Why Was Anakin Skywalker Allowed to Wear Black Robes?? Star Wars Explained

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  • With all the Jedi Masters obeying a certain standard of lighter coloured robes and tan tunics, why did they let Anakin Skywalker who wasn't a master...stray from what the Masters did? The Visualization book helps us understand...

    Hope you enjoy :)

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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory 9 days ago

    Pink Robes? Lime? Rainbow? Which colour would you have? lol

    • Y2M
      Y2M 1 day ago

      no...wait. my robe would be fire red to reflect that i burned all of my Star Wars comic books, novels, DVDs, and collectibles after the fucking Phantom Menace

    • Y2M
      Y2M 1 day ago

      i would think that my midichlorian count would decide a midichlorian shade of Chartreuse. Or maybe a robe like the color of the Sands of Naboo haha

    • Matt Midkiff
      Matt Midkiff 1 day ago

      I wouldn't even wear robes, if that's an option. I'd wear a hooded black combat suit with a kama (the skirt thing some clones wore with their armor) for added protection and to honor Mandelorian traditions. I'd rather be practical as I'd most likely be a Jedi Sentinel.

    • Darth Drake
      Darth Drake 2 days ago

      actually black/blue xD i just like those colours

    • Aleks Draeger
      Aleks Draeger 2 days ago

      Star Wars Theory Viridian

  • Shane McKenna
    Shane McKenna 17 hours ago

    If we just ignore the fact that multiple other jedi wore these colours...

  • • •hmh• •
    • •hmh• • 20 hours ago

    Why did he do it. Someone other than mace windu had to be black

    Duh Derp.

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus 1 day ago

    George lucas said it was to show his chance in that he was turning

  • Dinosplostion 55
    Dinosplostion 55 1 day ago

    one question why is the glove on your thumnail purple? im just asking because its funny XD

  • Grant Wheeler
    Grant Wheeler 1 day ago

    Because he's the chosen one

  • Flatulent Orc.
    Flatulent Orc. 1 day ago

    Sees video length
    Nice Halo reference

    I'm such a nerd

  • MUZI
    MUZI 1 day ago

    Windu is black and what ?

  • WhiteChicken
    WhiteChicken 1 day ago

    His robes also get darker each movie until he finally becomes Darth Vader.

  • DBZFanatic
    DBZFanatic 1 day ago

    no love for your mandalorian friends?

  • gareth williams
    gareth williams 2 days ago

    luke wore black in return of the jedi ???

  • ginantsfan5
    ginantsfan5 2 days ago

    Most awesome vid!!!!!!!! If I were a Jedi I would have Red and Black Robes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Makoto-chan!
    Makoto-chan! 2 days ago

    Maybe all that brown reminded him of the sand.

  • Rammer Shigak
    Rammer Shigak 2 days ago

    tough guys wear pink, period. lol

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    If anyone subs to my channel I will sub to yours! Looking for Star Wars subscribers! Thanks

  • Flameing Glass
    Flameing Glass 2 days ago


  • Matthew Little Soldier

    "By the way, this book is very cool"

  • Mankind - Redefined

    Obi Wan: "Anakin your color scheme is drawing concern from the council. It's kind of Sith-esque."

    Anakin: "Taste the e d g e, master."

    Obi Wan: "What?"

    Anakin: "Your ugly SAND colored robes aren't controversial enough to feed my angst."

  • S.W. Merrill Music
    S.W. Merrill Music 3 days ago

    Not to debunk this whole video, but the costume designer of Ep. III has said that Anakin's robes were not black, but a deep brown. Those promo photos appear to be black, but in the film, everything is a dark brown. Particularly the tabbards, robe and glove. Those are a rich brown, appearing black in some light.

  • General Krabs
    General Krabs 3 days ago

    What book is that?

  • shadowthatwalks
    shadowthatwalks 3 days ago

    anakin didn't wear black robes, that was forbidden. if you ever go visit his set costume you can even see its not black. there dark shades of brown.

  • chasem007ify
    chasem007ify 3 days ago

    "Democracy" "peace" bahahahaha, democracy goes with war like nothing else. Democracy has no more legitimacy than monarchy, but is far far worse than it

    KANE AND ABLE 3 days ago

    anakin was the force showing the flaws in the jedi and sith order. The jedi may seem happy and good but there to traditional which makes them weak. The sith are to evil and treacherous that end up killing there own. In the last jedi we will see the balance that the force was trying to show all along. The only person ever to profect this none other than the legendary mace windu who some say at his time was the strongest jedi of all.

  • Brenn Tantor
    Brenn Tantor 3 days ago

    I'm usually a supporter of the dark side, but I've always considered Anakin's robes ugly. Especially in AOTC.

  • Catalyst Farseer
    Catalyst Farseer 3 days ago

    Wait... So we have to ignore that other Jedi also have dark robes?

    That's retarded.

    That's like saying we having to ignore all the other planets so your theory about earth being the only planet holds out.

  • Jack Ralston
    Jack Ralston 3 days ago

    No the new Canon is stupid their synthetic it makes so much sense, I do not except it.

  • Battlefront N00b
    Battlefront N00b 3 days ago

    More like why was anakin allowed to wear a purple hand


    Who the fuck cares

  • Keith_the_ Shark
    Keith_the_ Shark 3 days ago

    Why do people hate Hayden's portrayal of Anakin so much? I thought it was great.

  • Robert Pyne
    Robert Pyne 3 days ago

    it's because all the other robes were sand coloured

  • jit
    jit 3 days ago

    I figured it's cause traditional robes are the same color as literally ALL of Tattooine.

  • Antonio Burnett
    Antonio Burnett 3 days ago

    In what era did the Jedi become pacifists? I know in the old republic they were warriors to protect the peace but in the movies just enforcers. It's as though they went from being police officers to mall cops.

  • Nightrays Legacy
    Nightrays Legacy 3 days ago

    What a stupid Thing, Is a Robe, A Fucking Robe

  • ham dog
    ham dog 3 days ago

    so basically Anikin was a rebellious edgelord, got it.

  • GawsHawg
    GawsHawg 3 days ago

    0:43 That's Shak Ti (however you spell it), not Asoka (Also not sure if that's how you spell it).
    If i remember correctly, Asoka always wore shades of brown.

  • fadingjedi
    fadingjedi 3 days ago

    This is where I wish the corellian Jedi would become cannon again. They had slightly different traditions. They tended wear different colors in their robes and answer directly to the council. I liked the idea from the books that there elements of of the Jedi that went own way but we're still Jedi.

  • paul valera
    paul valera 4 days ago

    would you do a video why darth vader wears a chain in his neck

  • shihoblade
    shihoblade 4 days ago

    So in short anakin can wear what he wants and he chose darker clothes which highlighted his differences from the other Jedi and his underlying dark nature.

    So the obvious answer and no new information.

  • PartyOn5thAvenue
    PartyOn5thAvenue 4 days ago

    Luke wore all black in episode 6

  • Helgon
    Helgon 4 days ago

    1:03 "by the way this book is really cool." I died laughing lol

  • Byron MacGreggor
    Byron MacGreggor 4 days ago

    Honoured traditions but not uniforms. Jedi are free to dress as they choose? So a Jedi could wear jeans and a v-neck and it would be acceptable?

  • Alexandra Chadwick
    Alexandra Chadwick 4 days ago

    My thought was that since he had to wear light slave clothing as a child his darker Jedi robes were just a way of escaping from his past.

  • blaze556922
    blaze556922 4 days ago

    So much of a choice that they abduct you from your real family and force their dogma upon you. The Jedi are not the noble people they pretend to be. If so, they would be freeing slaves everywhere they went and wouldn't separate children from their parents.

  • Raymond Marshall
    Raymond Marshall 4 days ago

    nobodybasked because the color of your cloths dont resllg have a determinstions on good or bad

  • Random Human
    Random Human 4 days ago

    the tie-dye jedi

  • Brian
    Brian 4 days ago

    he was allowed to wear black robes because George Lucas thought it would foreshadow him being Darth Vader. That's it, no in Universe explanation needed.

  • the Mates
    the Mates 4 days ago

    Why did you correct "synthetic" Sith crystals?

  • Alternative EFG
    Alternative EFG 4 days ago

    Short answer: because he was cool

  • simon kolecek
    simon kolecek 4 days ago

    Lol, that leather is really going to protect him from lightsaber attacks.

  • Lazy Wizard
    Lazy Wizard 4 days ago

    And black is the exact opposite colour to sand

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 4 days ago

    mace windu was the dark side of the force.

  • Dick B. Danglin
    Dick B. Danglin 4 days ago

    Why do you keep bothering with the fucking horrible prequels more like LOL

    JOSHSTER 4 days ago


  • Starkill3r 306
    Starkill3r 306 4 days ago

    You mean Shaak Ti, not Ahsoka

  • hellowutlol
    hellowutlol 4 days ago

    *yeah because fucking leather will offer protection against fucking lightsabers that can cut through metal and blasters that pierce through clone trooper armor. God forbid anakin didn't wear leather one day, he'll be completely defenseless*

  • hellowutlol
    hellowutlol 4 days ago

    *"Anakin was the ONLY one to wear black robes, why was ONLY anakin allowed to wear black and NOBODY else? EVERYBODY else wore light colored while ONLY anakin wore black. Oh, but we're excluding a whole bunch of other fucking jedi who wore just black as well.*

  • Honor Weber
    Honor Weber 4 days ago

    What if Luke and laya weren't bro and sis

  • Texans Fan
    Texans Fan 4 days ago

    I have one question if I am not wrong Anakin is just turned Jedi knight why would they give him the best legion to a just turned Jedi knight

  • Panama Mack
    Panama Mack 5 days ago

    Anakin wore women Jedi robes! Hahaha

  • Kmaster's Gaming
    Kmaster's Gaming 5 days ago

    *by the way this book is really cool

  • LaDainian Williams
    LaDainian Williams 5 days ago

    That's Shaak Ti, not Ahsoka.

  • Ethan Donnelly
    Ethan Donnelly 5 days ago

    Wait, whats with the synthetic sith crystals crossout thing?

    Red Kyber crystals aren't authentic crystals :/

  • المسيح هو ابن الله

    when u realize Hollywood knows we live under a dome, and still deceive the youth with galaxies and planets...

  • Hawk Toole
    Hawk Toole 5 days ago

    I've always wondered this.....

  • Mike Yao
    Mike Yao 5 days ago

    But if Anakin was rebellious, why did Vader hate the Rebellion so much?

  • Sebastian Esk
    Sebastian Esk 5 days ago

    What song in the background is this?

  • Denver Garcia
    Denver Garcia 5 days ago

    I never liked that he wore black. Everyone knew where he was going go, no need for transparent foreshadowing. Luke's black made sense since he was being wooed by the Sith and at risk of falling to the Dark Side.

  • Cotton Eye Joe
    Cotton Eye Joe 5 days ago

    Lol seems like the Jedi elders were quite laid back

  • LaserDroid
    LaserDroid 5 days ago

    Should have put Annie in technicolor dream robes.

  • Nate Adams
    Nate Adams 5 days ago

    Where did Anakin get his scar?

  • Aotahi Beach
    Aotahi Beach 5 days ago

    "offers more protection" bye bye legs

  • Adam Thacker
    Adam Thacker 5 days ago

    He's an emo.

  • TheDrummerboy
    TheDrummerboy 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed he called Shak'Ti Ahsoka?


    Because he wanted to.......

  • Spadeofdarkness™
    Spadeofdarkness™ 5 days ago

    2:10 that's a knee slapper

  • Stay Alive
    Stay Alive 5 days ago

    This video was hilarious

  • big mac 69
    big mac 69 5 days ago

    The real reason he wears black robes is because he throws a hissie fit over the ones that are sand color

  • ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt

    I would have made him wear SAND colored robes, cause we know how much he loves sand.

  • Cody Lujan
    Cody Lujan 5 days ago

    What if watto accepted republic credits?

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G 5 days ago

    cause hes so wizard

  • BlackSteel KeyChain

    2:25 get that canon shit out of here they are synthetic

  • Harambe Revenge
    Harambe Revenge 5 days ago

    what was the book? please tell me. I must get it.

  • Taboweither697
    Taboweither697 5 days ago

    your theory doesn't make any sense if you look in the cartoon Clone Wars series you see a lot of Jedi with multiple color robes if you look in the first movie The Phantom Menace you'll see that little short guy with a scar on his left eye wearing all black robes. also if you look in the original Star Wars you'll see Luke Skywalker dressed in all black just because you are wearing their traditional Jedi robes or black robes does not mean you are turning to the dark side are you fucking moron or something this video makes no sense whatsoever. I would like to clarify in the original Star Wars books not these new ones the old ones with corn horn Kip during Ben Skywalker jaina and Anakin jacen solo those books they all wore different color robes Cochran didn't wear any rob you didn't like them Corran horn War all green robes Ben Skywalker Luke Skywalker wore the traditional Jedi also wore black Jedi robes did they turn to The Darkside no so again your theory in this video is bullshit!

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez 5 days ago

    2:05 this made me laugh :)

  • Roku Sasaki
    Roku Sasaki 5 days ago

    he fuckin' hate sand colored robes haha

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 5 days ago

    I really wanna see him dress in his Jedi robes for jumper 2. Oh! And I wanna see Ahsoka make an appearance, too! And bring the clones! They can fight the Paladins. Oh wait, that would mean they would fight Master Windu... I wonder how that would work out... I know! *(STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS SPOILER ALERT)* Since Anakin fell to the dark side and Ahsoka defected from the Jedi order, the clones can work for the Paladins with Master Windu! After all, I'm sure there's beef between Anakin and Master Windu considering Anakin chopped Windu's hand off and sent him flying down into oblivion! Yeah... It all works out.......

  • Putin on the pooper

    Episode 3 Anakin is still the most likable character for me. I felt real sadness watching him turn to the dark side and to this day I haven’t “bonded” with a character like I did with anakins character in revenge.

  • Spartan0417
    Spartan0417 5 days ago

    **D E M O C R A C Y**

  • Alex Stamp
    Alex Stamp 5 days ago

    TBH I really liked Anakin's wardrobe in episodes 2 and 3. They just look cooler than the robes that the rest of the Jedi wear.

  • Insert clever and funny name here

    Better question: why did you poorly photoshop a purple hand on the thumbnail

  • macdaddy mandalorian

    jedi order were nazis

  • macdaddy mandalorian

    hayden christiansen was amazing

  • fuctard3d
    fuctard3d 6 days ago

    Anikin's outfit we're a really dark brown, mostly. he didn't really wear black till he became Vader

  • Jesi Ren
    Jesi Ren 6 days ago

    because black=/=evil

  • Kiba The Shadowmire

    I wish he wore pink robes in the movies now.

  • Revenge of the toilets episode III

    idk maybe he thought they looked cool?

  • Nick Haughton
    Nick Haughton 6 days ago

    Your videos are my life please never stop! I love this channel so much these videos are perfect for all star wars fans. I must say your doing a outstanding job at all of this.

  • Oscar Ai
    Oscar Ai 6 days ago

    is shak tee the jedi you mention....NOT ASOKA!

  • Oryx TheMad God
    Oryx TheMad God 6 days ago

    he was allowed to wear black robes because they're wizard

  • Remc0 Schedel
    Remc0 Schedel 6 days ago

    Anakin was a goth Jedi.

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