Motorcycle Moments Crashes and Accidents 2017 Moto Fails E1 2

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  • Motorcycle Moments - Crashes and Accidents 2017 Moto Fails
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    00:00 Nolimityamaha
    00:16 Zx6r Joe
    00:30 Marek Scibior
    00:55 Vallayah TX
    01:47 Spectrum Customs
    02:44 Jamie Cohen
    03:17 Osubuckeyes1
    04:47 Nolimityamaha
    05:05 Ridebyben
    06:10 Captn Wanc
    07:58 Thaynnan Moraes

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    Always make sure that your bike has proper insurance and health insurance, because accident happens in a matter of seconds.
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Comments: 239

  • victor_con97
    victor_con97 17 hours ago

    0:40 just a ''normal'' romanian driver ))))))))

  • Craig Schulz
    Craig Schulz 1 day ago

    Good advice from friends at 4:28 and 4:40....slow down...the bike will do more than your body can tell...

  • victor stanescu
    victor stanescu 2 days ago

    motorcycle accidents are not funny at all... but this @ 6:14 ...this is fkin hilarious

  • lebomm johnson
    lebomm johnson 5 days ago

    Fuckin' rookies buy a hot bike and think it makes 'em a pro ! Then they ride stupid and see what happens ?

  • SaintLucas LDN
    SaintLucas LDN 5 days ago

    1:14 such a dumbass

  • Deko Vidrios
    Deko Vidrios 6 days ago

    8:04 damnn that was scary hahahaha

  • hans de groot
    hans de groot 6 days ago

    The aftermath

  • Wolfgang Schwalm
    Wolfgang Schwalm 6 days ago


  • hector urzga
    hector urzga 7 days ago

    That good it would be that all bring video cameras run or do not run, they are rebuenos those video here in you tube, you can study the mechanics and physics of accidents.

    I do not guess because the fear of the radars, the police can not stop you when you ride on a motorcycle, as they can cause you a fatal accident or leave you crippled or colliding with innocent people, right? And in the subject of the photos These photos try to avoid that a bolido crush you, we know that you are the champion of acrobatics at high speed, but the others are re gueyes pa handle, and most do not know how to drive or know the rules of These photos are for them not for you, we know that you never want to gain a second to the traffic light, but there will be some that you can and you can scratch your ferrari, you know there are some, that trample people motorcyclists or cars or trees or houses or They hide under some tractocamion or trailer.

    I guess those photos are for countries outside of Germany, I mean, we are not all as civilized as the Germans, or maybe we do have that intellectual, moral, ethical, cultural level, I hope so, they knew that in auto racing movies cars Never run more than 40 miles, and most scenes do not go more than 10km per hour and sometimes less speed, and the actors do not drive the cars in the races. And that the fights are false, they are prepared, according to the script of the film. je je o he he.

  • hector urzga
    hector urzga 7 days ago

    que bueno sería que todos traigan video camaras corran o no corran, estan rebuenos esos video aqui en you tube, se puede estudiar la mecanica y fisica de los accidentes .

    no adivino porque el miedo a los radares, la policia no te puede detener cuando corres en moto, pues pueden causarte un accidente mortal o dejarte invalido o chocar contra personas inocentes ¿'o no? y en el tema de las fotos Esas fotos tratan d evitar que un bolido te aplaste, sabemos que tu eres el campeon de acrobacia a alta velocidad , pero los demas son re gueyes pa manejar, y la mayoria no saben conducir ni conocen el reglamento de transito vehicular esas fotografias son para ellos no para ti, sabemos que nunca le quieres ganar un segundo al semaforo, pero habrá alguno que lo haga y puede rayar tu ferrari , ya sabes hay algunos, que atropellan gente motociclistas o coches o arboles o casas o se esconden debajo de algún tractocamion o trailer.

    adivino que esas fotos son para paises fuera de alemania, digo, no todos estamos tan civilizados como los alemanes, o acaso sí tenemos ese nivel intelectual ,moral etico, cultural , espero que sí , sabían que en las peliculas de carreras de autos los autos nunca corren a mas de 40 millas, y la mayoria de las escenas no van a mas de 10 kilometros por hora y a veces a menos velocidad , y los actores no conducen los autos en las carreras. y que las peleas son falsas , estan preparadas, según el guión de la pelicula.

  • Faaizak Sanches
    Faaizak Sanches 7 days ago

    la verdad no es por criticar enserio yo se lo que es un accidente en moto pero enserio sus capacidades como pilotos no son como para traer esos equipos he visto jente con motos chinas de 150 cc manejar mucho mucho mejor

  • dmxisraw
    dmxisraw 7 days ago

    Best sound bite starts @ 2:27!! 😜🙈😂😂😂

  • Andres64B
    Andres64B 7 days ago

    I never get tired of seeing these jackasses crash

  • Matt L.
    Matt L. 8 days ago

    "That was a big ass pot hole bud!" that made me LOL

  • Oleg efov
    Oleg efov 8 days ago

    noobz noobz noobz, goddamn untill 4:30 its straight up everyones first day on a motorcycle lolz, sorry to yall, im just sitting here like, "LEAN! WTF!"

  • vatos locos88
    vatos locos88 8 days ago

    2min 15 ho dude its beautiful pure art

  • VoidSECT
    VoidSECT 9 days ago

    I feel so bad for the bikes :'(

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 9 days ago

    I tell you what I wouldn't even bother calling you a fucking ambulance if I saw a motorcyclist fall off at the ridiculous speeds they think it's acceptable to ride at. I'm just here coz I love seeing you twats lose your skin and smash your precious bikes up. Cunts.

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 9 days ago

    Ooo did you scratch your elbow you poor fucking cripple. Wear some leathers and slow down dip shit.

  • Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров


  • Walle
    Walle 10 days ago

    Captn Wanc... WTF? ^^

  • Geoff Longford
    Geoff Longford 10 days ago

    6.00 The knob came off.Ha ha.
    Which knob.The rider maybe.

  • Geoff Longford
    Geoff Longford 10 days ago

    I see your problem guys.
    You are all missing two wheels.

  • Valen Sinclair
    Valen Sinclair 10 days ago

    3:22 just stop riding kid, you absolutely fucking suck, same with 6:15 ...jesus. 8:03 gayest mirrors I've ever seen.

    DDS DDS 10 days ago

  • MrXMrP
    MrXMrP 12 days ago

    Rossi wannabe

  • 802 Everything
    802 Everything 12 days ago

    instead of yelling at him to slow down ask if he's ok

  • Kerbal Zone
    Kerbal Zone 13 days ago

    i was expecting a lot more thats why you shouldn't get a bike comments

  • wcompto
    wcompto 13 days ago

    "if you can read this, the bitch fell off"

  • Lambert Carl
    Lambert Carl 14 days ago

    A lot of people ride powerfull bikes and a really not able to do it.

  • Tom Tee
    Tom Tee 14 days ago

    NEVER assume anything. And if you want to play with something in your right hand and get a kick out of doing it, make sure its not your throttle but what's in your pants instead. Ok?

  • sinoBaseballer
    sinoBaseballer 14 days ago

    The r1 guy has my pity.

  • Old BMW Theodor
    Old BMW Theodor 15 days ago

    8:15 if you cant handle a bike than buy a fucking scooter!!

  • sdq sdq
    sdq sdq 15 days ago

    lol chill , riding is not for everyone ,yes full gear protection is good ,doesnt mean the public road is a race track ,haha

  • Mastro ZingaroTM
    Mastro ZingaroTM 15 days ago

    Music??????? 1:30

  • Cristi Ene
    Cristi Ene 16 days ago

    0:43 Romania :)) VL 03 GMS

  • Alpine Womble
    Alpine Womble 16 days ago

    Boys boys.... calm down. You can clearly see the rider on the RR brake (between 3:22 and 3:23) well into the curve, from then on, unless he massively counters its all over. END OF.

    Resulting from and not mutually excluding:

    1. Inexperience of: Riding, The Bike, The Road, Counter-steering
    2. Target Fixation
    3. Excessive speed (due to 1 and 4)
    4. Pack mentality (Keeping up with the Jones' or proving you're the Man( his case))
    5. Actually understanding the mechanics of Counter-steering

    After watching the video and listening to it.

    Its clear he was carrying too much speed, panicked in the curve when he realized (by applying the brake) which straightened the bike up and then he didn't correct.

    The Other riders said so. "You gotta slow down.....A LOT" then remember "the bikes' gonna do a lot more than your mind will tell you..."

    When I'm cornering at speed, I still say to myself, for example in a right "Push right, more, more keep pushing..."

    Anyway, Peace out and keep safe.

  • Noble Puker
    Noble Puker 16 days ago

    The guy at 1 minute. Snapped chain, nope. I wonder what put him down. I must say. This is an interesting compilation of odd accidents. Mostly inexperience. Good quality video on each. A good training tool maybe. Well done.

  • Cassion53
    Cassion53 17 days ago

    What a bunch of tossers, - ALL of them.

  • one likecure
    one likecure 17 days ago

    that's why u hold on to the guy

  • Juliano Lima
    Juliano Lima 17 days ago

    Brasileiro...ô raça....e ainda vai fazer merda no país dos outros.

  • Frampa
    Frampa 17 days ago

    Best Part 2:20 Good? Big el power Web. Or something like that 😂

  • IkaroszHUN
    IkaroszHUN 17 days ago

    2:00 roads like hungary..

  • DrivingVancouver
    DrivingVancouver 18 days ago

    3, 2, i.

  • Cracker
    Cracker 18 days ago

    2:00 Double Kill!!!

  • Proton812
    Proton812 18 days ago

    0:26 it's almost 4 20

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin 19 days ago

    Ride like a cunt...look like a cunt.

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin 19 days ago

    Nice to see some of the guys were wearing the right riding gear.Flip flops and shorts won't protect fuck all.

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin 19 days ago

    Nice to see some of the guys were wearing the right riding gear.Flip flops and shorts won't protect fuck all.

  • Tafadzwa Mapamula
    Tafadzwa Mapamula 19 days ago

    1:49 sue the local authority responsible for roads.

  • ChuckieFinzter
    ChuckieFinzter 19 days ago

    95% bikers fault. Going faster than the road conditions or their abilities allow.

  • swee abn
    swee abn 19 days ago

    eeeyrrrruggghhh - yeah bigass pothole bud!! yerrrrgggahhhhh. LoL

  • Scott Thorning
    Scott Thorning 19 days ago

    try slowing down

  • gsxrtwitch89
    gsxrtwitch89 19 days ago

    2017 MY ASS

  • MexicanBass1
    MexicanBass1 19 days ago

    Is there anyone you could sue for those big ass potholes?

    MUHD ROZAIMI 19 days ago

    claim road insurance babe

  • Alex Chudacoff
    Alex Chudacoff 20 days ago

    Captn Wanc is right.

  • Alex Huxley
    Alex Huxley 20 days ago

    Shiny side is supposed to stay up.

  • Heroic Ass Potato
    Heroic Ass Potato 21 day ago

    For some reason the way he said "that was a big ass pot hole bud" when he was winded was funny

  • Giuliano Snidarcig
    Giuliano Snidarcig 21 day ago

    Always the same videos, that balls

  • Glen Hoori
    Glen Hoori 21 day ago

    Nice reminders on how not to be a dick on a bike?...thanks for sharing all your painful experiences and happy ones too. All Te same I hope everyone has healed good.

  • Archie Beech
    Archie Beech 21 day ago

    covered in flop-sweat, loaded with adrenalin. doesn't even check for case, radiator, steering or brake damage. just, 'get me outa here!'.

  • Archie Beech
    Archie Beech 21 day ago

    always. youngest infant gets the biggest bike.

  • Sergio Velasco
    Sergio Velasco 21 day ago

    Holy crap that pothole is deadly

  • Ronny Pauwels
    Ronny Pauwels 21 day ago

    Bij deze met sommige zulke motorrijders heb ik echt geen kompassie ! sorry

  • Chris S
    Chris S 21 day ago

    Everyone has one thing in common: Going to fast, usually sportbikes.

  • Jakye RU
    Jakye RU 21 day ago

    0:44 Ala era Roman 😂😂😂

  • BonemyGUY
    BonemyGUY 21 day ago

    9:12 "não, to de boa" BR FZENDO MERDA NOS EUA HAAHA

  • lafingas555
    lafingas555 21 day ago

    Brill vid. :)

  • Josh CR
    Josh CR 21 day ago

    you are shameless,you cant just copy peoples vids

    • nolimityamaha
      nolimityamaha 21 day ago

      Josh CR All of them gave me written permission. You should read video descriptions before judging someone. Thanks!

  • Pulanozaurus Futrex
    Pulanozaurus Futrex 22 days ago

    0:45 era roman ala =))

  • Dragan Vukasinovic
    Dragan Vukasinovic 22 days ago

    nuki nuku

  • DJ Soul
    DJ Soul 22 days ago

    0:47 I want the worst for this pussy so bad

  • afo 99
    afo 99 22 days ago

    What mistake did the guy do at 8:10?

    • TheShayRetards
      TheShayRetards 22 days ago

      First of all he was revving way too high like an idiot, then he figured out he went into the corner too fast so you can hear him decelerate incorrectly and he probably hit the brakes mid corner as well. The throttle is supposed to be steady through every corner that way your tires stay contacted with the ground and the bike stays leaned and won't go upright. Basically he turned his motorcycle into a 400 pound bicycle by not knowing how to corner correctly.

  • Lillrogga
    Lillrogga 22 days ago


  • Pingu MC
    Pingu MC 22 days ago


  • Webster Oficial
    Webster Oficial 22 days ago

    00:45 e roman =)))). Din Valcea, ca si mine! <3

      ROBBYNO 22 days ago

      da stiu, am vazut, Romania e o tara de cacat

  • Insomniadisco
    Insomniadisco 23 days ago

    Most of these knobheads shouldn't be on anything bigger than a tricycle!!!

  • roger britton
    roger britton 23 days ago

    same as giving a baby a revolver

  • Dorian Aubert
    Dorian Aubert 23 days ago

    at 10:00 the glasses make a dab 😂

  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave 23 days ago

    I have 16 days under my belt + the class I took.
    Even *I* can see the MORONIC faults here.

    1) site your line.
    imagine the path you can't to take and LOOK into that line.
    1:00 curb shot boy was staring AT THE CURB!
    2) Scan your road.
    the muddy, watery edge of road crap was visible from far away.
    avoid it. otherwise, throttle off and stand on pegs to take the bounce.
    3) never follow in tight formation.
    dominos will fall and so will bikers.
    4) parking lots are pitfalls.
    ppl looking for parking spaces not you. multiply the bs on the street by 10. you're a ghost 👻 in the parking lots.

    common sense bullshit.
    this wasn't part of my class, this was as obvious as breathing.

    my riding philosophy;
    Everyone's an asshole until they prove you wrong.

    • nolimityamaha
      nolimityamaha 16 days ago

      One of the best comments in this video. Definitely great points!

  • Robert Surugiu
    Robert Surugiu 23 days ago

    0:44 dau astia teroare si in alte tari 😂😂

  • cristiroland
    cristiroland 23 days ago

    0:44 romanian 😂😂

  • Huriel Oceguera
    Huriel Oceguera 23 days ago

    Falling sucks dick

  • Jarvis241987
    Jarvis241987 23 days ago

    Were they giving away bike licenses in a raffle or something?

  • MrAli171
    MrAli171 24 days ago

    Most of these are bad riding accidents

  • TheNerdyCanadian
    TheNerdyCanadian 24 days ago

    at 9:50 shouldn't he fix his mirrors before he starts riding off? i mean just just crashed from accelerating into a corner...

    • Jarvis241987
      Jarvis241987 23 days ago

      TheNerdyCanadian definitely not insured or has no license, he couldn't get back on the bike quick enough.

  • Tibor Imely
    Tibor Imely 24 days ago

    Is that your FZ10 crash at the 5 minute mark ?

  • BraaapAllDay
    BraaapAllDay 24 days ago

    9:00 great commercial for the phone holder

    • Can't Wheelie Rob
      Can't Wheelie Rob 23 days ago

      BraaapAllDay lmao! I was thinking the exact same thing....

  • Ali
    Ali 24 days ago

    8:50 bravooooo

  • Doctor_ Madness
    Doctor_ Madness 24 days ago

    Nice video, mate ;)

  • sid jones
    sid jones 24 days ago

    bill randy,your so right.all these idiots are giving the true bikers a bad name.32 years on a bike and never come off the bike like these.

    • nolimityamaha
      nolimityamaha 24 days ago

      haha I am the first guy and there was ice on the road. How am I giving the true bikers a bad name? Probably because 'true bikers' don't ride during the winter. haha

  • Primo D Official
    Primo D Official 24 days ago

    8:00 Brasileiro no Estados Unidos,

  • TheMatrixcube
    TheMatrixcube 24 days ago

    that dude on the cbr tho..... wtf man? if i where you i would sell it as fast as possible and thank god your still alive

  • Marcos Cabana
    Marcos Cabana 24 days ago

    stupid drivers

  • Alexandre Chamard
    Alexandre Chamard 25 days ago

    6:15 lui aussi il est très con quand on sait pas tenir une moto on ne conduis pas de moto

  • Alexandre Chamard
    Alexandre Chamard 25 days ago

    1:48 alors lui il est vraiment très con !

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