Opening A Pokemon Bewear GX Box!!

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  • SkyFall 23
    SkyFall 23 1 hour ago

    I subbed to ando before he had 24 thousand subscribe

  • Wolf Fox
    Wolf Fox 2 hours ago

    I love beware

  • Amy-Rose McAllister
    Amy-Rose McAllister 4 hours ago

    I must have got your reverse I opened a pack and got two reverses

  • XBlitz15
    XBlitz15 6 hours ago

    I once opened a booster pack with only 9 cards in it. Got an EX in it.

  • Ahmad Khalil
    Ahmad Khalil 11 hours ago

    I actually got a GX

  • Connor Allen
    Connor Allen 1 day ago


  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel 1 day ago

    when are you going to open the alola starter gx boxes

  • Brendyn Wiersum
    Brendyn Wiersum 1 day ago

    I got a misty determination a holo rare and full art gardivoior and drampa

  • Brayden KT
    Brayden KT 1 day ago

    I like beware to

  • Carter Pridgen
    Carter Pridgen 1 day ago


  • Heidi Bailey
    Heidi Bailey 2 days ago

    I have a rainbow rare

  • MasonGamer
    MasonGamer 2 days ago

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKING ILUMINATI

  • Issie Mullen-Winiata

    I thorough my computer in the air and clapped 5 times and did no catch it 😰

    It has a cracked screen now opps

  • jody campagna
    jody campagna 2 days ago


  • Ray Rocha
    Ray Rocha 3 days ago

    There's a reason why his name is beware

  • TiTanium Games195
    TiTanium Games195 3 days ago

    and if you have a ds get pokemon sun or moon

  • James Cringe
    James Cringe 3 days ago


  • Blast The god
    Blast The god 3 days ago

    Hello! My name is something!

  • Farhee 2003
    Farhee 2003 3 days ago

    I got machamp break and alolan ninetails gx

  • MissyBlissy
    MissyBlissy 3 days ago

    I recently got my Boyfriend back into Pokémon cards with me and Bewear is his absolute favorite now

  • MysticShadow
    MysticShadow 3 days ago

    When I opened this I got M Pidgeot EX and Here comes team rocker secret rare and a foil really cool mew

  • Ninja Squirtle Master

    Don't feel bad I got all 4 regular rares

  • UnlistedLeafsBiggestFan


  • Dragoncat 7
    Dragoncat 7 4 days ago

    I bought a booster box and guess what noooo reverse holos # SAD FACE

  • Bucko Bill
    Bucko Bill 4 days ago

    I love stuffle

  • Red Panda awesome
    Red Panda awesome 4 days ago

    BEWARE beware BEWARE beware

  • Rυββεr Dυcκιε 4 Ιifε

    0.20 lol 😂

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster 5 days ago

    I live bewear. He is adorable and a great pokemon to use in sun and moon. Its defencive and powerful.

  • Beth Stave
    Beth Stave 5 days ago

    It's amazing right

  • Alfie Baker
    Alfie Baker 5 days ago


  • Double Team
    Double Team 5 days ago

    #bewarethebigbearhug #bewear

  • Double Team
    Double Team 5 days ago

    Ando said "yee" at 0:29

  • Double Team
    Double Team 5 days ago

    Dude he said "yee" at

  • Capn BoodyDudey
    Capn BoodyDudey 5 days ago

    Who actually threw the computer up in the air and clapped five times and then caught it?

  • Robert D.I.G
    Robert D.I.G 5 days ago

    I got a bewear GX box the other day! I cant believe what I pulled!


  • Aidan McCarroll
    Aidan McCarroll 5 days ago

    I got noreverse and no rate out of a steam siege pack lol

  • redguytom
    redguytom 5 days ago

    i opend my first gardians rising and i got the secret golden unlisted leaf card

  • Onebad Tj
    Onebad Tj 5 days ago


  • Dude John
    Dude John 5 days ago

    when i opened this box i got a pidgeot ex full art and a comfey hollow

  • BoomBoss 225
    BoomBoss 225 5 days ago

    I opened a tapu koko figure collection box and got a megerna full art and a alolan ninetails GX

  • Jacob Barnella
    Jacob Barnella 5 days ago


  • Unlisted Electric
    Unlisted Electric 6 days ago

    Team rocket does

  • jacquelinemagness1
    jacquelinemagness1 6 days ago

    can you watch my only video. my channel is jaquelinemagness1

  • depdep
    depdep 6 days ago


  • Chris G
    Chris G 6 days ago

    My friend pulled 2 full arts, a GX and a break card from the Bewear box. We had a box battle, all I got was a break.

  • m&m boy
    m&m boy 6 days ago

    love bewear

  • m&m boy
    m&m boy 6 days ago

    love bewear

  • Maria Rios
    Maria Rios 6 days ago


  • Catherine Carrick
    Catherine Carrick 6 days ago

    l bought b

  • Jennifer McDonald
    Jennifer McDonald 6 days ago


  • debbie nardone
    debbie nardone 6 days ago

    I will be v.p

  • debbie nardone
    debbie nardone 6 days ago

    I got that box yesterday

  • Spammpy74 Rfoster74

    I love beware to and he's cool

  • Roberta Greenberg
    Roberta Greenberg 6 days ago

    A do I bought 5 booster boxes and only got 3 of them and the worst part was they were big and I only got a mega rayquaza ex and what's even more disappointing is that it wasn't even full art

  • Josef Plata
    Josef Plata 6 days ago

    Man, Bewear =Beware theres no Reverse

  • Lorena 123 Videos
    Lorena 123 Videos 6 days ago

    Im byeing one

  • Robert Calvert
    Robert Calvert 6 days ago

    bewear is my favorite pokemon

  • Austin Bobo
    Austin Bobo 6 days ago

    Ando o proud believe in gpodppp

  • Austin Bobo
    Austin Bobo 6 days ago


  • Austin Bobo
    Austin Bobo 6 days ago

    Beware is so cool

  • Austin Bobo
    Austin Bobo 6 days ago

    Unlisted leaf I'm your biggest fan

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 6 days ago

    I love beawer

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 6 days ago


  • Crippled Cheese
    Crippled Cheese 7 days ago

    I went to an Arcade and got a sun and moon guardians pack and got a full art Tapu Lele GX. Is that good

  • Jnation Hero
    Jnation Hero 7 days ago

    subscribe to jnation hero

  • avimael martinez
    avimael martinez 7 days ago

    at minute 6:11 he said wegular ware atleast it sounded like he said that xd

  • GM Fahad
    GM Fahad 7 days ago

    I am

  • Jai McClelland
    Jai McClelland 7 days ago

    He said regular ware

  • Gowireless Lexington


  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 7 days ago

    Unlistedleaf I have recently started watching you again and I have a question about if I should buy booster boxes from amazon or eBay I don't know which one to chooses and I don't know if the seller on either of them are scammers or not

  • Zane's Stuff
    Zane's Stuff 7 days ago


  • Karolina Mzyk Callias

    You should just go thro the Pokémon cards

  • Travis Mitchell
    Travis Mitchell 7 days ago

    I have had it done once in sun and moon g r

  • Travis Mitchell
    Travis Mitchell 7 days ago

    I have had it done once in sun and moon g r

  • Travis Mitchell
    Travis Mitchell 7 days ago

    I have had it done once in sun and moon

  • DuckOnTheRoof
    DuckOnTheRoof 7 days ago

    There s another youtuber called "grian" loves bewear to he did a 1 hour un boxing he talked about bewear being his favourite pokemon

  • Techno Schultz
    Techno Schultz 7 days ago

    ME LUV BEWEAR 2 ANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      :3 :3

  • Kane Lopez
    Kane Lopez 7 days ago


  • American Cookies
    American Cookies 7 days ago

    I love Bewear!!!!

  • Unlisted Lightning
    Unlisted Lightning 7 days ago

    WAIT! it's raining and no reverse illumanati confirmed but... BEWARE THE ILLUMANATI

  • Furious Berserker
    Furious Berserker 7 days ago

    those packs were really Farfetch'd ok im leaving now

  • 7147 Gaming
    7147 Gaming 7 days ago

    6:04 Wegular Ware hahaha

  • Charles Truxillo
    Charles Truxillo 7 days ago

    Its just cards!!

  • Yusef Deiab
    Yusef Deiab 7 days ago

    Who else Subbed before 300k!

  • Cool gamer 87
    Cool gamer 87 7 days ago

    I just opened that box

  • KennyWu
    KennyWu 8 days ago


  • Nicknacks the boi
    Nicknacks the boi 8 days ago


  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes 8 days ago

    I just got that

    MLG MAN 8 days ago

    i hate this shit when it happens i bought a topu bulu tin got shit no gx or ex just promo

  • Gamerguy 1234
    Gamerguy 1234 8 days ago

    No reverse "illuminati confirmed"

  • Anthony Attridge
    Anthony Attridge 8 days ago

    i almost broke my laptop throwing it. lol lol lol

  • Tracy Burrell
    Tracy Burrell 8 days ago

    I love beware

  • Zippy_19
    Zippy_19 8 days ago

    I could have gotten a bewear GX box but I got my boi Kingdra EX box instead 😏
    I got a break card!

  • Arav Jain
    Arav Jain 8 days ago

    I also like bewear

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 8 days ago

    he is my favourite pokemon

  • Bronze Pikachu :D
    Bronze Pikachu :D 8 days ago


  • Alma Carrillo
    Alma Carrillo 8 days ago

    Who here thinks ando is the best ever?

  • asr _2_0_9_6
    asr _2_0_9_6 8 days ago

    such bad luck

  • Matt Day
    Matt Day 8 days ago


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