circumsision dr tewe

Semoga bermanfaat buat TS

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Author หัสยา เข็มทอง ( ago)
ขนาดนี้เลยหรอ สงสารลูกชาย

Author Michal Czyz ( ago)
tera to nawet na basen...

Author agus sulistyono ( ago)
Gooo.....kuwi ndak tititmu dewe...HHHHHHHHHH

Author เกมมัน ระติดเกม ( ago)

Author Nm Kl ( ago)
กุจะไม่ไปหาหมอ. รพ นี้ถ้ามันอยู่ในไทย

Author mopro x poon tv ( ago)

Author poon poon ( ago)

Author santi amp ( ago)
นรกชัดๆ นรกทั้งที่ยังไม่ตาย

Author Eva Azzam (396 years ago)
terima kasih...
video ini sangat membantu

Author Konrad Mikołajczak ( ago)
ja mam większego a mam 10lat

Author Stich ( ago)
Żaden zabieg nie wygląda ciekawie, ale trzeba się przemóc żeby w
przyszłości nie mieć gorszych problemów.

Author HANZ MARKUZ ( ago)
trimakasih dokter ilmunya....

Author RobinAndBatman ( ago)
To jest muj pisior

Author Miun Wahyudi ( ago)

Author SE7EN ( ago)
okropnie to wyglada ale jak ktos ma problemy z napletem no to nic nie
zostaje, ni chuja trzeba isc bo inaczej choroby weneryczne albo grzyp :D

Author Crosz Riffer ( ago)
what the fuck

Author DeJaVu ( ago)
stupid people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author DeJaVu ( ago)

Author Smile Doge ( ago)
Why dont let penis be like mother nature wanted it to be?

Author matis210 ( ago)
TO itak gówno daje chore to serio ludzie żyją tak od pokoleń i nie
potrzebują tych chorych zabiegów teraz jak żyć z grzybem na wierzchu i całą
pałą pocerowaną :D

Author . ( ago)
Stupid as hell... or like both muslims and judes.

Author cecep izaz ( ago)
aga gede ini mah

Author Titi Starr ( ago)
I think its stuck in there

Author sianick1994 ( ago)
Why, at 01:23 elapsed time, is the hot wire electrocauter applied to the
proximal face of the guiding forceps? The normal procedure is to apply it
to the distal face.

Author KRISMP3 ( ago)
teraz spodenki beda go obcierac po grzybie mam nadzieje ze go znieczulili

Author Betsaida Luque ( ago)
Poor guy

Author arvin barok ( ago)
Good cut

Author shannon magill ( ago)
The song was so annoying

Author siakamaka ( ago)
Asistant without gloves - that's the most disquisting in this video :|

Author Qtanapletes ( ago)
to jest zbrodnia !!! IDIOCI !!!

Author MJapan555 ( ago)
OUCH! damn that is so wrong. why did a grown man ask for this?

Author Acadie69 ( ago)
Well done, a simple technique and an aesthetically looking cock for
lifelong use. May it enjoy many women!

Author ys66946694 ( ago)

Author Poemmy ( ago)
ew!ngilu banget

Author TheDarkrainydays ( ago)
Damn. That ended as a nasty ass looking penis. It looks infected.

Author CoolGuys268 ( ago)
What the heck that must have hurt!!

Author WaytToCoolForYou ( ago)
I think its ok if it needs to be done because the skin is too tight

Author Alexiz Hunter ( ago)
@Awesomeharry You must be the most fucked up person I have ever heard of.
Go and fuck your girlfriend so hard she dies. You don't need a girlfriend
like that. She probably cheats on you. Fuck so narrow minded. Let's remove
your earlobes it's extra skin you don't need and it builds up dirt and
causes ear infections. Dumbass Americans don't know that they the only
western nation that lives on a history of mutilation.

Author AwesomeHarryVEVO ( ago)
Good point. So if you have a very long hair, you can't cut it because
that's the way human created? And don't bother waring clothes, we are born
naked. And if you had cancer, no need a surgery, that's how we created.
Thanks for the advice.

Author Alexiz Hunter ( ago)
I think this is a disgusting procedure. Should be outlawed. A perfectly
healthy penis was just destroyed. Barbaric.

Author AwesomeHarryVEVO ( ago)
Are you kidding? My girlfriend hates my foreskin! I wish i was cut.

Author RedGreyV ( ago)
And I'm sorry, but I am right in everything I said, sorry to disappoint
you, I've done my research. It's not because you cut yourself that you last
long (which, I really don't know, or give a crap if you do) it has
everything to do with the brain. You sound self-righteous and cocky, are
you one of those circumfetishist people?

Author RedGreyV ( ago)
I guess I'm confused here, you are going against what I said, but you agree
with it? I think you misunderstood me, I have no problem with adult
circumcision, if you want to cut up your own penis, good on ya I guess, but
to do it to a non-consenting child who cannot say "um, I'd rather you not,
thanks" goes against everything I believe in. I know people who have gotten
circumcized as adults and deeply regret it, so why should I take the word
of a girlfriend of a person on youtube over friends?

Author firemission100 ( ago)
Your wrong in everything you say. I was circumcised at 45 yrs of age and
wish i'd done it years ago. I have lived as both so I think i'm qualified
to have a good opinion. Your arguments don't stack up I'm afraid. I'm
against infant circumcision and unless there is a valid medical reason then
all children should be left alone. I made my decision based on many factors
but it was my decision to make as an informed adult and I have no regrets.
Ask my girlfriend how long i go now!! :-)

Author alonso rivera manso ( ago)
no manches, pero esto que onda te hace mas poderoso o por que a muchos les

Author alonso rivera manso ( ago)
haaaayyyy weyyyyy hasta ami me dolio jejejejejejje

Author mindofown ( ago)
Disgusting & Unethical

Author feministsAreCorrupt ( ago)
Since nearly all of Indonesia's boys and girls are circumcised, I hope this
doctor posts a female circumcision (trimming of clitoral hood) for
educational purposes.

Author RedGreyV ( ago)
I agree with you, but A: it does not prevent STD's, STD's enter through the
hole in the tip, they have absolutely nothing to do with the skin, I wish
people would stop with that argument. B: It cannot help you last longer in
bed. A cut penis gets irritated by the friction more easily and cums
faster, whereas an uncut penis has that protective skin that prevents from
that. For people to use the "it's cleaner" excuse, to me that is just a way
of saying "eh, I don't wanna wash my penis, so cut me".

Author RedGreyV ( ago)
How the hell does this have so many likes? Or any likes at all?????

Author steiger chris ( ago)
fuck a butcher would do a neater job than this 

Author angelo palnar ( ago)
i like what the dr. perform it is nicer than here in the Philippines.....
here in the Philippines they only slit on the foreskin not totally

Author angelo palnar ( ago)
y it cuts like that? 

Author MrNightblade ( ago)
circumcision can help prevent std's..but can a condom. it can also
stop smegma...but can soap and water. it can help you last longer
in bed... but then, you do lose up to 70% sensitivity... so I need to know
guys... is it really worth it..? why put yourself through this...? I also
think that this is the main reason on why the U.S has such a high crime
rate,your all sexualy frustrated and your lashing out because your in so
much pain.

Author MrNightblade ( ago)

Author Leo Lucco ( ago)
nice cock...

Author Inventio13 (129 years ago)
@oracle2world If an adult male were held down and circumcised against his
will. The perpetrators would be charged for sexual assault and given a
custodial sentence. Why then shouldn’t infants receive the same protection
under the law?

Author Inventio13 (138 years ago)
@oracle2world The parents give assent not consent, but this is acceptable
where the immediate condition of the child will deteriorate. It is one’s
moral duty to try to save someone’s life in an emergency. In the case of an
elective procedure where consent cannot be given, such as in the case of a
minor or unconsciousness, the procedure can and should be delayed until
valid consent is given.

Author Inventio13 ( ago)
@oracle2world Penis envy starts at 6 years. How are you going to feel when
your penis looks like the amputated version of your best friend’s? How will
that affect you long term development? But in all of this, it doesn’t
change the central issue: someone has violated your body without your

Author Inventio13 ( ago)
@oracle2world I disagree. Circumcision is one of the most painful
procedures done to humans. Ask any man who has had an adult ritual
circumcision if it was comparative to a vaccination! Foetuses have memory.
The most important part of the formative years is the first 18 months of
life. Of course this will have a long term effect on us, we just don’t know
to what extent.....

Author hans kessler ( ago)
@Bonobo3D no you have a brain damage

Author hans kessler ( ago)
@imverynicedude no now it is nicer

Author Inventio13 ( ago)
@oracle2world ....because it doesn't hurt when you are a baby?

Author Nazam Mbozo ( ago)
Terima jasih,.. Alhamdulillah videox sangat bermanfaat...

Author Acadie69 ( ago)
Npos this kid has a nice, clean cock. It's always surprising to see how
much useless skin has to be removed in order to achieve this. 

Author carl carreon (253 years ago)
how old are he?

Author Indra Novi Ardiansyah ( ago)
cara kuno dan memang membahayakn, dan hasilnya pun tdk efisien krn hasil
dari pemotonganya tdk merata dan harus mengulanginya kembali, berbahaya krn
beresiko terpotongnya glans penis krn pemotonganya di lakukan di bawah
penjepit bukan di atas penjepit. (coba seandainya pemotonganya tadi
dilakukan di atas penjepitnya pasti hasilnya akan merata dan tdk perlu
mengulanginya kembali utk meratakanya) 

Author Leono Pranoto ( ago)
Bagian ventral penis nggak di anestesi ya?

Author monica putri ( ago)
Menurut cara yang benar, seharusnya yang dipotong itu yang diluar penjepit
( bagian atas nya gunting/penjepit ) kalau bagian bawah penjepit sering
terjadi kepala pemis ikut terpotong. Jadi dipotongnya kulit kulup dari
penjepit ke arah luar. Bukan antara penjepit dng glans penis.

Author rusdi arman ( ago)
cara ini bukan circumsis krn arti circumsisi melingkar. cara ini disebut
amputasi atau guiltine. cara ini sangat berbahaya saya beberapa kali
menerima konsul Pasien yg disunat/khiatan cara memenggal ini (amputasi)
terpotong glan penisnya. sebaiknnya lihat buku2 kedokteran yg resmi

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