Dancing Zebra Footage: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Dancing zebras improve every situation, so feel free to add this footage of a zebra dancing in front of a green screen to a video of your choice. Share your creations using #JustAddZebras.

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Uploaded by: LastWeekTonight

Views: 2206244
Added: 2 months ago
Runtime: 23:33
Comments: 3822

Tags for this video:last week tonight justaddzebras  justaddzebras  john oliver zebras  zebras bolivia  

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TheBigGulzarTheBigGulzar (2 days ago)

Daniel KDaniel K (4 days ago)
I wonder what the hireing session was like.

"So yeah, you'll just have to dance for 24 minutes in a zebra outfit."

Avi HeltonAvi Helton (4 days ago)
When you realize that this was someone's job

racso nationracso nation (4 days ago)
i just got brain fcuked

Coiso TalCoiso Tal (5 days ago)
You people are clueless, this is twenty minutes of meme material

Edgar OrtegaEdgar Ortega (5 days ago)
Best episode by far!!

Στέλιος ΔούκαςΣτέλιος Δούκας (5 days ago)
bounced on my boys dick with dis

Rody's RodRody's Rod (6 days ago)

Jan YuenJan Yuen (6 days ago)
22:27 That zebra can read Chinese???

JCTiggsJCTiggs (7 days ago)
That Zebra is high as a kite.

JahbloJahblo (7 days ago)
just subscribed to this channel and the first video posted is this crap, thanks

Blayne Martin-WatsonBlayne Martin-Watson (7 days ago)
Lol I'm not watching this 😂

CaptainSpacemanCaptainSpaceman (7 days ago)
10 hour version please.

Sohail AnsariSohail Ansari (7 days ago)
I don't know why But I masturbated furiously to this video.

Julián SoriaJulián Soria (8 days ago)
Que mierda!!!!! jajajajaaja who is paying this man to dance for a half hour!! yeah Internet, u fucking rock

Username? Whats that?Username? Whats that? (8 days ago)
the zebra was mentally and physically abused by HBO and john oliver when he was a child, such a sad story!

psychotronik13psychotronik13 (8 days ago)

psychotronik13psychotronik13 (8 days ago)

psychotronik13psychotronik13 (8 days ago)

XPavoXXPavoX (8 days ago)
This is propaganda! Zebras don't even exist!

Red OnionRed Onion (9 days ago)
...and my mind flashes back to delfated pikachu..

drfaust5fcdrfaust5fc (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that the Zebra is actually perfectly recreating that Shia Lebouf motivational speech video

Jazmin DuncanJazmin Duncan (10 days ago)
I manage the AV for the announcements at my school and in between the 5 minute bells, we play a song and music video across the school... today I decided to add this to the music video :)

Mixed NuttsMixed Nutts (11 days ago)

Roland AskewRoland Askew (11 days ago)
Wondering if this is how John Oliver spends his days off...

Marion PonsMarion Pons (11 days ago)
Self hardware lot lidgmc yourself doctrine counter electronic limb strip

100 Subs!100 Subs! (11 days ago)
The Tai-Chi sequence was so profond, I was witnessing the creation of the Universe...

Sean PeckhartSean Peckhart (12 days ago)
how do i download a 1080p version of this

andrew johnstoneandrew johnstone (12 days ago)
You know, this zebra is dancing in time to the vast majority of music that I've tried to play with him. Not enough credit

Jheel DasJheel Das (13 days ago)
you got to love zebras now

Neil MasonNeil Mason (13 days ago)
THE BEST EVER EVER EPISODE! JOHN'S BEST EVER! FUNNY AS SHIT, IT IS THE BEST ONE YET, seriously though, your show is shit, normality, really shit, Please more episodes without John, he is such a cunt!

lowend ricelowend rice (13 days ago)
Is it wrong I played bad and boujee behind this?

Simon WyattSimon Wyatt (13 days ago)
Could we at least get an explanation in the description?

Alexander WieserAlexander Wieser (13 days ago)
If you look closely, you'll notice that this is not a real Zebra.

Steven HambletSteven Hamblet (14 days ago)
Nice moves, John (we all know that's you inside the suit).

Sabrina CollinsSabrina Collins (14 days ago)
Where the music at tho?

Rob SalemRob Salem (14 days ago)
*puts gun in mouth*

geekdivaherselfgeekdivaherself (14 days ago)
I like how this is listed under Clips and not Web exclusives.

LemmondoLemmondo (14 days ago)
7,215 people disliked a dancing zebra? What the hell?

Phil VerheyPhil Verhey (14 days ago)
Do Rhett & Link know about this? .. pretty fucking sure the own the "dancing zebra" trademark

Temple ODoomTemple ODoom (15 days ago)
Can I buy this costume?

Michael BreedingMichael Breeding (15 days ago)
CNN and fox have nothing on this guy's inside info

KingAneeloKingAneelo (16 days ago)
colour me impressed.

RoflSirOfTheLawlRoflSirOfTheLawl (16 days ago)
Thanks, kinda been needing a nice J. O. sesh lately.

2cupid2cupid (18 days ago)

Khalid F. Al KhaliliKhalid F. Al Khalili (18 days ago)
Why am I here?

Chitresh BhattChitresh Bhatt (20 days ago)
There fuckin has to be something very wrong with my life if I watched 23 minutes of a fuckin zebra dancing. tf!!

Plushypony 94Plushypony 94 (21 day ago)
John can make an episode consisting of only a dancing zebra, and it's still controversial enough to get 7k downvotes. Wow.

Cheyenne Gonzalez RamirezCheyenne Gonzalez Ramirez (21 day ago)
What the flip John Oliver! lol

Shameless ShameShameless Shame (21 day ago)
Who else started beatboxing

Chris SpicerChris Spicer (22 days ago)
Nothing is ever going to be better than the dog Supreme Court.

Evan MartinEvan Martin (22 days ago)
Why are all the new videos banned in Canada now? If only there was a way to watch the videos free no ads plus they make zero ad revenue. Stupid corporations

Nadsenoj1Nadsenoj1 (24 days ago)
I, I don't understand... but I am watching this from start to finish... and laughing my are off.

Nadsenoj1Nadsenoj1 (24 days ago)

Brock WeaverBrock Weaver (24 days ago)
23minutes of greatness

Karan TrivediKaran Trivedi (25 days ago)
Wonder if that is actually John oliver

Lynnm81Lynnm81 (25 days ago)
Awww come on. At least give him some fucking music.

Michael ZellmanMichael Zellman (25 days ago)
This intern must have microwaved John Olivers Testicles after insemenating Donald Trump with. 'Johns Last chance at kids' load to deserve this punishment

Brian PercivalBrian Percival (26 days ago)
Why is it half the videos are "Not Available, Sorry About That" That is Bullcrap! Sorry, had to UNSUBSCRIBE.

Vetral FilmsVetral Films (26 days ago)
forced meme.

Khush SinghKhush Singh (27 days ago)
How has this not been explained yet

TheRealCelerateTheRealCelerate (27 days ago)
The only video made by this channel in a while that isn't geoblocked in Canada.

thegoldfishpoolthegoldfishpool (27 days ago)
Kind of frustrating that I can see when you post new videos in my subscription feed but can't watch any of them because they are not available in Canada anymore?!?!

slitorslitor (27 days ago)
Anyone color keyed this into something?

CenterpeiceCenterpeice (28 days ago)
this is super fucking racist

Speedy ChickenSpeedy Chicken (28 days ago)
Did u know that the Creators of The Original Dancing Zebra were Link and Rehtt from Good Mythical Morning.

Dave GDave G (28 days ago)
so stupid as dumb as iclunka dump

Sadat WastySadat Wasty (28 days ago)
why do i see a dog insteadd of a zebra

Mike MareMike Mare (28 days ago)
ok, this was actually p funny

YarlosYarlos (28 days ago)
You guys wanna know whats funny? Here ill show you, just watch some of my videos, NOT my workout vids my other vids hahah i make funny ones too and lmk if you laughed!!! YOU are awesome! :D

Jose Maradiaga-AndradeJose Maradiaga-Andrade (29 days ago)
This video was to go viral and to be photoshopped and edited so that we would later have great funny zebra videos, and that's why a green background was kept so that the public could easily edited. Now go on and edit it to your taste of background and sound.

Jared BlinkenJared Blinken (29 days ago)
Not my proudest fap...

FyralynnFyralynn (1 month ago)
I just wanna know what he was paid to do this.

FreemanFreeman (1 month ago)
Could one of the 7038 people who disliked this video PLEASE explain to me WHY???

Brawling loki gamingBrawling loki gaming (1 month ago)
i actually just watched 20 minutes aof a man in a zebra suit dancing i find that weird and im 13

Anything & EverythingAnything & Everything (27 days ago)
Brawling loki gaming gj man four views on your latest video

Kevin JonesKevin Jones (1 month ago)
It's actually John Oliver in the suit lol yall realize this right?

Michael RiversMichael Rivers (1 month ago)
Where can I find a zebra costume like that? Walmart? Target?

billy kobilcabilly kobilca (1 month ago)
still using! !!!

ChessTaurenChessTauren (1 month ago)
Even zebras hate Trump... SAD!

ChessTaurenChessTauren (1 month ago)
I think Putin should watch this video... It would open his eyes on so many things...

Darin AdkinsDarin Adkins (1 month ago)
Is it me or at 7:28 minutes in, it looks as if he's lost his air guitar and proceeded to just wack himself off?

InandaroundTOInandaroundTO (1 month ago)
Why was the zebra crying?

Robert SherryRobert Sherry (1 month ago)
I guess I expected a short clip during the show, but you're right,the title is literally correct. 1 long video of a man in a Zebra costume dancing. I'm sure some people will find a use for it.

Atri RichardsAtri Richards (1 month ago)
how is this not an April Fool's joke

Dila KılınçDila Kılınç (1 month ago)
Quality time.

Samy ENSamy EN (1 month ago)
It's a metaphor you guys
The zebra represents the sins of humanity
At least that's my take on it

Gayathiri SbGayathiri Sb (1 month ago)
Challenge accepted.

19billdong9619billdong96 (1 month ago)
It is Rhett and Link in there?

misimaro intro ́smisimaro intro ́s (1 month ago)
yes, its 23 min of a grown man making weird moves in a zebra costume. Welcome to the internet

Dan PortoDan Porto (1 month ago)
So what was the point of this? And why the heck does it have over 2 million views?

Chris LChris L (1 month ago)
Is he telling the "whos got 2 thumbs and loves head...This guy" joke? (around 14min in)

TideTide (1 month ago)
Go Zebra, go zebra, go go go!!!

SpirallingOutSpirallingOut (1 month ago)
This gives me a new appreciation for those people you see dancing out on the street in full costume while twirling a sign. ...and strippers. Can't forget strippers!

akash srivastavaakash srivastava (1 month ago)
ye kya hi bahanchod

Zachary ThoromanZachary Thoroman (1 month ago)
Someone should add the Normandy Invasion to the background.

George GeorgiaGeorge Georgia (1 month ago)
wtf is this?

caine esperanzacaine esperanza (1 month ago)
19:11 what the fuck am i doing with my life

Eliceo David RodriguezEliceo David Rodriguez (1 month ago)
how do i make this work?

Guy SchneiderGuy Schneider (1 month ago)
hmph...Got an idea see ya in a couple days

Sebastian QuinchiaSebastian Quinchia (1 month ago)
Not my proudest fap

YamiSoraYamiSora (1 month ago)
I just really hope the guy had some funky music playing for him that we're not hearing!

Nightingale GamingNightingale Gaming (1 month ago)
y tho

Mucki PratamaputraMucki Pratamaputra (1 month ago)
what am i doing with my life

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