Top 10 Live News Reporting Fails

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  • Tara Quetot
    Tara Quetot 13 hours ago

    United's states Pennsylvania

  • ehg fhn
    ehg fhn 4 days ago


  • Frankie Madrie
    Frankie Madrie 5 days ago

    I'm skyley I'm from saltville Virginia

  • Arafat Al- Hajri vlog

    Arafat fork Oman

  • Maddie Krause
    Maddie Krause 6 days ago

    I'm from Atlanta,GA

  • Guadalupe Gomez
    Guadalupe Gomez 6 days ago

    My whole family is from Mexico

  • Guadalupe Gomez
    Guadalupe Gomez 6 days ago

    My name is Guadalupe and I'm from Chicago and born there but I'm Mexican

  • Dr. Savage Sutton
    Dr. Savage Sutton 8 days ago

    I'm Daddy I am from your mom's house

  • Nikki Villemaire
    Nikki Villemaire 9 days ago

    Yeah this is one of the many reasons why I don't watch the news. If there is an important piece of news, I look it up online, hear about it from my parents, or listen to the radio between songs.

  • Noa Grover
    Noa Grover 9 days ago

    my name is noa
    I'm from Nova Scotia

  • Luigiman1089
    Luigiman1089 9 days ago

    I am a potato

  • Corinne Wirth
    Corinne Wirth 9 days ago

    I'm Corinne I'm from Ohio

    LOL IM TRASH 11 days ago

    "im a pround canadian *EH*"

  • charliecoyb
    charliecoyb 11 days ago

    My name is Charlie and live in west bromich,west midlands in England.

  • Marsella Ramírez
    Marsella Ramírez 12 days ago

    I'm Mexican 👌🏻

  • Logic Studios
    Logic Studios 12 days ago

    Toronto Canada too!

  • Kenzie Hill
    Kenzie Hill 12 days ago

    Ed would have a field day with that 🐔

  • SmilingFunAndGames
    SmilingFunAndGames 28 days ago

    Im Robert Marsh and live in OWENSBORO KY for my time and still in Daviss county

  • Om Husain
    Om Husain 1 month ago

    from kuwait

  • elisha taylor
    elisha taylor 1 month ago

    The chicken scare on me is my fav

  • Buffbud96
    Buffbud96 1 month ago

    I'm Buffbud and i'm from the brain of a 12 year old boy 9 years ago

  • UmbreonBoy 98
    UmbreonBoy 98 1 month ago

    Im watching this again on my new acount

  • HarleyCatLPS Tv
    HarleyCatLPS Tv 1 month ago


  • #Hi #There
    #Hi #There 1 month ago

    I am Indian

  • baluch man
    baluch man 1 month ago

    i am mateen and i am from pakistan

  • Dominic Blair
    Dominic Blair 1 month ago

    Montréal is where I'm from

  • Elizabeth Burdon
    Elizabeth Burdon 1 month ago

    Hi I'm Lizzy. I'm 14 and I'm from the UK. I'm currently waiting for a reply from some publishers regarding my novel which I wrote. Wish me luck!

  • MrCow 12341
    MrCow 12341 1 month ago

    my name is adara and i am from missori

  • Mcpe Second
    Mcpe Second 1 month ago

    my name is

    Sum Ting wong

    I have 3 Brothers

    Wi tu lo

    Ho Lee fuk

    Bang ding ow

  • Fredrik Gamerboy!
    Fredrik Gamerboy! 1 month ago

    Fredrik Norway

  • Kyrie R
    Kyrie R 1 month ago

    I'm Kyrie from America

  • Diamond ced
    Diamond ced 1 month ago


  • Marquita R
    Marquita R 1 month ago

    I'm Marquita R from Tennessee U.S.A

  • Tayla Gillis
    Tayla Gillis 1 month ago

    I'm from straya fair dinkum maaattte

  • Isabella Johnson
    Isabella Johnson 1 month ago

    bella new york

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 1 month ago

    I'm Jeffy and I live in jeffy

  • Abby-Gayle Matthews
    Abby-Gayle Matthews 1 month ago

    hi I am Abby and I am from Jamaica

  • Kimberly Duff
    Kimberly Duff 1 month ago

    guess the guy at number nine can't handle the cock ;) XD

  • Colton Goertz
    Colton Goertz 1 month ago

    Spanish news anchor in the us hosts English shows

  • Joseph De Leon
    Joseph De Leon 1 month ago

    My name is Joseph N. De Leon im from Chicago Illinois and um dont look for me and kill me

  • Welsh Wizard
    Welsh Wizard 1 month ago

    Mouthy bastard

  • Valerie Miller
    Valerie Miller 1 month ago

    MY NAME IS JEFF (ryan) im from america BYE BYE RUSSIA

  • Drew Lanser
    Drew Lanser 1 month ago

    Drew I'm from America

  • danny the ruby robber

    Im from London England 🇬🇧

  • SpeedyJolteon
    SpeedyJolteon 1 month ago

    i am Corby from England ,UK,the world

  • Janette Ortiz
    Janette Ortiz 1 month ago

    my name is ava and I'm from California

  • Chrisangelo Jane
    Chrisangelo Jane 1 month ago

    Zoey Vann and I'm from Riverside Ca

  • Vegeta Nakeith
    Vegeta Nakeith 1 month ago

    my name is Lucas and I live in Ohio

  • blood wolf
    blood wolf 1 month ago

    I'm from Canada my name is jack and my dad just past away:(

  • I love Minecraft
    I love Minecraft 1 month ago

    I'am Millie And From UK

  • SuperSenshi
    SuperSenshi 1 month ago

    For the number 9 slot, did anyone else have LoZ flashbacks?

  • Peace It 27
    Peace It 27 1 month ago

    I'm Gracie from Quitman Texas!!

  • xpert HUH
    xpert HUH 1 month ago

    randi kee bachee kam itraa gand0...

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh 2 months ago

    Canada is US's b**c*.

  • Antgamer702
    Antgamer702 2 months ago

    My name is sir reganold the first now I shall take this over!

  • KENDALL!!!!
    KENDALL!!!! 2 months ago

    my name is Kendall from French Lick,Indiana. US

  • Emma Beckstead
    Emma Beckstead 2 months ago

    I'm Emma from Manitoba

  • Abigail Valentine-Rawlins


  • melinda mason
    melinda mason 2 months ago

    Noah and I'm new zealand

  • Kristen Bleninger-Sundar

    Did he say "isn't it not?'"

    • adan gomez
      adan gomez 2 months ago

      Kristen Bleninger-Sundar double negative

  • Tom Chesham
    Tom Chesham 2 months ago

    I'm Tom and from England

  • Challenge Bro's
    Challenge Bro's 2 months ago

    Kerrisdale, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Bibo Ben
    Bibo Ben 2 months ago

    my name is omar i come from saudi arabia ,riyadh ,middle east

  • jesus Santana
    jesus Santana 2 months ago

    i think that the guy screaming at the chicken was the funniest

  • Hal Jordane
    Hal Jordane 3 months ago

    Illegal immigrants? On YouTube? WTF INSTERNET

    ENTERTAINMENT 3 months ago

    come on my channel and see the videos

  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl 3 months ago

    I'm from my mum

  • The Pinoy Gamer 101 Entertainment

    I'm from Philippines and I'm Josh,I'm a proud Pilipino,I live in Las Piñas and my old school is A.R.E. Playschool,my current is Las Piñas Monetessori School,I borned in June 26 2007,and I love top 10s

  • Korbin Out Loud
    Korbin Out Loud 3 months ago

    korbin im from greenfield indiana in the usa

  • Ally Daisey
    Ally Daisey 3 months ago

    Allyson Maine

  • bluerosepetal24
    bluerosepetal24 3 months ago

    Make more of these please! ^-^

  • bluerosepetal24
    bluerosepetal24 3 months ago

    My name is Starsha Jones From NYC in the Bronx and Your awesome Landon!!! 😍😘😙😚😄😁😉

  • eddy Dos reis
    eddy Dos reis 3 months ago


  • Declan Sheriston
    Declan Sheriston 3 months ago

    my name is declan I'm from engaland

  • Alyssa Stocks
    Alyssa Stocks 3 months ago

    Alyssa and just became a sub

  • Hauxnted Kira
    Hauxnted Kira 3 months ago

    My name is Kira
    From Ireland

  • Darkshadow6452
    Darkshadow6452 3 months ago

    I live on the 3rd rock from the sun in the milkyway galaxy

  • Rob Troy
    Rob Troy 3 months ago

    I am on my dad's iPad so my name is owen

  • Melissa Hulke
    Melissa Hulke 3 months ago

    I'm a person from earth

  • CreepyKiller67679 Gamer

    I'm from Lebanon I'm sure u won't find it on the map it's tiny but I like it

  • Ruben Medina
    Ruben Medina 3 months ago

    mexicano .... a la verga

  • jill davison
    jill davison 3 months ago

    he wont stop talking!!

  • Annabelle Sanchez
    Annabelle Sanchez 3 months ago

    I'm Annabelle from Texas, USA

  • Mischief Venom
    Mischief Venom 3 months ago


  • David Champage
    David Champage 3 months ago

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  • Lucky Oreoz
    Lucky Oreoz 3 months ago

    I hate videos like this all they do is talk really annoying dude dislike

    MD ROFIKUL ISLAM 3 months ago

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  • Katrina Greene
    Katrina Greene 3 months ago

    I'd like to answer your first question my name is Katrina and I live in Colorado. suck my balls. This is the real life this is real life because it's obviously real life l
    Ok because.its on the news

  • Mariym Atif
    Mariym Atif 3 months ago

    mariym sudan

  • Electricchar 156
    Electricchar 156 4 months ago

    Im from Puerto Rico

  • Xavier Pena
    Xavier Pena 4 months ago

    I'm Xavier I in in new Marco anm

  • Jishitha
    Jishitha 4 months ago

    Jishitha from India

  • Flash sans true
    Flash sans true 4 months ago

    Adam Australia there

  • ayona miaji
    ayona miaji 4 months ago


  • Bruder Gustavo
    Bruder Gustavo 4 months ago


  • Michael O
    Michael O 4 months ago

    Who ever is giving all the hosts feed back to use their hands should stop. All the hosts move their hands way too much to the point of it being distracting.

  • EuroSplash11
    EuroSplash11 4 months ago

    My namie is Jonas Valanciunas, maybe canadiens know me?

  • Phoenix Word
    Phoenix Word 4 months ago

    WAY TO GO TORONTO ( except for Rob Ford )

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