Chill Out Music Mix ❄ Best Chill Trap, RnB, Indie ♫

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  • Андрей Круглов

    да уж

  • XMAG
    XMAG 1 day ago

    Who else is stoned watching this

  • Nwm Nwm
    Nwm Nwm 1 day ago

    23:39 what is this ?

  • Eden Sh
    Eden Sh 1 day ago

    Nice music i usually use it for studying

  • KINGuin
    KINGuin 1 day ago



    I just watcheD a youtube ad on youtube.WTF.

    BATONY ADRIANA 2 days ago


    BATONY ADRIANA 2 days ago

    nice mix

  • Chill Out
    Chill Out 3 days ago


  • Tall-Krüger Vasshand

    Uno grande cervesa, por FAVORR. Mui bueno 🍺🚬💊❣❤️♨️🔆🇸🇪🖖🏻

    (")> 🔪 🚬🐧 ...what?

  • DerpHax
    DerpHax 3 days ago

    Anyone else think the thumbnail was marijuana?

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 days ago

    Thank you for helping me chill was really close to loosing my shit haha

  • FelixPlayFTW official

    20:25 song???

  • Buddy
    Buddy 3 days ago

    First time i heard this i was driving through the Toskana with my friends was a nice trip and this list made it quiet better :DDDD

  • Judah Soremy
    Judah Soremy 3 days ago

    Easily the best mix on Youtube.

  • Elite Hesters
    Elite Hesters 3 days ago

    those music get me the shock..

  • Abigail Sparks
    Abigail Sparks 3 days ago

    Eden <3

  • laiion
    laiion 4 days ago

    So many ads.... how is that even legal on a chill mix where people just wanna turn off their brains...

  • DUbsTeP ruleS xo
    DUbsTeP ruleS xo 4 days ago

    I came cus of weed

    I'm obviously disappointed😖🔫

  • Reptix Music
    Reptix Music 4 days ago

    ​cen u guys help me to 150? plz!

  • Tomas Levi
    Tomas Levi 5 days ago

    aint commercials ruin chill music?

  • Thu Trang Nguyễn
    Thu Trang Nguyễn 6 days ago

    Best for a hard working day...
    Thanks so much!!!

  • Michael Dib
    Michael Dib 6 days ago

    good f..cking music!!!!!

  • MarvelExtra
    MarvelExtra 6 days ago

    this is not chillout... this is pop music.

  • Ants Ward
    Ants Ward 6 days ago

    That First Tune Tho Woweeeeeee

  • Spicy Nugget
    Spicy Nugget 7 days ago

    8:00 ???

  • Pia Perfekt
    Pia Perfekt 7 days ago

    oh and I am kinda glad it's NOT weed on the pic. Thanks honestly xD even if probably half of the people here just got here for it (is that even correct grammar?)

  • White.
    White. 7 days ago


  • Wohin  Stevo
    Wohin Stevo 7 days ago

    das kann man richtig für hören bekifft sonst scheisse wen man das bekifft hört ist so geil sonst scheisse

  • Babka z kiepskich
    Babka z kiepskich 8 days ago

    Where Is snoop dog??!?!??!?!

  • Nemanja Miladinov
    Nemanja Miladinov 9 days ago

    Boring music all sound the same ... :/

  • Patres Tv
    Patres Tv 9 days ago

    first song is best 😍😍

  • ok
    ok 9 days ago

    this mix is so good

  • Albert Einstine
    Albert Einstine 9 days ago

    I got my subs!

  • daniel fernando mazo torres

    como se llama la segunda canción?

  • tom ouano
    tom ouano 10 days ago

    this so GOOD when u have a 1200H - 0600H duty in bridge <3 perfect

  • The Turk
    The Turk 10 days ago

    48.32 what song ??

  • quan dong
    quan dong 10 days ago

    amazing music!is so chill!!

  • Kevin P Watson Sr
    Kevin P Watson Sr 10 days ago


  • Water splash
    Water splash 11 days ago

    good music

  • Benny Khalifa
    Benny Khalifa 11 days ago

    First Song uff!!

  • Gabriel Monteiro
    Gabriel Monteiro 12 days ago

    I hear this to sleep faster or to relax when i am stressed

  • Its_Eva_Cutie
    Its_Eva_Cutie 12 days ago

    The most track I like is I don't wanna now

  • Its_Eva_Cutie
    Its_Eva_Cutie 12 days ago

    This chill out music makes my work out go well

  • lemuel marino
    lemuel marino 12 days ago

    wow nice

  • PolarWays
    PolarWays 12 days ago

    31:00 song?

  • Kacper O
    Kacper O 12 days ago

    Porosz ty nagrawać kanał

  • Justin Griffith
    Justin Griffith 12 days ago

    sick music

  • QuczTv
    QuczTv 13 days ago

    I came for the Picture :D

  • Sally Van Snepson
    Sally Van Snepson 13 days ago

    lovely beats to keep me awake while i balance my pauper's budget

  • Remus Gul
    Remus Gul 13 days ago

    Remember to Ctrl+u , than ctrl+f (type jpg) and copy the link in a new tab for picture!!! <3

  • Ltu Tigras
    Ltu Tigras 13 days ago


  • Jahrtausendschlaf
    Jahrtausendschlaf 14 days ago

    love this so much!

  • Melih T
    Melih T 14 days ago

    Perfect flight Simulator music

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez 14 days ago

    HEY GUYS ;) does anybody knows where this place is??? sorry for english, wish all a nice day and a peacefull life!! greets outa Austria

  • Melvin Mugisha
    Melvin Mugisha 15 days ago


  • terioWWE
    terioWWE 16 days ago

    zajebiste po jaranku hehe

  • Chris 21
    Chris 21 16 days ago

    love your music!

  • Samko Priezvisko
    Samko Priezvisko 16 days ago

    How is the first song called?

  • asia lech
    asia lech 17 days ago

    what song is it?

    LA FOSTE 17 days ago

    It's strange how the the brain doesn't register the second 'the' when written next to another 'the'

    Read it again…

  • Kaymen Burgess
    Kaymen Burgess 17 days ago

    listening to this through my earphones outside a job interview. it's helping the nervous ngl

  • Poo poo's Adventure
    Poo poo's Adventure 18 days ago

    awsome music

  • Quang Trí
    Quang Trí 18 days ago

    first music ??

  • FMA Gameur
    FMA Gameur 18 days ago

    Its very good song !!!

  • Garance Msgna
    Garance Msgna 19 days ago

    Très bon son👌🏽

  • Paul Bosch
    Paul Bosch 19 days ago

    1.25 speed was pretty good on the first song...

  • Efazul Haque
    Efazul Haque 19 days ago


  • Sandro Luz
    Sandro Luz 20 days ago

    bom de +++++

  • Tams Zimbabwe
    Tams Zimbabwe 20 days ago

    I thought it was weed

  • Tattoo Abram
    Tattoo Abram 20 days ago

    Hell yeah!! Good stuff 👌🏽💨💨

  • Awped
    Awped 20 days ago

    this is perfect before circumcision

  • Beatriz Conceição
    Beatriz Conceição 20 days ago

    QUIERO descargar la música!
    VOULEZ télécharger de la musique!
    WIL musiek aflaai!
    Doni të shkarkoni muzikë!
    WILL MUSIC zum Download!
    تريد لتحميل الموسيقى!
    ՈՒԶՈՒՄ բեռնել երաժշտություն!
    음악을 다운로드하려면!
    WILT om muziek te downloaden!
    സംഗീതം ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു!

  • cookie J
    cookie J 21 day ago

    i love this,its a livesaver..

  • Velox
    Velox 21 day ago

    I thought this was weed

  • c0deye1
    c0deye1 21 day ago

    I'm 1min in i Love the graphic.

  • seba
    seba 21 day ago

    magic music forever

    DEVAN FELVER 21 day ago

    there needs to be a list of the remixes that are included in the video?

  • shakir kamal
    shakir kamal 21 day ago

    does indie mean India songs?? 😕😕

  • VictoryMind
    VictoryMind 21 day ago

    / `-.
    ( ,--._ `-.
    "\_ `-. `,
    '.,_/\ ;-.______,---.
    /`. ;" ---'"""-.`.
    / _`._; `.`.
    / /; ,_,...__. `.`.
    / / ;-; Krogg `-. `.`. _
    / ,' / / `-. `. `--'""""""""",\
    / /__/ / `-. `--'"""""""""""'\
    __/ /`---' `-. __,,---'""\ \

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams 21 day ago

    drop the bass

  • Anfex Drop
    Anfex Drop 21 day ago

    molto bello e rilassante, profonda anche apologize , sempre se così si chiama...

  • Christian Cavalcante

    Cool, man.

  • Zelphus Levi
    Zelphus Levi 22 days ago

    who else is high on weed listening to this HAHAH

  • James Brown
    James Brown 22 days ago

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  • Hartmann Marc
    Hartmann Marc 22 days ago

    So high :D so hoch geht mein Auge und mein Kopf einfach nur geil

    YORKA 22 days ago

    try it when you are stooned

  • Mulen maik bowos
    Mulen maik bowos 22 days ago

    CHILL OUT"""""""""

  • Llemaro Djokarso
    Llemaro Djokarso 22 days ago

    20.38 - 21.00 name of that song anyone pls

  • Vincent Jerard dela Rosa

    sounds like shit

  • winner ;
    winner ; 22 days ago

    looks like weed right?

  • Samanta Krūmiņa
    Samanta Krūmiņa 23 days ago

    This song is perfect for drawing!

  • Lucas Sussalla
    Lucas Sussalla 23 days ago

    best music for stoner

  • TerkiNSG
    TerkiNSG 23 days ago

    Kto jest Polakiem pisze XD

  • Ruben Stoti
    Ruben Stoti 23 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I thought the picture was weed
    And so did you

  • sick beat
    sick beat 23 days ago


  • Vera
    Vera 23 days ago

    Relaxing yet so beautiful 🍃

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 24 days ago

    Damn son after I slammed that Herron and listened to this I thought I was never going to wake up. Totally blissful yo, I'd drop to this all night! "White boys following me!" That shit the cut!

  • Luis YT
    Luis YT 24 days ago


  • TheKopzZz :D
    TheKopzZz :D 24 days ago

    27:00 music? :D

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