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  • The new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is here! Check out the new official trailer starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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    Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga.

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  • Runtime: 2:2
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  • Movieclips Trailers
    Movieclips Trailers 2 months ago

    "It's time for the Jedi to end." What could that mean?! What are your thoughts?

  • Astr0 Gamer
    Astr0 Gamer 2 days ago

    I have to look at this

  • Predator from Steam


  • kyle plays
    kyle plays 2 days ago

    I can confirm that this is way fuckin better than the emoji movie

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 2 days ago

    MAREY SUE!!!

  • Modrok The legend
    Modrok The legend 4 days ago

    I don't think Luke finished that sentence because there was a pause between "Jedi" and "to end"

  • Sans The Punny
    Sans The Punny 4 days ago

    My Theories:
    Maybe Obi Wan and Qui-Gon have gone out to seek for the Jedies (Yes, I know Qui-Gon died but he could come back to life.) and then realizes that only a few are left. So they have lost hope of finding new Jedies.
    Perhaps Luke lost hope after he realizes that the Sith is more powerful with barley any more Jedies, lost hope on finding new ones, and wants to end the Jedies.
    Anakin might go back on the light side with Luke but then still not be much use
    Finn might have gotten the force along with Rey.
    A new planet might be discovered (or maybe a new Death Star)
    We might find out why the light and dark side were made
    Dat all I have in mah skull (I dont have a head you fridges)

  • Adolf yllas Miles ragasa

    maybe luke is the last jedi and not rey. because in the movie force awakens. snoke said. that the droid (bb8) have the map that leads to luke skywalker the last jedi. which means that luke is the last jedi. or. maybe. maybe. rey will die or rey will join the dark side .... but. there is a possible way that rey is the last jedi because the lightsaber calls to her and she already know how to use her power.. Like anakin and luke. rey is also a scavenger and rey knows how to fly a ship and knows stuff like anakin.. maybe that rey is a relative of luke and leia or a daughter of leia and han..

    thats my theory

  • Wahyu Ramadhan
    Wahyu Ramadhan 5 days ago

    Is this the last chapter?

  • Bookish Girl
    Bookish Girl 6 days ago

    I am more excited about this than my brother and it funny that he used to love Star Wars before and I used to hate it and would run away from him every time he bring out toys lightsaber o.e

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 7 days ago

    1:23 hit me hard it just sounds so beautiful

  • Xxfarcrymaster Farcry

    Omg omg omg omg

  • The_DwarvenSquirrel

    1:03 is that a hing that the ghost crew or ezra/kanan may be involved, it says balance and shows that symbol and the traitlers for season 4 say stuff about being the balance or am i over thinking this

  • mauricio jimenez
    mauricio jimenez 8 days ago

    I hope finns dies

  • Ruffles CG
    Ruffles CG 8 days ago

    i think luke is actually snoke and it has been a set up from the beginning originally I thought luke would die and rey would be the last jedi but now i think luke will try to pull her to the dark side and she will refuse making her truly the last jedi..............but that's just a theory a movie theory

  • VisionZero130
    VisionZero130 8 days ago

    Whose helmet is that at 0:54

  • Ultimate Prangster Sheldrake

    George did a better job at making star wars than Disney. Disney just puts death stars in. that gets boring after a while. this is just making it made it cringy. congrats Disney, you ruined star wars

    • Lets Paint
      Lets Paint 5 days ago

      No, Lucasfilm gave Star Wars the magic back that Lcas has taken away from the prequels.

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 9 days ago

    things that must happen in last jedi! yoda,obi,qui-gon and anakin force ghost training rei! then a Revelation that anakin's soul split when he died! a split into light and dark so then vader would be guiding kylo! do it Disney

  • Radu Pricopie
    Radu Pricopie 10 days ago

    Better not be Empire Strikes Back 2.0 with empowered strong female characters because of SJW. If it will be tho I would be very disapointed.

  • Emilee Oliver
    Emilee Oliver 10 days ago


  • Fonseca Corals
    Fonseca Corals 10 days ago

    They should put a fidget spinner in the movie

  • Tim Quattrociocchi
    Tim Quattrociocchi 11 days ago


  • elagusWTF
    elagusWTF 11 days ago

    star wars 6 : The last Jedi
    star wars 8 : The Revenge of Jedi

  • PinellasPicker
    PinellasPicker 12 days ago

    Mark Hamil has stated the script writer portrayed Luke very poorly.

  • Anup Manandhar
    Anup Manandhar 12 days ago

    "help me obi-wan"

  • Nic Nolan
    Nic Nolan 12 days ago

    the thumbnail looks like an ape

  • Ringsfan1
    Ringsfan1 12 days ago

    The only good thing in my life right now; knowing this movie is coming out in 6 months!

  • Ferdinand L. Martinez

    0:47 Background voice- "Help me obi- wan"

  • Aleathea Wyman
    Aleathea Wyman 14 days ago


  • Anthony Doc
    Anthony Doc 15 days ago

    I agree with Luke. The Jedi should end. It's because of their war with the Sith that has caused nothing but civil wars throughout galactic history. Every star wars should know this

  • Daniel Mayo
    Daniel Mayo 15 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the glass breaks and the last Jedi or his lightsaber get's lost on an asteroid.

  • Synown
    Synown 15 days ago

    Wait I have a question are they done with the movie already? Or there still working on it?

  • m3tr0id86
    m3tr0id86 16 days ago

    My thoughts is that the ideals of the Jedi and Sith comes to an end.

    While there is the Jedi of the light and the Sith for the dark, Grey Jedi is a true balance of the force.

    Like a narrowed down version of a Grey Jedi Code is pretty much this.

    There is no Light, without the Dark.

    Through Passion, I gain Focus.

    Through Knowlege, I gain Power.

    Through Serenity, I gain Strength.

    Through Victory, I gain Harmony.

    There is only the Force.

    There are many versions and quite a few, much more wordy than others, but the theme remains the same.

  • Marine Ramdhani
    Marine Ramdhani 17 days ago

    takut kalah rebelnya

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 17 days ago

    holy. crap.

  • SmithyLad
    SmithyLad 17 days ago

    1:23 middle left of screen A-Wing?

  • jedi eebe
    jedi eebe 17 days ago

    1:17 At-At's

  • rizon72
    rizon72 18 days ago

    Was heavily disappointed in the Force Awakens, and from the trailer, not seeing any improvement.  Its like watching a badly written fanfic from a writer who didn't bother to understand the universe and instead went with that they thought it should be.

  • KPV05
    KPV05 18 days ago

    First there was the death star that blew up then there was a remake that blew up then there was a starkiller base THAT BLEW UP what's next

  • Seyi S
    Seyi S 18 days ago

    Breathe, breathe through your nose Rey

  • TheTrojanToaster
    TheTrojanToaster 18 days ago

    Huh. Looks like Rey's Mary Sue factor's been dimmed down.

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 19 days ago

    Luke would've never said "It's time for the jedi to end" under George Lucas. Why on earth should they?

  • Robert Slizewski
    Robert Slizewski 19 days ago

    if the person that plays Luke sees this you will not be forgotten by me

  • Danengscot
    Danengscot 20 days ago

    ooooh walkers!

    wait. Empire had walkers.


  • Thel 'Vadam
    Thel 'Vadam 20 days ago

    Put the name of the two trilogy movies and it say The Force Awakens The Last Jedi.

  • Fudgekek
    Fudgekek 20 days ago

    I want back the old star wars characters ;(

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon 21 day ago

    Ahhhh cant wait

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon 21 day ago

    Wow im exited for this movie

  • Chyke 62
    Chyke 62 21 day ago

    Oh God, I think the Anticipation is gonna make me pass out,....i can't wait !!!!

  • Xiancraft player
    Xiancraft player 22 days ago

    weres finn

  • Ray Castro
    Ray Castro 22 days ago

    Kylo ren dies in this one

  • Jan Macek
    Jan Macek 23 days ago

    Luke will end Jedi order and start new and better order - Lukas Order!

  • Urkalp LetsPlay
    Urkalp LetsPlay 23 days ago

    Star wars last jedi cool wow

  • MrPenguin277 _
    MrPenguin277 _ 24 days ago

    The prophecy must be completed

  • wrecksauce
    wrecksauce 24 days ago

    10 bucks says that Snoke will tell rey: No....I am Your Father

  • StarkillerGamer57
    StarkillerGamer57 24 days ago

    My thoughts are that this the the best trailer of 2017!

  • Zesi Productions
    Zesi Productions 25 days ago

    0:27, its a shoe :-)!

  • Parjit Khakh
    Parjit Khakh 25 days ago


    At 0:49 Princess Leia: "You're my only hope"
    At 0:53 Vader Breathing (sounds like Palpatine but I'm not sure): "Seduced by the dark side"
    At 1:01 Yoda: "Surrounds us, it binds us"

  • YUSUF Warsame
    YUSUF Warsame 26 days ago

    Hey guys new Star Wars

  • Leia Organa
    Leia Organa 26 days ago

    I do t get it. Carrie Fisher is dead but she is in for cast and the movie

  • Superpowerine
    Superpowerine 26 days ago


  • Chewy Thomson
    Chewy Thomson 27 days ago

    Directed by Rian Johnson, the guy who did Looper. I have faith this will be decent.

  • 李铁牛
    李铁牛 27 days ago

    It's time for the Jedi to end the new death star.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 27 days ago


  • greysha A
    greysha A 28 days ago

    The last jedi means there will be a new type of jedi like gray jedi watch clone wars the episodes you'll learn alot and tge meaning of balance

  • Kobi Osborne
    Kobi Osborne 28 days ago

    If Luke dies in this film, Disney have ruined star wars forever.

  • Aramis Dennard
    Aramis Dennard 29 days ago

    who's the thumbnail guy

  • Pluralguitar580
    Pluralguitar580 29 days ago


  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy 29 days ago

    Should've been,
    2015: Star Wars The Force Awakens
    2017: The Force Breakfast Lunch And Dinner
    2019: The Force Goes Back To Sleep.

    THE END.

  • Troll Face,
    Troll Face, 29 days ago

    Where is Anakin? Where are the clones? Wheres Rex?

    I hate everything after Order 66.

  • Troll Face,
    Troll Face, 29 days ago

    A balance?

    A balance WAS before Order 66. After that is NO balance!

  • Al3x
    Al3x 1 month ago

    WTF TO END............LUKE WHICH SIDE ARE U????

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas 1 month ago

    So was I the only one disappointed by the force awakens? Seemed pretty recycled and unoriginal

    • Fine Art Miniature Painting
      Fine Art Miniature Painting 20 days ago

      Trust me, you are NOT the only one. Force Awakens makes Phantom Menace look like a flawless masterpiece worthy of an Oscar. But..this comment section is a congregation of 12yo fanboys , thats honestly will be happy with pretty much anything that has a Star Wars sign in it - so if we continue this conversation here, we will get burned at the stake. Or chopped in half with a lightsaber.

  • ScenicCactus211 The gamer

    I was so hype

  • arturoicetre
    arturoicetre 1 month ago

    one of the distinct features of a bad actor or actress is always forcing an out of breath attitude... just saying

  • K world
    K world 1 month ago

    Hi, i'd like to place an order. One beef with brocolli with pork fried rice and a pepsi please. Thank you

  • Ringsfan1
    Ringsfan1 1 month ago

    I believe this is going to be amazing. I think the beginning, like the first half, is going to be a copy of Empire Strikes Back sadly, just because The Force Awakens kind of set it up that way. But I think the second half is going to take it in an entirely new direction, and be completely new, dark, and absolutely fantastic

  • TheCoolProfessor
    TheCoolProfessor 1 month ago


  • Vintage5273
    Vintage5273 1 month ago

    It's time for the Jedi to end.

    Ghost of Anakin: you underestimate my Power.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 month ago

    Hello there

  • Vasilis Kortianos
    Vasilis Kortianos 1 month ago

    I hope it's not gonna be a copy of the empire strikes back, as the last one was a remake of a new hope

    • Fine Art Miniature Painting
      Fine Art Miniature Painting 20 days ago

      I wish I could share your optimism..its all recycling now , all rehash ,really. And not a good one at that..

  • Jedi Alexis Cadeliña


  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 1 month ago

    What it means?

  • Kazinczi Martin
    Kazinczi Martin 1 month ago

    Wait a minute. I thought that Kylo Ren died at Starkiller Base.

  • richard21solava
    richard21solava 1 month ago

    I swear at 1:36 I feel like that's not mark Hamil talking. I think it's Benicio del toro's voice as the villain

  • Sharon Womack
    Sharon Womack 1 month ago

    in the New movie there is going to be a flash back scene were luke and the republic troops are salvaging scrap's from the destroyed death star pieces...and luke finds the emperor's dead body...which is burned revealing that he was a ROBOT!...ep 1-3 had a whole WAR ABOUT HUMAN'S(REPUBLIC) VS ROBOTS(C.I.S)why would the emperor NOT make a human looking ROBOT for himself!..

  • Sharon Womack
    Sharon Womack 1 month ago

    the New age star wars movie's... have star wars story's..."force awakens"ROGUE ONE.."last jedi" HAN SOLO...."untitled 9th star wars movie"ORIGIN FLIM FOR THE EMPEROR...han solo is the emperor!

  • Gamer Jay
    Gamer Jay 1 month ago

    1:36 its time for the Jedi to end
    Me: um ok so what?

  • John Davis
    John Davis 1 month ago

    Hope it's better than TFA

  • rcviper76
    rcviper76 1 month ago

    The last Jedi you say? Hmmmm. The Dark Side we must balance. The force unite we must!

  • GeLuqué
    GeLuqué 1 month ago

    The music just makes LUCASFILM what it its!

  • Matt The Trucker
    Matt The Trucker 1 month ago

    Only the sith deal in absolutes

  • Megaredronin
    Megaredronin 1 month ago

    will master luke and kylo ren duel? will rey and ren duel? will more of snoke be revealed? will luke die? .......... sigh!! hope i live to see christmas!!! :)

  • Aladdin Lallouz
    Aladdin Lallouz 1 month ago

    Luke: reach out... what do you see...?

    Rey: ....That this movie is gonna blow..... that you get killed off during the end of the second act..... That the Han Solo movie will be pretty decent. But weird regardless of the fact that Harrison Ford is not in it.

    Luke: There's soo much more disappointments to follow....

  • TheQueenofStrawberrs

    Ok guys whem Luke said "It's time for the Jedi to end" is just the old man talk. UNDERSTAND CHILD

  • Stephanie Rieske
    Stephanie Rieske 1 month ago


  • Tamara Majkić
    Tamara Majkić 1 month ago

    0:54 is that Kylo Ren mask?

  • I Love Jesus
    I Love Jesus 1 month ago

    I can't believe I have to wait for seven more months to see this movie! :-(

  • Machete Panda
    Machete Panda 1 month ago

    They cut off the words for "It's time for the Jedi to end" early. What he says in the movie is ""It's time for the Jedi to end... Obamacare." #EndObamacare :D

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 1 month ago

    I was hoping they kill off that black guy, because he is a terrible actor.

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