This is a video I shot when I (Backdraft) first started with The Junkies (formerly the Sports Junkies) of 106.7FM WJFK in Washington, D.C. In 2001, The Junkies were in the evening time slot on WJFK and this was one of the first Bikini Contests they held in the board room at the station located in Fairfax, VA. Check out the young CK walking around the room as well as all the other Donkeys you know from the show.

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Junkies -

- Backdraft

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Author renorti1 ( ago)
fucking fantastic

Author David Ramirez ( ago)
Mary has big boobs

Author Georgine Appleberry ( ago)
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Author challengegolf2010 (1341 year ago)
Nice culo!!!!!!!

Author Jacob McCarthy (1009 years ago)
Holy fucking shit!!!! I wanna fuck you so hard and smooth!! I wanna have
hot, horny and sweaty sex with you and I want to slide my dick in your
tities and I want to jizz on your butt and your boobs!!! I have jerked off
to this multiple times!!!

Author Nils Stig Larsen ( ago)
that ass and these extremely welshaped boobS(Don't look fake). Nice too.

Author Monique LaFontaine ( ago)
She's pretty. Wish I had a body like that.

Author Firetubo ( ago)

Author SG rcelo ( ago)
Mary! Whats your last name. Gaddamit!

Author badboy lovestail ( ago)
Damn....fine beautiful super hot babe.

Author Brett Wilkins ( ago)
Whats her full name?

Author jesus añez ( ago)

Author Baron_Von_ Blue_Eyes ( ago)
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....this sure is one fine piece of woman !!

Author Henry Gonzales ( ago)
amazing ass!!! I would say she was second place. but molly I would say was
first. it was a travesty that neither of them won the competition

Author Ras Fiend ( ago)
I wonder how many tongues have licked that delicious ass and sucked on
those melons. I want to squirt a load on every inch of her body.

Author PRINCE VICTOR ( ago)

Author David Moth ( ago)

Author Thomas Walrath ( ago)
My God Honey, Erin is beyond INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

Author Afro470 ( ago)

Author Ryan Davis ( ago)

Author mcha1968 (706 years ago)
shes the best of the best!!!!

Author Giancarlo Nesta ( ago)
I dated Mary for a year back in 2007, all I have to say is that she is an
amazing woman, she is not living in DC anymore.

Author jorge pelongo ( ago)
beautiful face, boobs and ass, wwwwwwwwwwwooooowwwwwww¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author Irish Peterson ( ago)
warm in that

Author Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores ( ago)
where can i find this girl??

Author Sandra Foxy ( ago)
Looks like my body :))

Author Bea Moreno ( ago)
soft and supple

Author Paul Wilson ( ago)
Just wondering who the 166 a*sholes are that thumbed this down 

Author Aisham Abuyahma ( ago)
So temptationed...totally fuckies..and i like that

Author Cock Block Flag ( ago)

Author TheCamaro5 ( ago)
insane body on her, she is a ten all the way.

Author Combat Sports Fitness ( ago)

Author feneralem fener ( ago)

Author Calvin Lewis ( ago)
Crazy clip. Outstanding movie. My uncle was once fat. He went from 279 lbs
of pure fat to 207 lbs of absolute muscle mass. That shit was crazy! I just
registered personally as I wanna strengthen. He used the Muscle Building
Bible (Search on Google)...

Author rebeca uhl ( ago)
make shared this chance and fund with all the folks you fuck

Author skippymaroo ( ago)
Her full name is what ? Mary ????? 

Author Louis Chakanga ( ago)
Fuckable boobs

Author the king ( ago)
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Author Micidiale870 ( ago)

Author Shuken Fondatore ( ago)
Che tettona fantastica, ogni volta quando guardo questo Video non resisto e
devo farmi le seghe. Che Figa Spaziale.

Author Mistress Kayla ( ago)
she's so cute,i want to be my girlfriend!

Author Hairyhands ( ago)
I know that chick its hard hat Pam, builder of major erections!

Author Bob F ( ago)
This is who i would pick to win this contest!

Author federico yo ( ago)
Ella es PERFECTA. y además amable y simpática. !Por que NO gano! voto por
voto, recuento. Para mi ella es la GANADORA.

Author LJ MELONTECH ( ago)
lol not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. i
basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like
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Author KogalHunter ( ago)
Nice tits, but her arse is far too big. Nevertheless, I would throat-fuck
her till she puked and then sodomise her till she cried.

Author Jethro Tull ( ago)
This girl didn't have any competition... contest was clearly rigged. 

Author Jim Gemmell ( ago)
Shes a midden

Author mama yapa ( ago)
Wow. Fantastic movie. My brother used to be an obese fella. He went from
279lbs of pure fat into 201 lbs of complete muscle mass. Everybody was in
shock. I just joined myself coz I'm wanting to get stronger muscle mass. He
made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...

Author chum ster ( ago)
omg fuck me!

Author DrOctopusBJJ ( ago)
I want to know what her asshole tastes like.

Author Micidiale870 ( ago)
Beautiful girl...really amazing 

Author vjm007 ( ago)
damn I was hoping to see actual junkies

Author sarahgop ( ago)
all natural!!

Author chum ster ( ago)
perfect is opinion, and fuck she is perfect!! 

Author Haklung ( ago)

Author mark smith ( ago)

Author todigy69 ( ago)
This woman reminds me of Cynthia Escobar (look her up too!). Both have
near-perfect bodies and could easily get huge money filming whatever they
wish (pornos would be preferable). Good luck in your career ahead of you.

Author NORDSTRAND83 ( ago)
You know the name of the girl? Are there more videos of her on youtube? 

Author tamapalagi ( ago)
the winner sucked

Author Bob Duvall ( ago)
This chick is SMOKIN! And she did not even make the top five? WHAT IS UP
WITH THAT???? I think even the final top five, They must have called them
out in the revrse order!!! See The FINAL WINNER Video!

Author ThatsJoeDirt ( ago)
Is that chad dukes' fat ass in the corner @ 2:57?!

Author Sano Rocca ( ago)
One fine woman

Author Stefan Monacco ( ago)
Girl next door looks - Great in a bikini

Author charlie chong ( ago)
Favorite!!! Smash hit???

Author Richard Breeze ( ago)
Best body I've ever seen.... Banging

Author todd gallant ( ago)
who says women arent for our enjoyment?

Author mark duchey ( ago)
damn this bitch is fine. i'd drill her perfect ass al night long.

my dick is dancing

Author blackmamba8951 ( ago)
I think I just had a BONER after seeing Mary!!!

Author shiftcon ( ago)
I want to be balls deep in her .

Author 1greenMitsi ( ago)
I bet she would do movies now...only problem her tits are probably knee
height in 2012...probly has 6 kids and weighs over 300 lbs

Author Darth vader ( ago)

Author Darth vader ( ago)
COMMON BABY.........

Author beergut111 ( ago)
cause im retired....i can do what i want.

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
Huh, if this is true then how come your screen name and comments reek of
undereducated white trash? I mean, you must've been devastated when you
found out beergut, beergut1, and beergut11 were taken.

Author beergut111 ( ago) 61, retired airline pilot sitting on my 2.5 million 401k. Im
not in the south... the only part you got right is im white. 

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
Please, please, please let me know if my profile of you is correct: white
(and proudly consider yourself a "redneck"), making under $50,000 a year,
living in a "southern" state, and in your 30's. How right am I?

Author beergut111 ( ago)
thank god you're leaving.....

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
The thing is, all I wanted from you was a witty retort, and you give me
this half-assed (pun intended) canned riposte. How the hell am I supposed
to have an interesting back-and-forth YouTube volley with such an
uninspired hack as yourself? YouTube is definitely not for the educated or
verbose. I am officially banning myself from this site due to lack of faith
in humanity's intellect. Thanks a lot, beergut111 (damn it, I should've
checked your screen name before replying, that said it all).

Author beergut111 ( ago)
calm down kid its just a joke. relax

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
Ha ha, you are too funny! I bet you're just chock-full of dirty little
aphorisms and sayings; it's sure easier than coming up with an original
thought, right?

Author beergut111 ( ago)
um no...the only time you'd get a piece of ass is when your finger slips
thru the toilet paper.

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
I am, if you want I'll send you a pic (with a ruler next to it, of course).

Author beergut111 ( ago)
wow 5 1/2 inches? you must be proud

Author Shuken Fondatore ( ago)
figa pazzesca 

Author frankster47 ( ago)
This video is eleven years old. She is now a grandma!

Author gatobalbieri ( ago)
my 5 1/2 incher got rock hard in less than 10 secs. after i saw that ass

Author oopopp x ( ago)
24...tooo old. She's probably been plowed through by 100+ guys already,
eventhough she's married.

Author 001GenLee ( ago)
The guys aren't really jerks, they just wanna get her alone & do God only
knows what to her. LOL But yeah, fast forward to now & let's see what she
looks like. 

Author juscurious ( ago)
I use to live in Florida and I've seen dozens of Bikini Contests and even
MCed a few. But this just might be the hottest woman I've ever seen. It's
been over ten years since this video was shot and I too wonder what she
looks like today. It's safe to assume that a woman cannot sustain a body
that awsome much past her late 20's. But she is about as hot as it's
possible to get. She's much hotter than any of the Sports Illustrated
swimsuit models. And yes the guys are a bunch of jerks.

Author thespian37 ( ago)
What's her last name, so I can look her up?

Author Beani Beanason- STR1VER7777 ( ago)
unreal 8D

Author stan smith ( ago)
Great looking women but those guys are a bunch of douchebags.

Author idesofmars ( ago)
the room is just packed with guys, thats hilarious

Author welsmanwanks ( ago)
Lemme eat that, no white bits though...

Author wbaker514 (592 years ago)
What happened to Mary . Dose she have a web site now . I would like to see
after 10 years if she's still that hot ?

Author ericm704 ( ago)
its just not fair to look this hot

Author Bimo Cahyandaru ( ago)
mmhhh yummy..

Author Dillon ( ago)

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