High Tech Trap That "Swallows" Rodents Alive. Infrared Black Cat Live Catch Rat Trap In Action.

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  • You can purchase this trap through Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XD6CTBH/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B06XD6CTBH&linkCode=as2&tag=shawoohishun-20&linkId=d443e703ef94c475a63e0c911457f8ae
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Comments: 298

  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods 8 days ago

    You can purchase this trap through Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XD6CTBH/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B06XD6CTBH&linkCode=as2&tag=shawoohishun-20&linkId=d443e703ef94c475a63e0c911457f8ae

    • Skrt Mcpgl
      Skrt Mcpgl 1 day ago

      Shawn Woods thanks Shawn! now i can trap squirrels like you do!

    • Natalie Price
      Natalie Price 2 days ago

      Shawn Wood

    • Dontsayswears 99
      Dontsayswears 99 4 days ago

      such an obvious solution i was thinking the same thing

    • Thescott16
      Thescott16 6 days ago

      +dieselbiggins Just put a brick on it.

  • Catistix The cat
    Catistix The cat 31 minute ago

    Im proud of you boi

  • Walter 1408
    Walter 1408 13 hours ago

    Perhaps you could ship them freight collect to some of your haters. I can just imagine them opening a box with a couple of dozen of those suckers in it.

  • Alexandra Gustafson
    Alexandra Gustafson 14 hours ago

    this is so cool. do you think it could work on birds?

  • Toryu-Mau
    Toryu-Mau 1 day ago

    That caught squirrel be like, "Scar! Brother! Help Me!"
    Then the free squirrel slowly chews them seeds, "Long live the king... ."

  • White. .Money
    White. .Money 1 day ago

    I would have lit that cage up with BBs and pellets if i caught a squirrel with it. Or, do the good ole cologne and lighter trick

  • BloxStar180
    BloxStar180 1 day ago

    The problem about this trap is that it moves around a lot. It's probably best to nail the trap to the ground or something?

    ITed GALAXY 1 day ago

    It pretty much just swallows them hole

  • JT Beritich
    JT Beritich 1 day ago

    i wish if the haters are banned

  • Benjaman2000
    Benjaman2000 1 day ago

    a way to fix the problem of this trap is to put some weights on it to make it heavier

  • Karlo Galang
    Karlo Galang 2 days ago

    Can you set all the traps in one night and see who catches the most to see which one is more efficient

  • D D
    D D 2 days ago

    shouldve killed it

  • tuberesu
    tuberesu 2 days ago

    What's the point of letting squirrels go? They will find their way back to their home ground very quickly.

  • Chad Fabian
    Chad Fabian 3 days ago

    3:53 bro, pass me some food don't just stand there and eat it in front of me

  • DragonInside
    DragonInside 3 days ago

    I love your rodent trap videos, very interesting and I can watch them forever

  • kbam7o J rock
    kbam7o J rock 4 days ago

    wait what happened to the lil mouse 😂

  • Starlight s
    Starlight s 4 days ago

    Anyone see the poop explosion in the beginning lol

  • Kenneth King
    Kenneth King 4 days ago

    do you have a link for the victor black cat choker trap, I looked everywhere on Amazon and could not find it

    • Kenneth King
      Kenneth King 6 hours ago

      +Chauncey Scott when he said it was old design I thought he was referring to the one made of wood

    • Chauncey Scott
      Chauncey Scott 6 hours ago

      Kenneth King he said it was an old design. I don't believe it's in production anymore

  • EliteNoob
    EliteNoob 4 days ago

    you should have gotten more footage, it gave me a good laugh when the squirrel got caught

  • David Conway
    David Conway 5 days ago

    put some cinder blocks on it that should be able to keep it still

  • Elitedestroyer00
    Elitedestroyer00 5 days ago

    Next time you catch a ground squirrel on a kill trap, you should make a video on cooking squirrel, like you did with the rat

  • Angel The Shiny Window


  • MrCC3D
    MrCC3D 5 days ago

    If that second squirrel got caught it would've been a bloodbath.

  • Chriseurosong
    Chriseurosong 5 days ago

    You just released your lunch...

  • Jose Acosta
    Jose Acosta 5 days ago

    some one send this to idubbbz

  • Chun Ping Ooi
    Chun Ping Ooi 5 days ago

    This is a really interesting trap, thanks for sharing!

  • Śńípér Háćkér

    This video so funny

  • Gatty Piercy
    Gatty Piercy 5 days ago

    i love it

  • Markem Productions
    Markem Productions 5 days ago

    Here I am watching this thinking you caught a black cat.

  • John Niko Merenillo

    hey shawn wood i just want to say to you this that you SUCK 🖕🖕🖕🖕 ur vid suck

    • gamer Bee 47
      gamer Bee 47 2 days ago

      John Niko Merenillo if you don't like it why are you watching?

  • Jesse Wightman
    Jesse Wightman 6 days ago

    why dont you just put some weights on top?

  • JB Bros
    JB Bros 6 days ago

    I could have a idea for the light weight problem. You could have the trap chained/tied to the ground or a brick so it wont move as much and the animal will have less of a chance to escape.

  • John Lenzington
    John Lenzington 6 days ago

    i would eat the squirrel

  • 고준영
    고준영 6 days ago

    Why do not kill a rat?

  • Nick Nordstrom
    Nick Nordstrom 6 days ago

    whoa. who else jumped?

  • Michael Albin
    Michael Albin 6 days ago

    I would fashion a bigger cage, and find a way to bolt it down so you can catch dozens

  • antonio serrano
    antonio serrano 6 days ago

    I would like to see the rolling log on a barrel, a trap for squirrels/rats.👍🏽

  • pablo laino
    pablo laino 7 days ago


  • SuperScience894
    SuperScience894 7 days ago

    Can you make another video on a primitive trap? I really love those because we can make them ourselves. Also ever since i saw your eye after you got in contact with poison oak i have wanted to know how to identify it.

  • cr0cket01
    cr0cket01 7 days ago

    surprised you not stick a brick on roof to keep it still a rubber seal along bottom to make it quieter and if you have a cage trap same as one that comes with it but larger replaced it with larger vermin holder.These are mods i would do after showing it as it comes., so if you do add things to it i would like to see how you mod it.

  • Barry Lloyd
    Barry Lloyd 7 days ago

    That one's pretty funny. I don't know why, it just cracks me up.

  • T30-AFFAL0
    T30-AFFAL0 7 days ago

    Boring Traps

  • Ruben Reyes
    Ruben Reyes 7 days ago


  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson 7 days ago

    This is definitely the COOLEST live animal trap I've ever seen

  • Farmergirl of Chickens

    Do you have anything to control crows ? Damned things keep playing in my gutters very early a.m. Sounds like they've learned to tap dance !!!

  • Farmergirl of Chickens

    So loud. Will it scare off the others ?

  • C Henry
    C Henry 7 days ago

    Needs a sign saying "Free Squirrel Seed!"

  • djchinatown
    djchinatown 7 days ago

    damn, swallowed up the squirrel just like that.

  • Robert Brunston
    Robert Brunston 7 days ago

    Cool! Thank you.

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins 7 days ago

    Place a nice brick on top and it may add enough weight to the trap to keep the ground squirrel from moving it about.

  • whatever
    whatever 7 days ago

    "their natural instinct to go down alley ways" lol do they make these traps any bigger?

  • Michael Dundenstein

    Still not monday, but you are getting close.

  • PhereTaggs
    PhereTaggs 7 days ago

    your videos are always delightful. don't worry about the recent backlash so much

  • MrCris487
    MrCris487 7 days ago

    Please go on more primitive archery hunts the frog hunting video was my favorite

  • Golo1949
    Golo1949 7 days ago

    Great device just put a brick on it.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 7 days ago

    Make the trap better by ading weight and a bigger cage. Thats is what you are good at and would love to see your adaptations.

  • EnderLuck9
    EnderLuck9 7 days ago

    me they dont get to live they die

  • Philip CHEN
    Philip CHEN 8 days ago


  • H8KU com
    H8KU com 8 days ago

    What I want to know is what portal to rodent hell exists in this barn that it produces an infinite supply of rodents to catch?

  • ThePrideof Africa
    ThePrideof Africa 8 days ago

    haha that's overkill. Put a havehart trap with one end closed with two cheap snap traps at the back baited with peanuts or granola whatever they will still eat. The squirell will get whacked in the face by the mouse trap and jump onto the plate of the main trap, then it's a quick trip to the spare bath tub or whatever

  • Frederick Dunn
    Frederick Dunn 8 days ago

    Wow! I love the non-contact trigger mechanism and would love knowing if it outsmarts RATS? Put Weights on it and add a LARGER holding cage and this is a near PERFECT trap! Thank you as always Shawn, a great start to my week!! :) As for the Squirrel "Educate and Release" ? =<';'>=

  • South ßeirut
    South ßeirut 8 days ago


    • South ßeirut
      South ßeirut 8 days ago

      A Bird in Hand haha i know it's badass. prolly my fav trap from the whole channel.

    • A Bird in Hand
      A Bird in Hand 8 days ago

      Reported what? that the trap is awesome?

  • John C
    John C 8 days ago

    Love your channel and videos man. I kind of just stumbled across it and its great to see really cool and informative trap videos.

  • Charlene Miranda
    Charlene Miranda 8 days ago

    Awesome trap!!!!

  • Rossini Charles
    Rossini Charles 8 days ago

    stick googly eyes on the trap

  • xclimatexcoldxx
    xclimatexcoldxx 8 days ago

    Never had a squirrel problem in my life. Other than wishing they wouldn't reject me all the time.

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 8 days ago

    Wouldn't this result in a Battle Royale if multiple mice are caught in here? Magnificent . . .

  • Ömer Ülkücü
    Ömer Ülkücü 8 days ago

    Hahahaha I like this trap

  • Brett Davis
    Brett Davis 8 days ago

    Shawn, I've been subscribed to your​ channel for a while now, but all of a sudden you weren't on my subscribed list anymore... had to subscribe again. Not sure if it was a bug, or if YouTube is being shady, but thought I should let you know. Big fan of your channel.

  • Jake Espinoza
    Jake Espinoza 8 days ago

    try putting a cider block or 2 on the cage and trap and redo it

  • bdub z
    bdub z 8 days ago

    move the cover in a bit so it'll hit the neck area and sharpen the heck out of it

  • Thinking Impaired
    Thinking Impaired 8 days ago

    lol. rodent the other white meat

  • nemo227
    nemo227 8 days ago

    Interesting, effective but I don't want any live vermin. I prefer the WCS tube trap, it prevents repeat trespassers. Instant regret on the part of the squirrel, rat, mouse.

  • Trayn Ikhwanan
    Trayn Ikhwanan 8 days ago

    those squirrels lol

  • medfordJimmy
    medfordJimmy 8 days ago

    Do you have a notification gadget that could be hooked up to a smart phone? I've been catching cats and would really like to be able to attend them when they are in my trap. I used to be able to leave the windows open up stairs and could hear the trap when it closes but I'm getting old and can't hear when I'm asleep. Love the videos. Very informative and fun to see.

    • The Plain Truth
      The Plain Truth 8 days ago

      Medford, there are game/trophy motion detector cameras that send a message to your phone when there is "activity" maybe get one of those and aim it at your trap? There are also motion alarms that are designed for your driveway, you could point one of those at the trap and it sends a door-bell type sound to a receiver in your house, just some thoughts.

  • Michael Pringle
    Michael Pringle 8 days ago

    thanks for that vedio. just a heads up when you put the playlist with new vedio is does not give me a chance to like or comment on vedio and am less likely to go back to do so. thanks again I really enjoyed your vedios.

  • Bilbo Gaggins
    Bilbo Gaggins 8 days ago

    Thought it was a paper shredder

  • Nolanrulesroblox
    Nolanrulesroblox 8 days ago

    dam its 89$

  • Clint Perkinson
    Clint Perkinson 8 days ago

    Those ground squirrels look just like the eastern gray squirrels.

  • OscarMaris
    OscarMaris 8 days ago

    can you show us how to flay a squirrel?

  • ThePipBoy
    ThePipBoy 8 days ago

    (Narrator)"Looks like you're *FUCKED*"

  • Jennifer WhiteWolf
    Jennifer WhiteWolf 8 days ago

    I need one of these! Need safety for Collie dogs, but its the season, rodents are exploring.. we a block away from the river so at times, rats come.

  • Niko Faintikis
    Niko Faintikis 8 days ago

    Maybe set a brick on top to keep it from being shoved around

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 8 days ago

    idubbbz needs one of these

  • abhi seng
    abhi seng 8 days ago

    This is a scary trap.

  • Kiran Kankipati
    Kiran Kankipati 8 days ago

    its unique. loved it :)

  • jacob lord
    jacob lord 8 days ago

    its good for squirrel's

  • jacob lord
    jacob lord 8 days ago

    I have a suggestion you might want to do a video on the wcs pie trap


    Great trap for rats and squirrels, just put a couple bricks on top or tie it down to some weight on the ground. Nice.

  • The Twin Mandeville

    Love your vids

  • obnoxious troll
    obnoxious troll 8 days ago

    Shawn’s favourite phrase: ‘very quickly’.

  • not me
    not me 8 days ago

    so the best thing to do is put weights on top to hold it down so it doesn't shift away from the bait

  • Fachrizal Yans
    Fachrizal Yans 8 days ago

    Nice video, nice trap

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 8 days ago

    A video on you eating squirrel would be nice

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I'm for real people should ask if you eat them

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I would be cool if you can eat them

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 8 days ago

    Do you eat the squirrel

  • Joseph Brendel
    Joseph Brendel 8 days ago

    Shawn Woods build your own larger holding pen?! or do you think they will do the same as the mice and kill each other? cool trap, we would buy one!

  • Apocalypse4162
    Apocalypse4162 8 days ago

    A lot of you people commenting here are sick in the head. No matter how much you hate a creature, torture and death should not be so exciting and pleasing to you.

    • gamer Bee 47
      gamer Bee 47 2 days ago

      Apocalypse4162 well it what we wnat!

  • Don't Bother
    Don't Bother 8 days ago

    "In your darkest time, the squirrel comes to your aid, as he owes you a life debt for letting him free"

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