Stringless Yo-Yo!

How can you Yo-Yo without the string attached?
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How to yo-yo without a string attached... So many crazy tricks and the science that makes it possible.

Edited and animated by Daniel Joseph Files

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Author John do u evn john? ( ago)
y does he kind of looks like me

Author Codi Serville ( ago)
It looks like Ben grew up some since I seen him last

Author Teemu3 ( ago)
Seems alot like a diabolo

Author Dionak Gammer ( ago)
where I can get yo yo

Author carlarosales68 ( ago)

Author Chicken breasts ( ago)
Hey! Veritasium, Micheal here!

Author misterxy1994 ( ago)
isnt this similar to a diabolo?

Author Mauricio Roa ( ago)

Author The Golden Core Gaming ( ago)

Author Chris Lee ( ago)
my favorite trick is the hang man ... I guess you can say it's a "ONCE in a LIFE time experience"

Author Pablo Gozalbo ( ago)
My favourite yo-yo moment is the Diego and Jhonny competition at the end of sbr.

Author drawing with islam ( ago)
I have a yo yo

Author Live Stream ( ago)
alot of lonley saturday nights... viscous

Author Sensei Pong ( ago)
Lol, @ 3:00 some mathematician has a sense of humor, cause the equation at a glance spells "Tie us"... clever

Author A Potato ( ago)
When you can barely use a normal yo-yo

Author scRam Jet ( ago)
2:01 this look magical

Author couronne100 ( ago)
the title lied

Author Stumptiscool 007 ( ago)
Yoyos are never stringless, they need a string or else it isn't a fun yoyo

Author Jaleb Jay ( ago)
I had a hope this was going to be about the diablo rather than the yo-yo.

Author Mr.[PTY]Tvz WareRon`P4rK ( ago)

Author محمد خليل ( ago)
amazing video

Author TradingGorilla77 ( ago)
3:00 Knowledge

Author Prince Alexandriar ( ago)
math hurts my brain

Author Shire Guy ( ago)
yooooo thats the same camera guy that does gizmoslip for slo mo!!!!!
like if you know who i mean

Author Stephen 0318 ( ago)
in Holland we call this a "diabolo"

Author Card asmr ( ago)
So it's like a fidget spinner on steroids?!?!?!?

Author Nha 01 Phuong ( ago)
Fung you yoyo

Author bacon ( ago)
Would be much better without annoying slow motion.

Author Erlend Pedersen ( ago)
will a spinning yo yo have more airtime than a non spinning yo yo when shot up to like 10 meter ? or will they be equal to each other? ^^

Author Metro Warp ( ago)
😳 I get nothing

Author GLOOMY MONDAY ( ago)

Author GoldenMachine 41 ( ago)
Were can you buy the stringless yoyo?

Author Tiffany Marlow ( ago)
A stingless YOYO is a wheel

Author ItsYaBoiKurinkishi i ( ago)
Its Funny that people says its edited and its attached to the string😂😂

Author Haryo Saptono ( ago)
what yoyo that he use in that video

Author Alexander Potec ( ago)
Yes, but can you kill the Moon Lord with it?

Author GladiGatorGames ( ago)
Stringless yo yo - ing isnt a new thing

Author chappie53 Sangrampurkar ( ago)
who came to comments section berore watching vedio? ????😈😈😈

Author Awesome Animator Pro Gamer ( ago)
Hum i think I'll start using my yo yo when I get it in a few days

Author JM FIRELORD ( ago)
HA simple!
Just cut of the rope and then BOOM stringless yo yo

Well it didnt say WORKING yo yo...

Author Joel Adair ( ago)
Dang Audible...

Author Jacob Mccann ( ago)
To clear up the "is this a diabolo?" question. No. YoYos return to the hand, ie spool up the stirng, Diabolos don't.

Author Syric ( ago)
I wonder how many yo-yos he took to the face while practicing.

Author ErickØSX ( ago)
For anyone wondering, the yoyo is a Flight by YoyoFactory.

Author WoOsKii 1 ( ago)
About a aear ago a "nonresponsive" yoyo fell into my hands, and I didnt know how to bind (something different than in this vid) and had no clue why I could not get the damn thing to come back up, so I looked it up and saw how, and saw all the diff typs of yoyo's including off-string, and got fed up that I couldnt bind my on-string... Nice vid I always wondered how off string worked, but was too busy messing with mine to even look.

Author Gavin Tai ( ago)
In yoyo term , this style is called 4A. There are five different kind of style play of yoyo
1A: the good old traditional trick style with one yoyo tide to one hand
2A: two hands high speed looping
3A: two hands but with string bending together
4A: stating not attached on the yoyo. As seen on this video
5A: similar to 1A but string will not attacking your finger ,instead on a dice or a tiny ball.

Author Zac Tarnow379 ( ago)
to me this isn't that impressive. there are a ton of people who can do 4a tricks

Author Lande Raxial ( ago)
It's basically a diablo w/o the stick

Author Kylie Mikosan ( ago)
This is insane

Author GD Sierre ( ago)
That is not stringless

Its a yoyo with the string un attached

Author Fatkhul Na'im ( ago)

Author John Smith ( ago)
4A yoyoing is what this guy is doing.

Author carsten de coole ( ago)
so nice

Author PuzzledCuber ( ago)
Wasnt this kid on outrageous acts of science

Author YoyoMagic ( ago)
Not "stringless", "off-string".

Author Chanarin Songput ( ago)
ท่าสับบักกอก yoyow

Author Notumengi ( ago)
so this is mini- one handed diabolo?

Author L P ( ago)
The editing is amazing.

Author Animal Lover3674 ( ago)
**mind melts**

Author Person Person ( ago)
It meant stringless yoyo because he undid the string while he threw it

Author SSGGamez ( ago)

Author got cups on my ears ( ago)
I never learned how to yoyo and people are doing this?

Author Zein Delic ( ago)
its not that cool its just 4a yo-yoing

Author Jonathan Collier ( ago)
Dude I didn't even want to give one of these yoyos until I watched your video you are sick with the yoyo!

Author Nightmare Freddy ( ago)
Butterfly yo yos destroy my hand

Author legocraftmation ( ago)
lol, I am reading Slaughterhouse 5 in school right now.

Author Vizthex ( ago)
There's no science involved, it's because he's Asain.

Author PyroMC ( ago)
A nerd with a yoyo king

Author Jkgaming ' ( ago)
Bens using the yoyofactory flight

Author Jkgaming ' ( ago)
Is anyone a pro 1a ,4a or 5a player here I am

Author Jkgaming ' ( ago)
Yo Ben

Author Risumies ( ago)
This must be the best comment section :D

Author RD Turcios ( ago)
Thats insane yo-yo tricks also i subed

Author Killerking ( ago)
Can someone give me a time In this video when you can see the string attached

Author Vinny Luco ( ago)
It's called 4a yo-yoing

Author Elijah Nelson Vlogs ( ago)
I love Ben conde

Author NKZ l ProductionZ ( ago)
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
There's always an Asian
Better than you

Author bill McLaughlin ( ago)
for my body

Author OgGarcioVega ( ago)
Stringless yo yo, then precedes to show us how the string works with the yo yo. 🤔

Author forcedusername7 ( ago)
It's called sarcasm guys

Author BritBookReview ( ago)
Harry Potter fan? Veritasium sounds so much like Veritaserum

Author Eudald Cardozo ( ago)
You should do something about spinning tops, i'm a... spinning toper?... and I whould like to learn about it's phisics.
(sry becouse of bad english, i'm from spain)

Author Atom Gaming ( ago)
Who else thought this was click bait from the title!?!?!?

Author shawnna neils ( ago)

Author Luke Franse ( ago)
It should be called "unbound yoyo"

Author Nicky Anderson TheTiesThatBindUs ( ago)
Most of these comments are about seeing the string, i know it says stringless but once it losses the string its become stringless. You guys its explaining everything

Author Michael ( ago)
so it's just a stickless diabolo.

Author Ludvig Hansson ( ago)
Yo-Yo's bizarre adventure

Author catface ( ago)
dam! this guy has insane skills

Author Clone 1 ( ago)
It's called the 4A off string yoyo style. It's been around for a while now

Author Mine Viotic ( ago)

Author Dallin Warner ( ago)
To all you that complain about the title. This is actually called stringless play or 4a play.

Author Alex Nguyen ( ago)
This video is actually what got me into yoyoing

Author YellowSnowflake ( ago)
I the yo yo the yoyofactory flight

Author JG Tricks ( ago)
It's like diablos

Author [GD] GDMC-MagmA ( ago)
@0:18 WOAH

Author iGoteem ( ago)
I want one.. So bad.

Author Janghu Seo ( ago)
Isn't he Ben conde?

Author RandyF 1105 ( ago)
That yoyo is huge.

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