My Immortal - Evanescence - Lindsey Stirling cover

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  • Runtime: 4:39
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  • john Magill
    john Magill 9 hours ago

    This lady is not just talented, she has a true gift. Her music can reach in and touch your very soul.

  • red octopus XD
    red octopus XD 22 hours ago

    wonderfull :')

  • Benjamin Odenthal

    I guess it's to late to ask - would you marry me ? What a wonderful performance of a shining star.

  • Ingrid Bruna
    Ingrid Bruna 1 day ago

    simplesmente maravilhoso .

  • Addison Clark
    Addison Clark 2 days ago

    Lindsey I am so sorry for your lose

  • SuperNad85
    SuperNad85 3 days ago

    i'm alone...heart break..and when i'm listen 2 this song...i'm crying out loud!!

  • Jimmy Jet
    Jimmy Jet 3 days ago

    what an enormous talent. The violin would stand on it's own, but throw in that interpretive dancing and the cup runneth over. nice to see accomplished musicians making it big in contemporary music.

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez 3 days ago


  • pygmiegoatsheepbeat

    Even my CAT likes her music. I can be listening to any music that doesn't include violins and he'll be nowhere to be found and the moment I turn on something with violins and he comes out from where ever he is and I'll hear Toby meow and he wants to be closer to the pretty song. Violins is catnip to him. I don't know what it is about the violin, but little Toby LOVES it. Always comes closer to hear better. Specially Lindsey's music. Appeals to both people AND pets.

  • Ryan Michael Upton
    Ryan Michael Upton 4 days ago

    um, okie.

  • Koralivia World
    Koralivia World 5 days ago

    this...made my day

  • rocio calva
    rocio calva 5 days ago

    que lindo como ejecuta el violín me encanta chica eres grandiosa que talento 😍😍😍

  • Sara Andrea Santarella

    I love you that's all

  • gisifur rr
    gisifur rr 5 days ago

    beautifull lind <3

  • Lynette Kolhmeyer
    Lynette Kolhmeyer 6 days ago

    the comment about RIP Christiana Grimme was spot on... she was killed the day before Pulse and I feel her death went unnoticed... God she was so young and amazing... forever missed

  • SnowLynx Ice Eyes
    SnowLynx Ice Eyes 6 days ago

    I love evanescence songs and this is beatiful!!😍

  • Amjad Al
    Amjad Al 6 days ago

    Nace and sweet 💕😪.

  • Mohamad Mostafa
    Mohamad Mostafa 7 days ago

    this is heaven

  • Biden Joe
    Biden Joe 7 days ago

    Beethoven of our time....

  • Tim Alan
    Tim Alan 7 days ago

    Once again, may well be the best of all.

  • Raymond Arias
    Raymond Arias 7 days ago

    I am now in an internet café, but I almost slept due that I was like being cradled by Lindsey's beautiful cover of that awesomely emotional song. . . .

  • DaJuan Washington
    DaJuan Washington 8 days ago

    love your music, I love the sound and it soothes me each time I'm listening

  • Raymond Arias
    Raymond Arias 8 days ago

    Lindsey never disappoints me. . . .

  • Duulce Illanes
    Duulce Illanes 9 days ago

    Beautiful <3

  • Happy Love
    Happy Love 11 days ago

    this is so good! but question. can you do Castle by Halsey? please? :)

  • MK Niazi27
    MK Niazi27 11 days ago

    Feels like I have entered a different universe.

  • sadia mustari Auntora

    wow...... excellent ..... u r the best

  • Andrea Atehortua
    Andrea Atehortua 11 days ago

    Esto Me Encanta¡! ❤🇨🇴

  • Eksterminator
    Eksterminator 12 days ago

    She's made of rubber. She moves like a cat :D

  • naldo auzier souza
    naldo auzier souza 13 days ago


  • naldo auzier souza
    naldo auzier souza 13 days ago

    Nossa muito bom mesmo o som logo eu tou postando os meus videos tbm com o Violino

  • yareth zacarias
    yareth zacarias 13 days ago

    wow wow wow sin palabras.que bendicion .todo un arte la musica sonido instrumento y entrega wow

  • Taylor Keepers
    Taylor Keepers 14 days ago

    Hi Lindsey u should do a cover of the Into the Woods prologue with the witch, cinderella, baker and wife, little red, jack and his mom! That would be amazing!!! I am a huge fan!!

  • Tainá Layka
    Tainá Layka 14 days ago

    I loved it, it almost made me cry!

  • maria briz
    maria briz 14 days ago

    wow, el mejor cover de esta hermosa canción que he escuchado en mi vida 🎼❤

  • 대호
    대호 14 days ago


  • 대호
    대호 14 days ago


  • Valerire Jas
    Valerire Jas 18 days ago

    merci, c'est juste magnifique !

  • Eliana Santos
    Eliana Santos 18 days ago

    Lindo 🌹

  • Samuel Dorcey
    Samuel Dorcey 18 days ago

    i love it cant stop listen

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 19 days ago

    This is great!

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 19 days ago

    90% of you will not believe me when I say that my cousin is actually in the band Evanescence. He's the drummer, Rocky Grey you can look him up.

  • DexRey Agon
    DexRey Agon 19 days ago

    Lindsey, Lzzy and Amy Lee! Oh man! What more can I say! Lindsey Stirling, Lzzy Hale and Amy Lee, for those who need assistance!

  • Laura Oliveira
    Laura Oliveira 21 day ago


  • Ben Raïs Nadjwa
    Ben Raïs Nadjwa 22 days ago

    waw 💗💗💗 magnifique 😍😍

  • Galaxyia
    Galaxyia 22 days ago

    This reminds me of my sister..I would always listen to this while playing with her...,and now she's...gone. 😔💔....sniff sniff I still love her...and she was only three...

  • Ines Bouzguenda
    Ines Bouzguenda 23 days ago

    cover plzzzz
    my demond

  • Sarah Kays
    Sarah Kays 24 days ago


  • Gamer girl
    Gamer girl 24 days ago

    Man Can that Violin Sing 😳🎻

  • Blackrabbit Down
    Blackrabbit Down 24 days ago

    the waving cell phones in the crowd were actually a pretty nice effect.

  • Mustafa Yalçınkaya


  • WastedGamer
    WastedGamer 26 days ago

    Its so beautiful


    I have a new crush!! She is so perfect! :3

  • Howens Rodriguez
    Howens Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Se puede decir mucho, Yo dire.

  • Abril Cañete
    Abril Cañete 27 days ago

    beatiful!!!!!!!! i love you

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 27 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling e uma fada

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 27 days ago


  • keise moura
    keise moura 28 days ago

    que lindo isso é MT emocionante :'(

  • Gary2 shisha guhl
    Gary2 shisha guhl 28 days ago


  • Ana Larson
    Ana Larson 28 days ago

    Somehow I missed this beautiful piece. Like listening to Heaven.

  • Sjsusush Sjsjsjsjsj
    Sjsusush Sjsjsjsjsj 28 days ago


  • Lindsay Baker
    Lindsay Baker 29 days ago

    when I hear this my heart tears up with all kinds of emotions! just pair talent! it's amazing what music can do to the soul!!! Ami Lee her music has helped me through a lot of pain and happiness!!!

  • Lindsay Baker
    Lindsay Baker 29 days ago

    I have always loved Ami Lee !!! and now to top it off with an amazing pair

  • Jedi Revan
    Jedi Revan 29 days ago

    That was amazing, keep up the good work.

  • Jon Dorman
    Jon Dorman 29 days ago

    It's hard to find truly talented modern artists and Lindsey has nowhere to go but up.

  • Ahmed Hamdy
    Ahmed Hamdy 29 days ago

    i love you so much, when you are playing with violin, it takes me to another world
    i can't describe how awesome you are

  • Krizel Vyrdee Ramos
    Krizel Vyrdee Ramos 1 month ago

    goosebumps in skin.... onions in my eyes 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez 1 month ago

    me gusta mucho el llanto de la voz de la chica.

  • Lightning Applebee
    Lightning Applebee 1 month ago

    This song has a deep meaning and in my eyes the violin and piano are perfect for the message and song itself

  • Betiana Heffling
    Betiana Heffling 1 month ago

    dudo que. castellano. lo entiendas pero con esto me hicisteis amar más el sonido tan perturbadoramente apasionado del violín

  • Thomas Dunster
    Thomas Dunster 1 month ago

    amazing job

  • Danilo Naba
    Danilo Naba 1 month ago

    lindo, doce, Perfeito.

  • Rham Korea
    Rham Korea 1 month ago

    lindsay you are so talented magnificence....

  • Threvil
    Threvil 1 month ago

    Do someone knows what is video when Lindsey playing in cellar?

  • Dupla da bagunça Silva


  • Commander M
    Commander M 1 month ago

    Love your music!!!!

  • Sharmistha Mukherjee

    This where a violin has flawlessly replaced a voice keeping the original song and it's feelings intact. Mindblowing!

  • Kyle Lovell
    Kyle Lovell 1 month ago

    R.I.P. My beautiful fiancee Ashley Drake!! I know how much this song meant to you. I'm sorry for the accident and not being able to correct it. I'm glad one day we will be together again. Until then, please enjoy seeing my mom and anyone else you know who passed. I love you and always will!!!

  • Adaline Raine
    Adaline Raine 1 month ago

    This song makes me cry normally, but now I'm bawling. Gosh this is amazing...

  • Biman Samanta
    Biman Samanta 1 month ago

    I love violin music is the bast

  • Bernadette Kamer
    Bernadette Kamer 1 month ago


  • Shanita Singh
    Shanita Singh 1 month ago

    I love it

  • yeli Costa
    yeli Costa 1 month ago

    Quanto talento! 😍😍😍😍💐💐💐

  • Griselda Lopez
    Griselda Lopez 1 month ago

    amo este tema soy maxima

  • flavia cristina
    flavia cristina 1 month ago


  • lupita reynoso p
    lupita reynoso p 1 month ago

    😍💖🎻 hermoso!!!

  • Debra Torres
    Debra Torres 1 month ago

    Lindsay need to make a collaboration with Piano Guys *-*

  • Damiano Ragusa
    Damiano Ragusa 1 month ago

    sei fantastica, la tua musica incanta😍

  • Rosana Duarte
    Rosana Duarte 1 month ago

    Toda vez que vejo vídeo dela eu me arrepio toda. Toca muito 💜

  • leos hey soy yo
    leos hey soy yo 1 month ago


  • Le Thi Hanh
    Le Thi Hanh 1 month ago


  • Crazy Lexi
    Crazy Lexi 1 month ago

    i love this song and lindsey just made it better! 2 thumbs up!

  • Scheila Oliveira
    Scheila Oliveira 1 month ago

    ameii ❤👏👏

  • Robin Palaima
    Robin Palaima 1 month ago are absolutely amazing! you captured My Immortal flawlessly! The shame is on Piers!! Lol..

  • Buse Bağlar
    Buse Bağlar 1 month ago

    amazing !!!

  • HiiighAsAKite
    HiiighAsAKite 1 month ago

    This reminds me of Space Oddity. I like it.

  • Lily Rossi
    Lily Rossi 1 month ago

    I danced to this song

  • Jessé Castro
    Jessé Castro 1 month ago

    Que talento 👏👏❤😍

  • elizabeth brawley
    elizabeth brawley 1 month ago

    I love all of your work. you are so talented

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