Milo Yiannopoulos Funny Moments

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  • Bryan Lewis
    Bryan Lewis 12 hours ago

    6:03 nice outfit

  • Theo Brown
    Theo Brown 12 hours ago

    praise our lord and savior Milo

  • John Bentley
    John Bentley 12 hours ago

    All that just to plug his YouTube channel

  • Ally Kitts
    Ally Kitts 13 hours ago

    i think i just got a girl boner. man if i was gay lmao. these are so funny

  • 4eversupersonicgirl *
    4eversupersonicgirl * 14 hours ago

    17:06 no wonder he's gay.

  • aron bstr
    aron bstr 1 day ago

    i'm not gay but im "fan" of milo and if i will see milo in real life i will run away

  • Acacia Camael
    Acacia Camael 1 day ago

    Milo is daddy and what he said about native American and being native American myself I admit....hate hearing natives of how their land was stolen etc I always want to say or ask then why aren't you doing anything or fighting to get it back stfu

  • endermaniac246
    endermaniac246 1 day ago

    17:15 disney channel wtf

  • Gavyn !
    Gavyn ! 1 day ago

    I need a dick water bottle like his MmMmmM

    • Gavyn !
      Gavyn ! 1 day ago

      Shit did he roast onision? FUCK

  • Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts 1 day ago

    Do not glorify M*** this way!!! He's a RACIST, MISOGYNIST, DEPLORABLE WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!

    • ClEaRoUt PrO
      ClEaRoUt PrO 20 hours ago

      He's not racist, he's not a white supremacist, and he's also not a misogynist, but he IS a smart man that voices his opinions in public events. You're stupid

  • Vicundcomic 32
    Vicundcomic 32 2 days ago

    I'm so happy to see that furry there I was so happy to see the two get along!!!!

  • Aiden C
    Aiden C 2 days ago

    i love how milo lets the feminists talk until their all done, but as soon as he talks they start talking over him

  • Scarlet Sho
    Scarlet Sho 2 days ago

    God damn Gavin... Save some for his lovers tonight.

  • MathLife
    MathLife 2 days ago

    im triggered that you used brawl music instead of melee music

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 2 days ago

    "Who else do I like?"
    "Amy Schumer."
    "No. I some states, that's beastiality, you know."

    Not even the temperatures of the Antarctic can relieve that burn.

  • welovewow2
    welovewow2 2 days ago

    22:06 - This guy complains about not being allowed a platform to express his a guy is *handing him a microphone* to allow him to better express his opinion?

  • Angelic Aesthetic
    Angelic Aesthetic 3 days ago

    When they kissed, I got really jealous *///*

  • Nick Manzi
    Nick Manzi 4 days ago

    Love this video but the part with the "send her back to the cotton fields" was a little over the top

  • maule m5
    maule m5 4 days ago

    Fuck Milo should be in the next bruno movie

  • Eric Winchester
    Eric Winchester 4 days ago

    sometimes he kinda reminds me of Brandon Rogers

  • Jake Tieri
    Jake Tieri 4 days ago

    25:20 had me pissing myself

  • Havaneselover8
    Havaneselover8 4 days ago


  • Kieran Arcand
    Kieran Arcand 4 days ago

    Man I was a fan until he belittle what happened to my people.

  • Pathflow 1
    Pathflow 1 4 days ago

    17:19 Love Milo to bits, but hate shit like this. Not sure who was responsible for that, but fucking not on and works from a low level of humanity

  • RadiatedDalek
    RadiatedDalek 4 days ago

    7:48 My God! Thor (Gavin) and Iron Man (Milo) are on a tour together?! Holy shit!

  • O R I O N
    O R I O N 5 days ago

    Milo plays Halo, haha awesome!

  • TheGoldenBacca
    TheGoldenBacca 5 days ago

    I can't tell if he is actually gay or a really good joke

  • Dáinn Styrbjørn
    Dáinn Styrbjørn 5 days ago

    I just Watched Milo on with Dr. Drew, and that was a great radio segment. absolutely revealing of Milo's big heart. He's a good man. Brilliantly strategic too. I can't wait to see what he works toward next.

  • Jasper Meulendijk
    Jasper Meulendijk 5 days ago

    this guy should be president

  • Joshua Tobin
    Joshua Tobin 6 days ago

    32:36 - 32:40 , whats the difference

  • Angela Kammerer
    Angela Kammerer 7 days ago

    How the hell is he so charming? I'm falling in love

    • Emma JD
      Emma JD 20 hours ago

      Smart guys are attractive!

  • dad
    dad 7 days ago

    I disagree with his views but damn he's charming

  • hattu
    hattu 7 days ago

    hes kind of a gay collosaliscrazy

  • Madison
    Madison 8 days ago

    id smash Amy Schumer tho

    ASOKA NAIDU 8 days ago

    He can make a straight man, Gay.

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien 8 days ago

    Milo is the best! I love Ben Shapiro because he is intelligent and can stump liberals with facts, but Milo does same thing in fun, creative ways!

  • rei 君
    rei 君 8 days ago

    YES, I want Milo to roast oninsionson more..

  • FernTheYoutuber
    FernTheYoutuber 8 days ago

    I feel kinda bad for that last guy.

  • DJ Potato
    DJ Potato 8 days ago

    "Thr amount of black dick that has been in my mouth" –milo

  • Nico Esposito
    Nico Esposito 8 days ago

    You put together good videos, but your extra touch was awful and unfunny

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James 9 days ago

    That last clip though <3

  • electroleah
    electroleah 10 days ago

    6:37 Aww, sounds like someone gave birth at Milo's speech. Must have been traumatic, but sweet nonetheless.

  • kabd
    kabd 10 days ago

    i fucking love this faggot

  • Sweg Kitty Don't Kare

    WAIT! He has an Xbox! What's his gamertag! I need to add him!!!

  • allied006
    allied006 11 days ago

    That ending made me laugh so much.

  • Katerina Patiniotis
    Katerina Patiniotis 11 days ago

    Legend! !

  • Rudy Roman
    Rudy Roman 11 days ago

    I would chill in his bus with him

  • TheUltimateHacker007

    "Thank you for coming up, sir" He said against a transgender xD

  • Wiz Muthafucking Khalifa

    Holy shit he's 32 years old

  • ChaCha Charlie
    ChaCha Charlie 11 days ago

    I don't agree with a lot of what he says, sometimes I do but fuck I can't deny he's funny

  • Jim Chance
    Jim Chance 11 days ago

    The thing is, milo is not a politician, he is a comedian, and next to nobody realizes it

  • possibly here to kill myself .mp4

    nah this nigga gay bye

  • El Hombre Malo
    El Hombre Malo 12 days ago

    Milo's not racist the guy that made this video is racist.

  • Lauren Tuttle
    Lauren Tuttle 12 days ago

    11:32 IM DEAD

    • Emma JD
      Emma JD 20 hours ago

      IKR 😂😂😂

  • FraN_
    FraN_ 13 days ago

    Why the Brawl music tho?
    I like it but, why? xD

  • LadyxInsanity
    LadyxInsanity 13 days ago

    Omg I'm a girl myself, but it seriously pisses me off when feminazis say they're underprivileged!


  • Dubstep Highlights
    Dubstep Highlights 13 days ago

    is this dude actually gay???

    • Joshua Gonzalez
      Joshua Gonzalez 5 days ago

      Dubstep Highlights yea he is actually gay it has been said over and over in this video

  • Levy McGarden
    Levy McGarden 13 days ago

    5:04 is that a dildo shaped pen holder?

    • FillTheSpacez
      FillTheSpacez 13 days ago

      Levy McGarden It's a dildo water bottle.

  • Tony  Stark
    Tony Stark 13 days ago

    I don't believe he's really gay. I think he's trolling everyone which is even better.

  • Loki Agnomen
    Loki Agnomen 13 days ago

    Only 39 mins? is this the trailer?

  • Njddjjd Didijfnx
    Njddjjd Didijfnx 13 days ago

    I thought it was Brandon Rodgers on the thumbnail

  • Flamzy
    Flamzy 14 days ago

    What was that taric shit at the start

  • Ahjel
    Ahjel 14 days ago

    why is his hair changed in every clip lol

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 14 days ago

    haha i love when milo says it straight and true xD

  • Rashaun Campbell
    Rashaun Campbell 14 days ago

    Omg were you really playing that melee song from donkey Kong stage at 20:15 lol. I'm laughing so hard

  • Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods 14 days ago

    I have fell in love... Milo is amazing

  • Matt Tran
    Matt Tran 15 days ago

    are the sound effects Urgot from LoL

  • Sanderson Girl
    Sanderson Girl 15 days ago


  • Boode's Videos
    Boode's Videos 15 days ago

    Don't get me wrong. I love Milo, I find him hilarious, awesome, and just absolutely genius. But how can he be gay and be against transgender people?

    • Boode's Videos
      Boode's Videos 12 hours ago

      Flowey didn't say it did, but homosexuality and transgender both involve identity and something to do with gender, so for him to be for one and against the other kind of implies that he's only against it because he isn't it, like how he doesn't believe in lesbians.

    • Flowey
      Flowey 12 hours ago

      If you're transgender, it does not mean you're gay.

  • EmptyWaterBottle
    EmptyWaterBottle 15 days ago

    Please tell me at 4:32 there is an MLG sign?

  • TJ Craig
    TJ Craig 15 days ago

    I have so much respect for milo because my schools pretty fucked up basically if your the age of 13-16 you get treated like trash by the female teachers and we are told to be quiet when we want to stand up for ourselves yesterday I got suspended for saying "how about you mark us fairly on exams and treat us fairly" I said this because there's this girl called Sara and we were doing a maths exam and she sits beside me and we were correcting our mistakes and we basically had the same answers and she got 30 percent more than me???

    AIDAN CANON 15 days ago

    I didn't support trump but I still like what he says😂😂

    • Flowey
      Flowey 12 hours ago

      Trump for life.

  • yumboom
    yumboom 15 days ago

    22:30 Do they not teach "innocent until proven guilty" anymore in modern academia?

  • jorge ramirez
    jorge ramirez 15 days ago

    Why does Milo look like Brandon Rogers

  • Davis Suggs
    Davis Suggs 15 days ago

    As a straight man and a gay man… NOT!

  • Hailey Tyjo
    Hailey Tyjo 16 days ago

    fuck i wish i was a guy like my actual daddy but i love him so much like I'd love to see this guy in action man frig

  • ifherageisontheclock youcangiveherthecock

    when those two kissed I

    C A M E

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird 16 days ago

    "Standing here as a straight man next to a gay man fuck you islam *kisses Milo*"

    Funny shit

  • Tyler Cottringer
    Tyler Cottringer 16 days ago

    I heard Taric and Urgot, nice

  • cross
    cross 17 days ago

    I'm not gay but... I think I'd still go in... of course I'm not giant black sex machine...

  • A spooky vagina
    A spooky vagina 17 days ago

    The taric taunt intro is a reason to keep breathing

  • Bertolt Hoover
    Bertolt Hoover 17 days ago

    Milo, Gavin and Lauren are like the best trio in destroying feminists

  • Dylan Kane
    Dylan Kane 17 days ago

    Ngl that kiss completely caught me off guard

  • Dylan Kane
    Dylan Kane 17 days ago

    This dude is funny lmao

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 17 days ago

    I hate Trump supporters like this cuz they're so likeable and fucking savage

  • Jayden Snell
    Jayden Snell 17 days ago

    I got a fuckin disney ad before this video lol

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar 17 days ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos & Gavin Mcinnes is the greatest tag-team ever

  • DiegoOraaAlberu
    DiegoOraaAlberu 17 days ago

    Shit like i don't support donald trump and I live in a Muslim country, but this nigga destroyed every feminist movement with no evidence to back up their claims. Get this Legend an award.

  • GabTheGreat1
    GabTheGreat1 17 days ago

    I go to a highly feminist school.
    I would pay thousands for him to come to my school for a day and make a speech on roasting my school

  • Lauren Jade
    Lauren Jade 18 days ago

    'We need equality to stop men being violent'

    ???? Stereotyping all men as violent is equality to you?????

  • Bømtastic
    Bømtastic 18 days ago

    I can't believe he's gay.. My dreams of being dominated by Milo are crushed and buried 6 feet under

  • Shot Into Oblivion
    Shot Into Oblivion 18 days ago

    XD was that idubbz

  • that1guy
    that1guy 18 days ago

    Hears a feminist joke whats the real reason they shoot harambe? The confused him with a wild feminist

  • Simon Lidén
    Simon Lidén 18 days ago

    Didn't think we'd notice that at 34:40 did ya? Dickhead.

  • Dinomatic J
    Dinomatic J 18 days ago

    Are him and Ben friends?

  • Catherine Rose
    Catherine Rose 18 days ago

    I once made a girl cry when there was a mock debate on Trump vs Hillary
    last year when she asked "Would you rather trust a liar or a racist" and
    me being logical said "the racist", because at least I know what they
    stand for, and she went into a total meltdown and her friends had to
    comfort her. Me, being the cause, laughed at her because that's a dumb
    fucking question to ask. One of my better memories.

  • Dima Iouzyk
    Dima Iouzyk 18 days ago

    5:05 on the table.

  • AlwaysMobbin
    AlwaysMobbin 19 days ago

    The end was Adorable, loved it.

  • Jacob De Leon
    Jacob De Leon 19 days ago

    This video is satisfying

  • Wubadub
    Wubadub 20 days ago

    I honestly want to go to Milo's events just so I can learn to talk back with stampedes of logic.

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