9 Groundbreaking Discoveries About Sleep

There's a lot about sleep that we don't understand, like why we even sleep in the first place, for example. Here are some amazing discoveries biologists have made while trying to solve the mystery of sleep.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Author Riste dzisev ( ago)
Man youre crazy i sleep with lights on and my phone on a youtube playlist the whole night with 2 pillows and a giant blanket over my head. Its pretty comfortable and i would much rather have that than pitch black and quiet and listen to my ears rinning and think the monster from russian sleep experiment or the devil with no eyes and blood is staring at me waitting for me to move and shit my pants jesusCHRIST

Author Krishna Vma ( ago)
Thank you for this. All my life I've been a chronic sleep avoider, seeing it as wasted time. My loved ones will be happy to hear that you have managed to convince me that sleep really is necessary and mandatory. Cheers! 🙂

Author Amazing Deep House ( ago)
the poor rats

Author lamp 81 ( ago)
I really had no idea that fibromyalgia was worsened by lack of sleep. It really does correspond to my pain levels when I cannot sleep and I cannot do much the next day due to pain and fuzzy brain and lack of motivation. This pain builds up if I do exercise during a bad a day and then keeps me awake the next night because I cannot find a comfortable position. So...if I can somehow sleep then I can feel better and break the cycle! Thanks for the info! I am going to have to stop looking at my phone in bed and just listen to audible or white noise and maybe magazines, catalogues or crossword puzzles, even though that means I leave a light while I am fall asleep. Ok, giving this a try. Amazing!

Author Out Of Place Ninja ( ago)
Wait, number six, there was somebody who purposely burned mice, then purposely deprived them of sleep for the purpose of "study"? Sounds like some areas of science is where the crazy people hide to stay out of trouble with society and the law lol.

Author Lin He ( ago)
Here I am, watching a YouTube video on my iPad right before bed time.

Author Sierra Miranda ( ago)
Don't we sleep because we're tired of doing shit all day???? I thought it as common sense

Author kidego3kgt ( ago)
All those dead rats. RIP.

Author Bill Hampton ( ago)
Anybody ever tried meth ? Holy fuck! , 80 hours without one wink of sleep . That shit is crazy I don't how people can keep doing that stuff .

Author IAmAgainst ( ago)
Am I the only one thinking in the miserable life the rats in those studies had..?

Author Muscle Man ( ago)
where did you get your shirt?

Author Elena Sucec ( ago)
Poor Rats they take so much @&$% so we don't have to. They definitely got the short end of the stick

Author Elena Sucec ( ago)
Who else is procrastinateing sleep staying up late watching YouTube videos!

Author Eduardo Paulo ( ago)

Author EatenRibs i-si-u ( ago)
" still running in the family* but they keep reproducing, such genes to protect ...

Author Jim McBride ( ago)
"Sleeplessness makes pain worse." Seems reason enough for getting sleep, fwiw

Author Dennis Jasperse ( ago)
So how do you explain most of the time set the alarm clock and most of the time you wake up maybe 5 minutes early!!!!

Author Doug sillig ( ago)
is it just me or is Hank's voice a little raspy?

Author Notlehs Bulb ( ago)
Anyone else watching at 3am?

Author Michael Carter ( ago)
Why are you fidgeting and using hand gestures so much? It's random; like your just fidgeting just to fidget. Plus it's annoying. until you can tone it down, in unsubscribing.

Author Mikael Durbin ( ago)
My wife and two children have FFI. This mutation is trying to take everything I love. Is there any breakthroughs anywhere? Vanderbilt didn't have a clue what we were even talking about. The dr didn't even take the time to google it

Author spartanace13 ( ago)
8:05 Wrong kind of cat video, guess again.

Author Mathy Don ( ago)
Aw those poor rats, what a way to die. Sleep deprived to death...

Author Wolfpack Q ( ago)
I could use some sleep

Author pete1 ( ago)
If you take one thing from that video it should be: don't get reincarnated as a rat!

Author Ni Enye ( ago)
eeg isn't a new technique at all. wait.... how did I get here. I need to sleep.

Author Dreterria Maiden ( ago)
So....we're Rats now ?😂

Author Clarinet Catato ( ago)
Here's what I think are the two most important facts about sleep: The fact that sleep is necessary and how much you should get

Author BvsMAcosh ( ago)
none of this is groundbreaking. Or even new.

Author actsrv9 ( ago)
poor lab rats

Author Vio ( ago)
i have such a shit sleep schedule/cycle i know my brain & body are getting rekt.

Author Lester Stumpf ( ago)
am i the only one who is glad to not be a rat?

Author Graxster ( ago)
I guess it's a good thing that I go to sleep every night. Oh wait... I wasn't even worried about it. :D

Author apcolleen ( ago)
what did people blame insomnia on before electricity?

Author Praise Pepe, God of Kek ( ago)
Well, that are happy rats

Author edward Andrews ( ago)
i only sleep for a hour and a half, been this way all my life, ive never had any side affects, i always feel rested and alert, and i even dream, drove my parents nuts when i was a child

Author bnighter ( ago)
so my kindle is killing me. softly.

Author icedragonxl4 ( ago)
There were some incorrect facts in this video that I hope it's okay for me to correct. In the first discovery that says that sleep can kill you is incorrect. The truth is we don't quite actually know if that's the case yet or at all. Yes mice die after a couple of weeks with no sleep but the symptoms that cause them to die don't seem to show in humans I believe; and yes, fatal familial insomnia is deadly and kills those afflicted with it, but again, we don't know if it's the lack of sleep that causes the death or the other symptoms of the disorder. Also, the date in #3 was incorrect as well. The activity of the brain during sleep wasn't discovered until the 1950s at the University of Chicago using electroencephalogram.

Author Ron Josh Ytem ( ago)
I wonder if the memory test was affected by the intermittent information gathered while the subjects stayed awake.

Author Eileen Albers ( ago)
Fuck those people who kept the rats from sleeping

Author Algore Daemon ( ago)
Indeed the correlation between sleep and memory is a very interesting one, particularly how deep-sleep is more related to memory consolidation (or perhaps 'dumping' instead). Now the thing I'm really curious about is the potential relationship between sleep and creativity, possibly also having to do with REM and the rich-associative and cognitive process of dreaming, which hasn't been given much thought in sleep studies at all until now. And this might have more to do with specific hormones but, you can ask any professional artist about their sleeping habits and overall productivity; you can't think and be genuinely creative unless you've had a good night sleep.

Author lovexsqualor ( ago)
Wow lots of rat torture going on.

Author Amir Khan ( ago)
here we are still trying to understand why we sleep in this "advanced age" . and we still able to confidently shun the existence of God . have you any proof ??!

Author William Dwyer ( ago)
Prior to taming the dog (wolf), people probably had to sleep with "one eye open." Predators larger than us were in great abundance back then. So it wouldn't have been until dogs became common, that people could finally get a good night's sleep.

Author Jinx4one ( ago)
If less sleep is bad, what is the effect of too much sleep?

Author bluebooksky1 ( ago)
oh my God poor rats. 😞

Author ilikeceral3 ( ago)
Discovery by me: wow! Getting a full night's rest really DOES help! Too bad I never do it.

Author Trevor Carr ( ago)
Scientist's gotta laugh sometimes, we sleep because WE ARE TIRED simple really.

Author Martin Collins ( ago)
That I'm not getting enough

Author daisy3690 ( ago)

Author SajoieDeVie ( ago)
I have childhood onset idiopathic insomnia, so I can tell you that not sleeping sucks incredibly. Also, I watch a lot of insomnia related videos just in case one day doctors figure out my specific type of insomnia.

Author Vijay Agrawal ( ago)
how did they make the rats not go to sleep?

Author Piggy ( ago)
so ironic of me to watch this at 3 am

Author vogonsrock ( ago)
Great video (although in this case didn't tell me anything new) but what I mostly went away with from this was 'gee rodents have *really* suffered in our attempts to figure out sleep'.

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Author ummm... ( ago)
3rd of our lives spent sleeping? I average about 5 hours a night and sleep like poo. Guess I'm screwed

Author Abdelgafar El Masry ( ago)
Hank, you're a legend, keep making those videos because you & Micheal are great presenters.

Author 340PD ( ago)
The amount of calories that Hank Green burns during one of his videos would amaze you.

Author Dari Bluestar ( ago)
Stop comparing rats to humans 1st of all & "a group of researchers" nah fuck dat... conduct your own research.

Author Nathaniel Brigham ( ago)
I'm not against testing on rats, but still... Poor rats.

Author Georgia Lloyd ( ago)
Omg I'm going to die really soon then

Author Srijan Raghunath ( ago)
ironic because we are watching this on a phone, computer, etc.

Author HAB ( ago)
Paleo-Sleeping = Awesome!

Author HeyHay ( ago)
currently trying to heal a huge surgical wound going from the bottom of my rib cage to my pelvis. Lots of pain control and healing required. No wonder I sleep so much.

Author Pur ( ago)
Hmmm wonder why as a teenager we remember things better (I slept 12 hrs a day then) vs as an adult (6 maybe 7)....does this also affect learning new things...."old dogs can't learn new tricks". Just saying...

Author Emmie Knobloch ( ago)
Fatal Familial Insomnia doesn't actually kill you through lack of sleep - it's caused by misfolded prion proteins, like mad cow disease or Creutzfeld Jakob disease. Insomnia is a symptom of the degradation of the brain tissue in the thalamus, as the prion proteins form aggregates that inhibit brain function. You can die from lack of sleep, but this disease kills you by brain degradation.

Author bret you ( ago)
they burn rats and deprive them of sleep to study the correlation, nice , who exactly are the vermin again? i hope I'm misunderstanding something here

Author Jason Miller ( ago)
The shadow from his collar makes it look like he's got some serious chest hair

Author Gauge Wiley ( ago)
All of this research has led me to one conclusive decision: Scientists are dicks to rats.

Author christoc99 ( ago)
I had a nice dream last night🇦🇷

Author Justin Phillips ( ago)
not only did they sleep deprive the rats until they died but they also burned them and then sleep deprived them?

Author Eddie ( ago)
Ironic how im staying up, by choosing to watch the video instead of going to sleep...

Author Pingu 42 ( ago)
I should be sleeping right now...

Author WRINN GENOCIDE ( ago)
do viruses and bacteria sleep?

Author David C ( ago)
"Scientists don't understand WHY we need sleep..."

*then explains how sleep deprivation destroys internal organs and kills us*

Author Bearcat Ben ( ago)
Who else is watching this while supposedly trying to sleep

Author Blanche Konieczka ( ago)
wish someone could explain to me why I often go into REM sleep within minutes of falling to sleep. my dreams are frequently vivid, colorful and complex. my oldest son also enters REM sleep within minutes of falling to sleep. Have researched this and most of the info indicates "normal" people enter REM sleep at least an hour after going to sleep. quickly entering REM has been linked to narcolepsy but neither my oldest nor I suffer from this condition. has any research been done in this area?

Author Tess Wheeler ( ago)
I can't believe that rats were killed for this. I have two pet rats and I love them soooooo much and this nearly made me cry

Author Michael Gugala ( ago)
you talk talk to fast

Author theRPGmaster ( ago)
I'm watching this instead of sleeping

Author lior kosoy ( ago)
if you sleep more youre going to live more
but if you sleep more you experience less life

Author pissicutza09 ( ago)
Rat killers.

Author J1.92c ( ago)
Sleep is the only door in to the 4th dimension... 😛

Author duckmanjoel ( ago)
The question should not be why do we sleep, but why do we wake up. The earliest cells would be mostly 'sleeping' unless they got hungry. But like the evolution of hearing and sight, organisms 'woke up a little' to find food. The cells that evolved to stay active longer were able to survive. Multi-cell organisms continued the trend until we observe what we observe today. The best example I can give is eggs. The first eggs were in the water. Then animals returned to the water to lay eggs. Then animals laid eggs with a shell. Then animals held the eggs in their body. Mammals have a live birth but the amino fluid is like the early ocean. Sleeping is the neutral or natural state of life where it lives best. Sleep is evidence of evolution like the mitochondria DNA in our cells. Consciousness is the altered state of being. Sleep on it.

Author Magnificent Maggie ( ago)

Author Helo Blue ( ago)
Wish it was like Dr. Strange where your physical body can sleep but your mental self and still study. OHHHHHHHHH if only it were real.

Author Kelsqi ( ago)
Takes longer for burn wounds to heal? What the f.. That's terrible, we were burning them and watching how long it took to heal? F.

Author blackplight4u ( ago)
Medical advances must be attributed to the mighty RAT! Let's thank Mr. RAT for his honorable sacrifices!

Author R. Ke ( ago)
Watching this made me sleepy. 😪

Author CLINTON JONES ( ago) about a 'dreamworld' dissertation. Not the 'imagination' version, but the 'reality' comparison (cognition) ...what if a researcher progressively 'sequenced' a similar (to the waking) world and found 'alignment' to be the 'trick' and once accomplished, anyone could 'assemble' many 'temporal worlds' while asleep ...maybe finding that 'this world' is but one choice of many and that 'immortality' could be the real truth of existence (in time)

Author Darthimus Prime iii ( ago)
Is it ironic that I'm watching this at 2am cos I can't sleep? All this talk about sleep is really making me tired though *yawns*

Author Shibashish Mahapatra ( ago)
This video truly appreciates the contribution of lab rats.

Author thuy nguyen ( ago)
“Don’t get addicted to this game just because you see my name” - Abraham Lincoln
iOS: ---------
Android: ----

Author Britta Lauritzen ( ago)
I would be interested to hear if the study with the hunter gatherer tribes took into account daytime naps. if you're getting 6-7 hours a night, but then a couple of hours sleep after lunch, then you'd probably be topping a lot of Western workers sleep times.

Author Tim Johnson ( ago)
Watching this video while affected by insomnia 😕

Author Becka Imnottelling ( ago)
So is the sleep deprivation and pain corellation the reason stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night hurts like a mothereffer?

Author hoosierhiver ( ago)
On a side note, when I give up smoking pot for a week or two, I have loads of crazy dreams every night. It's practically exhausting.

Author Christine Nguyen ( ago)
I get a few hours of sleep a night (2-4) then pass out for 15 hours straight after a week

Author 84singularity ( ago)
blue light is dangerous..
..and you put blue background on the video?!

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