4 Cylinder Engine Animation Pro Engineer

A Four cylinder motor that was created in Pro/engineer. Just a sample of my work without any specifications.

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Author Stefan Radojevic ( ago)
Hey Erik, your engine is amazing, i want to make one for my college final.
So i was wondering which drawings did you use, because i need exact
dimensions of every single engine part so that i could make it in pro/e.
Thanks in advance. 

Author Prashant Patil ( ago)
Hey... its awesome.... i want to know where you found the drafts for this

Author Gane962 ( ago)
man you are the beast..... :)

Author janarthanan barnaba ( ago)
nice work bro.. am now started doing pro/e since 2month ago bt yet not
found any exercise like engines, crankshaft etc. could u help me plsssss

Author smital viswambharan ( ago)
do u have other videos regarding the cam shaft n valve timing tutorials of

Author smital viswambharan ( ago)
@hardy339 thanks brother... i just wanted to know weather is it worthy
enough to get a job in this field or what am i doing is just a waste of
time... rit now im trying to complte the whole thing up... i just
desperately want a job in this field.....the portfolio u r talking abt
should i attach my drawings n other works done by me with my CV? THANK U

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
@smitalresurrected Complete the project and use it as a portfolio to
showcase your work I guess. Don't bother sending it to oem's, they don't
give a hoot about your models. Keep in mind the CAD models are usually the
easiest part of the process. Its the detailed drawings with proper
tolerancing, material selection, engineering calcs, customer requirements,
product verification/integration etc. etc. that takes the most time,
thought and money.

Author smital viswambharan ( ago)
all the dimensions and every other calculations i have done it myself.....

Author smital viswambharan ( ago)
im trying to make an V6 PETROL engin in pro/e and have completed the
cylinder casing, piston, crank shaft and ALMOST ALL THE other stuffs...i
have done in mechanical i want to get into the automobile field, i
want to complete my design and then send it to any automobile company...
can any one tell me if this helps... and to whom should i send my designs
to i have no idea... searching for it .. im also designing the gear box n
the differential...... please help...

Author Mohamed Sami Abu El makarem ( ago)
is this solid work?

Author dthebuk ( ago)
@amgad3 Don't know how hes done it. But i would create offset coordinate
system points and join them with a curve (from the datum menu), Then make a
sweep using the curve. This allows you to edit the points in 3 dimensions
and hence edit the shape of the pipe whenever you wish. Also good for

Author 柯 岳廷 ( ago)
i usually used solidworks. nice videos!

Author Kevin Janssen ( ago)
very nicee!! what's the name of that song?

Author Mattijjah85 ( ago)
Nice! But same things you can do with Autodesk's Inventor

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
Its been awhile but i'll try to help you out. After you design some parts,
go into the mechanism part of the program i believe. From there you start
assembling your parts. The one you want to make move, don't fully constrain
them. Instead use "connections" to peice them together. Its been awhile
since I used Pro/E so i can't remember exactly. Its not too difficult once
you understand the basics. Google some tutorials, there are plenty out
there. Good Luck

Author Dominic Davidson ( ago)
Hey Hardy, I just started learning Pro/E lately. How do you go about
implementing motion to your parts. Thanx.

Author tcheightyeight ( ago)
Awesome work!

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
nevermind.. Artist:MG Song:50mill :)

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
I don't remember what its called. It was an audioswap. I looked around to
see if I could find it but no luck...

Author BTE1991 ( ago)

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
no its not a tutorial, i personally made all the parts :)

Author GManRomano ( ago)
i like that intake, hahaha. cool video man

Author rock3tcat (ⵙⴰⵔⵓⵅ) ( ago)
Do you really have a company named "Hardy Industries", that would be very
cool. BTW: Nice engine. :)

Author Ryan Kelley ( ago)
i have used autodesk inventor for 3 years at my school and was wondering if
someone else has also and used pro e i am looking to get a cad system and
dont know which one to choose i know you can do amazing things on pro e but
i am really used to inventor and suggestioins

Author dsmcraze ( ago)
Pretty cool man

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
The intake valves and the exhaust valves are moving independtly. Because
its a 4-valves per clinder configuration, There are two intake valves and
two exhaust valves. Each pair moves together but independent of the other

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
I know what you mean! Check out Corght profile. He has some nice designs

Author Roger0416 ( ago)
I'm pursuing a career for automotive engineering too I hope I can afford it
lol. Nice vid man

Author bkai88888 ( ago)
brillant!!!you inspired me,Im a Chinese undergraduate studying automobile
engine.We have been taught nothing but maths and physics.We do learn
something about CAM,but we can only draw small parts,we dont know what the
"project" button for...I guess thats why Chinese automakers just product
junks. thx for your video,I have some ideas about what I should learn by
myself now.

Author suzuki681 ( ago)

Author Erik Hardy ( ago)
Thanks for watching it. We used this program is highschool and i liked
messing around with it. I wouldn't exactly say i know what i'm doing, i
just know the basics. I didn't have a motor to look at so i just made all
the dimensions and styles up and i just hoped it looked right.

Author corght ( ago)
Very nice engine, it's true that there is some similarities with mine but
it's ok! Nice P-flow and good animation ; you encourages me to finish my

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