Helping The Homeless Compilation 2015

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Author Lozzy pops 11 ( ago)
I feel really bad I'm crying whilst watching this😞😕😢😿

Author Ned Harding ( ago)
Thank u man

Author lisa widdowson ( ago)
Amazing video wish there was more ppl like this

Author Virtual Carl ( ago)
and I like to help homeless people

Author Raven R ( ago)
I will always stop to help the homeless, I wish more people were caring. God Bless the ones who make a difference.

Author Don Rafael ( ago)
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Author Eldox Nebulous ( ago)
I go cry😭😭

Author J Werle ( ago)
You shall put yourself in their shoes and think about what you'd feel like and be generous and just give them money They're in need of help just help them for god sakes Amen.

Author Neon Fox ( ago)
Please like because I'm saving up money for charity donations and for the homeless🙂❤️

Author UphaM82 ( ago)
there is a saying in Turkish "the left hand shoudnt see what the right hand gives" think about that while watching these kind of videos

Author The Real OG ( ago)
At first I thought he was actually asking homeless people for money!😧 but then I realized that it was an social experiment!

Author Harrison Freeze ( ago)
Is it just me or are the homeless people more giving than rich people

Author Lara Gambin ( ago)
Dear God,
Bless all the shameless. Help them.

Author Rosh Fergie ( ago)

Author Joe Loayza ( ago)

Author Take me Somewhere far ( ago)
I'm crying this is a gorgeous video this is honestly the best

Author Jazmine Hernandez ( ago)
This is just heartwarming I wish I could this but I can't :(

Author Trailers for games ( ago)
fuck the homeless

Author sky wish ( ago)
hats-off dude

Author Smoky Da Hunter ( ago)
I helped a homeless woman once and my brother yelled at me saying that she was just going to buy drugs. Talk about selfish

Author muslimahsista ( ago)
Well done

Author Sky's sketches ( ago)
today I saw a homeless man. me and my mom were near the crosswalk, about to cross. I stopped and got 8 quarters out of my bag and gave it to him. He was so happy, it made me feel happy.

Author xXRosybelXx Fun ( ago)
I'm gonna subscribe to Johal he is a helping homeless man that has a kind joyful heart

Author Help The Homeless ( ago)
Damn this is so inspirational an moving man. Much respect.

Author Sierra Sum ( ago)
Excellent job keep it up

Author Tefukari TM ( ago)
Whos Looking for the THUMBNAIL??

Author Jonathan Reyes ( ago)
Hopfely you didn't give them a dollar.......

Author Daniel Pablo ( ago)
oh..nice one..GOD BLESS those homeless people..I almost cry in that video..

Author Hilda AYBAR ( ago)
That's wonderful, I always try to help the homeless , I don't have much , but I always try to help the less fortunate

Author skeleton plush and screaming ren ( ago)
man the people who don't let like this you guys are mean

Author Maggie Catlin ( ago)
I started crying because that was so amazing that a homeless person would give money to a person that has momey

Author Corlesis ( ago)
All homeless people are all victims of psychiatrists and the mental health system that have damaged them physically, mentally, and spiritually for illnesses they never had. Ever since they closed the mental hospitals the amount of homeless people around the world has grown dramatically.

Author Curly Savage ( ago)

Author matt lll ( ago)
one random act of kindness at a time".
never look down your nose at someone. i was homeless for 9 years after leaving the army.

Author Marlene Nauer ( ago)

Author Anonymous Gerry ( ago)
It's a beautiful day outside birds are singing flowers are blooming on days like this givers like them should be shining in heaven

Author Jesus valdez ( ago)

Author FNAF And Racing Gamer ( ago)
last time I saw a homeless so I only had 42$ dollars and i gave him 38$ dollars I didn't want him to die so yeah

Author Brian Boyer ( ago)
breaks me up how the homeless will give without question

Author Sarvesh Bhiwoo ( ago)
superb video man...

Author Red Sheep ( ago)

Author Alicia Haynes ( ago)
im going to do this when i grow up

Author THE JOCKER ( ago)
Who disliked this, they don't have humanity

Author Carmine Parisi ( ago)
See this is what it's all about man these politicians got it all fucked up it's not about Republicans or Democrats it's about human beings it's about Americans it's about us looking out for one another

Author Damini Sharma ( ago)
that's so sweet ....brought tears to my eyes

Author Nikita Sellin ( ago)
omg I just want to cry

Author Cally And More! ( ago)
One day when I'm 32 or younger I will help the homeless and the dogs and give them money and help them get a better life then they have.

Author Ryan Sabater ( ago)
i think homeless give more money than rich i think

Author Albert Rutter ( ago)

Author cody borelz ( ago)
Once I gave a 100 Dallas bill to a homeless in she cryed in her kids cryed to

Author Ashley Marohn ( ago)
I love how you help the homeless people

Author Manish Chauhan ( ago)
great job brother👍

Author Aliyah Carr ( ago)
This is a awesome and inspirational video and almost put me to tears in a good way cause you people are so thoughtful and so kind and blessed

Author Mohan சாய் ( ago)
awesome you so much 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Author Violet Jarvais ( ago)
god does good stuff for us like this guy

Author Veronica Luna ( ago)
I fell bad for the homeless people😭😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😞😭😞😞😭😭😭

Author Alison Laing ( ago)

Author Louisa Fredriksson ( ago)
I'm crying😭❤

Author BJ Manaig ( ago)
ahh ilike all people giving also

Author BJ Manaig ( ago)
Johal is the 1 who give to the poor

Author BJ Manaig ( ago)
i love home less people i like to help them

Author Laura Jimenez ( ago)
Every time they gave him a dollar with a smile on their face I bawled my eyes out, how can they be so kind I cannot😭

Author ғʀᴇᴅ Rax ʏᴛ ( ago)
Yo your awesome giving to the in need

Author Levi Hill ( ago)
no act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted ~Aesop

Author LaneSpltr G ( ago)
You want to really help homeless people in your area?

When the temperatures dip, go to a thrift store and buy a stack of cheap but warm blankets. Wool blankets will actually keep you warm, even in wet conditions (rain/sleet/snow). Drive around and hand these out to the folks you can tell are really struggling... especially the mentally challenged folks.

Good sleep is the number one most important thing we can do for our minds and bodies, and it's not always easy for folks on the street to stay warm and dry wherever they wind up sleeping.

Give this is a shot and the universe will reward you in return, more than you can possibly imagine at this moment.

Author Paul Romero ( ago)
every time I see a homeless person I can't stand watching them on the floor sleeping because it makes me cry GOD BLESS THEM!!!

Author Owie Doodles ( ago)
Your nice I like you

Author Alyssa Sanchez ( ago)
I liked this video of you giving homeless people money!!!!!!!

Author RIchard Perez ( ago)
10mill views wow!! If we all did a little, we could put smiles on homeless

Author luke jolly ( ago)
it makes me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😭😿😭😿😿😿😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥😭

Author Sadie Morel ( ago)
this vid mad me cri so so much 😓😥

Author SpikeGames17 ( ago)
This brings joy to my heart and dislikes go kill yourself u @&2@&

Author pat mendoza ( ago)
Very nice deed...

Author BurgerMania Burger ( ago)
All of this made me cry but my father saw me and asked what are you watching ME:nothing MIND:why you asked dont you dare get lost

Author George Murphy ( ago)
if I saw a homeless man I would give him my food and drink and some money

Author ThatOneOnly MEME ( ago)
This shows that there is still good in the word.....Help others and it will be payed off......bless the meek and help for they are the children of the lord don't stop loving cause at the end god will reward you for the happiness you brought in this world

Author xavier08f p ( ago)
Who ever dislike a faggot a ungrateful bitch

Author Roberto Soto ( ago)
I will give people that have no house a upartmante

Author Lily ( ago)
Honestly, I'd totally help out a person in need if I saw one but the thing is that the homeless people in my city prefer drugs over food. Everywhere I go, I see homeless people sleeping on the floor, begging for money or just sitting down looking all depressed and stuff, and I feel sad for them, but then i notice they're all smoking or drinking beer or I notice a few vodka bottles besides them and it just pisses me off. If you have money for drugs, then you have what it takes to get out of your situation. I've only seen one homeless guy with a sign that read "Homeless. Anything helps" who was playing his guitar, so I went into the nearby Subway and bought him a meal plus some money :/

Author Babar Aziz ( ago)
love you man, GOD bless all of us

Author AngelSugarMaster ( ago)
they got money for the war but can't feed the poor

Author Bobby Singletary ( ago)
Those without have the biggest hearts.

Author janani jayachandiran ( ago)
o my dad see them their eyes are true please mind them respect them talk to them atlest...

Author Maria Fer ( ago)
casi lloro 😭

Author Zejdy ( ago)
very Beautiful

Author Sedat Önel ( ago)
Helping yourself is that way helping others

Author Cj Lopez ( ago)
homeless people are so nice 😢😢😭😭

Author Chapa Soria ( ago)
you guys are the best

Author OMGItsNoVa ( ago)
and I hate those people who disrespect homeless they say "they just want money" I say "THEY ARE SLOWLY DYING. This person is so nice 😢

Author Taleha Nauta ( ago)
its so amazing what people can do for others

Author MrOverran ( ago)
fuck Karim, this is how its done

Author Diego Caballero ( ago)
This is beautiful and catholic

Author Xavier Glenn ( ago)
Man this is so inspiring thanks for doing this man for the homeless bro that's really nice of you

Author Armando Rodriguez ( ago)

Author Bharat Suthar ( ago)
great bro

Author Redstone Gamer ( ago)
Thinking money does anything but for us good people, money does good 😊.

Author Jade Harley Pmp Pre ( ago)
That's so sweet.. :')

Author Noel Egli ( ago)

Author todd genga ( ago)
This kid gave them cancer by sending them to McDonalds.How cruel can you be??? Why,why why!....?

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