Top 10 Controversial Moments in Superhero Movies

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    Not every superhero movie can soar to the top - some are fated to fall flat on their faces. For these films, it's pretty obvious what stopped them from earning the critical reception they'd hoped for, be it a misused character or villain, an out-of-place scene, or a series of missed opportunities to do something interesting based on the already well-established source material. Many films are guilty of this, from the ridiculously silly Howard the Duck, to the earnest yet flawed Superman Returns, to the complete misstep that was Catwoman, among many, many others.

    00:42 #10. Penguin’s Graphic Death
    01:45 #9. Christian Themes
    02:50 #8. Erogenous Knees
    03:42 #7. Amnesia Smooch
    04:47 #6. Ducky Love
    05:39 #5. Changing Catwoman’s Name
    06:33 #4. Cyclops’ Death
    07:45 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  • Marcel Zachary
    Marcel Zachary 3 hours ago

    No Bat nipples? everyone wrong on this is where Batman and Robin nothing else.What Spiderman 3 Venom he was a wasted character why wasn't mentioned.What about Civil War Captain America or none of the heros didn't die.Logan Wolverine death that's another.

  • Jack Tato
    Jack Tato 7 hours ago

    3:55 oh i pretty sure he does. If they want him to then he does. Superman has just about all the superpowers there is. Cuze he is op as balls.

  • Domenic Vilela
    Domenic Vilela 8 hours ago

    Can you do something on Transformers?

  • Dicky Collins
    Dicky Collins 8 hours ago

    Iron man 3 was actually a great film in my opinion. I know people will get mad about the mandarin thing, but if it wasn't him, it would have been the best Iron man film. It painted quite the picture, with a very complex villian of Killian, and the very interesting decisions made by iron man himself. It would have been better if the mandarin was a different terrorist and it was the last we ever saw of tony stark.

  • matt carnes
    matt carnes 9 hours ago

    I always find it weird when a person fictional or real is named patients

  • Brett Strzelecki
    Brett Strzelecki 9 hours ago

    Zod flew through buildings and fire and yet somehow he gets his head snapped and dies. Thats what was dumb about that scene.

  • Tj Adejumo
    Tj Adejumo 10 hours ago

    I feel like Doctor Doom not having any of his abilities in the Fantastic Four comics should be somewhere in this list tbh

  • William Rodriguez
    William Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    So you want Superman to just let Zod kill the family and then what??? what you gonna do with Zod?? wtf

  • Lindsay Van Horn
    Lindsay Van Horn 12 hours ago

    I think it's hilarious that people are complaining about the Man of Steel scene when they had Lea Thompson kiss a humanoid duck 😂😂😂

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 14 hours ago

    I think Zods death is stupid as Superman has so many powers, and he kills him with a simple neck snap. How weak

  • Lily Hannah
    Lily Hannah 15 hours ago

    I've seen Batman Returns as a kid... the Penguin left quite an impression on me. I still can't watch that movie without getting slightly nauseous/creeped out. I have no clue why it bothers me that much. I've seen many horror-gore movies, so this should be a walk in the park, but it just bothers me. Maybe it's the bad feelings it gave me as a kid xD

  • Jason Browne
    Jason Browne 16 hours ago

    #6 was downright awkward

  • Andy Walsh
    Andy Walsh 17 hours ago

    Anyone else hate the character Rachel in the dark knight franchise?

  • Leroux Martin
    Leroux Martin 21 hour ago

    Are you insane ? Pinguin death is great, a perfect mix of absurdity and sadness, epic !

  • Rigved Dhyani
    Rigved Dhyani 21 hour ago

    end credit scene in X-Men Origins Wolverine explains it all.

  • Enzo Mondo
    Enzo Mondo 21 hour ago

    Zack Snyder keeps adding Jesus symbolism in his films

  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis 1 day ago

    Likes lol

  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis 1 day ago

    Am I the only one who lines superman returns?

  • eric keiser
    eric keiser 1 day ago

    unlike most people I think that man of steel was a pretty good movie besides the fight scenes and that the story was a bit all over the place but all in all not a terrible superhero movie

  • Pablo Mojica
    Pablo Mojica 1 day ago

    We're just going to completely ignore murder-y Batman from BvS? That's the most egregious offense, bar none.

  • SerenaSeven
    SerenaSeven 1 day ago

    They technically didn't change Catwoman's name. She's not supposed to be Batman's Catwoman, she's supposed to be *A* catwoman, as in a separate character from Selena Kyle. I'm not defending it in any shape or form, but there's the reason.

  • Lohith srimanth Mahaveer tejom

    my friends favorite movie in x men franchise is x men last stand🤣

  • RckerMom87
    RckerMom87 1 day ago

    I really didn't mind the Mandarin plot twist because I don't give a fuck about Comic books lol.

  • DeepSea Productions

    I'm getting tired of watchmojo mentioning Deadpool's mouth in every superheroe themed video they post...

  • ertesrub
    ertesrub 1 day ago

    lol that back of the knee one was a reeeeach

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 1 day ago

    Where is the part on Martha ?

  • DemonKnightOhara
    DemonKnightOhara 1 day ago

    Christian themes are controversial?? Something tells me this vid was made by a another faggot ass group of left-wing social justice warriors. Smh

  • ldstof
    ldstof 1 day ago

    > is ok to kill thousands and cripples hundreds in a fight.
    > 4 people can't die.

    snyderfags will defend this

  • gbwylie4895
    gbwylie4895 1 day ago

    In the stoic Superman has had to make hard choices and do things worse than snapping Zoe's neck, in the comics.

  • Gamewincam
    Gamewincam 1 day ago

    Tell that to zod's snapped neck!

  • Franz Werler
    Franz Werler 1 day ago

    I'm feeling like punching somebody in the face for that Scott Pilgrim thing…how can you be so f*cking salty -.-

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 1 day ago

    Wolverine is my favorite X-Man but he is kinda overrated.

  • Hammad Shaikh
    Hammad Shaikh 1 day ago

    he didnt have consent ho touch her that way? seriously? like she had his consent to kick him in the face damn these feminists

  • 3rd Gunman
    3rd Gunman 1 day ago

    Superman was created by two Jews and is basically a retelling of Moses' origin straight out of the Old Testament.
    So how can you act like he never represented religious undertones???

    People need to get over it.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 1 day ago

    Cyclops was killed cos the actor was doing Superman Returns with Bryan Singer. Also Scott was sidelined in the movies because Wolverine is too damn popular.

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony 1 day ago

    Anybody who slammed superman's killing of zod for being too dark is an idiot.

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 1 day ago

    I have to AGREE *"The Merk WITHOUT* the Mouth" is the dumbest undefendable thing on this list.

  • Clothy22
    Clothy22 2 days ago

    Didn't have consent to touch her that way? She was trying to kill him.

  • Tyrell
    Tyrell 2 days ago

    You cant gripe Superman Returns for the religious thing, Man of Steel did the exact same thing, literally made the dude around the same age as jesus, did that crucifix falling thing and in sequels dies in a sacrifice and presumably comes back

    BARDO 2 days ago

    It wasn't the kill it was how they didn't address it at all in the next scene

  • Rob Chuk
    Rob Chuk 2 days ago

    If somebody could George Lucas the new Deadpool into the climax of Origins Wolverine, I wonder how much better it would be.

  • tanwa adanlawo
    tanwa adanlawo 2 days ago

    Is that why people hate the Man of Steel? Really?

  • JigglyChocolateman
    JigglyChocolateman 2 days ago

    I'm in the minority here since I think killing Zod was necessary and I didn't mind the Mandarin twist because the REAL Mandarin could still be out there.

  • Ian Rudderow
    Ian Rudderow 2 days ago

    I actually support superman killing Zod. Superman was a great hero in the public eye because of his supposed gentle nature, and he was willing to destroy his image to save innocent lives.

  • Luke Stacey
    Luke Stacey 2 days ago

    #8 Really? In the Novels, it was Scott's Ex who had this weakness. Wtf

  • Board Game Brawl
    Board Game Brawl 2 days ago

    "[Iron Man 3] didn't go over too well with audiences." Wrong, it didn't go over well with noxious fanboys. General audiences who didn't have inexplicable hard-ons for Iron Man's subpar rogues gallery were just fine with it. IM3 is a fantastic action movie and the Mandarin twist was a great way to utilize a terrible, unfilmable character.

    • Gay YouTuber
      Gay YouTuber 1 day ago


      Nope. It's very correct description to use in this context.

      "it didn't go over well with noxious fanboys."

      Your hyperbolic, passively aggressive attitude aside, I think you can't really say with what contingency this movie gone well and with whom it didn't. Unless you are a hyperbolic douchebag (and by looking at the shitty content you make, it seems that you are) who wants to categorize people by using generic derogatory slurs because they don't like same movie as you do.

      "General audiences who didn't have inexplicable hard-ons for Iron Man's subpar rogues gallery were just fine with it."

      General audiences are also fine with Transformers and Fast & Furious movies. Which is why those are so profitable and popular. It doesn't really exhibits the quality (or lack of thereof) in named films. Which is why such mediocre films like Iron Man and Age of Ultron 3 do so well, too.

      "IM3 is a fantastic action movie"

      If all you can sum up Iron Man 3 as being is by calling it an "action movie", I think you just have answered your own question about why people dislike that barely watchable, ill-conceived, G-rated version of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And those are not even my words; the one and only Bob Layton have said that.

      "and the Mandarin twist was a great way to utilize a terrible, unfilmable character."

      Didn't they filmed Mandarin for half of that movie? And didn't people like that presentation of him more than the version that is shown after the twist, which you claim to be a better way of utilization of the named character than his previous presentation?

      All in all, you are owned, honey.

  • Alexander Garrett
    Alexander Garrett 2 days ago

    actually superman does hava that power and it's been shown several times in the comics so yeah...still love the videos tho!!!

  • Mie R
    Mie R 2 days ago

    The Mandarin twist was great. Seriously, it's honestly only a handful of loud fanboys who have a problem with that plot point. The movie was a critical and audience success for a reason.

    • Gay YouTuber
      Gay YouTuber 1 day ago

      >Seriously, it's honestly only a handful of loud fanboys who have a problem with that plot point.

      Read the comments:

      More people say that there won't be an Iron Man 4 because of how bad the third was rather than people actually saying something about Iron Man 4.

  • Rosalinda Lambert
    Rosalinda Lambert 2 days ago

    Revolution cross income mind threat birthday load galaxy terrorism.

  • Sean-Paul F
    Sean-Paul F 2 days ago

    people need to seriously get lives. so crazy how everyone is sensitive about such no issue items...sheesh

  • Che Guevara Capitalista

    >scott pilgrim
    >superheros movies

  • Nintendo Handheld
    Nintendo Handheld 2 days ago

    Superman snapping Zod's neck? Controversial.
    Mandarin? Kinda.
    Everything else? Where's the controversy? Crap is crap.

  • GamerGeek TV
    GamerGeek TV 2 days ago

    i thought the mandarin plot twist was aboslutely hilarious

  • Blaze Exis
    Blaze Exis 2 days ago

    I wouldnt consider Scott Pilgrim a superhero movie honestly and the knee thing isnt really a big deal it was in the comics anyway, besides does consent to touch her like that really matter when shes trying to kill you?

  • Julie Peters
    Julie Peters 2 days ago

    A few of these picks I don't agree with, first off people need to understand that when Stan Lee Jack Kirby, and Steve Dikto created these characters, it was agreed that they would make them based on the human condition, they didn't want them to be too perfect because they wouldn't have been as believable, so that included a dark side also based on all of their personal experiences whether their experiences were good, bad, or indifferent. But the bottom line is they were never meant to be perfect, if you look up Stan Lee, he explains what he intended when he first invented these heroes, because at first yeah they were written as perfection with no "human frailties", but he also saw that they weren't taken seriously so that's when he decided to include the "human condition" component into each and every character because let's face it, no hero is ever perfect no matter how much in our own minds and psyches we try to make them out to be. Also, let's forget about the comics okay? Not every story that Hollywood puts out is going to end up being exactly like the comic, even now comics are dark. But I will say that I totally agree about Superman not having the ability to erase anyone's memory. So, see what I mean by Hollywood?

  • Andrew-V/Ellnats
    Andrew-V/Ellnats 2 days ago

    6:40, I liked the movie

  • B3ansGuy
    B3ansGuy 2 days ago

    Superheroes that are too afraid to kill are useless. I enjoyed Man of Steel (in the minority I know) but there would have been no point to ANYTHING if he'd just allowed Zod to live. People need to grow up about it

  • Polverine74
    Polverine74 2 days ago

    I want Scott to fight my evil ex's to the *DEATH*!!!

  • Cartman C
    Cartman C 2 days ago

    Too much religion symbolism in a superman movie? Lol you do know he's meant to be a jesus figure right?

  • master jei
    master jei 2 days ago

    i mean he was basically a slave so ofcourse they'll sew his mouth shut

  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik 2 days ago

    controversial means that someone likes the idea, so 8 of these don't count as controversial.

  • ryann45
    ryann45 2 days ago

    Snapping Zods neck? Too dark? No. My issue with that scene was why the fuck didn't that family just run? Or move away from the beam entirely? If they were truly trapped, superman could have simply moved zods head away.

  • Lord LOC
    Lord LOC 2 days ago

    I never understood the hate Superman Returns got, and still don't. Its literally a continuation of the Donner movie(s) and as such, is pretty damn good for what it is. And its so far imo, the only movie to show how powerful Superman can really be. I mean he lifts up an entire "continent" of land into freaking space with it laced with kryptonite. I think that's pretty epic.

    I mean, sure the acting isn't the best but its fine to me. And that airplane scene also. Holy crap that airplane scene.

  • Darth Michael
    Darth Michael 2 days ago

    That's my name maximillions, don't ware it out or you'll have to by me a new one...

  • Nicholas Torre
    Nicholas Torre 2 days ago

    Everything about Spider-Man 3

  • Bambz dotman
    Bambz dotman 2 days ago

    how about making metropolis and gotham a mile away from each other

  • MrGrimReaper4
    MrGrimReaper4 2 days ago

    Why do people hate Superman snapping Zod's neck so much? You know, in Superman II he threw Zod into the subzero waters of the north pole below his fortress of solitude. Not to mention the other two.

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 2 days ago

    I got pissed off on that Mandarin shit. 😠😠

  • Steve Goodwin
    Steve Goodwin 2 days ago

    i have no problem with deadpool. it wasnt until he got his own movie that the origin one was wrong

  • Armelle Diana
    Armelle Diana 2 days ago

    The mouth of Deadpool was not the only problem ;) all the "artistic" choices were the problems 😂😉

  • Crow
    Crow 2 days ago

    i liked the mouthless deadpool, sue me

  • Levis ismael
    Levis ismael 2 days ago

    how spot on is no 1 & 2

  • Gay YouTuber
    Gay YouTuber 2 days ago

    Iron Man 3 was a steaming pile of shit. Can't believe I gave it "But It on Blu-Ray".

    • Gay YouTuber
      Gay YouTuber 1 day ago

      "Iron Man 3 was a critical and audience success."

      Hardly. It got average reviews from professional critics, with many pointing out how the film is beyond generic and doesn't understand what it wants to be. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has 62% from Top Critics, with an average grade of 6.4. As for the audiences: half of them hate this movie to death. So that is hardly a success. Success is when your movie is loved by the prevalent majority.

      "It's only a few butthurt fanboys like yourself who don't like it"

      Go to a video titled "Why We Never Got To See Iron Man 4", scroll down the comments, and count how many times people are saying that we didn't see Iron Man 4 because of how terrible second and the third movie were. And then come back to me and convince me that it's only "few butthurt fanboys" who dislike it.

      "since you can't deal with a plot twist when it differs from the comics."

      Who was talking about the plot twist or the comics? Certainly not me. I just said the movie sucks. I didn't say why I think it sucks. You're the one who mentioned the twist and the comics.

      "Grow up please."

      It's funny that some hyperbolic half-wit, who likes Disney movies made for little children, is telling me to grow up.

    • Mie R
      Mie R 2 days ago

      Iron Man 3 was a critical and audience success. It's only a few butthurt fanboys like yourself who don't like it since you can't deal with a plot twist when it differs from the comics. Grow up please.

  • Elena Peeters
    Elena Peeters 2 days ago

    Classic pipe invasion cmawph handful strain terms clerk empty.

  • SnappingTurtle801
    SnappingTurtle801 2 days ago

    Didn't they do this one before?

  • Hound
    Hound 2 days ago

    they finally found a way to shut you up hahaha

  • Christina Hall
    Christina Hall 3 days ago

    I'm dead they said Scott didn't have permission to touch her that way 😂💀

  • Matthis Gunther
    Matthis Gunther 3 days ago

    Tooth news kid from seat central next much incentive future

  • Edward Abel Bonilla

    There comes a time in every Superheroes life that they come across a villain to dangerous to let live.

  • Joe Brewer
    Joe Brewer 3 days ago

    superman had to snap zod neck. man of steel was awesome

  • WhitnAle01
    WhitnAle01 3 days ago

    Man of Steel if my favorite Superman movie, and I think the ending was absolutely incredible. In my humbme opinion, that movie was perfect in every way, and if you disagree, fine, you can criticize while I enjoy the DCEU. P.S. I was surprised that the Martha scene wasn't on here, also, I loved the Martha scene.

  • JC Robles
    JC Robles 3 days ago

    The Mandarin plot twist was the worst. He was built up in every trailer, and was replaced badly

  • Scotttjt
    Scotttjt 3 days ago

    I find it amusing that people are still bitching about Supes snapping Zod's neck in Man of Steel, yet no one lost their minds when he killed him in Superman II. It's also funny some folks say Affleck's Batman was too violent in Batman v Superman, when Bats straight up killed other criminals in previous movies (the guy he dropped down the bell tower in '89, the Joker in the same film, that one poor bastard he lit on fire in Returns, Ras Al Ghul in Begins, Two-Face in Dark Knight...). I understand Superman adhering to a strict code against killing his foes, but when it comes down to the villain's life verses the lives of the people he's sworn to protect, I think Superman did the right thing. What else was he going to do, let Zod incinerate an innocent family?

  • Maikeru64
    Maikeru64 3 days ago

    You forgot about The Killing Joke!

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 3 days ago

    Definitely was not happy seeing the Mandarin guy played by Ben Kingsley to be not even having the Mandarin's powers, but not even being a real bad guy at all! There were mostly hits on this list, but the big one for me is the Zodd death one because of how dire the circumstances were.

  • Chad
    Chad 3 days ago

    halle berry is 'hawt' as *****, but i liked what's her name with Michael Keaton and jack nicholson's cat woman better, both costume-wise and "persona-wise"

  • Jack Bond
    Jack Bond 3 days ago

    Well i agree with Scotts death. Aside form Iceman and Wolverine, Cyclops was one of my favorites and for the life of me i couldn't understand why they killed him off

  • George Villarreal
    George Villarreal 3 days ago

    Yeah...not what I was thinking when using the word controversial. 10-8 and 6 I could see: very graphic death in a suppose of family movie, religion, what could have been consider rape and basically bestiality. The rest is just fans not liking it because it didn't follow source material, which some are understandable.

  • Kondwani Nyirenda
    Kondwani Nyirenda 3 days ago

    Every superman actor is 6 feet tall.

  • James Young
    James Young 3 days ago

    As a devout Christian, I don't agree with the audiences hatred for the religious metaphors in Superman Returns. But I agree with most of the other entries on this list. Where did Shane Black get off butchering The Mandarin like that?

  • Tom Baker
    Tom Baker 3 days ago

    Selina Kyle is a different catwoman

  • Gaelek13
    Gaelek13 3 days ago

    Man of Steel was bad because Superman killed General Zod! It was so out of character!

    Not like the 1978 version where...Superman killed General Zod. XD

    Honestly, never understood why some people took such issue with that particular scene. Zod made it perfectly clear that he didn't give a shit anymore and would continue trying to harm humanity to get to Superman and ultimately there was no way to stop him without killing him.

    Amuses the hell out of me that some people have legitimately argued "Superman could've just gouged his eyes out" as though that's somehow _more humane!_

  • Javes Charles
    Javes Charles 3 days ago

    Gosh it seems almost that most Superman movies met with have three of them on this list it shows how the character itself has met controversy from his creation

  • Knightfall182
    Knightfall182 3 days ago

    Poor Superman. Hasn't been done well since 1978. Pathetic WB.

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams 3 days ago

    Superman did what he had to sorry D.C. Is not as light hearted as marvel

  • MasterJunior93
    MasterJunior93 3 days ago

    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!
    I AM JESUS!!

  • Noah Blatt
    Noah Blatt 3 days ago

    "Scott Pilgrim eventually comes face to face with at Roxanne Richter"
    ... Her?

  • Thomas Bedford
    Thomas Bedford 3 days ago

    For god sakes, who the fuck cares about Zod's neck!? I guess the beam should have obliterated that family so Superman's image can stay intact

    • Gay YouTuber
      Gay YouTuber 2 days ago

      >For god sakes, who the fuck cares about Zod's neck!?

      ...Should I give you a hint?:

  • D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX


  • Wesley A. Cochran
    Wesley A. Cochran 3 days ago

    Haven't they made this same list three times in the last two weeks?

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