P Diddy Bad Boys of Comedy - Scruncho "He Must Be Hangry"

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Author oliman555 ( ago)
Scruncho = not funny

Author John Camara ( ago)
This nigga look stupid

Author ALC 4 ( ago)
how high

Author Kayson Lockett ( ago)
I'm sorry this ain't even funny plus he look like he gay

Author TunInXrayVizion ( ago)
You all saying he yelling but maybe being loud like that is funny for him Kevin Hart do the same shit and looked up to this dude and looked where it got him this probably don't want to be famous like these other guys

Author Q Ferg ( ago)
this was his first show as well as his last...

Author S Smith ( ago)
extremely sweet!

Author Tunez ( ago)
This guy seems alot similar to Kevin Hart...

Author Da Nigg ( ago)
that dress of a shirt tho lol

Author RAVISWORLD ( ago)
This is not funny wtf
after watching dave chapelle aint nobody funny anymore lol

Author yankee rojas ( ago)
pink wearing I think he was dissing the dips

Author Hika Henry ( ago)
sweat rag

Author Veego von DOOM- Reviews! ( ago)
this cat is horrible!

Author GrimReefer ( ago)
Good question why they wear pink haha

Author bill ( ago)
this fool been using the same jokes since def comedy jam smh

Author Quita Diva ( ago)
why's he yelling

Author Tez Vickers ( ago)
Dont nobody say dat nanudda like you say dat nanudda

Author Mr. Gonzales ( ago)
that nigga was whippin them skates 😂😂😂

Author ion cadav ( ago)
whats the instrumental at the end ?

Author Kristopher Beams ( ago)
aye bro he need some new material. ... from da west boast

Author Kristopher Beams ( ago)

Author Tammy W. ( ago)
I'm so glad the big, huge, white tee shirt fad played out!

Author Onyx Freeman ( ago)
work on that delivery fam.

Author DominicA34 ( ago)
cocaines a hell of a drug ! ... so is being a fucking idiot !

Author DominicA34 ( ago)
wow , sad pathetic comedy !

Author Queen T ( ago)
Thats the man play on how high.

Author Danial Howe ( ago)
if kevin hart an 50 cent had a baby lol

Author J Chaney ( ago)
50 Cent before he got shot

Author Uncoded Hood ( ago)
This nigga is NOT!!! funny

Author lilbravedave ( ago)
this nigga trash

Author Nathan Means ( ago)
This man is too loud wtw 😂😂😂😂😂

Author Sterling Smith ( ago)
to everyone talking about hes a Kevin Hart wanna be. it would be the opposite Scruncho has been on the scene waaay before Kevin Hart

Author Theodor Theodoridis ( ago)
how is that funny?

Author vision12009 ( ago)
Not even funny ?

Author Cody Carpenter ( ago)
Corn ball 🌽.

Author G-UNIT Gang ( ago)
lee mn maroc had stund up haaamda hhhhhh bla madaye3 wa9tek

Author Swiss accounts ( ago)
Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan commercial gay as hell wtf

Author Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} ( ago)
I thought this was a good performance.

Author A'Najai D ( ago)
nobody say dat nan nutta like u....ion know what that shit mean but it sound good😂

Author BORICUA 4LIFE ( ago)
Purrrrrrrrcans lol

Author Gartive Henry ( ago)
shit aint even funny lol

Author mocros rule tha world ( ago)
want me to go on ?

Author mocros rule tha world ( ago)
Usher wears pink

Author mocros rule tha world ( ago)
kevin hart wears pink

Author mocros rule tha world ( ago)
young thug wears pink gayass mofo

Author mocros rule tha world ( ago)
hahaha fo sho

Author Cosmonaut ( ago)
pink is just a color dog..just like the rest of them lol

Author Alejandro Salinas ( ago)

Author Super long ( ago)
Why is this on my recommended feed? Not funny he was screaming at the crowd so forced.

Author Deron Scott ( ago)
He tried but you can tell the crowd just wasn't feeling this dude. Making people laugh is a gift. If you don't have that spark don't take the stage.

Author Riley McMichael ( ago)
Actually pink was for boys and blue was for girls, ijs!

Author Def Side Mixtapes ( ago)
I almost downvoted this shit twice.

Author Willliam Mckinley ( ago)
Wayne is Locke up today this mugger crazy as hell

Author Frankie Davis ( ago)
should of played some ol school music at the end lol

Author mark reid ( ago)
kevin hart looks different then

Author TAIIMONI 32 ( ago)
He talked all that shit about being hard- yet he finished the show on roller

Author TAIIMONI 32 ( ago)
He talked all that shit about being hard- yet he finished the show on roller

Author Francisco Arroyo ( ago)
Scruncho! You suc ass!

Author Skeelo ( ago)
crowd groaned when he said 50cent, nikka you wish. ahaha

kevin hart alter ghetto ego

Author PrincessBoobado Mistress of the Elements ( ago)
nice body!

Author Cedric Waller ( ago)
In the event they need a thug role in Roll Bounce 2, call Scruncho! lol

Author Jonathan Kemp ( ago)
Would somebody explain to me who is these niggas wearing pink 😂😂😂😂

Author Aqua Nigga ( ago)
Kevin hart and 50 cent have sex this nigga is what comes out

Author 16davelle ( ago)
First and last professionally aired t.v. performance...last time i saw him he was holding one of those spinning signs

Author Caribbean Queen ( ago)

Author Saira Garcia ( ago)
ugh his ok

Author Matiloto Croliflo ( ago)

Author killacuz3 ( ago)
how come ive never heard about kevin heart and fifty cents love child before??

Author sal bundy ( ago)
I'm mad I watch 7 minutes of this waste of my life

Author Nay Nasra ( ago)
found kevin harts yelly brother..

Author jacob Rand ( ago)
bad boys wack fuck eastcoast crips tho

Author Justin Showers ( ago)
I can tell he was telling what's on his mind never mind if he want you to laugh. The point was he wanted you women and men to know why would you make something so hardcore into something gay like.

Author Sharon Thomas ( ago)
He tried I guess.

Author every day ( ago)
i was thinking that he might actually be hard until he started dancing in roller skates.

Author Kirsty Sully ( ago)
love it your funny make movies act

Author Edgar Bravo ( ago)
This dude funny idk what y'all talking bout. He just gotta learn how to get to the mothafuckin point.

Author Shay Taylormade ( ago)
he predicted hip hop future

Author Shay Taylormade ( ago)
wasnt he in how high

Author Juliette Fordham ( ago)
LMAO!!! This is just a funny dude to me. Even tho it's old it's still 1 clip that make me laugh every time. Looking for u in a new a stand up tho!

Author Brent A. Wells ( ago)
Bruh is wack

Author Jay Reacts1 ( ago)
When that nigga skipped danced I died😂😂😂

Author joshua98 ( ago)
video perfect 4 putting u to sleep if u can't go otherwise

Author Satelah Thomas ( ago)
He looks like Kevin Hart

Author MrSteven2945 ( ago)
dont leave your day job homie

Author Vince Gibson ( ago)
if someone teaches him how to use a microphone maybe he wont shout everything

Author king Rico ( ago)
This nigga suck booooooooo!!!!! )throws tomatoes

Author Makhosi Sibanda ( ago)
the girl at 8.15 oooh maaa gaaad

Author Harry Veras ( ago)
Haters are gonna hate . He did alright damn you people think he's Eddie or something. Give the guy a chance he just got out of the pen. He needs to work on something that's all . But first thing stop yelling damn.or do you rather he robbed your ass.

Author Evan Sheppard ( ago)
excuse me can I get my shit registered!!!

Author DiamondDallas 510 ( ago)
Now I know why he is the assistant pimp

Author Mark Richardson ( ago)
and this is the current state of comedy, atrocious. remember the old days, when a guy just needed a mike to enthrall a crowd, nowdays any queer with money, whether he has a sense of humor or not, is releasing this crap to the public.

Author Brian Banks ( ago)
this nigga seem gay

Author Frank Peter ( ago)
if he stopped yelling it would be a start but he needs more jokes

Author Lina Luv ( ago)
Whew I didnt laugh at all............

Author Dylan Wilkins ( ago)
corny as fuck

Author andre Nordby ( ago)
why his shirt off lol

Author Jack Jackson ( ago)
He Looks a lot like kevin heart with his hat on lol

Author Chris Mendez ( ago)
I hope this dude still got his day job

Author LarryBTV ( ago)
Good Job

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