Top 10 YouTube Videos with Over A BILLION Views

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    There are more videos that have reached one billion views on YouTube than you might think. Whether it’s Katy Perry singing “Roar,” Sia belting out “Chandelier,” or “Masha and the Bear” and their “Recipe for Disaster,” the most important videos in YouTube history are all pretty different. WatchMojo ranks the best of the most viewed YouTube videos.

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    00:55 #10: “Chandelier” (2014) - Sia
    01:53 #9: “Recipe for Disaster” (2012) - Masha and the Bear
    02:54 #8: “Lean On” (2015) - Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ
    03:54 #7: “Roar” (2013) - Katy Perry
    04:51 #6: “Bailando (Español)” (2014) - Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona
    05:54 #5: “Blank Space” (2014) - Taylor Swift
    06:50 #4: “Hello” (2015) - Adele
    07:50 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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Comments: 2 104

  • EliteTests
    EliteTests 10 hours ago

    YOU FORGOT A VIDEO!!!! Search 'Mash Up the Bear: Recipe for Disaster' it's a movie that has 2.3 billion views!! It's a movie too lol It's crazy

  • Humbert Pérez
    Humbert Pérez 14 hours ago

    Man, I love your videos and content.. And don't take this the wrong way, but you should really really practice your spanish, or not try to speak in spanish at all, although I appreciate the effort..

  • serial killer horrifying

    shape of u , despascito,sorry.where are they

  • rufus stachys
    rufus stachys 19 hours ago

    fuck ....where is jb

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 19 hours ago

    If you came here for EMINEM i want to say you he's not here

  • Md Minhaz Us Siraj
    Md Minhaz Us Siraj 19 hours ago

    what about shape of u

  • Andro Borg
    Andro Borg 20 hours ago

    where is sorry, dark horse, shake it off?

  • Space Freak
    Space Freak 1 day ago

    we're the hell is. DEAPACITO BY LUIS FONSI

  • I'm In Too Many Fandoms!!!!

    i thinks there's a mistake... see you again should be number 1

  • Tama Thomson
    Tama Thomson 1 day ago

    See you again and psy are currently tied at 2.9 billion views

  • Luscious Child
    Luscious Child 1 day ago

    they forgot Alan walker faded

  • Fabian Carrillo
    Fabian Carrillo 1 day ago

    Despacito is catching up with 2B views 😏

  • Fabian Carrillo
    Fabian Carrillo 1 day ago

    despacito is goin to past all these 😏

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 2 days ago

    Sign of the times - Harry Styles

  • Eunice Dela Pena
    Eunice Dela Pena 2 days ago


  • Mathew Bertos
    Mathew Bertos 2 days ago

    lol😂 Despacito has 2B views

  • Mario borrayo ramos

    Do Top 10 Latin Music Videos on YT

  • Ethan Christensen
    Ethan Christensen 2 days ago

    2000th comment

  • Diego Ospina
    Diego Ospina 2 days ago

    Where is thinking out loud from ed sheeran or shape of you

  • KH28 Tychoo
    KH28 Tychoo 2 days ago

    We NEED stressed out for 1 billion!

  • Nimesh Agarwal
    Nimesh Agarwal 3 days ago

    and sorry by jb didnt made the list

  • Jarrett Owens
    Jarrett Owens 3 days ago

    I think See You Again should at least be #2.

  • Miple720
    Miple720 4 days ago

    To bad Faded, by Alan Walker, was in this list, very good song

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez 4 days ago

    (bailando) was filmed in Cuba not in Dominican Republic

  • Saboor Sheikh
    Saboor Sheikh 5 days ago

    bailando has more views than the blank space

  • TurangaMaxx
    TurangaMaxx 5 days ago

    This should be titled the "Top 10 Music Videos with Over A BILLION Views"

  • William Perez
    William Perez 5 days ago

    despacito got 2 billion views

  • Girls psychology
    Girls psychology 5 days ago

    Justin Bieber sorry...

  • Pyere Aryo
    Pyere Aryo 6 days ago

    Some chick crying got over 1B views? Half these videos are average at best. Why do they deserve 1B views?

  • Quantum Exile
    Quantum Exile 6 days ago

    Wtf there's some Spanish song with over 7 billion views

  • RyRySmallFry
    RyRySmallFry 6 days ago


  • Sedi C.
    Sedi C. 6 days ago

    Notice how almost all the videos on this list are music orientated XD

  • Procell _84
    Procell _84 6 days ago

    5 years on and Gangnam Style still No 1. I call CONSPIRACY.

  • GAME Master
    GAME Master 7 days ago

    any sub to me i sud u

  • Uzma Aslam
    Uzma Aslam 8 days ago

    No one cares about Recipe for disaster

  • Uzma Aslam
    Uzma Aslam 8 days ago

    It should be:
    10-Lean On
    8-Blank Space
    4-Uptown Funk
    2-See you Again
    Honorable mentions:-All About that Bass
    -Counting Stars
    -This is what u came for
    -Party Rock Anthem
    1-Gangnam Style

  • savage boy
    savage boy 9 days ago

    shouldent this vid have more then 1 b

  • Thomas MKD
    Thomas MKD 10 days ago

    I can never like gangnam styles

  • Random Headshot
    Random Headshot 10 days ago

    1:27 that was dancing??? god I thought she was having a heart attack, and why does she look naked?

  • Jose Pablo Vasquez Rojas

    None of them have reached the billion views (A billion has twelve zeros)

  • Katana Charles
    Katana Charles 10 days ago

    despa~ cough cough cough

  • AVerySpookyBee
    AVerySpookyBee 10 days ago

    Watch mojo see you again is the 2nd and almost best

  • pickszb
    pickszb 10 days ago

    I'm hurt that The Hills by The Weeknd isn't up here

  • SpazGaming intros
    SpazGaming intros 10 days ago

    Alan Walker?

  • TrueMNI // PixelGaming

    Now, that Bear video has more views than "Hello" .....

  • Pokemon lover
    Pokemon lover 11 days ago

    Top ten YouTube videos with over a billion views...... T-T ya dun goofed it's top ten youtube MUSIC videos with over a billion views :P

  • professional shitposter

    that spanish

  • David T.
    David T. 12 days ago

    I've always like the narrator voice,
    her Spanish gave me a boner!!

  • Mue
    Mue 12 days ago

    Adele Is Shit

  • M  Rajoo
    M Rajoo 12 days ago

    help support girls generation i got a boy

  • khan tube
    khan tube 12 days ago

    u forgot despacito
    it has 1.9 billion views

  • Lord Bilbo
    Lord Bilbo 13 days ago

    Notice only one was NOT a music video

  • Zoonjse
    Zoonjse 13 days ago

    Pretty good songs there. Gangnam style is funny and silly and thus its popular. Wiz Khalifa songs is the best to me. Sia and Adele songs are great, roar is good, and the rest is nothing special. But loads of trends and hypes boost views up. Some of the songs on this list deserve to be there, most don't.

  • Evan Bollum
    Evan Bollum 13 days ago

    What if in a future goverment, the leader was whoever could make the most popular video....(All hail Psy.)

  • Harold Horse
    Harold Horse 13 days ago

    This should be called top 10 MUSIC videos with over a billon views

  • Ralph Reuben Lao
    Ralph Reuben Lao 13 days ago

    This isn't youtube videos. they're more of music videos. Man I got TROLLED

  • wavy kld
    wavy kld 13 days ago

    Add despacito

  • Mr. Sassypats
    Mr. Sassypats 13 days ago

    What about Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankey

  • Rohith Varikassery
    Rohith Varikassery 13 days ago

    where is sorry mothefagez

  • Lotte De Smet
    Lotte De Smet 13 days ago

    alone crack next fix chart focus tune fabric pick.

  • yash chindaliya
    yash chindaliya 13 days ago

    see you again should be on top

  • Enora Bernard
    Enora Bernard 13 days ago

    Up vote appointment trust favorite champion provide assemble.

  • Sarah Schwarz
    Sarah Schwarz 13 days ago

    walk Anybody know better this vieeo?

  • Retro 125
    Retro 125 13 days ago

    Somebody's gonna say Justin beiber

  • CYB3R _W1Z4RD_
    CYB3R _W1Z4RD_ 13 days ago

    I expect most of it is a music video

  • Amal Jyothis
    Amal Jyothis 13 days ago

    Where the hells Justin Bieber?

  • Zasper Tan
    Zasper Tan 13 days ago

    Love the way you lie?

  • C'an I Get it! TUBE
    C'an I Get it! TUBE 13 days ago


  • C'an I Get it! TUBE
    C'an I Get it! TUBE 13 days ago


  • Jibraeel Danish
    Jibraeel Danish 13 days ago

    All u Stupid Pop fans can say whatever u want but songs like November Rain by Guns N Roses should at least be on no 2

  • night striker
    night striker 15 days ago

    You should also have a top 10 YouTube channels were running out of ideas

  • Ricardo Ortiz
    Ricardo Ortiz 15 days ago

    What about frozen let it go.

  • Lyidia Godfrey
    Lyidia Godfrey 15 days ago

    who else think Ed sheran should have been on the list? thinking out loud has 1.7 billion view

  • John Jelar III
    John Jelar III 15 days ago

    What about waka waka

  • ana richardson
    ana richardson 16 days ago

    all these people are gay

  • PNB Productions
    PNB Productions 18 days ago

    who remembers when only gangdam style few had 1,000,000,000?????

  • Shri Ram Nirania
    Shri Ram Nirania 18 days ago

    whtz about Chantaje

  • Nathan Carroll
    Nathan Carroll 19 days ago

    Why the fuck would you put a Mexican video on the top 10

  • min zhen wu
    min zhen wu 19 days ago

    What about despacito

  • MYSTLC 17
    MYSTLC 17 20 days ago

    See you again is catching up with Gangnam style

  • frs GM
    frs GM 21 day ago

    put one porno video you will get 10000000000000000000000000 views

  • Patrick N
    Patrick N 22 days ago

    see you again has more than uptown funk. the bear has more views. Get it straight.

  • Angela Edward
    Angela Edward 22 days ago

    Glad that Psy is first❤

  • Wojtek Wiecek
    Wojtek Wiecek 22 days ago

    I actually prefer Gangnam Style over the dab at this point in time

  • julius j
    julius j 23 days ago

    should be called shity music videos for people with no taste on music

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 23 days ago

    They forgot Justin Bieber 'Sorry'

  • SwordsmanRyan
    SwordsmanRyan 23 days ago

    Nine of the ten were music videos hosted on YouTube because MTV doesn't play music anymore. I don't want to see TV content calling itself YouTube. Next time find the most popular YouTube videos, from actual YouTubers.

  • DrumRapTech
    DrumRapTech 24 days ago

    eminem should have at least been in the honourable mentions

  • Tomato Ketchup
    Tomato Ketchup 24 days ago

    I'm really concerned on how a kids tv episode gets over 2 billion views

  • Tomato Ketchup
    Tomato Ketchup 24 days ago

    I'm really concerned on how a kids tv episode gets over 2 billion views

  • Classy Blox
    Classy Blox 25 days ago

    Top 10 videos with over 400,000 views number 10 Top 10 videos with over a billion views, Watchmojo

  • derpy _danTDM
    derpy _danTDM 26 days ago

    gangnam style got 2.1 billion views WHAAATTT TTTTTHHHHEEEE FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKK

  • cash me outside howbow dah?

    despacito: 8M likes and 1.6B views over a period of a month!❤

    • Skittle Gaming
      Skittle Gaming 1 day ago

      cash me outside howbow dah? Shape of You; 1.9 bill in almost 5 months ain't that bad either

  • Sahaja S
    Sahaja S 26 days ago

    All the videos are not put in proper order

  • Haylee Moore
    Haylee Moore 26 days ago

    Really? Gangnam Style for #1?

  • Sai Yashwanth
    Sai Yashwanth 27 days ago

    where is Justin sorry song

  • Supersonic Gaming
    Supersonic Gaming 27 days ago


  • AndyBoy
    AndyBoy 28 days ago

    I cringed at number 9.!.

  • ROfficialz Entertainment

    30% of people wants to hear lean on
    70% is wants to watch the video because that girl is making guys horny

  • The name's Strider
    The name's Strider 1 month ago

    Where's Sugar by Maroon 5 ?? It definitely would have been number 5 !!!! 😶

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