Binging with Babish - How to Make Apple Pie

Did you know that Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure? You can find this and more fun pie facts at - or join with me in the idolatrous orgy of fall flavors that is homemade apple pie.

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Author Joseph Guasco ( ago)
666k subs

Author Bob Bobbing ( ago)
Twin peaks!!

Author Lg l ( ago)
Apple pie is the best pie ! Got to love me some pie !! ❤

Author Martial Sunwalk ( ago)
*invite me for breakfast*

Author Mildly_Manic_Cuban ( ago)
what's your favorite side with what pie? mines vanilla bean ice cream and apple pie.

Author Dat Boi ( ago)
"Apple - you're favorite".

Proof that stupidity is fucking inherited. Jesus Christ.

Author Jarle Morch ( ago)
a bit intens mic😉😉

Author dat boiii ( ago)
you mean making the apple pie from american pie *ding* :D

Author Rpg 39 ( ago)
Lame you dropped the ball by not having agent K from men in black for your intro.

Author DarkBowser 21 ( ago)
The trick to any pie crust is to use lard and try to have as little contact as possible for a flaky but solid crust

Author Lavender Raven ( ago)
I just recently started watching these videos and I must say, it's making me want to start making food at home!

Author Cambria Darnell ( ago)
I've always carefully arranged every apple slice in the pie, I guess it's not really required but just pouring the slices in never felt right

Author Justin Rush ( ago)
IT FEELS LIKE warm apple pie

Author Flying Geco Love ( ago)
Honey crisp is best apple!

Author Marco Garcia ( ago)
I like Apple pie but w/o the apples.  I like the crust warm with the apple "sauce" that is inside.  but no apples. oh and vanilla ice cream. maybe I am just weird.

Author Slick_EM13 ( ago)


Author Hashida Tackey ( ago)
Can you made a cream pie?

Author Hunter Goddard ( ago)
It's not a good apple pie without a lard crust...

Author Karen Kwan ( ago) have really nice hands

Author Sizzla_91 ( ago)
They reference that second movie clip in supernatural lol any spn fans????

Author how woh ( ago)
Much love for the morning

Author Kaycee Maullbrooks ( ago)
Could you recreate some pies from the movie Waitress?

Author -Yeu Lqve- ( ago)
Everything you make looks so good~I always get hungry watching your videos, but it's totally worth the 4 hour wait to make everything! <3

Author Nathan Burgess ( ago)
Do you upload your recipes anywhere cause it would be great to have a list of ingredients and things on like a website or something.

Author INSANITYTOWN ( ago)
I perfer to julienne green apples for my pies to give the apples a more smooth texture. I also use Lardo for the dough (the Italian lard, no American lard (Unless its made then and there)).

Author ImSoSja ( ago)
Glad this wasn't American Pie.

Author Anibal Corpus ( ago)
The only improvement I can think of for this channel is to put the calories on the screen

Author Epharodita Jean ( ago)
Do Icarly's spaghetti tacos

Author Underneath The Bottle ( ago)
This makes me want to move to America! 😅

Author lndsyvghnbubert ( ago)
That crust. Drooool....

Author Moo ( ago)

Author Bridget Styles360 ( ago)
I literally gasp out loud when the scene from Stand By Me played. I can't even describe how much I love that movie. lol it's my favorite😍😍

Author Julienne ( ago)

Author Mouseturd ( ago)
Hey Andrew! May be a silly question, but after resting for four hours will the pie come out cold? If I end up having it rest say overnight for transportation purposes, what do you say is the best way to reheat a pie? Thanks!!

Author will dune ( ago)
Well, it's official. I can now say that I've watched all your videos, and what better to end than with apple pie.

Author John egderp ( ago)
I thought the guy in the last clip sounded and kinda looked like JD from the heaters and I looked it up AND IT WAS

Author Gamer Girlz ( ago)
Peanut Butter and Onion sandwich from Little Monsters 😁

Author Septiplier For Life ( ago)

Author Mia Lu ( ago)
I've watched so many of your videos that I can recite and sing off-tune your opening song 😂

Author Ford Dent ( ago)
Why do you put it on an already heated pan

Author Ima Dork ( ago)
Can I get some consensus on this? The filling in McDonald's apple pies tastes like chapstick right? Like it has to have cosmetic grade thickeners in it, right? Am I the only one?

Author Ben Cowe ( ago)
These videos are amazing. The flair that's added with the music and humor easily makes this the best cooking show. I'm sad though because now I have to wait for more video's. This was the last one I had to watch on the channel

Author Ben Cowe ( ago)
These videos are amazing. The flair that's added with the music and humor easily makes this the best cooking show. I'm sad though because now I have to wait for more video's. This was the last one I had to watch on the channel

Author Anarchy Time ( ago)
god you make cooking sexy..

Author SteelPredator7 ( ago)
Hmmm, Instructions unclear, set table on fire & *Pie* is stuck under the Toaster.

Author Cage Vick ( ago)
Liking for the Ratatat background

Author Gitte Schultz ( ago)
Surprised you didn't use a Treetrunks clip, you know, the tiny green elephant from Adventure Time.. :P Her apple pie is legendairy! :O

Author Rosa Lewis ( ago)
I'm binge watching can't stop!

Author NyeKeeYah ( ago)
OMG!!! can you please please PLEEEASE make the cake from Matilda... it's my absolute favorite movie and I've always secretly wondered if anyone could actually make such a cake in real life.

Author maryam ( ago)
I am making it right now. waiting for the dough to rest. i hope it comes out nice 😆😆😆😋😋😋

Author chupachuplover ( ago)
I always thought pie was served warm

Author Lefteris Magoutas ( ago)
Which movies are the clips in the beginning from??

Author Danielle Dewar ( ago)
really enjoying your channel, here's a few ideas: Simpsons 5 alarm chili, anything from the movie chocolat, Hook - bangarang...

Author PurleyChaos ( ago)
I'm so addicted to watching his videos

Author Lexi ( ago)
Aaaa twin peaks! I loved that show!

Author SheepHead99 ( ago)
this episode was ASMR as fuck

Author Marie ( ago)
My dough always breaks. Any tips what I can do to prevent that?

Author John Doe ( ago)
is the music you use by Kevin MacLeod?

Author Queengelaa ( ago)
What is the same of the last movie clip you showed before baking?

Author Michael Francis ( ago)
I was thinking "which american classic is this about?"
Then got a barrage of every single one.

Author Samuel Williams ( ago)
Please make Krabby Patties. Also, I love your channel, it's amazing, you should consider making a cook book of your recipes!

Author voyfan99 ( ago)
No ice cream?!

Author wldTraveller ( ago)
DO SEINFELD SOUP NAZI! no soup for you!

Author Νίκος Παναγιωταράκης ( ago)
0:43 why is mr robot eating pie with a tranny

Author Veronica Rodriguez ( ago)
1:35 Andrew was flour bae before salt bae became popular!

Author Naeddyr ( ago)
NO I saw your FACE the mystery is RUINED

Author Autumn Starlight ( ago)
No clips from Zootopia? Gideon Grey had some really nice pies going on there.

Author Serflame ( ago)
When you click next episode and it turns out you've watched the entire series in one sitting.

Author Isaac Howell ( ago)
You should do the cherry pie from Twin Peaks. (Along with a damn fine cup of coffee.)

Author Thresholld ( ago)
That dressing gown looks super comfortable.

Author thegroklei ( ago)
Man! Your cooking show is the best. I've been binge watching these for the last couple of days. Could you please also write the recipes in the info section?

Author LegitimateKill ( ago)
Cream pie (;

Author Tamara Price ( ago)
you should make the cheesecake from FRIENDS!!!!

Author Andy Goodman ( ago)
Do Tiana's Beignets from Princess and the Frog!!!

Author Anna Banana ( ago)
So obsessed with your videos I'm such a foodie and I just rewatch all my favorites over and over again 😍😍

Author 69adrummer ( ago)
You're my new addiction dude.

#nohomo, #slightbrocrushtho

Author Yes! No ( ago)
i cant stop watching you !

Author Jeremy Brumley ( ago)
awesome videos man. i love watching good cooking vids. keep it up!

Author Epicnewyorker ( ago)
30k subs over night? This is impressive.

Author Bradlee Casanova ( ago)
love the intro good job 👌👌👌

Author Muhammad Abedi ( ago)
What's the name of the background music?

Author faizaan khokhar ( ago)
i finished all your videos......make more!

Author flip Bakker ( ago)
Damn I would have loved to see you make some Old fashioned Dutch Apple Pie

Author Bas Maertzdorf ( ago)
True Romance.... QT's best!

Author Snazzy Sax Guy ( ago)
I absolutely love your videos! Cooking + your entertaining commentary makes your videos awesome!! Keep it up

Author Victoria Garcia ( ago)
That is one beautiful pie

Author hellsan631 ( ago)
add some lemon juice to the apples so they don't brown

Author crimson&clover ( ago)
your missing some vanilla ice cream on the pie

Author GeoffryHawk ( ago)
My mom finds apple pie too gooey, so she makes "Apple Crumble Pie" it's basically Apple Crumble in a home made lard pie crust, coated in brown sugar and cinnamon. Quite delicious and the crumbles are nummy. Still retains some of that crumble apple crispness. I'd say it's lighter but Apple Crumble calls for at least a stick of butter layered in on everything sooo haha.

Author Baker's Bread ( ago)
is a food processor just a blender or what?

Author Shane Lim ( ago)
thank God you didn't fuck the pie. I got scared when you showed up with a robe in the end.

Author pie bowl ( ago)
Im glad you only ate the pie

Author Alex Fernandez ( ago)
I aspire to be you.

Author GreatBigRedTank ( ago)
TRUE LOVE! dude you cool

Author Alexandra Dorwart ( ago)
I'm surprised you didn't include the scene from Michael where Andy sings her Pie song, haha. I am enjoying all of your videos!

Author Kaustubh Athawale ( ago)
That's such a relief from boring slow videos. This is quick, funny still useful.
A quick question: why didn't you blind bake the base ?

Author Harry Norman ( ago)
i thought he was gonna make a joke about putting fish in the pie at some point

Author Matt Barton ( ago)
Should you grease the pie pan?

Author Lily H.B. ( ago)
the flavors all in the skin man..

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