game that was.

  • Christopher Britt
    Christopher Britt 2 months ago

    None of these teams is going to the Stanley Cup, so nothing series

  • LEGO MAN 5000
    LEGO MAN 5000 2 months ago

    Hope the Habs win this round

    MR NEW YORK 2 months ago

    im a rangers fan

  • Brandon Fletcher
    Brandon Fletcher 2 months ago

    Good job habs this playoffs is lookng good for the Canadians this year GO HABS GO!!!

  • Marcus B
    Marcus B 2 months ago

    without pk subban and having a old coach montreal has n9 chance

  • Joe Nohra
    Joe Nohra 2 months ago

    I'm from Montreal I admit the habs are the luckiest team ever

    SPACE POTATO 2 months ago

    Habs suck.

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      Still better than the rangers

      SPACE POTATO 2 months ago

      *Go Bolts!!!*

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      Rangers suck

    • My3dviews
      My3dviews 2 months ago

      They were first in their division.  Totally dominated this game, especially in overtime.

  • CareyPrice_31
    CareyPrice_31 2 months ago

    You don't win often with 58 shots against. I don't care if it's Carley or henrik in net. Jesus

  • NSIEGS94
    NSIEGS94 2 months ago

    As a Habs fan, I've gotta hand it to Lundqvist. He played an amazing game, and really stood on his head.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 months ago

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  • Plouffy Woochie
    Plouffy Woochie 2 months ago

    beaulieu is so fuckin terrible

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      Better than nesterov that's for sure but i would trade beaulieu anyday

  • Jett Tokiwa
    Jett Tokiwa 2 months ago

    Love the habs but props to Lundqvist for 54 saves

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 2 months ago

    As a rangers fan this is frustrating but gg Montreal you guys played harder and tougher. We need to figure it out at MSG

  • Cohen O'brien
    Cohen O'brien 2 months ago

    When Montreal scored the 3 and 4 goal we both jumped so high

  • wyatboak833 BRO
    wyatboak833 BRO 2 months ago

    Go canadians

  • The Woodpecker
    The Woodpecker 2 months ago

    Holden is such a jerk broke his stick on another player than pushed him
    Im glad the puck bounced off him and went in i hooe he is sorry for what he did
    Im not a Montreal fan by the way

    • Stephie Meow Meow
      Stephie Meow Meow 2 months ago

      I'm a Rangers fan and agree completely. Instant karma.

  • 11 16
    11 16 2 months ago

    Paul romanuks best game who agrees

  • IJ Houde
    IJ Houde 2 months ago

    Thanks to the slash by #22 Holden at 3:46 on Pleky, without it there's no goal.

  • OP Shan
    OP Shan 2 months ago

    58 SHOTS???

  • TheHumanComa
    TheHumanComa 2 months ago

    Montreal had 58 shots on goal? That's insane. They owned overtime!

    • Nisaxo13
      Nisaxo13 2 months ago

      TheHumanComa oh yea they did idek what happened to the rangers they just fell apart and left Henrik to do all of the work ,, Henrik played insane and kept carrying the team nonstop. So did Price ,, he played amazing as well. See you in game 3! #LGR 💙❤

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 2 months ago

    They were lucky to win. Habs have got to do way better than this.

    • Martin Latour
      Martin Latour 2 months ago

      you obviously haven't watched the game.

    • Jimini GaminG
      Jimini GaminG 2 months ago

      sweiland75 yes we only have like 55 shots we probably have to do 100 shots par game lol

  • Sora Blank
    Sora Blank 2 months ago

    I'm proud of you Habs fans
    you believe in your team until the .cheer more than ever

  • Ryan Deitch
    Ryan Deitch 2 months ago

    Lundqvist was playing great to be able to keep the Rangers in the game despite facing nearly 60 shots!

  • Omar Albarghouty
    Omar Albarghouty 2 months ago

    Great job Canadiens! The hope of reaching the next round has been brought back. Allons-y!

  • yotta93 meister
    yotta93 meister 2 months ago

    Rangers have one cup since WWII

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      Really? I thought they won more than one since ww2

  • AcidityWormhole
    AcidityWormhole 2 months ago

    As a Habs fan I just have this feeling that the Rangers will win the series because we always flunk in the playoffs. Lets hope we don't flunk out this time.

    • My3dviews
      My3dviews 2 months ago

      +CosmicPegasus   The last 10 cups came with at least 12 teams.   In many of the Early years of the NHL there were more than 6 teams (some years up to ten) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_organizational_changes_in_the_NHL

    • CosmicPegasus
      CosmicPegasus 2 months ago

      My3dviews most their cups came when the league had 6 teams

    • My3dviews
      My3dviews 2 months ago

      You must have a short memory.  2014 they won the first two rounds.  2015 they beat Ottawa in the first round.   Plus they won the most Stanley cups of any team.  You must be thinking of the Leafs.  LOL

  • Gh0stBustaz11
    Gh0stBustaz11 2 months ago

    Penalty should have been called on Weber for cross-checking Grabner!!! It was BOTH a crosscheck AND interference.

    • PooseUnpoose
      PooseUnpoose 2 months ago

      The Refs were unfair to both teams in this game...

    • ThatEmeraldGamer
      ThatEmeraldGamer 2 months ago

      Gh0stBustaz11 he had the puck so no interference but maybe a cross check

  • Deadpool MC
    Deadpool MC 2 months ago

    LETS GO HABS!!!!

  • Ani
    Ani 2 months ago

    Couldn't watch the Pens and Blue Jackets last night, so I watched this. Wasn't disappointed at all, a great dramatic game.

  • Mystical Chicken
    Mystical Chicken 2 months ago


  • Gabriel Létourneau
    Gabriel Létourneau 2 months ago

    told u rangers fan....

  • Wen Yi Zhang
    Wen Yi Zhang 2 months ago

    One of the most intense games i saw in my life. If you think there's a better building in the NHL than the Centre Bell, then you're a moron.

    • Flender
      Flender 2 months ago

      Barclays Center is the best

    • Walltaps
      Walltaps 2 months ago

      Nisaxo13 Your MSG had no atmosphere last night this place is dead.

    • Wen Yi Zhang
      Wen Yi Zhang 2 months ago

      Lol just ask players all around the league where is their favorite place to play and you'll get the truth

    • Morse Code
      Morse Code 2 months ago

      I've seen more intense. PIT vs. CBJ game 4. PIT leads 3-0, Columbus wins it 3-4 in overtime.

  • Habs4ever2900
    Habs4ever2900 2 months ago

    Weber was great

  • TMLSlapshot87
    TMLSlapshot87 2 months ago

    Shea Webber did not give two fucks this game lol

    • My3dviews
      My3dviews 2 months ago

      If he puts the puck in the net, or sets up goals that's all I care about.

    • TMLSlapshot87
      TMLSlapshot87 2 months ago

      My3dviews I mean when it can to being physical

    • My3dviews
      My3dviews 2 months ago

      What?   He hit the crossbar and the goal post.  Could have had two goals.

  • Sports Guy46
    Sports Guy46 2 months ago

    Really New York had that one 17 seconds and Montreal scored come on and then in overtime oh man why did Montreal have to score

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      And they dominated the ot

    • Ahmed El
      Ahmed El 2 months ago

      Sports Guy46 loll

    • ibotibo
      ibotibo 2 months ago

      Sports Guy46 Because they're a better team

  • Coleman Grunau
    Coleman Grunau 2 months ago

    Fire ROMANUK he is ear rape

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones 2 months ago

    i have been to that rink and those fans are LOUD at the bell center go habs big game on tomorrow happy easter. there is no better fans then the haps fans

  • David pistono
    David pistono 2 months ago

    who was the commentator for this game

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson 2 months ago

    Stop showing the result in the title!

    • Will Robinson
      Will Robinson 2 months ago

      NHL is the direct source. It will always be there with perfect quality and a larger community. Would rather use their videos. But if they continue to put the result in the title I will consider.

    • Morse Code
      Morse Code 2 months ago

      Then go to N.H.L. Game Recaps or SAP's Highlights. There's no spoiler title in his videos.

  • DJ PlayerTop
    DJ PlayerTop 2 months ago

    Play all #GiftallCard

  • Maple Leafs #34
    Maple Leafs #34 2 months ago

    what a fuckin series this is going to be

    • zoune1144
      zoune1144 2 months ago

      this will be but what i whant its leaf vs habs that will be awsome

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus Williams 2 months ago

    to all the butthurt Rangers fans out there who say there was a cross check at the end. take a closer look at the footage at 3:48, you'll notice that there isn't even a simple sign of there being a cross check on the play, Weber doesn't even raise his stick, it looks like a clean hit, so not sure what you people are seeing.

    • CousinsTeamGamers
      CousinsTeamGamers 2 months ago

      Marcus Williams Ikr Rangers fan apparently didn't see Shaw getting hit in the face

  • sens army 2017
    sens army 2017 2 months ago

    Montreal sucks

  • Liam Enwright
    Liam Enwright 2 months ago

    Bruins are better

  • hockey_hampe_35 !
    hockey_hampe_35 ! 2 months ago

    0:48 😂

  • Megandemeester
    Megandemeester 2 months ago


    • Lisa Jones
      Lisa Jones 2 months ago

      it going to be hard to win

  • Jorge Montero
    Jorge Montero 2 months ago


  • Liam Harding
    Liam Harding 2 months ago

    This was an extremely exiting and nerve racking game, you have to give credit when credit is due the king had an amazing game but Montreal come through good game New York

  • Luis Rojas
    Luis Rojas 2 months ago

    King Henry is the main reason we stole a win in Canada.

    • Jimini GaminG
      Jimini GaminG 2 months ago

      Troll Craft you just see the weber hit but what for the hit on plekanec?

    • Spot AbeeR
      Spot AbeeR 2 months ago

      Troll Craft Let's be honest here.. referees could not call this one out because Andrew Shaw took one right on the head and they didn't call. Refs didn't touch their whistle all game long for both sides..otherwise this game was 100% played 3v3 all 60 minutes long. Don't be delusionnal here. Lundqvist deserved this win but not the entire team and that's why the Rangers lost the game. Montreal worked hard and played better for most of the game you must admit. That crosscheck wasn't that big of a deal.

    • Luis Rojas
      Luis Rojas 2 months ago

      Troll Craft we should have stole two game :) I can't wait for Sunday!!! I'm gonna go by the garden.

    • Troll Craft
      Troll Craft 2 months ago

      Luis Rojas you definitely stole it because at 3:48, a cross check should have stopped Montreal right there and gave Rangers the power play. So yeah, you definitely stole a win.

    • RC Insight
      RC Insight 2 months ago

      Luis Rojas very tru

  • Gabriel LavaL
    Gabriel LavaL 2 months ago

    Montreal has the best fans

    • Gabriel LavaL
      Gabriel LavaL 2 months ago

      bro just talking about my opinion

    • Gabriel LavaL
      Gabriel LavaL 2 months ago

      every die hard hockey fans deserve to be the best fans

    • Gabriel LavaL
      Gabriel LavaL 2 months ago

      no not really am i not aloud to say my opinion of my city

    • Nisaxo13
      Nisaxo13 2 months ago

      my name is me wow really? a rangers fan getting abused by some habs fans and gets defended by other Habs fans... #coincidence

  • JunYah7
    JunYah7 2 months ago

    At 3:15 Lundqvist playing more defense than his defense... lol.

  • Renegade Cz
    Renegade Cz 2 months ago

    That cross-check at 3:48 should've stopped the Habs right there.

    • G HL
      G HL 2 months ago

      So you'll just overlook the cross-check on Gallagher, the holding/roughing call on Galchenyuk right after; the slashes on Radulov and Plekanec, and the [insert "missed" call here] on all the Habs? Also Radulov got called after NY got away with a million things.
      Almost as though the Rangers were the refs' pets.
      In order to be a ref in Montreal, watch the puck for offsides, but not the players.

    • SHS Wrestling
      SHS Wrestling 2 months ago

      Renegade Cz that's cool, but he was totally slashed. If the whistle was blown, there wouldn't have been a cross check. Best case, they would have had a 4-4

    • Renegade Cz
      Renegade Cz 2 months ago

      I'm not trying to start an argument here. Just pointing out a fact. I'm a fan of neither the Habs or the Rangers. And I'm Czech, so I'm glad for Plekanec, but yeah, I think there should've been a penalty called.

    • Logjam
      Logjam 2 months ago

      a whole game of missed calls and thats the one to blame it on i guess

    • SHS Wrestling
      SHS Wrestling 2 months ago

      Renegade Cz how about the slash on Plekanec in front of the net moments before?

  • Luka Hallenbeck
    Luka Hallenbeck 2 months ago

    what a match, gg

  • Josh White
    Josh White 2 months ago

    I can see into the future the havs will make it to round 2 and the Canucks will win the Stanley cup someday ps. I am a Canucks fan :)

    • Marcus Williams
      Marcus Williams 2 months ago

      Josh White will the Canucks ever make the playoffs? ask the leafs for the torch 😂

  • Pix Burgh
    Pix Burgh 2 months ago

    what a hell of a game. there would be no better series to go to 7 games than this one

  • Looks tags
    Looks tags 2 months ago

    я думал победит Монреаль и это случилось

  • Curtis I
    Curtis I 2 months ago

    hate rangers

  • assmane999
    assmane999 2 months ago

    This one is going 7 games. Epic first round battle.

  • Kevin Durant has Clinical Depression

    kinda feel bad for lundqvist as a habs fan, he was left out to dry tonight

    • SHS Wrestling
      SHS Wrestling 2 months ago

      SickGuy_OP YT You sound wise. Is this your first year watching hockey?

    • SickZ
      SickZ 2 months ago

      Kevin Durant has Clinical Depression lol habs fan guess what 4 - 2 series new york ranger won lol kind of fell bad for price for being bad and shitty

    • whiteninja267
      whiteninja267 2 months ago

      Lisa Jones he's the one who kept the puck in for the 3rd goal

    • SHS Wrestling
      SHS Wrestling 2 months ago

      Troll Craft and you're just going to ignore the blatant slash on Plekanec in front of the net?

  • Kevin Durant has Clinical Depression

    lol rangers defence is a joke itll be why they lose in 5

  • Ahmed Sabra
    Ahmed Sabra 2 months ago

    habs nationnn baby GO HABS GO

  • Вадим Коровянский

    Радулов - мощь!!!

    • hugh jorgan
      hugh jorgan 2 months ago

      Вадим Коровянский....."Radulov- powerful"....I agree! Go Montreal. (Иди в монреаль !)

    • Вадим Коровянский
      Вадим Коровянский 2 months ago

      Хуан Педро Текейрос Всё таки ты дура. А я так надеялся. Утомил ты меня. От всей души желаю тебе пойти нахуй! Или лечь на него, или сесть... Ты ж взрослый - разберёшься. И псевдоним подходящий у тебя, чучело. Сгинь, мразь. Как появился со своим комментарием, хэрой, так и испарись.

    • Хуан Педро Текейрос
      Хуан Педро Текейрос 2 months ago

      Видно ,что ты полный аутист! Слово дЕбил пишется через Е) Хотя кому я говорю) Малолетка тупая на понтах. На обезьяну ты больше похожа чем тот кого ты обзывал ! Ущерб мамкин)

    • Bucephalus
      Bucephalus 2 months ago

      Дети ведут себя!

    • Вадим Коровянский
      Вадим Коровянский 2 months ago

      Хуан Педро Текейрос Давай скули, давай кукарекай... Давай ... Ох, какой же ты дибил. Избавь меня от своих тупорылых комментариев, будь умнее промолчи. Ты ж не дура, правильно.

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen 2 months ago

    that hit by weber hurt zukarello

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 months ago

    Rangers blew this game. Congrats to the Canadiens and I don't have any beef with the Canadiens since I'm not even a Rangers fan but that was a pretty big choke. Rangers should be up 2-0 but they couldn't get the puck away from the Canadiens offense and gave up a goal with less than 20 seconds.

    • Troll Craft
      Troll Craft 2 months ago

      jay bino I totally agree with you, many penalties that weren't called. But instead of focusing on all Ranger penalties, think about how many goals the rangers could have gotten off the penalties Montreal made.

    • jay bino
      jay bino 2 months ago

      Troll Craft I'm guessing you missed the rest of the game and missed calls that the Rangers got away with. oh and the cross check to the face . nice try bud

    • Troll Craft
      Troll Craft 2 months ago

      TheMagicmanH The rangers should be up 2-0. Look at 3:48. That cross check should have stopped Montreal right there and gave rangers a power play.

    • Kian YT
      Kian YT 2 months ago

      Jesus Christ Montreal outshout the Rangers 58-38 and dominated most of the game. That wasn't a choke, that was a well deserved loss, just like Montreal really deserved the loss in game 1.

  • XxStonedKillerxX
    XxStonedKillerxX 2 months ago

    Whooo! Canadian Teams! Whoo!

  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell 2 months ago

    4:00 the ''fat lady'' seriously?

    • CosmicPegasus
      CosmicPegasus 2 months ago

      Are you offended? Lol

      KING PMIG 2 months ago

      You don't know Gaben do you?

    • Renegade Cz
      Renegade Cz 2 months ago


    • blem
      blem 2 months ago

      I don't think you're in any position to call someone a virgin with that profile

  • Igor Kamalov
    Igor Kamalov 2 months ago

    Great job,Radulov!

  • Zeed Medo
    Zeed Medo 2 months ago

    nothing like a playoff game in the bell center

    • Manosh Marace
      Manosh Marace 1 month ago

      you must be really frustrated they are out and no one give a damn so stop being so emotional.
      Concentrate on what you like.

    • Joe G
      Joe G 1 month ago

      it  sucks habs suck

    • G Man
      G Man 2 months ago

      Zeed Medo I'm from St Louis. Always wanted to see a game in Montreal

    • Drakes Hairline
      Drakes Hairline 2 months ago

      J'adore les Canadiens hockey!

    • Manosh Marace
      Manosh Marace 2 months ago

      On parlent de Hockey Ici.....Interdit aux poules pas de tête.

  • G HL
    G HL 2 months ago

    Back when Rangers fans said the Habs would lose their next game, they did..._lose_ the...L. So congrats; you were right. Also I remember when they were stating Montreal stood no chance. Why are they in hiding now?

    • Logjam
      Logjam 2 months ago

      probably hiding behind henrik its the only thing they have

    • Tak Giant
      Tak Giant 2 months ago

      lol, never saw that, i only saw hab fans bringing up prices record against the rangers and habs sweeping the rangers in the regular season.

    • ZelZar
      ZelZar 2 months ago

      but thats only one game

  • Agent7300
    Agent7300 2 months ago

    First habs goal shouldn't have counted.

    Rangers once again don't understand the concept of winning game 2 of a series, and leave lundqvist out to dry for all of the third period and OT.

    • Bandwagons are a Disease #L
      Bandwagons are a Disease #L 2 months ago

      Marcus Williams 6-2 final? But they went up 3-2..?

    • Wyatt Wood
      Wyatt Wood 2 months ago

      Agent7300 What do you mean classy Montreal fans? I'm not even a Montreal supporter and btw you're from NY and Rangers fans are some of the biggest dickheads in the sport of hockey. I was at a CBJ game and fans were chanting "let's go Rangers!" In between the national anthem.

    • SHS Wrestling
      SHS Wrestling 2 months ago

      TheLastPariah89 Rule 605

    • TheLastPariah89
      TheLastPariah89 2 months ago

      Goalies are allowed to play the puck with a broken stick.
      Don't just say the whistle should have gone, explain why you think that? The whistle doesn't get blown if a goalie loses his stick, there was no goaltender interference, no offside, no penalty.

    • predat0r178
      predat0r178 2 months ago

      Well the players could have helped him and later that game he made 2 saves without his stick besides all that that game was plagued by horrible reffering.

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