Lindsey Stirling - The Arena / Acoustic performance for Strings Magazine /

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  • Rain Nordin
    Rain Nordin 16 hours ago

    I get emotional everytime i heard this song. Its very inspiring. It lifts my spirit to the level that i can rise up again after been falling so bad.. thank u lindsay thank u ..

  • Sleuth Girl
    Sleuth Girl 3 days ago

    Great performance :D

  • Eletronic Box
    Eletronic Box 5 days ago

    play very well !!!!

  • Kaela Creighton
    Kaela Creighton 11 days ago

    Good job!

  • Anjani Kumar Gupta
    Anjani Kumar Gupta 17 days ago

    so nice,

  • Mehrdad Shamsi
    Mehrdad Shamsi 22 days ago

    She looks soooo cute here ....

  • WSO
    WSO 22 days ago

    Bravo. This song inspires the best in me. God bless you.

  • Rebecca Juarez
    Rebecca Juarez 1 month ago

    I love you so much. I' m a young 11 year old girl playin the, piano, flute, recorder, trumpet, and last but not least the violin. On the other instruments I'm self taught. But you are my idol.

  • Bog Splash
    Bog Splash 1 month ago

    Shame they cant afford a drum kit for Drew LOL

  • The Pink Praying Mantis


  • Kawthar Q
    Kawthar Q 1 month ago

    the moment you realise the background to the chorus is actually the foreground in the acoustic version

  • captainzanzey
    captainzanzey 2 months ago

    It looks like they pushed her fast forward button with those movements!

  • Jackie Choubie
    Jackie Choubie 2 months ago

    Je vous aime

  • Kittyprincess 123
    Kittyprincess 123 2 months ago

    I am so impressed!!!!

  • James Dan
    James Dan 3 months ago

    great performance

  • JayJay Bearington
    JayJay Bearington 3 months ago

    she kinda looks like she's a stock motion character when she plays it's awesome

  • Draginion29
    Draginion29 3 months ago

    She is my idol for violin and i really want to be like her when I grow up, because I like to be a great violin player one day

  • Julia Marques Costa
    Julia Marques Costa 3 months ago

    amo essa música tenho ela no meu celular

  • Rohan Potato Arts
    Rohan Potato Arts 3 months ago

    Why is the crowd so dead

  • E Love
    E Love 4 months ago

    OMG!!! You are truly An Angel. God Bless You Lindsey.

  • Kita Ketchum
    Kita Ketchum 5 months ago

    There's only the one and only right here ❤️

  • Vanessa Cooke
    Vanessa Cooke 5 months ago

    who is the new pianist ?

  • Jiaqi Wang
    Jiaqi Wang 5 months ago

    I feel like we need way more violinists like Lindsey here in the world...

    KILLDEAD HARON 5 months ago

    lindsey is good

  • brent pieczynski
    brent pieczynski 6 months ago

    Taking a step toward dreams is important, with the explaining at the end clarifying things for people.

  • Rain Nordin
    Rain Nordin 6 months ago

    Tear was tears in my eyes omg! I literally cry when hearing this song idk why! Its all sadness and hope at the same time. Gosh your music are so powerful lindsay. I love you! 😍😩😭😭😭

  • K.D Elisabeth
    K.D Elisabeth 6 months ago

    Lindsey's music is so powerful and amazing I can feel the hope and sadness in this song

    • Dreamer Mech
      Dreamer Mech 6 months ago

      K.D Elisabeth Me too. very powerful song when one knows the meaning, stepping into Lindsey's shoe.

  • Lucas Sebastián
    Lucas Sebastián 6 months ago

    1:43 mmm there's a mistake in there. But she's perfect anyway :)

  • Hattie Mattson
    Hattie Mattson 6 months ago

    I love lindsey stirling, this is amazing!

  • Jebb M
    Jebb M 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks her music, and the violin in general sound much better when not electronically altered in this way?

  • Farinedeblé 57
    Farinedeblé 57 6 months ago

    very good version!!

  • Zorita Aguilar
    Zorita Aguilar 6 months ago

    buen muy buena

  • KLee Palmer
    KLee Palmer 7 months ago

    Gave should be there playing it with Drew and Lindsey. 😢 Nothing against the pianist, it's just kinda sad to think about

  • Emily Gao
    Emily Gao 7 months ago

    does anyone know where to find the sheet music of kits piano part??

    • Busy Violin Learner
      Busy Violin Learner 5 months ago

      Emily Gao you can buy it all at the official lindsey stirling website :) it's just $12.

  • Miki Arts
    Miki Arts 7 months ago

    Świeeetne :D

  • Romana Kucha
    Romana Kucha 8 months ago

    you are so good!!!

  • Claire Tien
    Claire Tien 9 months ago

    I prefer this version. Three instruments are more than good enough

  • JBIckx
    JBIckx 9 months ago

    lindsey's drummer is awesome! especially when he plays on a plywood box. and lindsey is awesome anytime

    • Eddie Newgate
      Eddie Newgate 22 days ago

      Zingriego can you tell me how it's pronounced? Cahon or Cajon?

    • Zingriego
      Zingriego 6 months ago

      Actually, it's called a cajon.
      But yes, it's a really cool instrument!

    • Andres Trinidad
      Andres Trinidad 7 months ago

      JBIckx uhh.. the plywood box is called "beatbox"

  • Евгений Симанов

    Супер так держать

  • Aaron Bono
    Aaron Bono 9 months ago

    Personally I love performances like this more than her typical dance and play routines as it distills down the music to its most basic foundation. She is an incredible performer, no doubt. I just love things like this as I can pause and enjoy the musical performance. I also like watching how she plays the violin as I am learning to play myself and it inspires me.

  • Tor McKittytkins
    Tor McKittytkins 9 months ago

    it sounds better like this honestly :)

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 9 months ago


  • Art Kit
    Art Kit 9 months ago

    Her songs inspire me to perform at the talent show in my school ❤️💖 I owe her a lot

  • pako ordaz
    pako ordaz 9 months ago

    This is no"the arena", but i like so much

  • tizmike online
    tizmike online 9 months ago

    estupidos todos los que hablan español y son fans de linsi (ecepto yo) es hermoso omggg

    • tizmike online
      tizmike online 6 months ago

      se me corrio la x no soy bruta k te paza xd

    • Norma Miranda
      Norma Miranda 7 months ago

      tizmike online Lindsey*. Excepto*. 😉

  • Добрая Печенька


  • RogerC
    RogerC 9 months ago

    I would love to hear Lindsey perform Ralph Vaughn Williams' The Lark Ascending. 09/05/2016

  • Science
    Science 9 months ago

    Lindsey , Lindsey , Lindsey , in my language i can't even pronounce your name but i have to learn it cuz you are a big , pro , amazing , nice artist and i proud of you. go on and never stop , u will be a biggest special girl the world have ever seen. tnx

    • Johan Collodi
      Johan Collodi 15 days ago

      Whats your language?

    • SoundlessSong
      SoundlessSong 4 months ago

      Science No problem!

    • Science
      Science 4 months ago

      ChopstickBunny thanx my dear friend , now i can say it better , man i really like her , i wish one day i can speak with her and learn too many things , but i think i can't , thanx again dude :)

    • SoundlessSong
      SoundlessSong 4 months ago

      Science if you still need help with the pronunciation, it goes a bit like this:


      Hope I helped! :)

  • Timothy Bogdanov
    Timothy Bogdanov 9 months ago

    she's great!!!

  • Deniz Yalnız
    Deniz Yalnız 9 months ago

    I know people change after the love ones death. But she doesn't seems like the same after Gavi's death. Its breaking my heart actually. But she's trying and trying... She is a very strong woman. I don't know but I am proud of her. She inspired me and a lot of people. Thank you Lindsey. You make me stronger(sorry for my english)

    • Bruhke Horse
      Bruhke Horse 7 days ago

      Jessie Armstrong God does care about you. He cares about each and everyone of His children.

    • Leni Fejs
      Leni Fejs 3 months ago

      Deniz Yalnız #WeAreGavi ❤

    • i'm jesse quick
      i'm jesse quick 4 months ago

      gavi death omg i dont no before 😩😥😭

    • Bryce ブライス
      Bryce ブライス 6 months ago

      +Weitzsan I've played the violin for 6 years :I

    • Weitzsan
      Weitzsan 6 months ago

      Bryce G do u play violin? Because if u do you should know make facial expressions while playing is so natural, it isnt hard, because you just do that .. if you try to stop doing that is actually the hard way . Just saying..

  • Noel Love
    Noel Love 9 months ago

    What a professional 😲😲😲😲🤐😭🤕😫🙏👐🏼✋👴🏿

  • Bruno Fuentes
    Bruno Fuentes 9 months ago

    Thank you for share this!

  • Bryce ブライス
    Bryce ブライス 9 months ago

    I love seeing her perform in this kind of setting

  • Камилла Асуева


  • Sophie Altemare
    Sophie Altemare 10 months ago

    :o just that

  • stav vaskar
    stav vaskar 10 months ago

    i'm in love

  • Dario D'aversa
    Dario D'aversa 10 months ago


  • Sakura Daniela SanDguez

    Su chaqueta me encanta!😍

  • Lauren O'Keefe
    Lauren O'Keefe 10 months ago


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